Friday The 13th Part X: To Hell and Back ReduX

Posted 18 Dec 2010 in Fans

David Stewart emailed us about his long-lost fan film, which is embedded here to watch in full. He explains: “If only your site were around back in 1995 when we created our feature length fan film. I’m not sure, but we might be the first feature length fan film ever made.  We didn’t get much exposure back in ’95 when we had only VHS copies of our movie.  Ken Kish at Cinema Wasteland in Ohio was one of the only people who had copies that were available for rent back in the day.  2010 being our 15th anniversary I decided to transfer all our old footage and re-edit the film for our first ever internet premiere.  Until now our movie was pretty much lost unless you were one of the few who had one of our original VHS copies.”

Non-profit fanfilms receive their payment in feedback and encouragement, so be sure to post what you think via the comments, or the fanfilm’s Facebook.

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Posted by Dusk


  1. Christian Sellers (19 Dec 2010, 1:16)

    It’s funny how fan-made films make you realise how good the acting was in the proper movies.

  2. DrJohnMan (19 Dec 2010, 9:55)

    I wonder how this would look if you use windows media and cut a few scenes and then age it using one of those aging effects. Might be cool…

  3. Rangerdave (20 Dec 2010, 4:42)

    Not too bad at all

  4. Cat (20 Dec 2010, 19:43)

    If he took off his glases while he was eating at the beggining!!!
    And the tash..HA…so not real!!
    But the bloke who playd Jason, 8.5/10!!! The most realistic non proper actor ive seen!!:):)

  5. Robbie (21 Dec 2010, 6:17)

    Better than Jason X…just sayin.

  6. Exiz (21 Dec 2010, 19:51)

    One of the better fanfilms I’ve seen in years.

  7. Scott (21 Dec 2010, 22:36)

    I liked it. It stayed true to the series incorporating many elements from all the films. good work guys

  8. Scott (21 Dec 2010, 22:39)

    Did you guys actually film the beginning scenes at the camp of part 1? I recognized the cabins and the distinctively slanted mountain in the background. I also liked how you film in the town from part 1.

  9. JB Demented (23 Dec 2010, 20:07)

    That was pretty cool. Not the best fan film Ive seen, but it was good. I respect that they used all the music from parts 1-9 and the remake. And I love the nods to the films in the series like the station wagon from The Final Chapter. As well as all the songs like “His Eyes” and “Love Is A Lie”. And I noticed the entire cast were kids, thats pretty cool. The fake moustaches and beards were cheesy, but they had to look like adults somehow. And Jasons look and mask, its kind of like the look Jason had in JGTH. Except He lost alot of weight, I guess in Hell they make You exercise or something. But whats really freaky is the survivor Girl looks alot like Judy from Sleepaway Camp (played by Karen Fields). And the ending was pretty cool, except I wouldve prefered the Sherrif eat Jasons heart but oh well. Anyway I would rate this film 3 stars out of 5.

  10. Dave (03 Jan 2011, 18:48)

    Thank you all for your comments. It’s nice to finally get some exposure on this, I was only 17 when we shot this back in 1995 and we didn’t get much exposure because of the limited format. I am glad to see people enjoying all the hard work we put into this, and have also enjoyed watching some of the other fan films out there!

    We did film some of the opening shots at the same camp from the original “Friday the 13th.” At the time a lot of the camp hadn’t changed all that much.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the comments, I do enjoy reading them!

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