New Audio Interview With Paul Kratka

Last week, we posted an audio interview conducted by with Paul Kratka (Rick, Friday the 13th Part 3) pertaining to his role in Part 3 as well as his newest film projects. We also had mentioned that he would be a guest on BlogTalkRadio this past Sunday August 22nd for the show Rabbit In Red.

For those that missed the interview, we have that show for you to listen to now, broken into three parts. The interview is much more in depth than the previous show and pretty informative to listen to. So, take a listen to Paul Kratka and director Scott Goldberg talk about all things film and Friday the 13th.

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  1. Pauls a cool guy, its good to see Him finding work. One of the reasons I like the commentary for FT13th Part 3 on the boxset. Im thinking of taking up the Paul Kratka diet.

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