Final (Almost) Box Office Tally For New Friday

Now that Friday the 13th is all but out of theatres, I thought we should all take a look at how the movie fared throughout the last 6 weeks. I know that we are all aware of how much the movie dropped off after opening weekend, but this movie still made a lot of money considering the genre and the fact that it’s a franchise that is coming up on 30 years old. If the move had made $20 million opening weekend, then the movie would have been seen by everyone as a bigger success. Only the fact that it made so much money upfront and had a historic dropoff in week 2 did critics pan the movie as a sort of failure in terms of business. I still think Warner and Platinum Dunes see the potential and know that they have a new franchise on their hands.

Date Rank Weekend

Theaters Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
Feb 13–16 1 $43,585,449 - 3,105 - $14,037 $43,585,449 1
Feb 20–22 6 $7,942,472 -80.4% 3,105 - $2,558 $55,119,663 2
Feb 27–Mar 1 11 $3,689,156 -53.6% 2,760 -345 $1,337 $60,700,752 3
Mar 6–8 14 $1,444,126 -60.9% 1,705 -1,055 $847 $63,285,318 4
Mar 13–15 17 $595,165 -58.8% 780 -925 $763 $64,361,909 5
Mar 20–22 30 $145,786 -75.5% 305 -475 $478 $64,701,486 6

Here are some International grosses to reflect on:


£1,955,271 (UK) (22 February2009)
£1,198,653 (UK) (15 February2009)
€213,571 (Belgium) (22 February2009)
€131,566 (Belgium) (15 February2009)
€750,861 (France) (1 March2009)
€648,159 (France) (22 February2009)
€406,867 (France) (15 February2009)

Weekend Gross

£320,127 (UK) (22 February2009) (268 Screens)
£1,198,653 (UK) (15 February2009) (268 Screens)
€66,533 (Belgium) (22 February2009) (27 Screens)
€131,566 (Belgium) (15 February2009) (27 Screens)
€49,853 (France) (1 March2009) (72 Screens)
€178,985 (France) (22 February2009) (144 Screens)
€406,867 (France) (15 February2009) (173 Screens)

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39 Responses to “ Final (Almost) Box Office Tally For New Friday ”

  1. I agree, I think the film did well, even though it had a big drop off after week one.

    NOT making a sequel would be a dumb move on their part.

  2. oh you know there will definately be a sequal… and I hear marcus nispel is not directing.
    is there and release dates for the dvd? that will be a dandy buy… lots and lots of goodies on that I would guess

  3. This franchise is too much of a cash cow for there not to be a sequel.30 years later and still going strong surely proves that.I think has the dvd/blu-ray down for a late June release (at least they do over here in Scotland anyway)………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. Don’t care about numbers, they should have made a good film that was worth the first weekend B.O.

    Maybe Jonathan Liebesman (if that’s his name?) can take over from Niespel, he’s pretty good in mimic style (in a good way). As seen in TCM: The beginning.

    But please. get real writers and do something real with it. Jason has more potentional than being a toung-in-cheeque joyride without substance.

    Handling it like they did with TCM (as “this is real”, instead of “this is a movie with the ingredients gore and tits) would benefit the series. The idea of Jason putting up traps and “protecting” his grounds are great and frightening.

    What we got here was a sad joke of a film, it had less going for it and love for the franschise than JasonX for god sake.

    JasonX made one meta-film kind of joke with the hologramscene – this entire film was a meta-look at the filmseries. Bad way of handling it. And it makes me scared of what they will do with NOES. TCM was such a great first outing, from then on just crap.

  5. I think that the dvd sales alone, will warrant a sequel. There are a LOT of us Friday fans out here who eagerly await Jason to hack and slash his way across our television sets. Can’t wait for this to hit blu ray as it was a gorgeous looking film and should scrub up very nicely on HD. Speaking of which, any release dates yet? Movies hit the home entertainment arena in record time these days. Quantum Of Solace only finished at the theater about six weeks ago and now sits on my shelf at the end of a long line of 007 dvds. So, in particular the Aussie market, any news on when we can expect Friday to be in stores would be greatly appreciated.

  6. We Need A Sequel ASAP!!! Please!

  7. Friday the 13th was a huge success for the series and to say that the drop off some how hinders the possibility of further installments is asinine. The last solo Jason movie was Jason X in 2024 and that film barley made 15 million dollars. This being the 12th film in a series, if Freddy vs. Jason is included, and it grossing close to 70 million dollars and having a budget of only 19 is huge.

    The drop-off scenario in week 2 should not be looked at as a failure on the filmmakers part or bad word of mouth. I liken it to a christmas movie opening on Christmas. It is obviously going to open strong but drop off the next week when Christmas is over. Everyone wanted to see this film on Friday the 13th. Each film in the series has had significant dropoff the second week.

  8. I agree with ryderup, this movie was a piece of shit, they need to get their act together for the sequel, but I’m not holding my breath on it.

  9. Movie was great I hope they take a slower tempo throughout the sequel though. It was great watching Jason in action with a great actor like Mears behind the mask. I can only hope for more gore, tits, and ganja in the next installment. Yes more! I wonder what kinda of feminist conservative folks are out there to speak out against this; F13th fans nah couldn’t be.

  10. I agree with Ben. The new Friday the 13th movie was/is a tremendous success! :-) It only cost $19 million to make and has grossed over $64.5 million. Freddy vs. Jason cost $35 million to make and ended up with over $82 million. You could say that FVJ was more profitable than the new film but it cost a lot more to make. And I’m pretty sure that this new film will make a ton of money on DVD/Blu-Ray sales and rentals! :-) Can’t wait for the unrated DVD/Blu-Ray! :-)

  11. numbers were damn good and a sequel is a must.I heard August 2024 for the sequel…anyone else hear this?Nispel wont direct sequel….how bout this for any idea….In the documentary His Name was Jason some of the former women survivors of Jason said they would love to do another one….Bring Back one of them (ya know)for a nostagic feel to the movie…in a Chris Higgins type (I ran into this Phycho)before role….not the main character but someone of importantance…..

  12. If it was called Friday the 13th part 12: Jason Strikes Again it would have been huge. But playing the remake card, being the 12th film in a series doesn’t really matter. At least according to how I see it.

    But great that f13th is making money, but to me this was not F13th. It fel like a cheap knock off, of the friday the 13th to be sold in markets in Thailand. Like those fake “sony gamestation” or cheap dvd-r of films.

    It was a meta kind of look at the nostalgic and joked about features of the F13th-series – not something that pushed the series forward. With a good script I think the movie could have rocked, with TCM niespel proved himself being able to pull horror off.

  13. any details about cut gore/tits for the director’s cut? TCM the beginning was a real let-down in that department…i’d love this f13th to have a director’s cut that actually has some noticeable additions (not just stupid scenes to drag out the running time but actual material that was censored).

    congrats on the numbers!! this movie beat rob zombie’s halloween, my bloody valentine, and pretty much any of the horror movies that have come out in recent years, with the exception of saw 2 & 3. …despite it being somewhat mediocre. just goes to show, jason is king. i love throwing these numbers in the face of people that role their eyes at any mention of f13th.

  14. much agreed ryderup.

    but i’m still happy we got something worth watching a few times. JGTH and FvJ have been collecting dust on my dvd rack forever…i usually rewatch the whole rest of the series multiple times before popping in either of them. i think this one will get a fairly regular viewing from me, so i’m happy to at least have something new after all these years.

  15. I’m sure we’ll have a sequel, and I agree that the remake is more re-watchable than probably the last 20 years worth of Friday the 13th movies. I’m glad they are going with a different director, though; I would love to see a slightly different vision. Funny story, though–a young’un told me recently that they really liked the remake and though it was scary but then they saw the original Friday the 13th and said it was “lame”! Of course, my jaw dropped. Something about characters not being developed enough to care about before they are offed. Two things there–(1) is it more or less sick to want to care more about a character before they are killed, and (2) what kind of character development in the remake was better than the original?!? Oh well, at least some young people are going back to check out the ones that started it all.

  16. While I enjoyed the film, the drop off had a lot to do with how tame the film was in comparison to the other films. No one walked out remembering anything other than Willa Ford’s death on the dock (which was truly inspired). The girl in the sleeping bad should have burned more. The way Trent died should have had a more old school feel, like have Jason quickly snap his neck then slam him on the spike. The girl with the “stupendous” rack should have been flung out the window ala Final Chapter. Jenna’s death should have been more dramatic ala Sarah Michelle Geller in I Know What You Did Last Summer. The audience needed to be more upset when she died. Also Jared should have died. It would have given his sister more of a dramatic moment when she confronted Jason since now he’s killed everyone she had left. And the wood chipper was already done in Wrong Turn 2. How could the writers not know this? It’s upsetting they made this movie so cheap that it hindered the production and only allowed for machete deaths instead of more expensive elaborate ones. Anyhow, as a Friday film, it’s the first one I enjoyed in a while. But if they want people to line up for part 2, they can’t hold back again. They need to go a little crazy. That way they won’t have such an astronomical 2nd week drop.

  17. Also the score was bad. The prologue with Mrs. Voorhees was too quick. Also I’d sacrifice an overabundance of boobs in favor of better kills.

    I was in the theater, and the crowd was reacting to the deaths, and I was just like, “Why the fuck can’t Jason cut some idiot walking on his hands right down the middle like in Part 3″.

    The movie was more like a cover album of Jason’s Greatest Hits.

  18. Also, the film has grossed $87,810,443 worldwide.

  19. So glad the film did really well!!! I watched it twice and loved it both times, lets hope the sequal will be more old score f13 AND KEEP MEARS!!!!!!!

  20. They’ll make a sequel. No doubt about it. They need to bring back Tommy Jarvis and Harry Manfredini for the sequel. Some original cast playing new characters would also be a plus.

  21. I hope that the sequel is better than this movie. I agree with who said that the movie should have been as good as the first weekend Box Office but oh well, The next movie needs a Story for one, Score, Friday the 13th feel, And for god’s sake be taken seriously. And as far as the tits and gore…. Yeah more gore but what the hell do you people want a horror movie with good gory kills or a softcore porn?

  22. Here’s a few things to take into account when talking about the “drop off” at the box office. First, we’re in the midst of the worst economic time in 60 years. Secondly, the film opened on a Friday the 13th, emotionally the best time to see the movie which ties in with the final reason. This film was made for die-hard fans of the series, and evidently most of us went on the 13th, leaving very few left to see it in the weeks to come. Total gross is the number to watch, and from what i see, August 13th 2024 could also be a great day at Camp Crystal Lake!

  23. Those of you still whining about the film, need to get a clue. You’re either a spammer or you never wanted the sequel, to begin with. Whether you bitch or not, the film was a success at the box office. Grow up and get a life…lol

  24. I saw the movie on Sunday night at a bargain cinema in my area and I loved it. It was an awesome restart of the series and I am hoping that another Freddy VS Jason movie comes around soon. I still have FVSJ on DVD and I still watch that movie incessantly. I also have the 1st and 2nd season TV series sets, the His Name Was Jason documentary and the From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set. Again, this was an awesome restart of the series.

    Any news on the DVD release of the new 2024 film as yet? Just curious. Thanks for any answers.

  25. Hell, they can reach part 1,000,000,009 and still make more! Jason, he’s joined the timeless treause character group with Godzilla, Batman, probably Spider-Man, and many others.

  26. People crying for tits and gore are the ones who create a basis for those two wanne-be-writers (shannon and swift or what they are called) to write shit like F13th09 (and FvJ).

    For TCM Michael Bay had the goal of doing something “real” and that shows in the final product. No tits in that one, and not gore to the max but all the kills feel, there are great characters and a great gritty feel to the film. And it also succeds in being visual and entertaining.

    Whats wrong with F13th is that the producers/Writers in the first meeting decided that Friday the 13th is “tits. gore. stupid goofy teens smoking pot and drinking. It’s horror light.”

    And maybe this is what all the “more tits and gore”-people want and how the see the series.

    Me, myself would rather have them center on “the character of jason and what in the series that have been truly scary” and from there build up something with good/three dimensional characters and a plasuable plot.

    The filmmakers shouldn’t have seen the series as “second grade horror” and nothing “people will take serious anyways so lets just entertain”. I hope the sequal will try to push the movie into a more disturbing realm, and take it far from where it is now.

  27. I’m not a “more tits and gore” guy, but for me, I would love a really scary Friday the 13th, but Friday the 13th has most often been “horror light,” stupid teens getting offed one by one. So, I was fine to watch this remake in that spirit. What I want are many different visions of Friday the 13th, like we were getting in the 80s. Some were almost comedies, some were just rollercoasters, and sometimes a few of them could even be scary. Honestly, I felt like the Halloween and TCM remakes both should have been “scary,” because the originals were, but Friday the 13th, while it’s my favorite series of the three, often relied on cheap shocks and, yes, even tits and gore. I would love a truly scary Jason movie, but that would just be a matter of taste, and it would not mean any other interpretation was “shit.” Bring on the scary, though, I’m all for it. Or another rollercoaster. Just don’t make it boring! For H2, I hope we get something a little more scary, too.

  28. I really think they need Manfredini’s score! Even Rob Zombie knew better when using the Halloween score! Jablonsky’s score was TERRIBLE!!! There were parts in the movie that had no score at all. Manfredini’s score is just as iconic as anything else. It builds suspense. Also, just a thought….I would love to see Joseph Zito direct the sequel. He knows how to make a classic old school Friday!!! Listen to him talk about the Franchise in “His Name Was Jason”….He loves the franchise, and he stated the someone told him not to worry about something it’s just a Friday the 13th movie. He said it motivated him to make the best movie he could, cause he took it as an insult. The ones who view the Friday movies as only tits & gore, and that kind of thinking is what ruined the Friday movies to begin with. There was some nudity in the early films, but they didn’t dwell on it! The sequel needs mood, atmosphere, score, realism, and less of a TCM feel, and more of an old school Friday the 13th feel to it. My #1 complaint though was the score. This movie could have been ALOT better just by using Manfredini’s score! They used it in the Trailer’s but not in the movie….hmm(Scratches head)

  29. When they show the lake we should hear the insects and frogs. This wasn’t in the new Friday at all.

    There wasn’t even homage paid to the originals. I’d like to see some key elements play a part in the new flick.

    Some things I’d like see are the return of some key characters (Crazy Ralph, chubby girl with the banana, Tommy Jarvis). Also some memorable kills (sleeping bag, harpoon in eye, etc). And just overall classic scenes (Jason standing on overturned bus, Jason confronting a victim who is wearing his mother’s sweater, Jason’s showdown with Tina in the basement with the nails and gasoline).

  30. I hope they do a sequel and get it right this time. Even if they just wanted to do a completely formulaic Friday movie, they left out some key ingredients. Where’s the big unmasking scene? Where’s the crazy old warning guy? Where’s the big iconic Jason busts through a door or wall shot (they did that one but botched it.) Jason did a few out of character things, some good some not good at all. The way they had it set up to make you think Jason was driving…I almost literally stood up and called bullshit in the theater. Leaner, faster trap setting Jason good ideas. Kidnapper Jason, NO! That was done to allow us to have something to hang a story onto, but the story was so flimsy and crappy it didn’t matter. And yes indeed, have someone else direct it. Tired of Nispel’s ‘lets light everything like a Quake level’ approach. We are (and today’s kids) are able to discern more complicated and realistic plots, characters and dialogue. They need to take notes from the Bloody Valentine guys. They took a film, made it better than the original and updated it and it still felt like a good old fashioned slasher flick. Expected good 3D and bad movie and it was the other way around really. They did it right.

  31. As much as I wanted this film to be better than it was. I still don’t hate it. I look forward to a sequel that doesn’t hold back on how swift and brutal Jason is. All they had to do was pretty much “reimagine” classic kills and it would have worked great. They totally need to include an Andy from Part 3 kind of death. That death is underrated and not to many people remember it. And something so swift and brutal happening would shock the shit out of the newbies who have never seen Part 3.

    And as far as MBV3D being better? I don’t think so. The movie was boring. The 3D headache inducing. The acting lacking. And the “Twist” was stupid. The movie managed to make Jensen Ackles look like a bad actor.

    F13 Part 2? Let’s get the deaths to a point that makes the audience do the uncomfortable laugh/groan. Make them memorable. The film shouldn’t be “1000 Ways To Kill With A Machete”.

  32. I don’t understand why people want the filmmakers to rehash everything from the previous films in the series. I understand homages like the ones that were done in the new film but I do not want a crazy ralph clone or a psychic showdonw with a character like in New Blood.

    I liked that Jason kept the girl because she reminded him of his mother. I thought that was very well done and not flimsy at all.

  33. “Tired of Nispel’s ‘lets light everything like a Quake level’ approach”

    Out of genuine intrest, would you like to eleborate(sp?) on that?

    “I liked that Jason kept the girl because she reminded him of his mother. I thought that was very well done and not flimsy at all.”

    I think it was very forced and just a way for the writers to get a last act.

  34. How was it forced? The purpose of the film was to treat Jason as a smart character and not just a mindless killer. Since this is the angle they were going for it does make sense in my opinion.

  35. in november friday the 13th is when the sequel is supposedly coming out

  36. It looked to me like Jason did, in fact, want to kill the Final Girl. He tried to more than once; only, every time he started to bring the machete down, she’d hold up her picture of Pamela and the resemblence would confuse him. I can see why some viewers didn’t like it- I’m ambivalent about it myself- but I see the reasoning behind it. It’s Ginny’s technique from part 2 taken to its logical conclusion. If you can fool Jason into thinking you’re Pamela once, why not indefinitely? That’s just the way I saw it, though.

    I don’t know near enough about how the box office works to tell whether these numbers are good, but I do think there’ll be another one.

  37. All I know is those tits were stupendous. I don’t get ryderup’s post. F13th always has had tits so who’s crying? Your not for tits and excessive gore in a F13th movie?

    I always hope they push this franchise into new and creative paths without forgeting it’s key elemnets. These movies are fun, take any movie even your favorite and tell me where teenagers aren’t stupid that’s just what they are. They’re not all played by bad actors thats just what they are young dumb kids. They remind you of today’s popular stereotypes. Popular but that doesn’t mean the viewer can’t wait to watch them get hacked to bits.

    I don’t also get how people want character depth but don’t want a damn thing changed on Jason. Jason doesn’t do that, no Jason doesn’t walk that way, why would Jason have this. It’s like it has to still make sense with the old films, but those films suffered as a series from bad continuity errors. So how would one film satisfy everyone’s ideal Jason, teenagers, or atmosphere?

  38. Why does everyone take the box office so personal? The movie was pretty good…..better than Halloween. The fact that it kicked ass in Week 1 tells all the right people that there needs to be a sequel – and we\’ll get one. The question is where do we go with it? To make this franchise really work there needs to be a master plan….I\’m not sure there is one. I\’ve seen every single Friday multiple times and the real fans know that there are Parts 1-4……and then the others……and then the Freddy one. Since the remake combined the first 4….where are we going? Sadly, we\’ll never have a Part 2 or Part 3 that live up to the originals….we\’re in a different time and a different place in 2024……Like someone said earlier, some kid went back to watch the original and wasn\’t impressed….but you and I saw that shit in the theater in the 80\’s and shit ourselves!! We\’ll never get that back….but maybe we\’ll get another decent movie next year…..what they NEED to do is re-release the originals in the theater like they used to do for Rocky Horror…..the last Friday of every month a midnight showing or some shit… that would be the place to be…

  39. I think MBV3D has better & more brutal kills, they were crazy & original, not that boring machete stuff we’ve seen to death, not to mention a full frontal female nudity scene, chase included, those 2 elements kicked the F13 remake in it’s ass.

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