Fan Films: Legends Of Crystal Lake

We continue to support those fans out there that want to create their own take on Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th saga. We don’t showcase all of the attempts as there are just way too many fan films out there, but certain films show promise and hard work. Such is the case with this new fan film that was just released on YouTube recently. Check out the short fan film below and let us know what you think of the filmmaker’s efforts. Enjoy!

Remember The Legend….Remember The Day…Relive The Body Count!

Murder Death Productions brings you a short film that pays homage to Jason Voorhees.



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30 Responses to “ Fan Films: Legends Of Crystal Lake ”

  1. There’s some serious energy and anger in those kills. I dig it. The New Blood soundtrack sure gets a lot of fan film love.

  2. Very nice. Like Lester mentioned, there’s a lot of intensity associated with the deaths. These guys are good at this.

  3. Loved all the different costumes, really made the story flow

  4. awesome, probably one of the best F13 fan films out there

  5. Stick around after the credits for Jason to finish off his victim!

    Very solid fan film. Great job!

  6. I liked it. Very fast paced and quick to the point. Nice job!

  7. Yeah it was good!!
    Love the Jason outfit!
    Good kills, looked real!
    NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!! :)

  8. I love that Jason’s look changes from kill to kill.

  9. Great film!

  10. ahh, i didnt care much for this f13 fan film. it was very obvious and there was not alot of buildup. i am glad people are making these though. fan films are great.

  11. Amusing at best, the Jason costume was pretty cool though. I liked ‘the man in the lake’ far better.

  12. That was pretty cool. I love the kills. I love the hockey mask. The way Jason ran was cool. And I like how they used alot of the music from all the FT13th movies. But if You notice when Jason kills the girl at the end, that sound is taken from Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers. Which was also used at the beginning. But Halloween 6 was written by Daniel Farrands (His Name Was Jason) so thats cool.

  13. yea i noticed the halloween 6 sound as well. i forgot to write that.

  14. Thanks everyone for watching! We had a blast making this little film. All The feedback is great good or bad. All we hope is that you watch it and enjoy yourseld for 13 mins.

    A Big THANK YOU goes out to all of you.

    JasonsFury- Thanks for making this film apart of the site and for all the fans to watch.

    JB Demented- Glad you noticed the Halloween reference.


  15. Good job! Enjoyed the different looks of Jason, the kills and the soundtrack.

  16. Excellent film. actors are great, and so are the effects. this guy has talent!

  17. Very cool!! The “running” Jason makes an appearance in a fan film!! Good Job!

  18. Dan,

    You put alot of energy in making this short fan film. It was straight to the point. I loved the music you had mixed with the kills. This definitely reminded me of the old school Jason that we love. I liked the scene after the credits. Remember…. Jason leaves no survivors. By the way, great job playing the Jason character. Kane hotter would of been proud. Lol

  19. I meant Kane Hodder damn auto spelling.

  20. “Kane hotter” Ha Ha, I think he actually has been called that once or twice before. :)

  21. that was badass for a fanfilm. i love the transistions of jason’s look throughout the film. and jason was badass and had character. he even threw in psuedo jason mask. far superior to man in the lake by a long shot.

  22. I liked it, my gripe with all fan films are they are never long enough because, well, you guys who make them get it. You know what the fans want to see and you do your best to provide it. Thanks for your effort and I look forward to other films.

  23. Kevin was kinda hot. Just throwin that out there. haha :p

  24. great job :)

  25. Great Film Love The Kills Great Job Dann exxelent Movie

  26. I liked it. Fan films are fun. Good Jason look(s). Good kills. I caught the Halloween 6 sound f/x. Maybe this is just me, but at the end when Jason is chasing the girl and she runs out of the woods, into the open where he kills her, that kind of reminded me of the beginning of Jason Goes to Hell when he is chasing the agent in the towel. It looked like the same location. All in all, a fun little watch.

  27. I enjoyed that, few bad edits but hey they’re fan films. Kills were brutal too.

  28. Not bad.. Quick to the point.. I liked the different Jason looks.. He was brutal which is always good.. Repeating the story of Jason and the guy scaring the girl with the Jason mask is old.. A few bad edits and the sound was a hit and miss. For an attempt to have fun with Jason not bad for amatuers.

  29. Really liked it. Any way to get it on dvd?

  30. I don’t think they made DVD’s, but you can ask the filmmakers to send you one. I’ll see if I can contact them about it and let you know.

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