The Jason Voorhees You Didn’t Get To See

There are some scenes in the Friday the 13th series that fans just wish they could have seen. You know, having that thought that you missed out on a shot of Jason doing something that never came to be. Jason Takes Manhattan left many fans with that feeling as there were endless possibilities for Jason to wreak havoc on the New York population.

One scene in particular always looked like Jason was meant to be there and never appeared in the theatical print. That scene is the escalator that goes down to the subway.  After Rennie and Sean run down the escalator with Jason in pursuit, it was expected that we would see Jason going down the escalator after them. The potential for a number of Jason victims was there for the taking. However, now people know that Jason was indeed filmed chasing after Rennie and Sean on the way down to the subway. The victim count stayed zero, but a nice head shove by Jason to a New York citizen would still have been worth seeing on the big screen!

Another moment that Jason seemed to be absent and shouldn’t have been was in The New Blood. The now infamous scene where David’s head is discovered by birthday hook-up Robin never made any sense. How and why did his head end up in the second level of the house. Jason killed him with a butcher knife, so why then would he cut off his head? Well, at least in the original death scene of Robin, Jason is shown delivering David’s head personally!

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14 Responses to “ The Jason Voorhees You Didn’t Get To See ”

  1. lol. i just watched these 2 flix back 2 back just last night. this stuff is sick. i luv it. man, i (along with every other fan) just wish they’d release some sort of ultimate box set with all the films intact, uncut, uncensored. these screen shots are killer. keep em coming.

  2. In the Jason Takes Manhattan picture, it almost looks like Kane Hodder two people in back of Jason in a blue muscle shirt.

  3. the graffiti looks so inauthentic. who writes “WHY” on a subway wall? Pretty existential for a gang tag. oh yeah…IT’S CANADA!

    Great NB pic. Jason looks badass

  4. the part seven pic is weird you can see the human side of Jason when you look into his eyes!

  5. I was just watching part 8 the other night, and when it got to the scene in the subway station I always wondered how Jason got aboard the train. That shot of the esculator always makes me think “where the hell is Jason”? But He did alot of “teleporting” in part 8 (What was up with that anyway). But I assume thats how He was already on the train before Rennie and Sean. It wouldve been cool to see Jason go down the esculator pushing people out of the way.

    Now the scene from part 7 with Davids head never really made sense to Me even as a kid. The idea of Jason throwing Davids head into Robins lap wouldve been alot cooler. Sometimes Jason goes back to work on His victims after there already dead, like Jimmy from The Final Chapter. We all know his demise, but a few frames later Jason goes back and works on Him some more, then of course crucifies Him. And Doug from part 4, first Hes found laying on the shower door, then when trish finds Him Hes literally hung up on the wall with a knife.

    But the one thing I would like to see is wtf happened to Paul Holt in part 2, I just want to know is Jason killed Him or did Paul just split. Guess we may never know.

  6. It would have been so cool to see this scenes on the final film for each installment. Especially Jason carrying David’s head, I wonder it they actually shot this for the film and ended up as deleted scenes or was it just for promotional purposes?

  7. Part 8 was all a dream. Some homeless kids in NY took some whacked up drugs after watching a documentry about Jason. They dreamt it all up.


  8. @JB Demented: He was killed, when they showed Jason’s mom’s head at the end it was supposed to smile as an answer to Jenny wanting to know where Paul was. It was removed because it looked too fake. I personally would have loved to see what happened to Paul though as well.

    @franciso: They did shoot it, it’s on the deleted scenes on the newest DVD for part 7. It was apparently cut because when he killed Robin the effect messed up(you could see the pad under her shirt move when he macheted her) so they refilmed it the way that was shown in the movie. I like the scene better but her being throw out the window was a better demise.

  9. I haven’t seen part 2 in a while-a long while-Paul was killed? Didn’t he and ginny pull off Jason’s sack mask and wince at his ugliness together? Didn’t they return to a cabin with Paul helping Ginny? I’m confused. Maybe I’ll watch it again. I haven’t seen it in a couple of years…

  10. Would’ve made more sense if they left that scene in Part 8 and that one for 7 cause I even wondered how his head got there when we never saw it cut off.

  11. i saw what looks like kane hooder as i a glanced at the photo, was about to say the same thing until i notice friday13thrulz noticed it. yes that is definitely kane… sneaky footage.. i like it!

  12. That part 7 pic is wicked! Definitely creepy.

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