Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3 Blu-Ray Rumors

MrMike posted news about this yesterday in the A Second Chance For Friday The 13th blog and now posted the rumor as well. So, I decided to share with everyone who doesn’t know that it is rumored that Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3 will be released on Blu-Ray sometime in July. Read the small articles below to see what’s cookin’.

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115 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3 Blu-Ray Rumors ”

  1. I’d be glad to get those on Blu-Ray since I own Part 1 on Blu-Ray and I really enjoyed how awesome it looked in High Def!

  2. If you can’t wait the UK versions play on the US players. Part 2 is amazing.

    3 was so so. They used a dirty print from the (other) camera eye. It wasn’t 3d either.

  3. i might just hold out until the blu-ray box set comes out since the box set will have all 8 films probably all deluxe editions i do hope the part 3 in blu-ray will most likely have all the extras from the region 2 release but most importantly i hope the 3d will be better than the region 1 dvd

  4. Part 3 on blu ray and in 3d? Yeah that’s pretty sweeet!!!

  5. Oh BTW, would anyone else love to see Terror Train come to blu ray? That would be sweeet too! And also what about The Funhouse? Great movie if you haven’t seen it.

  6. The Funhouse is a great movie, I dont know why some people hate it, I think is in the same level as TCM

  7. I’m glad I didn’t get the new deluxe DVDs. :)

  8. “I’m glad I didn’t get the new deluxe DVDs.:D”

    Actually, I went ahead and I’ve been snatching all of them up as they come alone. I notice, in actuality, no real draw-dropping comparasion between standard-def and BluRay myself. Maybe it’s cause I have a fine wireless, up-converter theater system player that I got from a Best Buy last year, and my TV set (which is a 47″ LCD) has very dark blacks and fine colors, get’s the job done.

    The transfers on them and the sound mix are very damn good, making them roughtly they best they’ll ever look or sound during our lifetimes, I feel. And I feel that some infamous deleted footage will surface in the later re-issues. I so of no reason why these should be hated on. Between Friday alumni giving interviews on genre websites, older issues of Fangoria I snatched up through eBay that concerns the early to mid and late ’80s, and the interviews and commentary tracks on the ‘04 DVD set we all got, and the fine Crystal Lake Memories book and the fluffy His Name Was Jason 2-disc set, I pretty much know all me and many others will ever wanna know that is of importance to us a big time Jason Voorhees fanatics.

    Plus the stars hit the North American genre convention circuit pretty average now, so they’re always there if we wanna ask’em somethin’ about this & that. I don’t know; just my own two cents. But that’s cool if people wanna pick up the BluRay’s as well for another time, for when they might wanna buy a BluRay home theater player when prices drop of course, ect. It’s just too bad that, as we all expected, the 3-D on the Part 3 DVD wasn’t really THAT good, and once again, the print used was indeed too dirty as I noted on the IMDB boards. That film has sadly never looked good, and I’ve talked to those who’ve seen the proper polerized 3-D version projected on the big screen at screenings and festivals ‘n shit. Kinda sad.

    Ah well. Take care, everyone …

  9. Blu Ray is over rated, just get a up-convert DVD player…then all of your old movies will be damn near high def.

  10. “Blu Ray is over rated, just get a up-convert DVD player…then all of your old movies will be damn near high def.”

    Yeah, as I said on my last post right above your’s, it’s what I did last year. An up-convert theater system, like my wireless Samsung one I got from a Best Buy last year. Gotta agree I won’t be making the BluRay leap myself. Not cutting it down, but fuck all of the hype …

  11. That cover is SICK!! That would make a badass t shirt.

  12. i have an upconvert theater system too. i don’t know how you guys can say there’s little difference…blu-ray looks much better. the part 2 import blu-ray was jaw-dropping-awesome for me. upconverted dvd doesn’t come close.

    blu-ray is only overrated if you think quality is overrated. i’m a perfectionist and i want it to look as good as possible.

    if you don’t like it don’t get it, but don’t start another rally against blu-ray…they’re on every blog i go to, and it’s kind of rude. it discourages companies from putting everything on blu-ray, so to those of us that prefer it, we get screwed. …because of people that can’t see the difference. thanks alot. i hope you don’t get what you want too.

  13. and by the way, upconverted dvds are not “damn near hi-def”. the video is 480 resolution. blu-ray is 1080. you can’t add pixels that aren’t there. it just adds no additional artifacts to make is less that 480, as some systems do. 480 is not near. it’s less than half the quality.

  14. I think it just depends on what kind of tv you have. Mine is a 35″ 720p, and there’s no difference in the upconverted dvds and blu-ray. If you have a 50″ 1080p then you might get a different result.

  15. 6/9/09 is the day i guess parts 4,5,6 deluxe edition dvds are going to be released as well as part 2 and 3 blu-rays according to

  16. Agreed Tommyblah. On some movies the change is slight like on Terminator. But for the most part the differences are huge. Your eyesight, type and size of TV of course also make a difference. But even on my 32″ the differences are usually huge.
    To see some direct comparisons go here.

  17. Yeah, my upconvert puts out 1080i, or 720p, not much difference in that, and bluray…especially when the Deluxe editions are remastered in high def tranfer…so you got jipped on your laserdi….I mean bluray player.

  18. I hate blu ray too. It sucks. Oh wait, i have Blu Ray player. And ya know what…”damn near hi def” is not cutting it. It’s HI DEF of it’s not. Simple really. Upconversion is fine. And i don’t begrudge that love it. But being a blu ray convert, i only wanna see things in that gorgeouseness that is bluray. My tv is a 52inch and everthing looks spectacular in that format. I love the idea of releasing all the old Friday films and look forward to seeing them again. It’s the way it’s going. So bluray haters, get used to it. And if you don’t like, fair enough. But i for one will be blu for life.

  19. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but did anyone else notice that the Walmart site has the Deluxe DVDs of Parts 5 and 6 listed as “Not Rated”?

  20. hevymentl13 – 1080i is NOT 1080p which is what bluray is. facts are facts are pal. you may not like or see the difference yourself, but the fact is its 2x as good as upconvert. suggestion – get a new prescription on your glasses, or get glasses.

  21. I noticed the “NOT RATED” markers on the Wal-Mart pages for Parts V & VI too!!! Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it, since it’s such an early listing and they can always go back and change the info later…However the fact that the page for Part IV specifically says “RATED R” (like the Deluxe DVD’s for 2 & 3) while V & VI specifically say “NOT RATED” (like Part 1) is encouraging!

    Granted it would be nice if IV could be unrated too, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

  22. When it comes to Hi-Def, the size of the TV is a HUGE factor. We have a 46″ Sony Bravia, and the difference between Blu-Ray and even upconverted DVDs is night and day. But hey, if you’re happy with regular DVDs, then awesome.

  23. Blu Ray is over rated, just get a up-convert DVD player…then all of your old movies will be damn near high def.

    Dude, your just to damn cheap to purchase a blu-ray. The up-convert DVD player is not near as good as blu ray.

  24. I too was unconvinced about the great quality of blu ray until I bought a PS3….

    I put the same movie, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, into the DVD player and the blu-ray in to the PS3 and toggled back & forth between the two versions.

    The result? There is MUCH more detail in the blu-ray version and I compare the upgrade in quality like this: it’s like going from VHS to DVD, it’s THAT much better!

    Just my opinion, if you can afford it, great….Personally, I’d buy all the Friday movies on Blu-ray as soon as I can.

    Can’t wait to see Part 3 on Blu-ray….It is my favorite of the series.

  25. Cool, now you can watch 30 year old film in better definition…now Bacon’s death will really look extra fake.

  26. Well, when people saw these in the theaters, Bacon’s death must have looked completely and utterly fake. I can’t imagine why anyone would want more clarity and detail suited for larger presentations. People must be nuts!

  27. I’m wondering if the people who are here belittling Blu-Ray technology and chastising Blu-Ray owners did the same thing when DVDs emerged by arguing that either a) DVD quality wasn’t that much better than SVHS, or b) lower resolution helps mask shoddy special effects.

    Perhaps we all should shun 7.1 surround sound, too? After all, it’s not much better than 5.1 surround. Better yet, let’s all demand that our favorite films be released in mono sound! And in 320×240 iPod video resolution! Yeah!

  28. All those who bash the Blu-ray technology are just too broke to afford it and must complaint to feel better about themselves :)

    Can’t wait for part 2 and 3 to hit the shelves !

  29. Cant wait I dont know about anyone else but part 2 on dvd looked the worst I got a Blu ray player and new TV about 2 weeks ago and cant believe the differece (except for Black Christmas on Blu ray I think it looks worse) Also GHOSTOFSLAUGHTERHIGH I bet youve heared Slaughter High Will be out April 14 on dvd cant wait for that my fav bad slasher (oldest high school kids in movie history)
    I just hope part 3 is in 3D and has more features

  30. I say we all go back to tapes. I have ones that have been through over 20 years of abuse and work fine. I don’t care about “perfect” video and sound.

  31. “Also GHOSTOFSLAUGHTERHIGH I bet youve heared Slaughter High Will be out April 14 on dvd cant wait for that my fav bad slasher (oldest high school kids in movie history)”
    Yep can’t wait! I smell a remake and I can’t think of a better 80’s slasher than Slaughter High.

  32. We’re not all upper middle class and rich. Some of us actually have to work hard for are money.

  33. I meant “our”, sorry about the typo.

  34. No one is “chastising” Blu-ray owners. If you have a 720p Tv you’re not gonna notice much difference bewteen up converted Dvds and Blu-ray. Even the difference bewteen 720p and 1080p isn’t that much, unless you have a really big Tv. Most of the Blu-ray fans, that are getting all pissed at people saying Blu-ray’s overrated are just a bunch of snobs.

  35. Maybe the people saying that up converted Dvds aren’t any where near Blu-ray, just don’t have good up converting players. From what I’ve seen, Blu-ray is better. But it’s not that better, it’s hardly “twice” as good. And there’s nothing wrong with my eyes.

  36. “No one is “chastising” Blu-ray owners…Most of the Blu-ray fans, that are getting all pissed at people saying Blu-ray’s overrated are just a bunch of snobs.”

    Chad, this is a bit like saying:
    “No one is saying you’re fat, fatass.”

    Dude, if you’re really happy with what you have, why come here and knock those who have better? You just come off as defensive and insecure.

    And John, I understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on Blu-Ray, but I resent the implication that those of us who can afford it somehow don’t work hard for our money. Not everyone who has money has simply inherited it.

  37. I work hard, I\\\’m not a silver spoon guy….I like the difference of blu-ray…why knock it? well, i guess it loses it\\\’s luster when you buy it on layaway….heck, by that time, maybe all the 13th movies will be on blu-ray and you\\\’ll be a \\\’convert\\\’….(or maybe a relative will leave you some money)…yeah, i know, john, ps2 is better than ps3…lol

  38. You guys really are snobs.

  39. Balooeyezz, what the hell are you talking about? You need to read the comments again. No one said anything bad about Blu-ray owners, they just said that Blu-ray is overrated. It was some of the Blu-ray owners that started insulting them. This is the same thing as the remake. A few people said they didn’t like it, and then some of the people that liked it started insulting them for saying so… If you read some of the comments on here, it’s clear as day that a few people are acting like snobs.

  40. Dennis, no one is calling YOU a snob or saying that you don’t work hard, but you are acting like a smart ass… Most people are middle class, and those people get jobs that aren’t as hard as the ones poor people have to take. Putting people down because they don’t have as much money, is being a snob.

  41. Nobody’s “knocking” people that have blu ray. If anything they were knocking blu ray it’s self. And Chad has a good point, most people are middle class and they have jobs that are pretty easy compared to the shit jobs that poor people have to settle for. So for the people who “resent the implication”, are you poor or middle class?

  42. I don’t know if anyone has this problem with the Blue Ray editions but i bought the Part 1 Blue Ray edition “used” and the special features did not work and the screen went blank. I returned it, purchased a brand new, factory sealed copy and once again … when i click on special features the screen goes blank. I was able to watch the movie just fine on either of the discs but the special features didn’t work on either of the blue ray discs. I was looking forward to buying a Blue Ray box set when it comes out but now im having some reservations. I have never had any problems with any other Blue Ray discs and i own at least 20 of them so i feel this is something directly related to this particular release.

    Anyone else having this issue with the special features on Friday the 13th Blue Ray disc ?

  43. Chad, perhaps you missed hevymentl13’s comment that Blu-Ray owners got “jipped,” implying that people who got Blu-Ray players weren’t smart enough to avoid being scammed.

    Let’s set aside for a moment the idea that getting the best technology available somehow equates getting scammed. Let’s also set aside his nonsensical comparison of Blu-Ray to laserdiscs. His comment was unnecessarily snide and condescending when no one else was being so, and it’s obvious he’s trying to make himself feel better about the fact that he can’t afford to make the leap to Blu-Ray.

    And just because I can afford Blu-Ray doesn’t mean I’m somehow wealthier than other people. It has to do with more than just income, people. It’s also what expenses you prioritize. Some people prioritize their gym memberships or their cigarettes ahead of their home theater systems. Personally, I live in the city and don’t have a car, so that allows me to afford things I might not be able to. I’m hardly a snob because I’ve chosen to bite the bullet and get Blu-Ray. I just prioritize a nice home theater experience, and have to budget other expenses accordingly.

    And to those who are implying that anyone who doesn’t have a shit blue collar job doesn’t work hard, that’s just downright idiotic.

  44. For Christ sakes people, let’s just all give it a rest, okay?! Some of us like me, are saving up for a European holiday trip and are happy with a very nice, namebrand up-converter theater system with wireless speakers. And some are lucky enough to be able to afford BluRay. That’s it! And that’s all fine!

    But let’s not have some bar argueing here! And let’s just concentrate on the new HD-versions appearing on the remaining Deluxe Editions comin’ out later on this year (Parts IV onward through VIII) and for you BluRay theater system owners, the much touted & rumored BluRay boxset. That’s it! I’m sorry but all of this child0ish as all fuck bickering back & forth makes me not wanna check out these blogs much anymore, coupled with my hard work scheduale as well.

    So let’s just all chill and call it a truce of peace …

  45. I think ill stick to normal DVDs!! lol

  46. Deputy Winslow,

    I just bought part 1 on Blu ray a few days ago and my disc works fine. I think you might have a problem with your player.

  47. I love my blu ray player. If you were to watch Friday the 13th on blu ray and then watch it on regular DVD (even with an up converter) you would defintely notice a difference. Especially at the end when Alice is in the canoe. Absolutely stunning the difference HD makes.

  48. Deputy Windslow

    Your player may need an update. Follow you manuels instructions on doing this. Very easy to do

  49. what’s with the arguments between classesand income? i’m lower middle class and i have blu-ray. it is currently about the price dvd was before the drastic price drops a few years back. i got my blu-ray player on sale for $200 and i seldom pay more than $20-$25 for a blu-ray disc.

    nobody was being snobby. that has nothing to do with it. it has to do with whether extra grain and mpeg artifacts in your movies bothers you. i watch tons of movies, so it bothers me. if it doesn’t, you’re not better or worse than anyone, just different. so the hell what?

    it’s funny, all the blu-ray fans are arguing everyone should have their choice, yet the dvd fans are arguing that only they should get what they want. it’s none of your business how we watch our movies, so stop making negative comments about something that doesn’t affect you. people like you are discouraging companies from releasing things, yet you have nothing to gain from it….actually you have something to LOSE from it. the more popular blu-rays become, the cheaper dvds are. are you asking for higher prices?…i assume not, since you’re not “rich” “snobs”.

  50. and i sense some people don’t understand what upconvert means…yes your system outputs 1080 or 720, BUT the dvd only contains 480, so all you’re getting is 480 resolution over a 1080 or 720 hookup.

    an extreme example would be….say there is a shot of a night sky, and a star is so small that on the dvd it doesn’t show up…it’s exactly in the 481st pixel (extreme example). an upconverting system cannot add that star in. it’s not on the dvd. your source material needs to contain more.

  51. captain_brandon1980 im with u on this….this is a site 4 fans to talk about f13th not to bitch to each other

  52. “captain_brandon1980 im with u on this….this is a site 4 fans to talk about f13th not to bitch to each other”

    And thank you. Seriously. Once again, I come here and see fresh posts. So some of us are waiting on the standard-def Deluxe Editions, and some are lucky that they can wait on the BluRay versions. And that’s fine and that is that!

    Now let us huge Jason Voorhees fanatics tlak about THE MOVIES, and not bitch & moan about the FORMATS they are presented in, thank you all. :D Let’s all have fun again, as these new modern blog features are much more smaller then the old, many other things to post about boards, and let’s just talk about the movies & the characters. I feel guilty now, since I feel I originally mentioned my non-caring of the BluRay releases since I got a fine enough for what it is up-converted theatre system last year from a Best Buy, but I didn’t mean that I’m NEVER going to BluRay after like three-plus years. And I never ment it was the be all/end all of home theater equipment systems. Wish I never mentioned it now.

    So again, let’s all get back on topic to discussing the movies, shall we boys & ghouls? Cause I deleted my old IMDB screen name the other day, and that place doesn’t have as many Friday posters on the respective boards, plus way too many non-fans minded people, who simply popped in a DVD and wanted to bitch cause they’re into some older retro slashers like a lot of us …

  53. Some of you need to go back and actually read the comments. This whole fuckin’ thing was started by Blu-ray fans that got pissed because a few people said Blu-ray was overrated. Saying that some one got “jipped” is not an insult. And white collar jobs are not hard work compared to blue collar. That’s like saying that working in an office is just as hard as lifting center blocks all day… Saying that people who don’t care for Blu-ray just complain because they can’t afford it, is being a snob. No one was complaining about Blu-ray, just said OVERRATED that’s all. And nobody said that everyone who likes Blu-ray is a snob. I’m starting to wonder if some of you motherfuckers have a reading disability.

  54. I have a reading disability. I am dyslexic. So now I’m a motherfucker? Great, thanks. And I work in an office and work my ass off, and hell yes it’s harder than lifting a block. Lifting a block is a no-pressure situation. Try selling Variable Annuities all day to feed your family but you have to meet certain benchmarks and deadlines. That’s hard work. Basically, your mother is a whore. So that’s pretty much the end of the debate.

  55. sorry captain but i have to make one last point about this… i’m not arguing over formats to be a dick. this blog is about the blu-rays and when everyone gets on here and has negative comments about blu-rays, there is a good chance someone from paramount will stumble on this page and say “well the fans seem to think blu-ray is overrated and a ripoff, and since we need to cut costs due to the economic crisis, let’s cut out the 1-8 blu-ray boxset we’re planning.”

    believe it or not, many of the people who bring us these movies and products look at THIS SITE and THIS BLOG to get ideas because it is THE PLACE for f13th fans to meet.

    and sorry but saying we got jipped is kind of an insult…because it suggests we’re just buying into a hype and not as smart as you for seeing through it. i’m an obsessively suspicious person, and i would be ranting on every blog possible if i wasn’t thoroughly wow’d by this technology.

  56. Tommy, you know damn well that Chad’s comment wasn’t calling people that are “dyslexic” motherfuckers. Lifting center blocks would be alot harder than working in an office, get real. Personally, I think you’re lying about being dyslexic. Either way, playing the disability card is not gonna make you automatically right. I can’t believe anyone would actually say that the middle class has it harder than the poor. Are you out of your fucking mind?

  57. Saying you got “jipped” is NOT an insult. Everbody has been ripped off at some point or another. And I’m not even saying anyone was ripped off. A couple of people said blu ray was over rated. That’s it, this whole mess started because a few people can’t stand anything negative being said about the things they like. It’s the same thing that happened over the remake.

  58. I wish some of you could see how one sided you’re being. Opinions go both ways, some times they’re negative. Shouldn’t both sides have a right to their opinion?

  59. Confirmed, both Friday The 13th 2 and Friday The 13th 3 come out on Blue Ray on June 9, 2024, according to

  60. sure it’s an insult. if i say something is awesome and you say i got jipped, it means 1 of 2 things–i’m lying or i don’t know what i’m talking about. i doubt anyone thinks i’m lying, so in essence you’re saying i’ve been deceived, which means i’m gullible or naive. that’s an insult. and it’s simply not true.

  61. to bring this back on topic, let’s evaluate the “jip” here.

    f13th pt 2 & 3 blu-rays have 2.25 times the quality of the standard def dvds – 1080 vs 480.

    pt 3 blu-ray does not have 3-d version (which sucks anyway) but has more extras, including another ‘lost tales from camp blood’ entry.

    the dvds are typically $14.99 on amazon and i paid less the $20 for my impot blu-rays…let’s do apples to apples–on, dvd is $12.86, blu-ray is $25.49, slightly LESS than twice the price.

    therefore, i’d say the price is exactly right. what’s the “jip” you’re referring to??

  62. tommyblah – Precisely. Saying someone got “jipped” is saying that they were not smart enough to avoid being swindled. It’s an insult. Just because some people don’t understand that doesn’t mean it’s not still an insult.

    And, at the risk of being perceived as a snob:

    - the term is “gypped”
    - they’re called “cinder” blocks
    - this may come as a surprise to John and Chad, but hard work can be done with muscles OR brains

  63. Balooeyezz, nit picking at somebodys typo. You really don’t have a valid point at all. Everyone makes typos, even the people that run this web site. Instead of correcting grammar, maybe you should pay more attention to what they’re saying. Either you missed the point or you’re just trying to spin it in your favor like a politician. And yes, putting down blue collar workers for using improper grammar is being a snob, asshole etc… Working in an office isn’t hard work, especially compared to working in construction. You sound like a spoiled, stuck up prick that thinks they’re better than everybody else and that poor people don’t have a harder life than them.

  64. tommyblah, two people said that Blu-Ray was overrated, and that was before the “jipped” comment. Then you when on a rant. NO one is trying to start a rally against Blu-Ray, a few people just said that it was overrated and that they weren’t going to switch over. Don’t you think they have a right to express their opinions too. And saying that you got jipped, gypped or ripped off is not an insult, it just isn’t. The same way everybody has made typos, everybody has been ripped off at some point in their life. We’re only human, everyone makes mistakes. For the record, I don’t think you got ripped off. I like Blu-Ray too, I just didn’t take it personal. You seem like a respectful person, you didn’t insult people like how Balooeyezz and a few others did. But I think you over reacted. You could read the comments again and try to look at the other sides point of view.

  65. Amanda, thanks.

  66. Look, I grew up dirt poor. I dropped out of school when I was 13 and got a job working under the table to help my family. I’m sorry about my lousy grammar.

  67. Does anyone know if the Blu Rays for parts 2 and 3 are cropped like part 1 was?

  68. I don’t think Blu Ray is overrated, it’s a hell of alot better than standard dvds. But I think those who think it’s overrated should be able to voice their opinions with out getting their asses jumped because of it. Jipped, gypped or whatever isn’t a insult. Hell it’s happened to the best of us, but it doesn’t mean that anyone’s stupid or naive. It wasn’t a insult, it was an opinion. A opinion that I disagree with, but still just an opinion.

  69. Chad I wouldn’t pay any attention to Balooeyz. That was just a cheap shot from some spoiled snob that’s never worked a blue collar job in his life… I mean really, “working in an office is just as hard as construction”, that’s a fuckin’ joke.

  70. Have the people who are going on about how “office work is just as hard or harder than construction” ever actually worked in construction? I’ve worked both, construction is back breaking work. I’m never going back to it, as long as I can help it.

  71. Personally, I prefer Blu-Ray. Though I think everyone should be able to share their opinions, even if they’re negative.

  72. what? jipped or gypped (i don’t really give a fuck which is the proper “term”) isn’t an insult. what the fuck is wrong with you people? don’t believe in freedom of speech?

  73. and there is no way in hell that office work is harder, or even as hard as construction. there’s no fuckin’ way.

  74. blu-ray is light years better than dvd, most of the time. i didn’t care for friday 3’s blu-ray, it looked like shit. my old bare bones 2024 dvd copy looks better.

  75. i’ve done manual labor and now i do office work. both make you want to kill yourself on a daily basis. both make you hate life and the people you deal with and the rat race in general. but they do it in different ways, so they can’t be compared. it’s not apples to apples.

    office work pays better so at least you get some relief with that, but the difference is you take that work home with you every night…you try and try but constantly catch yourself thinking about it and stressing over it and lying awake half the night, you’re expected to work tons of overtime with no extra pay, you’re expected to work from home on the weekends, etc.

    manual labor, at least you leave it there when you get off, but your body aches, it’s hard to get the will to go back each day, the repetitive nature of it drives you insane, etc.

    my point is, neither side is seeing the whole picture. both can be fucking awful. not apples to apples.

    michael, the blu-rays are not cropped like part 1. part 2 actually shows more of the picture than previous releases. it’s actually the only one i recommend of the 3.

    and whatever to those of you who are trying to downplay the comments made. of course i’m gonna rant. last year everything was coming out on blu-ray, and since the economic crisis, it’s the first thing every company’s cutting because on every message board and blog, you people are the first to jump on and say its overrated and a gyp. if i don’t rant like a motherfucker, my point of view gets lost in the pile.

    RANT, RANT, RANT, RANT, RANT. it’s what i do. because if i don’t, i get shit on. that’s life.

    blu-ray rules. standard def is overrated and a gyp because internet-mpeg-quality video should not cost money. it should be free on the internet.

  76. Amanda – A typo is a mistake while typing (e.g. “teh” instead of “the”). I would never bother to correct what are obviously simple typing mistakes. However, misspelling or poor grammar (e.g. “jip” instead of “gyp”; “center” instead of “cinder”) aren’t typos and are worth correcting.

    And yes, “gyp” is an insult. The very origin of the word comes from the word “gypsy” and is used as a derogatory slur. However, even if the phrase “ripped off” had been used instead, it’s still insulting for someone to tell other people who are happy with their purchases that they were ripped off. It implies that the purchaser isn’t smart. Just because you lack the capacity to understand why that’s insulting doesn’t mean it’s not an insult.

    Michael – You’ve attributed a quote to me that I never wrote. I said that it’s stupid to say that if you have a white collar job you don’t work hard.

    Chad – I’m sorry if you’ve had a hard life, but I know if I were misspelling something repeatedly, I would like to be informed so I wouldn’t continue to do so. I didn’t ridicule you for your mistakes, and I wasn’t disrespectful, despite what Amanda and Michael would have you believe.

    This thread is fascinating to me. We have people who want to deny the insulting nature of telling Blu-Ray owners they were ripped off (which is a subjective determination that Blu-Ray owners are ignorant). And yet those very same people want to attach an insulting nature to the correction of poor grammar and spelling (which is an objective demonstration of ignorance). Does no one else see the irony?

    And please take a moment to count how many childish names I’ve called anyone: zero. But please, by all means, continue to call me an “asshole” or a “snob” or a “motherfucker” or a “prick” or whatever other colorful terms you can think of to demonstrate your mastery of our beautiful language.

  77. Tommyblah and Balooeyezz, you’re both acting illogical. It just looks like neither one of you can stand it if some one disagrees with you, or emit to being wrong. Being told you got ripped off is not an insult. You can spin it any way you want, to try and justify acting like a dick. The truth is, that we all have a right to post are opinions, even if you disagree. Get use to it.



    I was gonna say the exact same thing.

    So! Ah, yeah. How ’bout them Dodgers, everyone? *nervous smile*

  80. This is officially boring the shit out of everybody visiting this blog.I have not posted a reply to a blog in over a week.Simply because the blog page hasn\’t been updated since before last week.When i finally do visit there\’s a debate raging on about whether office work is more demanding than manual labour.Did i miss something here?I thought this blog was about blu-ry editions of 2 + 3.Let\’s stick to the subject matter in future people.We are all supposed to visit this site with an equal appreciation for Friday The 13th.So let\’s leave the hating for somewhere else shall we?But for the record,balooeyezz sounds like the kind of fucker who couldn\’t even wire a plug.I don\’t mean to cause any offence here but balooyezz comes across as a spoon fed wimp that has to take a pop at us manual labourers to feel better about himself whilst he should be addressing the underlying masculinity problems he may be in denial with.Sorry if i\’ve offended you balooyezz,but that\’s just my first impression of how you come across.

  81. Thomas,captain_brandon and some others u guys r like the only ones on here thats not bitching about how it looks big deal ok blue ray it looks nicer then dvd so what as long as u see jason whats the big deal if u like dvd ok then whatever if u like blue ray ok whatever u guys are acting childish.ok hey ill try to bring it back to jason and not fighting (if this dont work ill see guys next blog) hey the cover art is finally different

  82. Thanks again to T and Baz.

    Indeed: There seem’s to be a general lack of up-dates as of late, but as such, otehr features on this site, coupled with Camp Blood (and I knowm not TOO much to look at on there) and scabboy’s awesome site, usually help pass the time for the next Blog big post for us all to rant & rave over.

    Agree’d that I can’t wait for the next Blog, and let’s all try to put on our happiest shit eatin’ grins and all be Voorhee’s and retro slasher lovin’ amigos and chit chat away, cause the old bbs bulletin boards aren’t coming back as we all know, and these Blogs and occasionally the internet movie database boards for each specific one, are all we got left to discuss all older and more modern things Jason.

    Untill next time, peace …

  83. I Agree With Captain Brandon, so Is There any More news On a Blu Ray Box set Of The Friday 13th Movies? i Just Bought a New Blu Ray Player And i Like It..

  84. I am still hoping to hear some news soon of a blue ray box set, i am hoping during the summer when the New Friday comes out on DVD maybe we will hear some news.

    By the way thanks for the tips Bubba68 & DJ Junk, i did need to update my blue ray player. It was easy, and i think the original Friday looks great on Blue Ray, much nicer than the old, standard dvd … but that’s just my .02 lol

  85. “Harder” is a subjective concept. If studying for a series 7 was easy, then every cinder block lifter would just go get the series 7, or get a degree, and work an “easier” job. Therefore, it must not be so “easy” to acquire white-collar skills, connections, etc.

    Some of the construction workers I know do not have the social will-power to learn how to network and study, therefore, for them, working in an office setting would be “harder” than lifting a cinder block or a center block.

    Jason is a blue collar guy, obviously. He appreciates a good day’s work. And I do have Dyslexia, and earlier up, that guy was calling people horrible names even though his mother is a whore.

    Blu Ray is for Nazi’s. Nobody can afford that shit. Anyone who has Blu Ray should give their old DVD player to a poor family. I’m a Socialist, so I know what I’m talking about.

    And why did that poster bring Jesus into it? You guys are insane on this board. WTF, Jesus? First of all, there is no Jesus. Second of all, if there was, he was black. It’s called geography. Everything in the Bible is happening in Ancient Mesopotamia and in and around AFRICA. Moses? Black. (passed off as the Pharaoh’s grandson? helllooooo?) Jesus? Black. Joseph and Mary… black. Simple geography. Get over your Jesus racism. The guy was black.

  86. i love how baz says let’s stick to the subject matter and leave the hating somewhere else and then writes about 5 lines to spew mindless hate at someone.

    brooke, read over the blog, “illogical”. balooeyezz and i are the only ones bringing facts and logical arguments to defend our points…everyone else has basically said “whatever, you’re just wrong, so there.” and when they’re out-argued, all of a sudden it’s “boring”.

    sorry that we WON beyotch!!!!

    i love how everyone tries to be the bigger one and get this conversation on track. get bent. what fun are blogs if someone is going to regulate the topic and tell us how to talk? the whole point of it is to rant anonymously and put out your extreme thoughts that you might not be able to share otherwise.

    tommy, i agree with you on jesus, but just because i happened to be in circuit city when they were clearing a floor model of a blu-ray player doesn’t make me a nazi. otherwise i couldn’t afford it either. and yes i give anything i don’t use anymore to the goodwill or to friends who are less fortunate. don’t knock just because i have something.

    the price drops every few months and pretty soon, your dvd player will break and it will be the only thing you can buy to replace it. this isn’t like laserdisc, it’s the same product with higher quality. the only reason they didn’t do it in the first place is they didn’t know how to fit it on the discs and recently had a breakthrough.

  87. I didn’t realize that posting a story, before leaving on vacation, about a possible Blu-Ray release would bring out discussions of social and economic classes? I think religion was even brought up.:) We need more Friday news. Coming soon…….

  88. Tommy, are you calling MY mother a whore? Some how I get the feeling that you wouldn’t say shit like that to anyone in person. It’s funny how on the internet everybody’s a badass.

  89. Balooeyezz’s correction of “center” block to “cinder” is wrong. The term center block is slang used by some brick masons (like my brother) to describe concrete and cinder blocks (because of their use in foundations). On construction sites the technical names are rarely used, it’s mostly slang.

  90. terry – If that’s true, then I stand corrected and thank you. However, it’s worth noting that if the original person using the term “center block” (or any of the subsequent posters impugning my blue collar cred in retaliation for correcting the term) had been knowingly using it as a form of construction slang, then I’m sure they would have been more than happy to immediately smack me down as someone who didn’t know better. I think it’s telling that that didn’t happen.

    Brooke – I’m not sure I’m ready to take tips on the meanings of words and phrases from someone who doesn’t know the difference between “emit” and “admit”.

    baz – You are correct. Education, proper grammar and spelling are always the calling cards of someone with masculinity problems. (I’m glad to see you don’t have any issues there.) And I truly appreciate you “leaving the hate for somewhere else.” I would respond further, but I have to scoot – I’m being spoon-fed lunch by one of my house-servants in a minute.

  91. Hey balloeyzz.I hope you enjoyed your lunch and i am sorry for questioning your masculinity and for calling you a “spoon fed wimp”.However i did say in my post i didn’t mean to cause offence and that you only gave off an air of someone of the aforementioned stature.You seem a decent,genuine clued up guy but nobody likes to have their posts corrected by an unknown “wannabe” english teacher (this isn’t school after all).Hope this clarifys the the matter and that you hold no ill feelings toward me.Oh,tommyblah.Surely it’s BEYATCH and not “beyotch”.Being from Scotland my grasp of American sreet slang may be needing updated………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  92. Balooeyezz, a definition of the word “emit” – to give utterance or voice to… And you wonder why people call you a snob?

  93. Balooeyezz, I’m uneducated and what I know, I’ve learned from life experience. When I’m at work it sounds like I’m being told center block, I don’t know the proper term or spelling because I’ve never paused to ask my boss how to spell it. My job is the kind were you can be fired at any time without a reason. If I’m not moving fast enough I get yelled at, so I don’t have time or can afford the risk to ask my boss something he might think is a stupid question.

  94. baz – in it’s earlier years, the term showed up as “beyatch”, “beeyatch”, “beotch”, and a few other spellings, though the first printed spelling of it was in the inlay of snoop doggy dogg’s “doggystyle”, in which is was spelled “beeeitch”.

    over the years, the way a person spells the word has evolved to become more preference-based and a statement as to what sounds coolest to him/her. most white middle class suburban americans like myself prefer “beyotch” for the “aw” sound which tends to give more strength to the breaking apart of the vowel sounds, making us seem more gangsta. also if you raise the tone of your voice while holding out the “aww” sound, it sounds wicked cool.

  95. Chad,

    First of all, your name is Chad. So, pretty much that’s all I need to know. Second of all, what are you Chuck Liddell? Dude, I would bring it up to you and your mother in person. I have, to her, actually and she agrees with me. You’re no Jason Vorhees, alright? I would dominate you emotionally and physically.

    And this topic has gotten waaaaaaaaay off track. I can’t believe it became about Jesus. Believe what you want about the guy being the son of god, or our savior, but he was black. Get over it. I’m not black, but I can also read a map. He was black. The Garden of Eden was located in modern day MiddleEast. How many blond-haired, blued-eyed people were walking around the middle east 2,000 years ago.

    Mears was a good Jason. He should come back to do the part. Or, hell, we should get Chad to do it because he is such a badass. Or, get his mother to do it.

  96. ?

  97. Tommy, you’re a fuckin’ joke. It’s real easy for pussies like you to run their dick sucker on the internet, where they’re safe.

  98. “And this topic has gotten waaaaaaaaay off track. I can’t believe it became about Jesus.”

    Was I ever gonna say the EXACT same thing. I would also bet that this thread is officially longer then when the first batch of Friday remake reviews came in and everyone wanted to weigh in on the matter. Whoa.

    And here I was, enjoying some scabboy on YouTube answers to my (and many others) recent questions to him (which is large Friday/Slasher-centric): And yes, I’m also captainbrandon1980 on here. Twas’ cool to see hear a shout out on there for my slew of questions I quickly whipped out the other day. Scabboy posts here on occasion, and has hands down one of the best Friday/Jason-centric sites on on the entire vast world wide web.

    Anyway, I’m off to see what else is new. But c’mon mi amigos, let’s all play nice. :) All total bullshit aside, we’ll never have the big, huge old BBS bulletin board, and these modern Blog stuff is all we’ll ever have, so let’s not have some bad/harsh feelings.

    Seriously, how about a clal for Peace & a truce?

  99. What do you mean “how did this become about Jesus”? Tommy’s the only person that’s said anything about Jesus.

  100. Hell, I never even said anything to or about Tommy, out of the blue he started calling my mother a whore.

  101. I couldn’t find any other comments that mentioned Jesus either… I think Tommy might just be one of those people that likes to start fights on the internet for no reason. He’s probability just some wimp that gets pushed around out in the real world, so the internet is the only place he can act tough. Just ignore him.

  102. Ok i’m gpoing to attempt to make light of this matter and go even more way of course.
    A Scotsman,an Englishman and an Irishman are talking one day.The Englishman says every night when i make love to my wife she raises 3 foot off the bed.Not being one to be outdone,the Scotsman says that every night when he makes love to his wife she raises 6 foot off the bed.The Irishman says i’ve got that beat because every night i come home drunk,make love to my wife for 30 seconds,fart,then wipe my dick on the curtain and she hits the fucking roof.
    I hope this can be a fullstop to this whole crazy debacle that has ocurred.

  103. This whole thing happened because a few people said Blu-Ray was overrated, then a few other people went off and started insulting them and telling them to keep their opinions to their self. It’s the samething that happened over the remake… The problem is that some people don’t know how to respectfully disagree. They fly off the handle every time somebody says something “negative” about the things they like. They need to stop taking different opinions so personal.

  104. Chad’s mother is a whore. Let’s get that straight right now. The guy is accusing Tommy of being a pussy? Chad started acting hard and making fun of people with disabilities. Does it get any lower than that? He’s obviously dealing with a serious case of latent homosexuality based on his dicksucker comment. Only a homosexual would relate to another man’s mouth like that. In Psychology, we call that a Freudian slip. Chad’s unconscious mind is full of sucking dick. Anyway, I agree that we have to get back on track. So no more calling Chad’s mother a whore (even though she probably does live in a trailer). Just talk about Friday the 13, okay?

    Chad = homosexual (nothing wrong with that; should simply embrace it)

  105. P.S. Someone said Jesus was white or thanked Jesus or some redneck thing. Then, the regular Tommy said that Jesus had to be black based on simple geography. Then, the other Tommy, Tommyblah, said that he agreed that Jesus was black. Then, what’s her name said that that the first Tommy was the only one to bring it up which isn’t exactly true because even Captain Brandon mentioned it. Then Chad mentioned it, then he started talking about dicks and blowjobs and some other nonsense. Anyway, not like it matters, but the guy was black. So, not that we got that one solved, let’s get back to Friday the 13th. I’m going to sleep!

  106. Alan4321, first of all. I only called Tommy a pussy after he called my mom a whore. Second, I never made fun of people with disabilities. I just said that I was “starting to wonder if some of you motherfuckers have a reading disability”, because of my having to repeat my self. I used the term “motherfuckers” as slang, like you “bastards” or you “bitches”. I wasn’t using it in a literal way. And about the reading disability thing. Sorry, I’m not politically correct. I believe in free speech.

  107. Alan4321 and Tommy, your weird comments are so alike that you’re not fooling anybody. You’re the same person posting under two different names… Nobody said a thing about Jesus until Tommy/Alan4321 started ranting on about how Jesus was black. I don’t even believe in God, but even I know that Jesus would’ve been Jewish, and not Black or White… Are you the same Tommy that was going on about how “sexy” Jason is, back in one of the Friday Remake posts? Maybe that explains why you got so pissed about the “dick sucker” insult. If you’re gay, then I really am sorry about the insult. I have nothing against gay people.

  108. I read the Wikipedia article about the race of Jesus. It said that the current dominant opinion among historians and scientists is that Jesus would’ve had olive skin resembling modern day people of middle eastern descent. Like Arabs and Jews, not Blacks or Whites. In other words, he would’ve looked like Osama Bin Laden.

  109. Brooke – I know what “emit” means, and you still used it incorrectly. One can emit something, like a sound or a odor. (There needs to be an direct object.) One cannot “emit to being wrong.” One can, however, “admit to being wrong.” (Well, most people can, anyway – see my reply to Terry regarding “center blocks” above.)

    And, to quote you: “The problem is that some people don’t know how to respectfully disagree. They fly off the handle every time somebody says something “negative” about the things they like. They need to stop taking different opinions so personal.”

    Words of wisdom from someone who called people “snobs” and “dicks” in her first 2 replies in this thread.

    baz – I’m not in the habit of correcting anyone’s grammar and/or spelling until they start making incorrect arguments as to the etymology of words or the origins of phrases. (See Brooke above.) Pointing out glaring grammar and spelling mistakes and the misuse of words is absolutely germane to an argument about the use of words (i.e. “gyp”). In other words, if you don’t like having your communication skills scrutinized, then don’t engage others in arguments about what words or phrases mean and how they’re used.

  110. Chad, Baz, and John are all the same person posting under different names. They should be banned.

  111. Alan4321-Sorry to disappoint you but the last time i checked i didn’t have any split personality issues and i am in fact just one person(baz).Not that i’m wanting to cause offence to anyone with mental health problems(don’t want this blog to go down that
    route.Although it may the only route this thread hasn’t taken).

    Balooeyezz-C’mon dude i’ve already thrown an olive branch in your direction.There is having an a1 grasp of our mother tongue complete with communication skills and then there is having a superiority complex bigger than anything i’ve ever seen.It must REALLY annoy you when an average joe like myself and many others who have contributed to this thread cannot maintain the same standard of grammar and punctuation as yourself.Why else would you go to such lengths to correct/ridicule others less educated than you.We all have our faults but if we choose not to address them or merely ignore them then surely that’s our own business.GIVE IT A REST AND LET IT GO……………………………………………………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  112. i just wanna say this is the best blog conversation on this site. on the forum they would have removed many of these comments.

  113. Jesus is still black.

  114. I turned off the comments on his posting as this discussion is going nowhere. Chad, I pulled your last posting as it’s pointless to just call someone a bunch of names. Why do it? Anyways, on to more Friday discussions everyone.

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