“The Man In The Lake” Wraps Principal Photography

Southlan-Films is now heading into post production on their fan film,which is paying homage to the Friday the 13th series. They have been posting some very professional and authentic looking imagery from their daily shoots during the last month and half. We have shown you behind the scenes photos of the crew and actors as well as a few action sequences and the death of the poor sheriff.

Now, the director of the film has released some of the final images from the last days of filming for visitors to chew on. Witness the aftermath of what happens to the sheriff in very graphic images below. Look for a full trailer for the film coming very soon.

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14 Responses to “ “The Man In The Lake” Wraps Principal Photography ”

  1. Rock on man, brother voorhees rides again.

  2. I cant wait. Since we’re not going to see a sequal for some time, Im looking forward to seeing this.

  3. haha Jason looks so BEASTY! I really want to see this and i can’t wait to get the DV

  4. Cant wait to check it out. August 13th right? Does anybody know how long the run time is on this motion picture?

  5. There’s something so right about seeing that somewhere on this planet of ours a Jason flick is being filmed.

  6. that mask looks sweet!

  7. I am anxious to check it out.

  8. this is going to ROCK

    here is a poster/cover I made for it
    there are going to be 3 posters/covers
    this is 2 of 3

  9. jason looks great

  10. I would have love to been there during the photo session.

    I’m sure you have all seen photographers and how they try to capture different emotions and getting them from an emotionless being would be a sight to see.

    “Ok, Jason, now give us an angry look… Ok now look sad.. great! Alright now give us a confused yet somewhat sexy look… perfect!”


  11. These pictures look really interesting!
    Looks like a really effects.

  12. Looks like the effects are top notch!!!

  13. oh man. Can’t wait for this, it looks professional! NEED The DVD.

  14. I am getting really psyched about this fan film. Everything looks so professionally done.

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