Friday Doco: His Name Was Jason


Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of Crystal Lake, you’ll have heard about the (lower case won’t do!) ULTIMATE documentary on our boy Jason.

The Skinny: Streeting on DVD Feb 3, 2023 from Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment. Directed by Dan Farrands, Produced/Written By Anthony Masi & Thommy Hutson, Co-Produced by Blake Reigle.


More info and purty pictures in the future!

Read on for the current list of confirmed interviewees…

Adam Green
Adam Marcus
Adrienne King
Al Magliochetti
Amy Steel
Anthony Timpone
Ari Lehman
Barney Cohen
Betsy Palmer
Bill Randolph
Bob DeSimone
Bonnie Hellman
C.J. Graham
Camilla More
Carey More
Catherine Parks
Chuck Campbell
Cynthia Kania
Danny Steinmann
Darcy DeMoss
David Kagen
Debi Sue Voorhees
Diana Barrows
Diane Almeida
Douglas Curtis
Elizabeth Kaitan
Erich Anderson
Felissa Rose
James Isaac
James Roday
Jeff Katz
Jeffrey Reddick
Joe Lynch
John Carl Buechler
John Furey
Joseph Zito
Judie Aronson
Kane Hodder
Kevin Spirtas
Lar Park-Lincoln
Larry Zerner
Lauren-Marie Taylor
Lawrence Monoson
Lisa Ryder
Marilyn Poucher
Mark Swift
Martin Jay Sadoff
Nancy McLoughlin
Paul Kratka
Peter Bracke
Peter Mark Richman
Rachel Belofsky
Robert V. Galluzzo
Russell Todd
Ryan Turek
Sean S. Cunningham
Seth Grahame-Smith
Seth Green
Shavar Ross
Staci Layne Wilson
Steve Barton
Stuart Charno
Todd Farmer
Tom McLoughlin
Victor Miller
Vincent Guastaferro
Warrington Gillette

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50 Responses to “ Friday Doco: His Name Was Jason ”

  1. i’ll go see the new movie but i REFUSE to buy this.

    i brought the halloween documentary a few yrs ago and it was a waste of 25 buck i’ll NEVER get back

  2. I thought the more recent Halloween 25 years of terror documentary was actually really good.

  3. I thought the Halloween Doc was pretty good. Not great but i’m not upset to have bought it. I am definetly looking forward to this.

    2009 THE YEAR OF JASON!!!!!!!!!

    God life is good

  4. I really hope they add Ken Tarallo to the list since he actually MADE the hockey mask & has made himself VERY accessible to the fans …..

  5. To e®n: Dude, really? Wow, that’s cool. To each each his own, but I loved it myself. I feel it’s a fine, mildly underrated documentary on one of the bigger and better Slasher series (though I’m forever a bigger Mr. Voorhees fanatic over The Shape, of course), and with many fine extras. I never knew it was too looked down opun. In fact I gott agaree with that it was pretty rockin’.

    But to each they’re own.

    I’ll definately will be supporting this on STARZ once it first comes out, and of course, will pre-order the Anchor Bay DVD once Amazon stars takin’ orders (or I may get it off, where I also got an account and have been doin’ some bulk order as well, as of late).

    Gotta agree that with the re-making of parts 2-through-3 (or is it the first four? Or should be say first three, plotline wise?) and this awesome-sounding documentary that it most definately feels like the year of the almighty Jason Voorhees has finally came to stay.

    Bring it on, baby :D

  6. We don’t see these kind of documentary’s released in Australia (BOO-HISS!) so, if it doesn’t get released here, I HOPE it is included on the Friday The 13th Remake Blu-Ray Dvd. Or there will be hell to pay!

  7. I hope they’re able to include Derek Mears too, but I’m sure he’ll end up on the eventual DVD/Blu-Ray of the new film. Wasn’t expecting Seth Green on the list, that should be interesting.

    I’ll pick this up in February, hoping to see it before the new film comes out.

  8. Yeah, Seth Green sort of took me by surprise as well. That’ll be interesting. I was always interested in any celebs, either big name or little name, that are into the big Slasher series and would like to comment on’em in a pretty meaningful way. Might be pretty cool (even if I’m not his biggest fan).

    And I’m dreadfully sorry that Aussie Land (region-4) doesn’t get many things like this documentary, DeadOfTheDead. Here is hopin’ that it’ll get a pretty wise release on all regions, or maybe you can of course just import it.

    To me this is all shaping up to be a pretty cool, unique documentary, and I hope we all support it. Remember that Cashamount is always watchin’ kiddies, and supporting anythingFriday the 13th with your dollars, rather it be the remake, or watchin’ this on STARZ and then ordering the DVD so it sells very well, might one day make them over haul the entire parts 1-through-8 boxset. Especially since the 30th anniversary of the entire series is just two years away, now.

    Food for thought. ;)

  9. Yeah. Ken Tarallo should definitely be spoken to in my opinion. He gets overlooked way too often when it comes to the Friday the 13th world though he literally created the most iconic device involved in the series. Such a shame.

  10. I lucked out and went to BestBuy the day after Halloween, and they put a huge clearance on horror movies they stocked up on for the occasion. I thought the doc was good…great for the 5 bucks I paid for it. Any F13 fanatic will want this one for their collection. I’m looking forward to it

  11. Sweet! I’ll probably get it off Netflix, or something, unless they will show never before seen footage, then I will probably buy this.

  12. I can’t wait to get this, I liked the Halloween one I can’t wait to see this one for Jason!

  13. I know that Sleepaway Camp might of been partially inspired by Friday the 13th, but why is Felissa Rose an interviewee ?

  14. Guess I have been under a rock because I knew nothing about this and I’m on this site almost everyday! Over my head i guess. Anyways, I can’t wait!! Wish they would have released it sooner. Would have made a great stocking stuffer on Xmas!;) As far as the Halloween 25 years of Terror DVD? I thought it was awesome! Hopefully the F13th doc will blow Halloween’s out of the water(Crystal Lake water to be exact!. High hopes for this one!

  15. Yup, Pete: I also hope that, as great as we all know how the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary was, I’m hoping that this one blows it out of Crystal Lake’s waters indeed. :D

    As for Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Nikos: The Impaler, ZombieGeddon) being an interviewee: Hmmm, I also don’t know, but my guess is cause she’s a mini genre icon of seminal Slasher series, and a mini scream queen. She actually does make a bit more sense that Seth Green being there, actually, if ya think about it.

    Anyway I honestly wont be caring *too* much for what she says, as I was honestly enver into the first Sleepaway Camp. Too kiddie weird and dullard for me. The sequels to that film are where the fun entertainment was.

    Again, I really can’t pimp this out enough and I wanna encourage everyone to try to snap it up and to order it online and to look (and ask) for it in stores if you don’t have a debt/credit card and just shop retail. Cause I feel Cashamount is gonna be watchin’ this, and sells throguh the roof will better ensure something REALLY big ‘n cool for the future, I feel.

    And indeed:

    To Tony Carroll, your right on about Ken Tarallo needing to be there, as he helped make Jason Voorhees the seminal Slasher icon we have here today. Had he not been so bad ass in that outting, and with an awesome setting of the Higgins Heaven, and with the Richard Booker Jason sporting that iconic look (and of course, teh fine 3-D gimmick), I feel we wouldn’t have the rest of the series.

  16. As for Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror, I think it was a pretty decent doc. The footage varies a little bit from sources, and they do some convention visits, which I think makes it a little more sporadic. I don’t mind people sharing just thoughts, memories and opinions, and the convention footage / interviews can be an extra.

  17. You know whose name is missing from that list?…Kevin Bacon! I know he got all huge and stuff, but why can’t the man acknowledge that F13 was a launching pad for him?
    Also…I really hope they do a fitting tribute to Laurie Bartram (Brenda from the original F13). It’s still sad that she passed away so suddenly and so young (actually quite a few of our favorite characters from the F13 movies have passes away at young ages.) : (

  18. Oops…*passeD*

  19. 25 Years Of Terror…was really good. I was wishing for, but never really expecting the same type of DVD about the F13 series. I can’t f%ckin’ wait !! I haven’t been so pumped about an F13 project since I got my copy of Crystal Lake Memories. WOO HOO !!

  20. Oh Yeah ! I’m really glad Anchor Bay is behind it and not Paramount. This way, it will likely be very well done. Hopefully 2 DVDs. Hell, load ‘em up !! This sounds like the kind of thing that the Paramount Boxed Set really needed.

  21. Finally…it all comes full circle! One Major Halloween Doco. One major Friday doco. The new Nightmare DVD is filled with extras about most Freddy films…could life be any sweeter?? Even Hallween Horror Nights at Universal last year had a Friday the 13th Maze!

  22. I have a quick question that has kind of something to do with this release. I noticed that they don’t have Steve Daskawisz listed for an interview on this doc. I never understood why he doesn’t get most of the credit for playing Jason in pt.2? I have read both F13th books and the Crysral Lake Memories book had interviewed him and i don’t recall if they answered that. I know Warrington Gillette was injured during the crash through the window scene in the end and that’s why he wasn’t under the hood the whole time. I guess because when we finally see Jason’s face it’s Warrington Gillette and that’s why he gets the main credit for it? Correct me if I’m wrong or missing info here guys. Thanks! :)

  23. Great quesiton, Pete.

    To me, good ol’ Steve Dash (the name Mr. Daskawisz goes by now as he makes convention appearances) really got screwed, once you read teh Crystal Lake Memories book, as me and you have.

    Basically, if you’ll re-read it, you’ll see that the lying Warrington pretty much wasn’t very truthfull about supposedly attending a west coast stuntman school, which of course he didn’t. And of course, he was let go after he’s few takes of crashing through that window (which amy Steel hated doing, of course). Gillette’s agent basically wouldn’t let the film makers out of his contract that he would get top billing as Jason, and ever sice, he has lied about the film shoot in which he was ‘running around with a pillow case on his head, killin’ teenagers’, which as we all know now, never happened.

    My heart goes to Mr. Dash, who made for a unique, and good earily Jason Voorhees, and like Richard Brooker and Ted White, the earily Jasons’, one the overrated Kane Hodder years got rolling, honestly never got the reconition for being a good, spooky star that he desurved.

  24. Yes, it would appear that Warrington Gillette is a flake who’s 15 minutes of fame came from something he never even did. If he takes all the credit for the role in this Doc like he did in the Boxed Set, i’d have to officially declare him a piece of sh%t.

  25. DLC:

    Yeah, and he’s argued with Mr. Dash on an online Slasher form where the Friday series stars post (I believe it’s Blood ‘n Guts fourm) and also at several conventions. I agree he is a flake and a total damn liar, so I never wanna see him commenting again. Jason, in Part 2 for my money, was Mr. Dash. Not gillette.

  26. Ted White would be the ultimate interviewee

  27. ted white is by far the creepiest and most pissed off jason. brooker takes a close second. i love cj graham in part 6 and personally think he is underrated. the makeup was good he wasnt this big diesel monster he was smaller then the previous jasons which really added to the fact that hes been rotting away all those years.

  28. Good points, you two, about Mr. White.

    I was enjoying the recent (well a few months old now, but you get the picture) YouTube interview with correspondant Jay Ray, with Ted White, and I loved how southern and soft-spoken he came off as. Interesting that I feel he, and the king Commwealth English gentleman that was Richard Brooker, I felt, made for the most menacing & pissed off Jasons’. Oddly fitting, isn’t it?

    Perhaps Ted White, only taking the role for the pay and cause he would still get paid as his body was cast for the special FX and he still got paid, appeared uber pissed off cause he so obviously didn’t like being there. He didn’t like having to man-handle the teenage victims cause he hated that the young actors were so under-paid and weren’t treated well by Zito, whom he felt was a prick. And he also simply didn’t like being in the full Jason Voorhees get up, fiberglass hockey and all, and doin’ things like pretending to be dead on the gurney and morgue slab, ect.

    I guess it all just got to him. Even still, so fine for us that it all paid off, didn’t it?

    Anyone else agree?

  29. I can’t wait for this!.

    Hey, the Halloween docu was fantastic!!!!.

  30. I agree with captain_brandon1980, Roy and Kane. I love Ted White. Him and Brooker are most forite Jason.
    i think they were the scariest versions of Jason. And I’m gald to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that Kane Hodder was/is over rated and playing Jason.

  31. Mucho gracias, merci becoupue and thanks there, SplitSkull. ;)

    And yeah, once it gets into the Kane Hodder years, I’m just as not into his performance as the big-J man himself. But to each they’re own.

    And long-live Mr. Brooker and Mr. White indeed.

  32. You’re welcome captain_brandon1980. If he’s suposed to be a zombie then why does he breath heavy and try to stick his chest out as if he was a bodybuilder? He’s a zombie and zombies don’t breath!!!!

  33. kane hodder’s just a monster and acts super pissed off very well, especially in part 8. when he chokes the asian girl on the dance floor until he crushes her throat, the way he tosses her body to the floor is just the most brutal thing ever. and the drowning of mcculloch in the barrell of garbage and rain water… he just seems so pissed. i cant say kane is overrated because he really is an amazing jason voorhees, better then ken kirzinger anyways. white and brooker 4life!

  34. Tony, I talked to Ken yesterday & offered to email Farrands myself (he bought a few hockey masks off me a couple years ago), and he said he’s already spoken to him, so he’ll probably wind up in there too, and rightfully so. I mean, how can you have an in-depth documentary about Jason without including the guy that gave him his mask? :)

  35. To DedKid:

    Dude that is awesome! So glad the first original maker of the fiberglass hockey masks from Part 3 is probably gonna be in there. :D

    I hope there’ll now be a few moments with him in the supplemenary extra features, cause I so wanted more of it in the Part 3 bonus disc from the disappointing Ultimate Edition 2023 boxset that was such barely even half-ass’d.


  36. Just wanted to throw in my two cents about the men who’ve played Jason.

    Kane Hodder. Loved the attitude he put into the character in Pt.7, even though it was VERY un-Jason like. I thought he was pretty good in that one. Of course anyone under that makeup was going to be great. After that, I just thought he was terrible. It probably didn’t help that the next 3 movies he was in were easily the weakest ones in the series, but from hearing him in interviews it seemed he thought Jason was his b%tch. He was the only guy who repeated the role, and for him that made it HIS role. WRONG !! I was very happy he wasn’t cast in Freddy Vs. Jason. I don’t hate the guy or anything, and I suppose the role meant alot to him, but life goes on, with a cooler Jason.

    With that being said, ( obviously i’m not a fan of his performance in general ) I will say this: I am thankfull that he was Jason for those movies. He may have been the one person at that time who actually cared the most about the series, certainly more that the people financing those pieces of crap.

    Booker/White: They were great. Those two ( and it seems there are a few people online here that would agree ) may be the best performances in the series. Anyone ( like Derek Mears ) coming into the role of Jason in the future should definately be watching those two movies repeatedly.

    On the subject of Mears, this new movie is another new-age remake that’s coming out, so they’ll likely add some aspects to Jason that weren’t there before. He never ran after anyone before, but not too many moviegoers new to the series will buy that a victim can run for 12 minutes straight, being chased by a walking zombie, ( yes I know he’s not going to be a zombie in this one ) and STILL be overtaken in the end. We old-schoolers accept and love that kind of sh%t, but we can probably expect things to be a little more “believable” ( with tongue planted firmly in cheek )this time around.

    Last but not least, what was wrong with C.J. Graham ? Nothing at all in my books. I thought he was very good. He was the first to play Jason post-death, and to me he seemed alot like the old Jasons, just with grey skin. ( not like the hopped-up Kane Hodder version we were about to be subjected to ) I thought Pt.6 was a great movie. That gave the series a chance to redeem itself after the fiasco that was Pt.5. But then there were the fiascos that were Pts. 8, 9, & 10.

    P.S. Just for the record, I seriously doubt I could have come up with a better way to bring Freddy and Jason together than the one they ended up using. I am definately a fan of Freddy Vs. Jason. It’s not the best F13 flick, but as a one off ( and a film they HAD to do ) I loved it, and do watch it often. Kirzinger was fine in the role, not great, but good enough for sure.

    There ya go. Crucify me if you must, but that’s my opinion.

  37. Just thought i’d add that i’m a diehard fan since ’86, when I was twelve. ( You do the math ) I’ve visited this site plenty over time , but only started posting last week, so I have some catching up to do when it comes to offering mu opinions. Bear with me if I go slightly off topic to cover things that you all have likely discussed to death in the past.

  38. Yay! for Amy Steel, Catherine Parks, Darcy DeMoss, Diana Barrows, Elizabeth Kaitan, Judie Aronson, Kevin Spirtas, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Lawrence Monoson and Russell Todd!

    Surely you’ve got to get Juliette Cummins (‘Robin’ – A New Beginning)! She recently was interviewed for the Psycho series documentary.

    It’d be nice to see Kirsten Baker & Marta Kober (Part 2), Kimberly Beck (The Final Chapter), Tiffany Helm, Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Jere Fields & Rebecca Wood (A New Beginning), Kerry Noonan & Tom Fridley (Jason Lives), Susan Jennifer Sullivan, Heidi Kozak & William Butler (The New Blood), Sharlene Martin (Jason Takes Manhattan), Allison Smith & Michael Silver (Jason Goes To Hell), Kristi Angus (Jason X) and Jesse Hutch (Freddy Vs. Jason).

  39. I, like most, have grown up with the series in it’s early years… As for Richard Brooker. I had a chance 2 meet him years back when I was around 10 or 11 (what irony) and he was an inspiration. I lived in PA. about 25-30 mins from the little town they filmed the 1st movie. (I got to go to the camp ground on a regular basis because my father delivered the express times newspaper overnight-and the site just happened to be on of his stops. With that said, we knew a couple that lived near there who also knew Mr. Brooker who, at the time, lived in Hope (I believe) anyways, in short… I met him, got an autograph and to this day I still remember the feelings that rushed through me like a kid at christmas-just wanted to share this with other fans…

  40. First to DLC: Welcome. Fine thoughts, truely, and I hope you stick around. I enjoyed the much loathed Part V (A New Beginning) myself, as many have confessed to, but to each his own. I’m glad many more agree with Hodder being a bit overrated (c’mon: I’m not out to ‘get’ the guy or anything, but he need’s to stop acting as if we all worship at his feet, or as if he owns the title character, as he doesn’t). And long live Mr. White and Mr. Brooker indeed. The *only* Jasons’ to have ever frightened me alond with Mr. Dash’s (unfortunately) un-credited performance.

    And Dave,

    You said:

    “Surely you’ve got to get Juliette Cummins (’Robin’ – A New Beginning)! She recently was interviewed for the Psycho series documentary.”

    Yup, and she’s also in the Crystal Lake Memories book. I saw the preview for the Psycho documentary, about the sequels, and I feel Part II was very strong and Part III, which had her in it, was an interesting film, dispite it’s flaws. I would also love for someone to one day track down the heavely, and now very obscure Kirsten Baker, easily the hottest of the Friday the 13th women/victims (I persoanlyl bit the Heroines in an all together different category respectively). I’ve been researching her on this site and the IMDB for fresh posts for years now.

    I’ve been dying to know and confirm what she look’s like all of these years later, and how she feel’s about her role (she basically started the earily ’80s Slasher film skinny-dippers-are-doomed trend, as continued through out the rest of the Friday films) and the rest of the films, ect.

  41. Thanks captain_brandon1980, with all these new developments, i’m sure i’ll stick around for a while.

    And for the record, as much as I denounce Pts 5, 8, 9 & 10, Pts 5 & 10 are the two i’ve most recently viewed. Jason X ( Jason in space ) just seems like a last gasp script, and an embarasment to the series. But I showed it to my girlfriend ( who knew nothing of the series and isn’t much of a horror fan ) and she liked it, so it can’t be that bad I guess. The obvious jokes about smoking pot and pre-marital sex are kind of funny I must admit.

    3, 4, 6 & 7 are my personal faves.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  42. Seth Green – GET FUC&KED!
    Where is Ken Tarallo

  43. First,

    “Thanks captain_brandon1980, with all these new developments, i’m sure i’ll stick around for a while.

    And for the record, as much as I denounce Pts 5, 8, 9 & 10, Pts 5 & 10 are the two i’ve most recently viewed. Jason X ( Jason in space ) just seems like a last gasp script, and an embarasment to the series. But I showed it to my girlfriend ( who knew nothing of the series and isn’t much of a horror fan ) and she liked it, so it can’t be that bad I guess. The obvious jokes about smoking pot and pre-marital sex are kind of funny I must admit.

    3, 4, 6 & 7 are my personal faves”

    Hey again DLC. *waves*

    Yeah it’s cool around here. Too bad the IMDB boards are a bit baren for replies these days on the earily Friday instalments. Ah well. *shrugs*

    Fine list of favorites. Parts 2, 3, 4 and also 5 are my perenial personal favorites. In no particular order, though the Steve Miner ones (especially 3) I hold in very high reguard, since they were the first ones I saw and had a frightening impact on me.

    To Darko:

    *lmao* @ That Seth Green comment. That had me on the floor. :D

  44. Where is Corey Feldman as an interviewee? This will be kick ass!

  45. In my opinon, part 3 is my all time fav! What’s not too love? You have a mature Jason, with the initiation of the hockey mask, and 3-D effects. I know, I know, some nay sayers will tell you it was no good, but the early 80′s? Man fantastic! With Halloween around the corner, and Jason to hit the big screen in February, these are good times.

  46. Darko, Ken told me someone recently shot him vacuum-forming a mask, using the same mold from 1982 (the same one we use for the Frightstuff masks) with the intent of including it in the documentary. So it’s looking like he’s definitely in there :)

  47. Hi i am new to all this its great they are doing the same with friday the 13th with what they did with halloween :)

    To be honest my favs are parts 1 2 3 4 and 6

    i find it a little strange they dont have corey feildman on the list as he really the one who killed the human jason

    But i am looking forward to the new dvd coming and will add to my collection :)

  48. Please Could you tell me what everyone thoughts on the new movie??

    I thought zombies remake of halloween was ok so i am keeping a open mind on the new friday the 13th movie to be honest :)

  49. DedKid,

    I talked with Ken on the phone last week, Ken told me he was filmed but they’re not going to use his footage….Makes no sense to me why they wouldn’t include Ken in this. Ken created the mask, he should be in it.


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