Horror Sanctum Brings Jason From Hell To Earth

Announced yesterday, Sam McCain from Horror Sanctum Studios in association with Billy Kirkus are now offering a truly awesome and historic piece for fans of Jason Goes To Hell to own. This undermask, or hood, titled “Hell” will be created from the original screen-used master prop from the 1993 film. This is what Kane Hodder wore underneath the hockey mask!

“HELL” is a limited run and will limited to only 20 copies world wide. After the run is completed, the mold will be destroyed. The piece will come signed and numbered by Sam McCain with a Horror Sanctum Studios tag. Bonus items included with the purchase will be a 4×6 color photo made from an original 1992 transparency along with an 8×10 copy of a story-boarded scene from the 1993 movie directly from the production.

The cost is high as “HELL” is going for $500 plus $15 shipping in the US. If interested, check out www.horrorsanctum.com for more details.

Yes, I really want one!

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8 Responses to “ Horror Sanctum Brings Jason From Hell To Earth ”

  1. Super Sweet, wish I could afford that! oh btw..First :)

  2. Very kickass!!! I want one.

  3. I would get one of these in a heartbeat, as I am a huge fan of the film. However, the money that is being asked is too rich for me right now.

  4. Looks great, would make a great mask for my next JGTH life-sized. Too expensive and overpriced though as most of their masks. I don’t pay more than $300 for just a mask ever usually, wit the exception of a rare Madman mask and Freddy silicone. I try to limit it to $200 for a mask only.

  5. THAT… is fucking awesome.

  6. Do you get the black head included with the mask or is only displayed on it for the pictures?


  7. I want this so bad. However I would NEVER be able to afford this.

  8. @ Jase- Yeah I was wondering that too. It’s a little confusing the way it’s described.

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