Film Prop Thursday: Jason Takes Manhattan Costume

There have been a few requests from visitors to see what the Jason costumes look like today outside of the films that they originally appeared in. Most of the costumes used in the films now reside in private collections, such as Mario Kirner’s Friday the 13th Props Museum. I usually forward fans over to his site to get an idea of what the items look like. However, today I wanted to showcase a full prop set of the Jason Voorhees costume from Jason Takes Manhattan.

I posted a story about this several months ago, but thought it relevant to feature these items again as there may have been those who did not get a chance to see them. Below are pics of one of the Jason Takes Manhattan costumes used during production accompanied by analysis of the clothing by Mario Kirner.

The shirt itself matches mine 100%. Same brand, same color, same bottons, same secret detail that was added to both shirts by the producion. Just one difference, the condition of the Planet Hollywood shirt is just a bit worse. The big hole below his right hand chest side is ripped through while mine is still a “hole”. And most notable, it features 4 holes on the back while mine has only one hole. I searched through the film and each time you see Jason from the back you see a shirt with one hole only. The last time at Time Square. So I think it has something to do with continuity of the storyline and this shirt was worn by Kane during the toxic wash scenes to simulate the shirt/clothes in a worser condition, when attacked by the toxic.

The hock looks a bit different compared to mine. The shape is a bit off and the color and paint looks different too. It has different straps and closures attached to it. In 2024 I met the memorabilia manager Carmen Hemus who confirmed that the mask is indeed a replica that was added to round this display up. Mario mentioned and also it is apparent in the full image above, that the Planet Hollywood costume consits of shirt, pants, boots, gloves, head appliance and one arm appliance.

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7 Responses to “ Film Prop Thursday: Jason Takes Manhattan Costume ”

  1. Great costume! This was actually the first original Jason costume I had the chance to see in person. It is difficult to say how many Jason costume sets were used during the production of Part 8 because all were covered with wet gel for the filming and so look literarely the same with no visible unique markings on screen. However from behind the scenes pictures I can tell that there is at least one shirt and pant that is defenitely not the set at Planet Hollywood nor mine. It was worn by the FX puppet at the end of the film. Please find that picture in the book Crystal Lake Memories.

  2. Awesome

  3. Great stuff. I remember getting a picture taken with the Planet Hollywood display when I was a kid.

  4. Great stuff. I remember getting my picture taken with the Planet Hollywood display when I was a kid.

  5. I wonder who the people at Planet Hollywood got to produce the mask.

  6. Awesome pics bro, thanks for posting.

  7. Great pics, thanks for sharing!!

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