Meet America Olivo, Other Friday Actors at Festival of Fiends

americaI know that Horror Conventions are becoming more and more prevalant recently, but I thought this convention was worth mentioning as America Olivo from the recent Friday the 13th will be in attendance. To this point, Derek Mears has really been the only actor from the new movie to appear at conventions on a regular basis. So, for those of you that collect autographs or just like to meet the Friday actors in person, this would be a great opportunity to meet one of the new faces of the franchise.

Festival of Fiends will be taking place September 11th through 13 in Chicago. Derek Mears and original Jason Ari Lehman will also be in attendance.




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6 Responses to “ Meet America Olivo, Other Friday Actors at Festival of Fiends ”

  1. That pic up there almost made me bust a nut. After seeing that I’ll be sure to go. This is the first convention I’ve heard about in a while that’s going on in Chicago.

  2. I hope I have the loot in September to go.

  3. I really think that America Olivo should have been the final girl in the remake. She is an incredible actress.

  4. Yeah, she did a GREAT job oiling up her tits and screaming in a sleeping bag!

  5. oh my god, the additional shots of her oiling up her boobs in the killer cut were lovely. she is so freaking hot.

  6. boobies

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