Setting Up The Scene: Eva’s Death, Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Takes Manhattan is one of those movies, for me, that is awesome in some parts and atrocious in others. Personally, there’s enough apsects of the movie to make me like it enough to rewatch it from time to time. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Jason chases Eva into the dance hall.

I like the way this scene is filmed because the lighting was done so well and I just like that a death scene was being filmed while dance music was playing in the background. Although this scene featured another death in Jason Takes Manhattan with little to no blood, it’s one of the more exciting scenes in the movie to watch.


This scene actually took a long time to film because of the different angles required by Rob Hedden to give Jason the appearance of being at any place of the room at anytime. When Kane Hodder had to choke Kelly Hu, there were a number of takes needed to get just the correct shot of the kill, but by that point Kane was completely tired.



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13 Responses to “ Setting Up The Scene: Eva’s Death, Jason Takes Manhattan ”

  1. I love Jason Takes Manhattan, especially the way the film looks, the score and the deaths. The death of Eva is amazing, especially the way he throws her onto the dancefloor after he chokes her. Powerful stuff. Also, Jason Takes Manhattan has that amazing theme song Darkest Side of The Night.

    All in all, it might be a bit of an uneven entry, but there’s a lot to love.

  2. hate this flick

  3. The movie’s not that bad, though I’d never noticed the Jason sleeves until I read about it here. I didn’t realize you could see the end of the arm makeup and the beginning of Kane’s elbows!

    Also, in that one pic above, did they use some kind of covering over the eyes to give them a darker look? The pic of him choking Eva looks like Jason’s got stocking material over his eyes.

  4. You’re right, RustyMachete, they did use material to darken the eye holes so you could not see Kane’s eyes. As I am sure you know, this was all the rage in the late 80’s. Not seeing the eyes of the killer was looked at as being more scary, not knowing what those eyes were like behind the mask.

    In Jason Goes To Hell there is a closeup of Jason’s mask and you can see through the black material they used for the covering and see Kane’s eye. Pretty funny stuff!

  5. I second Rocky’s point of view; I hate this flick.

    And I’ll add; boring, boring, boring.

  6. Jason walking through Times Square is boring?? :)

  7. well it doesn\’t sound like a good idea either.that\’s what i mean they went from trying to be scary to trying to be commericial,money is why we get bullshit like alice cooper and cheap gimmicks that make it more silly then a wwf-wwe skit.the first 5 ppl were like you watch that gory shit and you go yeah,then 6-10 come along and ppl say you watch that stupid shit in space and manhatten and body jumping slugs,cheesey cheese steak acting esp.6 and 7 and 8 sorry.i guess some of us like r drinks strong and some like watered down cheesy-ball shit whatever.when ever something tries to so mainstream it always winds up shitty.6-10 mainstream messes

  8. I liked the film,but not the mask.

  9. People can say what they want about part 8, but it was still better than Jason Goes To Hell. 1989 was just good times overall. Friday 8…Nightmare 5…Halloween 5….Chainsaw 3 (well that was in real early 1990, but it still felt like 89.) The franchises coming out in the same year was a blast.

  10. I can never really bring myself to hate any of the entries to the series. To me, all the movies have enough pluses for me to enjoy them. That’s not to say that some of them disappointed me. But I can still find enough enjoyment in all of them to re-watch them again and again.

    Side note, Jason Lives is the best for me.

  11. Sorry, I meant to say “That’s not to say some of them did not disappoint me.”

  12. Speaking of Kane’s real skin showing, if you watch his left pinky finger when he first grabs the railing of Jim’s boat at the beginning,you can see that it’s his real finger, no makeup. How can they make this type of mistake? Furthermore, how can they not see these kinds of mistakes upon review?

  13. To Steve: I totally agree with you..
    To Chris: I have wondered the same thing about a lot of movies. It sometimes seems that they just rush through things without even caring about them.

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