Stunning Part 7 Jason Bust

I think this is the best looking rendition I have ever seen. It is truly remarkable. This is up for grabs on eBay now, so if anyone has cash and is interested, go get it.

Here’s part of the listing:

a very rare latex mask-bust called raw 3 from nightowl production. this mask is long out of production and is very hard to find.





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12 Responses to “ Stunning Part 7 Jason Bust ”

  1. . I just bought the Jason 1/1 corpse prop from part 6 from them. Awesome! It will set you back $600, but well worth it. Limted edition of only 13, comes with mask signed by C.J. Graham and a C.O.A !If your a fan of 6 its a must have. Just wanted people to know its finally available.

  2. wow know that is good!! wish i could be as good as that, but hey!

  3. Best looking Jason in the entire series. That bust gives it credit.

  4. that is pretty solid looking, a little better than the parts IV and VII busts, this would be a nice one to own ! very cool.

  5. I’ve got a Nightowl Production mask for a character from another horror franchise. It’s amazingly realistic and creeps me out all the time. Justin (at Nightowl) wasn’t even producing it anymore at the time, but I emailed him about it and he actually got the mold out to make one more for me. I always thought that was pretty cool.

    Anyway, you can still get this Jason mask (without the shirt/chain/and hockey mask) at a very reasonable price on his website. In fact, the more I look at the picture above, I can see that the chain is one of those plastic chains you see at Halloween time. But the variation above does have shoulders, while the current mask of this version on his website is just a neck / head piece…

  6. Hey i just posted a pic of my rendition of the part 3 undermask. as of now its just a picture of the sculpture but its since been molded and im currently starting to airbrush the latex copies. i will also be making real dentures and hard eyes for it and hopefully within the week i cant put up some more pictures let me know what you guys think!

  7. Justin from Nightowl pro no longer sales that mask (RAW 3)

  8. ugh, I know I’m probably by myself on this one, but that is indeed the worst “face” of Jason, the body is cool, but the face was terrible in part 7.

  9. Jay i know where you’re coming from. In part 7 they made him look like a creature/monster thing. i realize that he’d been through hell and trapped in the bottom of a lake a few times for several years, but this part 7 face took a bit of a comedic turn when we finally saw it in this movie. the teeth are overdone and way too bucked.

  10. I for one have never really judged the look of Jason soley on his face alone. I think the overall appearance of the character is what sells me. Plus, we rarely see Jason’s face in any of the movies, at least not until the very end of the movie. I like the look of Jason in The New Blood. My favorite, though, is Jason Goes To Hell and the Jason as a flesh and blood character is in the movie for like 3 minutes.

  11. well said jasonsfury. i like your perspective. especially about jason goes to hell. they made him look so bad ass in that!

  12. I agree with Jay and brett. Jason’s face in Part VIII is, by far, one of the best faces Jason ever had.

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