Sideshow’s Part 3 Jason Figure Revealed!

Sideshow Collectibles has teased the Friday the 13th Part 3 Premium Format  figure for a couple of months now and fans and collectors have been waiting to have the opportunity to see the finished product. Now, fans have their chance to witness Sideshow’s latest Jason Voorhees creation.

A terrible visage to behold, the Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th Part III Premium Format Figure brings to life the legendary horror icon of the Friday the 13th film series. Complete with a hand-tailored fabric costume, each piece is hand-painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure.

There are two versions of the figure being sold. The exclusive figure comes with interchangable hands so to have Jason show off either an axe or machete. Also, that same figure comes with an interchangeable head to display Jason’s face which is something only his mother could love. For more information on this figure or to place an order, visit the Sideshow website!

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65 Responses to “ Sideshow’s Part 3 Jason Figure Revealed! ”

  1. Nice! For me personally, part 3 was the perfect Jason! I love this.

  2. Kinda lame, actually. Dimensions off in several areas, most notably the upper body. Meh.

  3. Well, they also gave him a right ear; which is also incorrect but for what it is…I’m in!

  4. Exclusive already sold out.You snooze, you loose.This is a Masterpiece.

  5. Not impressed, doesn’t look a lot like Richard Brooke. They got the mask all wrong too, to big of a ‘nose’. I’m happy with my revoltech Part 3 Jason.

  6. Got it. It’s all about the exclusive one. It’s not perfect but for what it is and I’ve usually been very satisfied with Sideshow PF’s so it’s a no-brainer for me.

  7. lol @ guy prefering Revoltech over this.Good one.

  8. Sold, that was quick!!! I wished it was because i snoozed!!

  9. It was a little pricey but I preordered one of the exclusive ones. It doesn’t get much better than this. This is a must have for Jason Part 3 fans.

  10. Sold out exclusive already. Does anyone actually want the regular version? What a joke. As big as that mask looks, they may as well had a removable mask. It is a cool statue, but if I can’t get the exclusive….I’ll pass. They should’ve made more of the exclusive.

  11. Wow very nice another winner for sideshow

  12. Best Friday the 13th collectible of all time. All time.Being one of the Elite, I got the ex of course. Only 200 of these in the whole world. Wow.Its value will skyrocket in the future(not that I care) and those who wont own it wont deserve to be called true Jason Voorhees Fans.

  13. @Johnny Scrotum

    I know Sideshow delivers better quality, more detail and all, but this Jason doesn’t look much like it’s on-screen counterpart. Yeah he’s got a green shirt and a pigface but he looks like his strange little brother. The mask looks like the Part 6/8 mask as well.

  14. Personally, i think it looks excellent. Got the exclusive for myself too. Now I just have to wait for it to be delivered. They did a great job with it.

  15. Freakin beautiful man. I think it looks awesome.

  16. Woo hoo! I preordered the exclusive this morning!

    Now to only wait 6 months :)

  17. Missed out on getting the exclusive but I did get the regular figure which I think is just as spectacular as the exclusive, just not as many features.

    Hey Anal Gentleman,

    I and I am sure many others still consider myself to be a huge Jason fan even though I missed out on the exclusive.

    Talk about rubbing peoples faces in the mud at your good fortune of getting the exclusive figure.

  18. I must say I am extremely let down with this figure. As others have pointed out, they screwed up the most important part…..THE MASK. Way off, and looks too cartoonish. It almost looks like what a “comic book” style version of Part 3 Jason would look like. Same with the hands…cartoony and awkward looking.

  19. Very impressive. Even if it’s not an exact duplicate of Jason from pt 3, it still looks amazing.

  20. Yeah I agree with Ben.
    Anal Gentleman, I’m sure you’re not thinking about how much it will be worth(sarcasm)
    I’ll look for you to have it on eBay in 6 months ;)
    Anyway, I am a bit jealous of those that got the exclusive. You deserve a little bit of bragging rights I guess…..but don’t be so anal about it.

  21. I would like to thank the website for displaying news that it would be available for pre sale on thanksgiving. If they hadn’t done that, I never would have known it was going on sale and I would have missed out. Big thanks!

  22. Weapons look like shit. Mask looks like shit. Proportions look weird. 3/10.

  23. @ Nate Ragon….

    looks cartoonish…??? *Rollseyes*

    Pretty sure you think the Neca and Mezco one looks more realistic.Fool.

  24. Sir Mwk, you are the shit.That is all.

  25. I see the haters of this piece have just manifest themselves.Just cause you can’t afford a statue like that doesnt make it ‘’shit”.

    God, I hate poor people.

  26. I agree with SHai, anal gentleman and johnny scrotum. This is a masterpiece, and the best Jason collectible out there. Poor people do indeed suck.

  27. I don’t think that if someone doesn’t like this piece, that they should be considered poor? I think that is a bad judgement on someone. I know of fans that don’t find this figure to be the most accurate, but still bought it because they were excited it was being made available.

    I think it’s great that Sideshow makes something like this available, but it is discouraging to see the price so high. That’s alright, though, because if someone really wants to buy this, then they will purchase it no matter how much it costs.

    Also, calling people names won’t have you last long on this website. Keep it clean gentleman. It is, after all, just a collectible. It’s not worth getting too worked up over it. ;)

  28. we,ve been waiting several years for this piece to turn up so i would,ent just say its just any collectable,this is the heartbeat of the jason line and this is seriously for the proper jason collecters,the polystone collecter coz after all the polly and the 7″ plastic collecter are two different breeds.
    one are adults the other are kids………

  29. @ Jason s’ fury

    I presume you are the moderator here, and I respect the fact that you dont want people calling other people names but I can’t believe you endorse posters who says this product is ‘’shit”. This is really disrespectful to the artists and creators of this piece who work their asses off to create those products.

  30. I like it! It’s not the best, but it’s still a Jason figure!

  31. Wow. So Sideshow finally releases what is sure to be the best Jason Voorhees collectible for the public (and not some privately commissioned piece) and all people can seem to do is complain about everything from a “cartoony” look to awkward body proportions, to the price tag? Wow.

    First–let’s talk about this “cartoony” bit of nonsense. The artist involved in this project is obviously a huge fan. Most likely far more attentive to the actual film, and its details, than most of the moaner fan boys complaining about it. No piece of art is perfect, but I would say the same folks crying about this item also lamented the inaccuracies of Hot Toys’ 1987 Predator. Another Masterpiece. This portrait is very excellent and on a par with Mike Hill’s Wolfman pf or Any B.’s Lugosi Dracula pf. Awesome.

    If you want to see where the artist came up with such “awkward” hand gestures and body proportions—try watching the bloody movie! Towards the end of the film–at the loft (in the barn scene) Jason has his hands in almost the exact pose while he is trying to get Kris. Its also evident downstairs when he swings the machete at her and gets it stuck i the wood beam holding the barn doors shut. Give it a view!

    Second–price point. In an economy where it costs $60 to fill your gas tank just so you can drive to and from work every week…$279.99 for an exclusive with this many added extras is quite s steal. So for those of you crying about pricing—perhaps trying to save from now until April of 2024 when its released might calm your fears about laying out that “huge” a sum of cash.
    Pay $50 for an action figure the size of an army man, or save $220 more and buy this masterpiece? No contest. I would feed the Revoltech to my dog. It might be better after it comes out of his digestive system and is a steaming pile on the rug. Its an overpriced, overproduced g.i. joe sized trinket. There’s no comparison.

    Such staements are either coming from adults with “sour grapes” mentality over the fact that they can’t or wont buy one. Or they are coming from kids who cannot afford one yet. To the latter I say this: just wait. One day you will grow up, get a job, and be able to buy one. To the former–I am speechless. Dont rain one everybody else’s parade with your parade of negative comments. Just go watch Xena or Buffy. You’ll feel better afterwards.

  32. @ SHAI

    About the artists working hard, they didn’t work hard enough apparently. There are SO many things wrong with this piece. After YEARS of waiting, Sideshow gives us this thing. Mask is off, machete doesn’t look at all like a machete (looks more like a bulky Voorhees halloween costume or children’s toy) and look at how horribly off his whole upper body is, not too mention those King Kong sized hands. I’m a graphic designer and understand proportions VERY well. As soon as I saw this, I KNEW there were several things significantly wrong with it.

    You, my friend, and anyone else who thinks this is “dead on” or that Sideshow “nailed it” are an absolute POSER of Jason Voorhees. Watch F13 III again, if you even have it.

  33. Some of these posts remind me of a guy that complained about everything every artist did on the statuecollectors forum. I think his handle was BatmanX or RedX or something like that. He complained about anatomy, etc. often and loudly. And literally about every piece that was made by DC Direct, Bowen, etc.

    One day Mike Hill visited the board and \threw down the gauntlet\ and asked him to show some of his work (as he was a sculptor himself), as he was so hyper critical of Mike’s Heath Ledger Joker bust. The dude’s stuff looked like play doh sculptures. Yet here he was complaining and berating an established artist like Hill. Hill very professionally removed himself from the conversation once the play doh guy listed his \art\. The other fans told this guy he had an over inflated sense of self importance and needed to come down off Mount Ego.

    All of you guys complaining about this piece—can you do it better? If so–I am from Missouri: SHOW ME. Show me how much better you can do it and keep the price point for the public at $279. If not–please stop tearing the piece apart. if you dont like it—just dont buy it. Call customer service and complain to Sideshow. But tearing up the excitement those jazzed by the item have by making them defend it against folks \trolling\ is stupid.

  34. the ”Elitecollector” dude is probably also an expert Star wars Stuff collector and nitpicks about everything at Rebelscum…lmao…you wont own that collectible anyway.And please take off the ”elite” part of your name, you dont deserve it.

  35. What great comebacks people have….I simply posted my opinion. Personally I dislike the figure and feel there are much better options out there (and likely in the near future). Those of you who love the figure, good for you. Buy it. I hope all who love it is able to add one to their collection. I mean that sincerely.

    I just love how since I didn’t like it it means I must be “poor”. lol. While I by no means consider myself “rich”, I am certainly not poor in the least bit. If I wanted this figure, I could easily get it and not think twice about the cost. But thats not the point here…it has nothing to with cost. I don’t care if the figure costs $5 or $500. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

    I did no wrong. I do not like certain aspects of this figure, which I clearly pointed out. Not bashing anyone who does like it. And instead of pointing out why you DO like it, you resorted to cheap shots, saying how poor fans suck. Real mature.

    I stand by my original post. In my OPINION the mask is the most important part. And I think we can all agree that the mask does not look like the part 3 mask. Just compare this mask with the now OOP Sideshow Jason part 3 doll’s mask. That one is 100% dead on. This one is not even close. Doesn’t mean you can’t still like it, but no fan of the series can look at that mask and tell me its dead on, cuz its not. I personally enjoy collecting figures that are 100% (or damn near) screen accurate. If this figure was that close to screen accurate, I would add it to my collection on a heartbeat.

  36. @SHAI

    Actually, being an Elite Collector means you don’t accept just anything Sideshow or anyone else throws out at you. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out inaccuracies in a piece that we have waited years for. What I question is this fanboy loyalty to a company that clearly weren’t very serious with doing this piece the justice that it deserved. Oh, they sure get that lame LOTR crap accurate though. I hope someone else picks up the Friday license soon. It would be great if Bowen did some Friday stuff. You know, someone who usually gets it right. Jason in III was a beefy dude. This Jason is hardly a beefy, scary guy. He looks sad, confused, and has a dumb looking mask and machete.

    In reality, you are really defending the producer of the statue, NOT the legacy of Jason Voorhees. Cause if you really cared about the legacy of Jason, you’d be willing to admit some of these inaccuracies. Denying they exist just makes you look like some poser Sideshow fanboy. When it comes to Jason Voorhees, posing is not allowed!

  37. I like others am a little disgusted by some of the comments on here. The so called “haters” did nothing but explain why they didn’t like the design, and pointed out a few very obvious inaccuracies. They said nothing about those of you who like the figure. Then you “likers” respond by bashing the haters with personal attacks?

    Let me just be blunt. I am obviously a fan of the series and the character. I assure you I am not poor. In fact, in this economy you could say I am living very well. I drop a grand on this figure if I had to and not even blink. But I’m not going to drop a grand. I’m not even going to drop $300 on it. Why? Because I don’t like it. Good for you if you do. Buy one.

    As others have pointed out, this figure has been teased and hyped up for years. In the end, I feel that they did not deliver what was promised. Not to say that the entire thing is total loss. They did get some stuff right, and there are cool aspects of it. But I feel when it came to the really important stuff like the machete, the hockey mask, the body proportions etc, they got it all wrong.

    And to me, that is not passable for a figure that costs $300.

  38. EliteCollector should change his name to SpawnToyCollector or MikeCollector.

    This is the definitive mass-produced Jason collectible. If you don’t want to put down the cash for it, fine; but that doesn’t mean you need to shit all over it a point out phantom “inaccuracies” that don’t exist.

    I’m thinking this EliteCollector guy either hasn’t seen Friday the 13th pt3, or is just trolling to get a rise out of people.

  39. @Anton Phibes

    “All of you guys complaining about this piece—can you do it better?”

    Nice third grader argument. That would be like ordering dinner at a restaurant, having some issues with how some of it looks/tastes, sending it back, and then the chef comes out to your table and gets in your face and says “can you cook any better?!”

    Dumb, moot point on your part.

    Look, there’s some flaws on the Jason statue, this can not be disputed. And most of these flaws happen to be KEY to the character. Mask is off, machete is lame, sad expression on face, upper body looks ridiculous, shirt was mistakenly washed on HOT cycle and is way too small, so small it looks like it’s tucked in…

    There are some things that I like on this PF, it’s just that they are not central to the essence of Mr. Voorhees.

  40. What makes it definitive? The fact that it costs $300? Everyone seems to be so stuck on the price. Almost one of those “it’s a lot of money so it must be good” sort of things.

    elite is right. There are inaccuracies on this figure that simply cannot be disputed. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still like it though. But don’t call it definitive just because you like it.

    Why do you guys who love the figure seem to feel that your way of thinking is the only way of thinking?

  41. its a definitive masterpiece .And obviously, after Market value will dictates its grail statue soon.In less than 2 years this will be worth $800 on the bay.Mark my words.

  42. If Neca or Mezco released this EXACT SAME figure all of you would be bashing it for being inaccurate. Even if it cost $15.00

    But since it’s Sideshow, and it costs $300, and they shoving it down your throats that its ‘PREMIUM”, your all ignoring the inaccuracies and acting like those of us who don’t like it are crazy. WTF?

  43. @Zod the Sod

    I don’t see how you can all it definitive when there are so many things that are not accurate about it.

    As for the $800 on ebay guarentee…..first of all, again, high cost does not mean its definitive or good. Second of all, sure we may see these on ebay for $800, hell maybe even $1000 in a few years. But that doesn’t mean anyone will be buying them. I would say they will auction for around $400, maybe $500 on average. Then you will have the typical “Buy it now $1,000″ auctions that sit there for years and no one buys.

  44. “If Neca or Mezco released this EXACT SAME figure all of you would be bashing it for being inaccurate. Even if it cost $15.00″

    Mezco only makes stylized figs because they know they can’t touch the big boys in terms of accuracy. And NECA is fine if you’re into small scale plastic. This is better. If you can’t see that, you’re delusional. Price has nothing to do with it

  45. This piece is for real collectors, not mama’s basement dwellers.

    Whiners need to get over themselves ……….. nobody cares what you say, complaining for a living won’t get you attention. Move on.

  46. To the posers who are still wearing their Sideshow Spooktacular decoder glasses from last year…those who see no inaccuracies or problems with it (again, mostly loyal, zombified Sideshow apologists), and ESPECIALLY the deluded soul or two calling this a “masterpiece”….

    you may be a Jason/Friday fan to some degree….

    just not one on any significant level. And that’s all right.

    Being excited about this is one thing, and I am really happy that you are excited (I was too until I saw the pics…) but to deny that there aren’t any problems with this statue sums you up as having zero credibility.

  47. I agree with the guy saying this will reach 800$ sooner than later.


    Just Check for how much the Sideshow Freddy vs Jason ex Dio or the part 7 statue on ebay sells for now, and those were produced just a couple years ago, and this looks way more cartoony than this great PF…Even their 12” have double or triple their original value.

  48. *EliteCollector, the army of one rambles on* Good luck with that ……. all alone with your argument. lol.

  49. Elitecollector, the self proclaimed Jason expert.Bowen better suited to make Jason’s collectibles…LMAO.

  50. Voorhees27, apparently you can’t read. There are plenty of people who see some of the same issues. Haven’t you read some of the comments on here AND on the SS Freaks board? Denial’s a tough thing.

  51. Again, Voorhees27….why do you assume that you are special, real collector and those of us who don’t like are poor, mama’s basement dwellers?

    Not that that I should have to defend myself in this manner, but I am an avid horror collector and I own close to $100,000 worth of screen used props from horror films. Am I super rich? No. Do I live on my own and make more than enough money to survive on while still being able to afford stuff like this if I want it? Yes.

    I simply do not like the figure. Sorry if you feel this makes me a poor, poser of a fan, basement dweller.

  52. Also SHAI, thank you for disagreeing with me in a civil manner.

  53. Shai, if noticing and voicing my opinion about some obvious flaws makes me think I’m an expert (according to you)…then what does that make you? A delusional poser?

  54. The over sized nose and dimensions of the mask are what makes it look cartoony in my opinion. Compared to the realistic look of the rest of the figure, the mask seems out of place. Like it doesn’t match the rest of the figure.

  55. Elite, you should sculpt one or better yet,buy the Magnifique Mezco or Neca Masterpieces.Those are non-Poser stuff…lollll..Elite Fail.

  56. I find the moderation here to be highly hypocritical. You tell the high-end collectors to tone it down while letting the babybirds shit all over something they couldn’t buy if they combined a month of their allowance and grandma’s Christmas money. The only reason these guys are trash-talking this piece is because their $20-a-week chore allowance only allows them to collect cheap kiddie trash. Fair moderation would stifle that and allow the people who actually collect this stuff to comment fairly. But it’s understood given this board was founded by NECAmpoops, MEZCOrons and McFarty collectors. Any self respecting Friday the 13th fan who collects the high-end stuff would be better served frequenting a forum full of people who understand the term “gainful employment” and don’t mind paying for quality collectibles.

  57. After reading all of these shit slinging posts I have lost all faith in humanity.

    You either like it or you don’t.


  58. SSF’s ELITE FTW!

  59. I can’t help but laugh at this “Elite” swarm coming over here. This is the same Sideshow forum where not many years ago were folks argued that “A figure shouldn’t cost more than 45-50 bucks.” The same crowd patting Michael Crawford on the back for saying stuff that a figure shouldn’t cost X amount. The same folks who wanted to cause a riot and wanted to boycott (as if that was ever going to happen) when the notion of figures crossing the 100 dollar mark came closer to being a reality. Eventually they get comfortable with price points and think they’re “Elite” where in essence they’ve upped themselves to medium level of collecting.

    I’ve been an high end collector since the late 90’s. I have so many high cost import items that spending money is par for the course for me (Not to mention I buy multiples. Sideshow Exclusives and prints? Yeah I got a multiples of those. As if I’m going to tolerate getting one Jason LOL). This whole elite mentality is absurd basically because people don’t really know what elite is. They think they do but they don’t. I can easily be the most obnoxious asshole of the bunch but why? Why knock someone who doesn’t think it’s all and doesn’t want to buy it? I DON’T think it’s all that myself but like most things it’s about what it is. It’s a Jason PF and a sale(s) is made. You’ve expendable income, great (points to self). If you don’t I understand because I’ve been there and understand that collecting is a luxury. Not everyone has that luxury.

    Whenever Sideshow focussed on Horror products I’m all over them. I have their Silver Screen Life-Size Nosferatu Bust from a few years back (among others. That’s just my fav of SST of the lot) and I’m glad that over they past two years they’ve gone back to Jason.

  60. at least the 200 who got this are people that are really fans of this statue.

  61. Elite collector: are you RedX from statueforum? I’m serious because you sound exactly like him. As for a dumb moot point: If I go to a “restaurant”,and something isnt made to order–yes I’ll complain. But Sideshow didnt make this product made to order for you. They evidently made it for people who will appreciate it. Which obviously isnt you… or your ilk.

    But using your same “restaurant” comparison: I dont walk over to someone’s table who likes their steak rare and complain “the chef must be an idiot! He obviously cannot cook–the darn thing’s raw”. Sideshow knew what they wanted. It passed their integrity department. Its up for order…and whaddaya know–it’s sold out already. In less than 24 hours. In the middle of a horrible economic recession. The facts speak for themselves. It’s a bona fide success.

    If this item isnt up to your specs–go have an independent sculptor who will cater to your every whim and fancy sculpt one for you. The show it off an let everyone know yours is better. But understand, this is a mass produced item for working joes who want something nice to display. I am starting to think Allan Apone,Frank Carrisosa, Stan Winston and Tom Savini could have sculpted the darn thing in a team effort and some folks would still cry. Its good. Its sold out. More people are satisfied with it than not. A win for everybody but the extremely picky or never satisfied crowd.

  62. So which of you “elite” superfans can point out the deal-breaking problem to me? I only have to movie to compare to and the mask and the bulk match just fine to the movie. Maybe you guys could post some screen caps of this imaginary elite-cut of the film you guys have?

    Again, I only have the movie, as it actually exists, as reference, so I’m probably missing the obvious flaws referenced in the imaginationland cut.

  63. kabuki,the residents Jason experts here will show you that the holes in the mask are positionned 0.00000000000001 mm too far from whatever specific scene in that movie.

  64. Awesome statue, locked down one of the 200 EX versions. Best Jason collectible out there IMO…. but:

    I can even admit that it is not perfect. Jason in part 3 did not have 2 good ears, the hole placement is off on the hockey mask, blah, blah, blah… don’t care enough though as I love it none the less.

  65. Alright, everyone, I think we understand where we all are coming from. To recap, some people feel that the statue is overpriced, others do not. Some think there are imperfections in the sculpt and paint and others feel it is a perfect rendition. It’s all a matter of perception. Fact is that Sideshow is offering up a pretty cool figure here and if a person can afford it, great. The problem here is that certain individuals are taking comments personal.

    You know, I add stories to this site that cover all aspects of the franchise and besides when the new movie came out, topics about Sideshow garner the most heated exchanges. Sometimes I wonder…..