Jason X, Kane Hodder Face Cast Sold On eBay

kane_jasonx_facecastI just saw this listed late last night on eBay and not more than a few minutes after I viewed it, someone swooped in and made the purchase. I did not have the cash to buy myself, but I think this would be an awesome piece of the film to own. The piece sold for $350 to some lucky fan out there. A little history on the cast is described below.

Rare hydro cal/plaster face cast of Kane Hodder from Jason X. This is a 100% authentic face cast of Kane Hodders face when he was in makeup on set of Jason X. The only other one in existence was sold by me and was pulled from silicone …I was keeping this for myself but hard times have hit and it must go. It came from a friend who works with the special effects company here in Toronto that is responsible for the makeup of Kane and the special fx on the movie which was filmed here.





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10 Responses to “ Jason X, Kane Hodder Face Cast Sold On eBay ”

  1. This would be neat in a Friday collection but I wonder how one can be sure these things are authentic. I mean, look at some of the incredible busts and figures people make that are displayed here. Do these things come with some certificate of authenticity?

  2. It’s a valid question. I think it is very difficult to know for sure. Really, you have to do your research. I would not feel comfortable buying anything without consulting people who collect props, normally. The only time I would buy an item that is advertised as screen or production used and not consult someone in the collecting world, is if I know the buyer already. Usually that person i have met in forums, in person, and has a reputation to uphold and would not risk that on trying to sell bogus items.

  3. I wonder if even a COA can assure you of owning a legit item? It seems like one big grey area. I do like this mold, however. It would be nice to own

  4. why would they make a lifecast of the make up??????

    NOT REAL!!!!!!!!

  5. was_Kane_ever_in_a_full_Make-up_appliance?_or_is_this_the_cast_of_the_dummy_Head_used_in_the_autopsy_scene?_I_always_thought_kane_was_hooded_for_Jason_x_I_guess_not

  6. Sorry_broken_spacebar_lol

  7. 100% the real deal; I know, I bought it. I compared pics that I have to life cast that was taken from Jason X and it match’s up perfectly. I also talked to ToyBox FX about the original silicone one that was up. I’ve been around this hobby for a LONG time and can see re-casts and fakes.

  8. Awesome buy, Kirk. By the way, I would really like to see your Friday the 13th collection. Please send me an email to discuss if interested. Thanks!

  9. What is the point for a life cast on makeup?

  10. Isn’t that lower eye supposed to on the other side of Jason’s face?

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