Help With Friday The 13th Poster

After a long needed vacation last week, I started looking for the Friday the 13th poster pictured to the left. Kane wrote about it in January,, and I cannot find this poster for sale anywhere. I looked at allposters, eBay, Amazon, etc. Can any of our readers help me out? It would be much appreciated.

By the way, amazon is selling the final Friday the 13th poster for upwards of $100. I payed something like $30 for it before the movie was released. Inflation Sucks! :)

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12 Responses to “ Help With Friday The 13th Poster ”

  1. No clue where you can find it, but I think it is awesome. I had it as my online avatar for awhile.

  2. i got derek mears to sign a smaller 11″ by 17″ poster so i’m set =]
    but i know a guy who owns a movie theatre, so i could ask him but i doubt its the one you want. its probably the welcome to crystal lake one, idk if he still has it, it’d be cool to get the big cut out where u put ur head in…i’ll work on that! =]]

  3. any news on when the movie goes to DVD? it is a MUST HAVE for my collection.

  4. I heard July or Augst.

  5. Check out the cons, Monster Mania, Chiller, Horrorfind, etc. your best bet is to find it there.

  6. There Is a Place In Somerville MA Called Pix Poster celler they have a website I got all my friday the 13th posters there 1-FVJ i still havent got the new one I also found a beautiful Psycho II poster there (my fav Sequel) also the Original I Love NY jason poster with the bloody mask and knife the web name i gave might be wrong but just google Pix POster Celler and you should get a hold of it they have scripts and lobby cards and I believe they mail out things im not sure another poster I got there is the beautiful Friday the 13th poster thats pictured in David Groves Making friday the 13th the one with the collage of the kids and annie ect a britis quad also a nice french part 3 poster and a smaller part one poster with the ax embedded in the pillow anyways I hope this helps :)

    PS I love Your Website thanks for giving us friday fans somthing to look forward to in the morning with our coffee :)

  7. You can fingerpaint it just as well yourself.

  8. The link that Higgins Haven posted doesn’t work. Go here instead:

  9. Thanks for the help everyone. This shall be an interesting scavenger hunt! If anyone has this poster and is looking to offload a copy, please let me know. Thanks.

  10. i think you should be able to find one of these when the new Friday hits videostores.

    just show up in a Jason mask, a bloody machete, and the dismembered head of your beloved mother and i’m pretty sure blockbuster won’t have a problem handing a poster over to you.

  11. I am really surprised the poster is so hard to find, especially since it was plastered all over NYC before the film came out:

  12. I am also surprised. With the posters all over the place bfore the release, I thought for sure I would be able to find it easily. It looks like that is not the case. It will be mine!!

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