Friday The 13th Convention Scam Attracts Mainstream Media

Who says horror fans on the internet don’t have a voice? Not sure if you’re familiar with the whole Camp Blood: Friday the 30th convention debacle. I really shouldn’t be familiar with it because I’m in Australia so that whole scene is gladly off my radar, but I have been following the nasty affair as closely commentated by The Bloodsprayer website (until they stopped covering it in March. Hmm).

The non-event that put the con in convention has so far financially fleeced many members of the Friday the 13th fanbase. The last shifted date/no-show was Friday, May 13th, pretty much the nail in the coffin. Fan-outrage has now crescendoed with news coverage of the snakeoil shennenigans plus well as wheels in motion for legal intervention. Deserves an air fist pump, all.

This video interviews some affected and skips the interwebby drama to summarize the main points of the deception – even approaching the organizer on the street for comment. If you lost money, it’s vital you watch the news piece for advice on getting it back – or getting even (legally, of course).

Media Source: CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

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6 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Convention Scam Attracts Mainstream Media ”

  1. Like Dusk,i don’t live in America(Scotland to be precise) so this is off my radar also.However i watched with interest with how the event was shaping up and pondered,if only.So i’d be plenty pissed if that was me who was me who was scammed out of my hard earned cash.That smug prick organiser has a face i’d NEVER get tired of pounding on.Hope this has a happy ending for all you fans who were conned.This event seemed so big that it had to take place.Biggest non event EVER……………………………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  2. This really sucks for the people that spent money on this. I’ve had issues with two separate Fearfest conventions in the past, so I knew to stay far away from this thing.

  3. Thats just plane wrong!!! I think unless someone can prove it’s real, i would stay well clear!

  4. i was gonna come from iceland and bought 2 tickets and have never heard from paypal or anything after it

  5. The chick said Freddy.

  6. This is too funny! I remember that one person posting on here left and right trying to to everyone here Gray was going to screw the fans, and no one listened. Gray came on here acting all high and mighty, and Jason Fury had Gray’s back that whole time.

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