Jason Slashes Through ‘The Cleveland Show’

The latest episode of Fox’s The Cleveland Show featured yet another Friday athe 13th series reference as Jason made an appearance to kill a lonely, half naked coed. It would be hard to compare the appearances of the hockey player in the animated episode to the real deal in the films, however, there is that whole whole copyright infringement problem.

The animated episode also showed some other horror refernces as well. If you want to check out the episode follow the Hulu link for your viewing pleasure.

We were notified by one of our site visitors about this episode, but the email was lost and we cannot thank the correct individual. Step up and claim your recognition whoever you are!

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11 Responses to “ Jason Slashes Through ‘The Cleveland Show’ ”

  1. I don’t think they made the killer look different because they were worried about copyright infringement. That would be odd, cause Jason appeared on Seth Mc Farlane’s other show; Family Guy. With a hockey mask that even had the axe cut and boat propeller battle damage.

  2. Not really a fan of the Cleveland show or Family Guy but I might check this out.

  3. I watched that episode. The Jason stuff was in the very beginning, however. Good show, though.

  4. I am not a fan of the shows either, but it is interesting to see that the series is still referenced. :)

  5. Thats awesome. Seth Macfarlane must be a hard core Jason fan. Jason also appeared on Family Guy a few years back.

  6. The Jason appearance in south park’s imaginationland was much better.

    Sorry but Family Guy has a terrible sense of humor. It’s mostly flashbacks with interchangeable pop culture icons and situations that are irrelevant to the plot.

  7. @Justin…. I agree with you bro. Family Guy is not funny. I’ll take the Simpsons (yes, I still love the simpsons) & south park over any thing Seth McFarlane does. Now there is a guy that’s going straight to Hell. :)

  8. I’m more of a Family Guy/American Dad fan, but Cleveland Show has its moments occasionally. Watching Rallo scare people was pretty funny.

  9. I haven’t seen much of the Cleveland show, but I’ll have to check this episode out.

  10. Nice too see new shows still intersted in using Jason!!!
    hahahahaha, looks good!!

  11. A few years ago everybody loved Family Guy, just with Tarantino the public opinion changed. Interesting. The last 2 seasons there haven’t been as much interchangeable or dirivitive jokes though. I love Family Guy, it’s got a unique sense of humor, just like South Park.

    I love The Simpsons as well but they haven’t written a good episode since 2024. Anything from The Simpsons in the 90’s is gold though. The Simpsons referenced Jason in the show multiple times;

    - Homer running in Bart’s room with a hockey mask and chainsaw
    - A campfire with scouts where we get a POV and the classic ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma
    - At one point Freddy AND Jason watch TV in The Simpsons’ living room

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