Sunday Comic Digest: Jason The Loyal Son

Excepted from Friday The 13th: How I Spent My Summer Vacation #2 Written by Jason Aaron, Penciled by Adam Archer, Inked by Peter Guzman, Colored by Jonny Rench, Lettered by Wes Abbot, Published by Wildstorm Comics.

For the two issues of this sombre little tale beautifully written by Weapon X’s Jason Aaron in what is best described as “What if Jason Was The Iron Giant”, Jason storms across the country on an epic mindless rampage facing soldiers, hicks, and somewhat of a sidekick in an afflicted young boy. Except the rampage is not so mindless after all – as we learn in the final two pages, Jason had a specific direction, destination and – touchingly – motivation in mind…



About Sunday Comic Digest:
Sunday Comic Digest is a once-per-week feature excerpting between 1 to 3 pages of a past single Friday The 13th comic (minus the most recent series at time of posting) taken out of context from the original issue for purposes of discussion. The intent is to display them on a preview basis, never to show a complete issue or anywhere close, expose fans unfamiliar with the comics to the material and thusly encourage purchases of the complete issue or collected series.

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7 Responses to “ Sunday Comic Digest: Jason The Loyal Son ”

  1. I love that shot of Jason behind the gravestone. Awesome!

  2. Wildstorm did a great job with these comics! I love them

  3. yeah I do like the wildstorm comics
    just really really getting sick of the VS look

  4. I got the wildstorm series when they came out and thoroughly enjoyed them.I’m a comic book nut anyway so these were quickly snapped up by me.I love the way they portray F13 and Jason in a traditional(80’s?)way.Well apart from his clothing anyway(right SPAZ?)How come a limited run comic book series can get it right but so many screenwriters can’t(i’m pointing at you Shannon + Swift)…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. Wow this looks pretty cool. Would like this comic.

  6. I’ve got it and it’a very nice

  7. Very nice!

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