Fan Film, Friday the 13th: Retribution

We have been giving a lot of coverage to the much anticipated fan film, The Man In The Lake, of late. However, we know that it is not the only fan film being created right now for Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th. So, you may have seen site visitor Brendan Gilday’s fan film trailer for, Friday the 13th: Retribution. If not, you should check it out as it has a lot of promise and looks to be very entertaining. Besides, having a half nude girl making out with her boyfriend in a hammock is a staple of the franchise. What else could you ask for in a Friday the 13th film?


When four teenagers go to an old camp to clean it up for a boy scout group they decide to party instead of clean. Unfortunately for them it is Camp Crystal Lake, home to the infamous Jason Voorhees

View images from the fan film below as well as the newest trailer. Also, visit the official Facebook page for Friday the 13th: Retribution. The film is slated to be released sometime in the next few months.

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30 Responses to “ Fan Film, Friday the 13th: Retribution ”

  1. Popped collar dude must die. He simply must.

  2. hey thanks so much for promoting my film, it means alot, I have dreamed of having it featured on this website, I plan on having another teaser trailer ready for tomorrow

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  4. I am kinda getting sick of this Jason in a jacket SHIT, more i see him a jacket like F.V.J.ITS not Jason to me.!Sorry but the movie Retribution looks cool ,also don’t use the reboot soundtrack its not Friday the 13th. I also need TO make a movie I would go back to the part 3 OR 4 look. Does any one want to help make a movie ? any one have money and live in new york , Ill chip in what ever they put in and we can try to make a sick Friday the 13th movie !

    let me know at shotz10@aol.coM

  5. SHOTZ10 if you want to come out to cleveland next summer we are doing a sequel

  6. Yea definately seen too much of the jacket. It looks interesting, I can’t discredit something I’ve never attempted but definately good luck to you man

  7. Very interesting kills in this film!!
    Love too see it!
    And the jacket….well i like it, nothing wrong with it too me.

  8. HEY BRENDAN GILDAY!! I’m from Cleveland. Can I help. I filmed a movie last year with the most uninterested people. it sucked. Can
    I please help with this???? I’ve got a “to die for” location

  9. The Jacket look is fine with me. I just like the darker looking jacket that was in the remake. In FvJ he flat out looked like a homeless wreck.

  10. hey thanks so much for promoting my film, it means alot, I have dreamed of having it featured on this website, I plan on having another teaser trailer ready for tomorrow

    Not a problem. Good luck the rest of the way!

  11. Looks cool!!! Oh and I am sick of people complaining about the “jacket look”. Who cares, as long as Jason does what he does best??? I dont have a problem with it. Damn, its like women are on here complaining.

  12. There are more things to be upset over besides whether or not a jacket makes or breaks the existence of Jason. Jason being afraid of water is something that fans all over should be upset over. A fear triggered by a busted pipe. Jeez.

  13. Joey Cypher leave me a message on faceboo kand we’ll talk about the movie

  14. it looks like it maybe a good fan made film.

  15. ive always thought jason looked cool in a jacket (fvj sucked,it looked cheaply made)also it has been noted several times it gets cold a crystal lake,while in the reboot its still believed to still be cold,but jason has a hump on his back that he may be wanting to hide,but anyway the film looks cool

  16. Is this part of the Man in the Lake film? Looks different. I’m confused

  17. No this is my movie

  18. Oh okay another fan film. Hopefully they will both be awesome. I like a fan film with good production value, hopefully both of these will have that. I also hope they use real actors and not friends, you can always tell. I saw a Freddy fan film that was supposed to be really good but the acting just killed it. I hope you guys have good actors in you fan films

  19. Brendan,
    I’ve been bummed out since they haven’t greenlit a F13 sequel yet. It has been a blessing to hear about your film along with the man in the lake. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.

  20. Tony Haas
    I had to use some of my friends because I ran out of time to find real actors but don’t worry we’re not a bunch of immature teenagers making a movie for fun, my friends know how to act, when i wrote the script i made the characters personalities the same as my friends, so don’t worry about the acting, we have a great camera but I am worried about the sound, I hope it doesn’t ruin the movie

    Mike New
    Thank you so much, as long as their are fans like this the memory will always be alive

    keep an eye open for the new trailer soon

  21. mind the shitty quality on this, I’m at war with my final cut pro right now

  22. Why did you not get a nice microphone before starting the production of your film. Bad sound really hurts a movie. I believe I would have held back until I had a great mic. Bad sound and bad acting is always a turn off for viewers. Not tying to be a downer but you gotta have good sound man, or it makes everything else suck. Okay I’m a film student so sue me.

  23. Hey Brendan you just keep on making your film buddy, I would not worry about what folks say. I’m sure it will be good Bro.

  24. Brendan, I enjoyed the trailor. Your Jason character Is bad ass. I like how he is based off the remake Jason making him aguile and quick vs slow and zombie like. I wouldn’t fret over the sound quality because it’s fine. I give you props for taking what you love to do and using your skills to make a film based on a character we love. Don’t listen to these die hard critics because they just want to keep it old school. If they have ideas well they can grab a pen, paper, and camera and try to make a movie. Let’s see how far they get. I know I couldn’t do it. So are you posting the movie on YouTube?

  25. Thanks everyone and the sound quality isn’t terrible, we have a pretty good boom and mic it’s just a little wind and shit, nothing to fret about, but I am going to keep on making it, and I hope everyone likes it

  26. Thats cool, although most of it looks like scenes from the original series. But either way Id like to check it out.

  27. When are we expected to watch the movie? Where can we watch the movie?

  28. It will be on Youtube and I do not think a date has been set as of yet.

  29. nice trailer…looks cool!

  30. Nice trailer!

    I’m preparing too a Friday the 13th fan shortfilm to be shot here in Spain!, and I’m going to go back to the basics!, I hate the jacket-and-machete-Jason so I’m going back to the classic character we saw in Part 3 and The Final Chapter: NO jacket, NO machete… just classic Jason and an axe…

    Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!

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