Original Kaiyodo Vinyl Jason Kit

jason-1-6By now most people are aware of the Jason vinyl model kits that were released in the early 90’s. There was the original Scream’ kit and then the Jason Goes To Hell Screamin’ kit released to tie in with the movie. However, before these kits were released by Screamin’ Kaiyodo released their own version in late 80’s. This version is really cool as it includes Tom Savini’s Head!



Here are the parts included in the original kit.


Here is the original box the parts came in.

The instructions give the visual of what the model kit looked like assembled.


I wish they would have produced this version worldwide. This indeed is a great collectors item. Thanks to Figure Dreams for the photos and information

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10 Responses to “ Original Kaiyodo Vinyl Jason Kit ”

  1. That’s pretty cool. and the tom Savini head is genius.

  2. Thought I saw these on Ebay awhile back.

  3. The Savini head is hilarious, what a good but random detail.

  4. i have this!! is was $20.00 on ebay from china i think. i actully though i was buying the screamin kit. i have the freddy, and werewolf kits from screamin too!

  5. frankie carter,
    I’m curious. Have you actually put the model together and painted it or have you kept it in the box?

  6. Actually, if I recall it correctly, outside of a new head portrait (albeit loosely based on Jason’s look in JGTH) the Screamin’ Kaiyodo JGTH model was pretty much identical to the original Kaiyodo kit.

    However, as to which kit came first (with respect to the Savini head version vs the original Screamin’ kit from the late 80’s), that part I’m unsure of. All I do know is that both seemed to hit on the radar pretty close to each other (though I do remember ads for the Screamin’ product showing up in model magazines first). Granted, being an import at the time – it’s a very good chance that it didn’t get any exposure until well after it’s actual release.

    Out of curiousity, is either the box, or model itself, date stamped in any way?

    Outside of that, I will say this – as much as I love my Screamin’ Jason kit (and still display it today), I was somewhat disappointed that they didn’t include anything akin to the Savini head. Heck, even a severed limb would’ve been nice! Hrm… methinks a customization is required….

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  7. Quick addendum…

    D’oh!!! MY BAD! I hadn’t realised that there was a date on the instruction sheet above. Sorry ’bout that. As for the Screamin’ kit, it’s dated as 1988 (which would’ve had it released close to Part 7 – and following on the heels of 6’s zombie-Jason popularity).

    Though, for what it’s worth, the original Screamin’ kit was more an interpretive take (combining various elements from various Jasonisms) vs actually looking like any one makeup in particular. That, and it’s a very good chance that it was sculpted well before Part 7’s makeups were shown – or I’m sure that they’d have worked more of the “Meat Cyborg” into the mix.

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  8. One of the Dead,
    Thanks for the info on the dates. I agree that the original model must have been sculpted before Part 7 or they would have gone that route for the design.

    Amazingly enough, after posting this story in the blog, these kits have started showing up for auction or sale all over eBay.

  9. Hey JF – glad to be of service. :)

    Actually, if I’m not mistaken, shots of my actual kit (assembled, painted and mounted) were originally viewable on this very site (back in the day when Blake and Brenna were running it). It was the only photos they had – at the time – of the kit in an assembled state.

    And, I also recall having the instruction sheets scanned and uploaded as well. Hrm – does any part of the original site still exist? If not, I’d be glad to take some new shots of the Screamin’ kit, and I could certainly send them along to the site.

    For that matter, I could even photograph the box (though I’m thinking that I may have lost the instruction sheet…)

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  10. Hey, I found where your pictures are located for the kit. Here’s the link:


    This is an awesome paint job. I actually have the Jason Goes To Hell Kit and I love it, but you did a spectacular job.

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