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Friday The 13th: No Man's Land Trailer

Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land Trailer

Last week we brought you behind the scenes photos and information on the new fan film, ‘Friday the 13th: No Man’s Land’. Now, Light Beam Productions have released their first trailer for their film. It plays very much like a teaser trailer, but leaves you knowing what you are going to expect. Check out the [...]

'Legends Of Crystal Lake' DVD Update

‘Legends Of Crystal Lake’ DVD Update

At the end of August we featured a short Friday the 13th fan film titled, ‘Legends Of Crystal Lake’. At the time, there were some visitors that were wondering if the creators of the film would be releasing a DVD. Recently, we were contacted with details on the status of the DVD and how fans can [...]

'Friday the 13th: No Man's Land' Nearing Completion

‘Friday the 13th: No Man’s Land’ Nearing Completion

In the middle of August, we first brought you news of a new fan film that would bring Jason back to Crystal Lake once again. The production completely took place in the U.K., which should give the film a different atmosphere than with past fan films. Yes, Crazy Ralph does make an appearance in this [...]

Fan Film Trailer Pays Homage To Part 2

Fan Film Trailer Pays Homage To Part 2

I have to say that you don’t see too many fan films being created to represent Friday the 13th Part 2 or the look of Jason from that film. However, the trailer below does just that. Director Starsky Partridge has created this first trailer for his Friday the 13th fan film which showcases Jason with [...]

Fan Film: Friday the 13th Retribution

Fan Film: Friday the 13th Retribution

Back in July we mentioned a new fan film for Friday the 13th, called Retribution. Yes, there have been a lot of new fan films created as of late, mostly to capitalize on the most recent holiday in August. However, these films are getting better and better as technology has really enhanced the viewing experience [...]

Fan Films: Legends Of Crystal Lake

Fan Films: Legends Of Crystal Lake

We continue to support those fans out there that want to create their own take on Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th saga. We don’t showcase all of the attempts as there are just way too many fan films out there, but certain films show promise and hard work. Such is the case with [...]

Fan Film: Friday the 13th: No Man's Land

Fan Film: Friday the 13th: No Man’s Land

We always want to support fan films as people that visit our website are huge fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. As such, our visitors are also the ones that are creating these tributes to Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th saga. Well, currently, site visitor Dave Hastings is preparing to create his vision [...]

Watch 'The Man In The Lake' Right Now!

Watch ‘The Man In The Lake’ Right Now!

Winners of the contest we have been running will be emailed tomorrow. In the mean time, watch ‘The Man In The Lake’ below and leave your thoughts or mini-review in the comments after you are done watching the film. The film is in 5 parts, so remember to watch one at a time in order [...]

Win 'The Man In The Lake' On DVD With Your Favorite Quote

Win ‘The Man In The Lake’ On DVD With Your Favorite Quote

Alright everyone, the wait is almost over. Tonight, the highly anticipated fan film, ‘The Man In The Lake’, makes its world debut. In celebration of the release of the film, Southlan-Films has agreed to give away a certain number of DVD copies to lucky visitors of this website. We have already been excepting contest entries [...]

Final Trailer For 'The Man In The Lake'

Final Trailer For ‘The Man In The Lake’

Well, this has been at least eight months in the making and now we are almost at the end. We have offered a lot of coverage to this fan film and for good reason. Southlan-Films and director Ron McLellen know how to make movies as they are no strangers to creating films. Below is the entire [...]

Fan Film, Friday the 13th: Retribution

Fan Film, Friday the 13th: Retribution

We have been giving a lot of coverage to the much anticipated fan film, The Man In The Lake, of late. However, we know that it is not the only fan film being created right now for Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th. So, you may have seen site visitor Brendan Gilday’s fan film trailer [...]

Jason's Drowning: New 'Man In The Lake' Photos

Jason’s Drowning: New ‘Man In The Lake’ Photos

Southlan-Films is looking to add even more to its burgeoning ‘Man In The Lake’ story as they went out a few days ago to film some additional scenes for the upcoming fan extravaganza. The newest scenes show a young Jason and his ill-fated attempt at swimming. Check out the pictures below. I am sure that [...]

“Man In The Lake” Teaser Trailer Online!

We have been building up excitement with behind the scenes photos until the release of the Southlan-Films’  “The Man In The Lake” on August 13th. Now, the producing company has released the very first official teaser trailer for the film. If the first trailer is any indication of how much fun this movie is going [...]

More Images Released From

More Images Released From “The Man In The Lake”

“The Man In The Lake” is now in post production and the fan film,which is paying homage to the Friday the 13th series, should be completed very soon. We have been showing you behind the scenes photos of the crew and actors as well as a few action sequences and the death of the poor sheriff. Now we [...]

“The Man In The Lake” Wraps Principal Photography

Southlan-Films is now heading into post production on their fan film,which is paying homage to the Friday the 13th series. They have been posting some very professional and authentic looking imagery from their daily shoots during the last month and half. We have shown you behind the scenes photos of the crew and actors as well as [...]

“The Man In The Lake” Poster/DVD Artwork

Here is the first of three different posters that will be used for the fan film “The Man in the Lake”. The poster displayed below will also be used for the DVD cover as well. The shooting of the film is coming to a close and soon we will all be able to check out this highly anticipated fan film. To bring [...]

“Man In The Lake” Film Caps And Behind The Scenes Pics

Director Ron McLellen and the Southlan-Films crew just wrapped a two day shoot on location at camp and they returned with some pictures and information to share. Below, you can see the very first official shots from the new film, “The Man In The Lake”. The images are screen captures and we get to see [...]

Signature Weapon For

Signature Weapon For “The Man In The Lake”

In the Friday the 13th series, if you ask anyone what Jason Voorhees’ weapon of choice is, I would bet most everyone would say the machete. The machete is definitely second only to the hockey mask in terms of a recognizable icon of the franchise. Well, Southlan-Films feels the same way about their incarnation of [...]

“The Man In The Lake” Update And Special News

Southlan-Films continues filming their fan film and recently Ralph’s death scene was completed. You can now see Jason in action once again by gaining a glimpse of him grabbing Ralph in order to dispose of the Prophet of Doom. So far, there is a lot of day time filming and death scenes in the daylight to boot. What [...]

On The Set Of “The Man In The Lake” Part 2

On The Set Of “The Man In The Lake” Part 2

Filming is under way on Southlan-Film’s Friday the 13th fan film “The Man In The Lake”. This past week we brought you behind the scenes pictures of Jason in action, showing us what he felt of the local law enforcement. With the shoot continuing in Northern Georgia, South-Lan films has released more photos from production. This time there are a few more [...]