Two BRAND NEW Friday the 13th posters

Check out these two new posters that are all over L.A. This has proven to be a busy month, with only weeks away from the premiere of the long-awaited Friday the 13th. The first poster features the number “13″ written in blood dripping down and the other poster shows similarities with the teaser poster, but only more creepier.

These two posters were featured in the Internet Movie Poster Awards gallery.

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6 Responses to “ Two BRAND NEW Friday the 13th posters ”

  1. i love the 13!

  2. I love the 13 one.

  3. The 13 one is cool. The mask one looks horrible when compared to the teaser poster with the mask.

  4. The 13 poster is very clever. They keep coming up with some really cool posters. I like the new mask poster, too. Has a more sinister look

  5. Oh, cool. Saw 13 is coming out. Wait, oops. Really, this also gives off a SAW-ish feel. Which I like. Alot. Don’t care much for the mask poster, but the bloody 13 one is awesome.

  6. I like both. The “13″ one is pretty cool, but any poster with the classic mask is a winner to me.

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