What Did You Think Of The New Friday The 13th?

So the new Friday The 13th is finally here! What did you think? Vote in the poll then sound off below!

What Did You Think Of The New Friday The 13th?
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182 Responses to “ What Did You Think Of The New Friday The 13th? ”

  1. I saw the movie on wed. night and i loved the movie. It was a throw back to the old school horror. I am a huge Kane hodder fan but derek mears had jason down pat and was really great as jason. I hope he reprises the role in the sequal because he was hardcore. I know everyone else will enjoy the film as much as i did.

  2. Just got back from seeing it…I don’t know…I’m just very underwhelmed. I think I’ve been spoiled by foreign horror films like Cold Prey and Inside. It was just okay. The score really sucked…could they not get the rights to the original music or something??? Plus we only got like 3 “kill mas” in the whole movie.
    Most of the sex stuff was really corny too. Sorry I’m just ranting…I go to a slasher movie to be scared damn it!!! Michael Bay needs to stick to Transformers and stay away from horror.

  3. I’m with you Dodger. I just got back from the midnight showing. I was underwhelmed as well. And I think the main reason is because of how they billed it. They claimed this would be like a combo of 2-4. It’s nothing of the sort. The only neat throwback and most people might miss its importance but it’s the barn from part 3. The sex scene went on way too long but the girl was hot. Jason was brutal and alive which I did like. But overall I was disappointed because this really is just a stand alone Jason movie and has nothing to do with the movies they claimed to be remaking. I was so hoping he’d take an ax to the skull like in 3. Plus, what the frick happened to the scene where he was sharpening the machete? I waited the whole movie for that.

  4. Hi Mongol…I totally forgot about the machete scene from the trailer! I guess that will be in the extended cut on the DVD.
    I agree, I like my Jason alive not a zombie :) You’re right, the best part of the movie was the barn really. I also liked how we saw a wheelchair down in Jason’s lair…hopefully this was a nod to part 2 and not just random.

    I think my biggest problem with the movie is that there was no suspense. This could have been easily accomplished with using the old school score of the first 2 movies! If you haven’t seen Cold Prey I highly recommend it. It has subtitles but its a great example of how you make a good slasher movie.

  5. Maybe I was expecting too much, is it me or where much of the kills not too impressive? With the exeption of the sleeping bag, seen it. I dunno, they really could have done ALOT more with it, I mean the way Jason finds the hockey, was kinda– hmm how should I say it lame! Oh well we’ll see how things go with it.

  6. Maybe I was expecting too much, is it me or where much of the kills not too impressive? With the exeption of the sleeping bag, seen it. I dunno, they really could have done ALOT more with it, I mean the way Jason finds the hockey mask, was kinda– hmm how should I say it lame! Oh well we’ll see how things go with it.

  7. I agree with fatfridayfan. I loved the movie, I thought Derek Mears did a great job as Jason. I cant wait to see the extended cut on dvd. I loved how the movie had an old school feel to it. It doesnt top the original, or the other three, but it was definitely worth the wait.

  8. Folks…i’m beggining to think ya’ll have wet dreams about Jason in your in your sleep. Well, i’m going to see it tomorrow at noon here in Utah. No matter how good or bad the movie is…there’s always something good and bad you like about it in the end.

  9. (spoilers)

    First off – i just wanted to say that this movie should’ve been called Friday the 13th : April the 20th…..as the entire plot CLEARLY revolves around Jason getting PISSED and going on a killing rampage because people were stealing his weed. This is seriously the case. What the….? I mean think about it. His precense wasn’t all THAT well known for almost 30 years…and then all of a sudden these kids come. He brutally kills them all…and then that guy working at the woodchipper gets offed because he…also found the weed. Also, trent’s family has clearly been to that house before. They were never bothered. Its all about the weed.

    Also….best part of the film for me : during the sex scene in the upstairs bedroom “Trent” tells the girl she has “stupendous” tits. Then he mumbled something about her tits again. Now … i dont know if its because he said something unclearly or if it was the Jameson that I was drinking messing with my hearing but i swear i heard something different. I quickly turned to my friend Charles and interrobanged “did he just say your tits are So Jersey?!” . The guys behind us overheard and laughed. I didn’t find out until after the movie was over that he did in fact say “your tits are so juicy”. too bad.

    decent remake. some real intense scenes but nothing groundbreaking to the mythology. That is its biggest flaw. I would’ve strongly preferred a sequel focused on story rather than this cop-out. and with that…. theres my review.

    - bill.

  10. loved it

  11. I agree with Pedro. How Jason came to find his trademark mask was really lame and under emphasized. A lot of good things were under emphasized in this movie. As Dodger mentioned, the score sucked. Also I was hoping there would have been an actual reason for the underground tunnels, but it seems to me that whatever they were used for in this movie could have taken place either above ground in the woods or in a dark cabin. And Jason taking a girl captive!? Are you kidding me!? Like most others, I prefer Jason alive, but it’s hard to imagine anyone coming back from being run-through by a machete like he was, so he might as well have gotten his head grinded up in that wood chipper. It could easily have been a lesser injury to put him out of commission in the end. There were a few good things I liked about it though. It was full of great homages to the originals. The sleeping bag scene was a nice twist on a classic death. This one definitely had some of the best nudity out of all the Friday movies, however the sex scene itself was ridiculous. Also I liked that someone other than a cop finally pulled a gun out, but then the guy flat-out wasted any chance he had of using it on Jason.

    Overall, it was pretty underwhelming. Usually I’m still very psyched about a movie after I’ve just seen it, but this one was a bit of a let down.

  12. I just spent the last hour bitching and am thoroughly exhausted, so I’ll keep this short. Whoever wrote the score must have fallen asleep, as I almost did. No suspense, the characters weren’t even scared, and not one memorable kill. Maybe I’ll enjoy JGTH a little more now.


  13. I LOVED IT! There were just a couple things I didn’t like …but they didn’t take away from the movie at all like I thought they would. Sometimes Friday The 13th can come out so cheesy that it’s funny, but this time it was funny because they were actually trying to be. I think the kills were pretty incredible, and Jason was pissed as hell. What was there not to like? I’m glad I got to see the midnight showing, and I can’t wait for it to be on DVD!

  14. I really enjoyed this film. I just got back from a midnight showing. I’ve been reading about a lot of people not liking it, but don’t have their facts straight. Jason never lumbered until part 6.(part 5 had lumbering, but not Jason, it was Roy the paramedic.) He has always ran and usually had a general plan to what he was doing before this. He was alive until 4. He is not invisible by any means he is just a force to reckon with. The Tits are necessary. The characters are supposed to be type cast their the victims and in order for their to be a lot you have to sacrifice some development. Jason always takes it easy on the last people because for most others they don’t know he’s their or they make a mistake these people are a problem. The four deaths before the title was brilliant I didn’t even realize until they were all dead that it was never there. I did find it odd he kept someone. Let’s hope theirs a sequel and Tommy Jarvis will come out.

  15. Something I forgot to mention…

    I think bill cashman hit the nail on the head when he said Jason was only killing people because they were stealing his weed. It made sense that he would want to kill the young people because they reminded him of camp councilors, but the guy with the wood chipper? C’mon! He (bill) was also right on when he said this movie brought nothing groundbreaking to the mythology. And that really was the biggest flaw.

    Nice review bill ;)

  16. I have to wait to see this till Monday, I have lots of work over the weekend. I\’m a huge Jason fan and I loved the look from 7. I\’m a combat vet and I was a professional marksmen instructor so I prefer my Jason a super strong,invincible Zombie,Humans don\’t scare me, they die pretty easy , especially when hit by 9 rounds of OObuck shot lol.

  17. I’m not sure what some of you were expecting. This BY FAR was the best Jason movie in 25 years. Are you forgetting how goofy some of the last several have been? Jason Takes Manhattan? Jason Goes to Hell? Jason X? Freddy vs Jason? This movie went back to the basics but added some new elements. The traps, making him smart. The old promo tag line “These are Jason’s woods.” really fit with this movie.

    The score could have been better and the hockey mask scene was a bit undramaric, but if you remember a certain trophy in Jason’s room…it makes a little more sense.

    I liked it a lot. Much better than the Halloween remake. And I LIKE that this wasn’t a straight remake. It was an homage and a fresh new start. I’m going again and pretty much everyone in the theatre loved it too.

  18. I liked it! Not hard to please here.

    I thought people hated the idea of remakes because they tend to mess with the mythology. What else could we possibly have been told about Jason that we did not know?

  19. Ok so I just got back from seeing Friday The 13th and I had some worries before going but after seeing it I could have not been happier. This is by far “for me” the best Friday The 13th, it had everything I could have wanted in a Jason movie, some old and some new. There really isn’t much bad to say about this movie. Ok I’m not going into details about the movie, all I will say is GO SEE IT!! If your a fan of this movies you should Love it. Just remember everyone has there on opinion.

  20. I thought the first 20 minutes was fucking badass. Then everything up until the last ten minutes was enjoyable and held my attention with the comedy, the kills, and the tits….well I only saw 1 nice set of tits…the first two sets of tits were just mounds of silicone and for that I was let down…really an awful trend in todays horror movies…girls with fake tits…ugh…for the sake of todays economy, lets keep it natural from now on and cut the wasteful viewing of fake breasts in horror movies.

    But the ending…THE ENDING…thats what really hurt. More than the fake tits. Seriously. THE ENDING sucked. You don’t let Jason go out like that. You don’t grind that tiny top of his head for a second and then “honor” him by not calling the cops to tell them that like 10 kids have just been brutally murdered but instead drag Jasons big heavy ass to the lake and dumping him in the water because its “where he belongs” and then toss the hocky mask in there like “we know you loved this mask” and then thats fucking it with some way too fast “JASON IS JUMPING UP THRU THE FUCKING DOCK TO GET YOU” last scare and not even show his face.

    HIS FUCKING FACE. THEY DIDNT SHOW HIS FUCKING FACE. %@$&[email protected]#@!#^@$!

    When you make one of these movies you show Jasons face. You don’t show glimpses. You don’t allude to shit. In the end of the movie you do two things a) show his wickidly grotesque face in full detail and view and then b) fucking KILL HIM AWESOME STYLE WHAT THE FUCK.

    Everything up until the last 10 minutes led me to believe this movie had it right. well…mostly right(fake titties blow small cock)…..

    but I was wrong.

    So I still wait for the all encompassing perfect post modern Jason Movie…

    But for now this one will have to do….and I just got my free ticket outa my copy of “His Name Was Jason”….

  21. It was good, but not great. However it was a definite improvement over the original movies. Some of the kills were pretty creative, but only one of them was unexpected in my opinion. The beginning was cool, and the movie didn’t really drag on at any part, which was good.

    It’s not a must-see movie by any means, but if you’re a fan of the series or have a high level of interest in it, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

  22. Well I haven’t seen it yet, but as alot of you old school forum folks know I am definately a huge fan and am excited for today. Going to see the earliest show tomorrow to get Ticket #1. My Xbox Live Gamertag is Friday The 13th lol… Anyways I’ll be back later today with my impressions as Iv’e seen theres some who aren’t liking it but some who do. We’ll see..

  23. If you didn’t like the remake, then you probably missed the point…pretty good shit.

  24. What was with the whole kidnapping of clay’s sister all about? seems the same from Hills have eyes 2

  25. The people who didn’t like it need to understand that this was a re-imaging, not a reel for reel remake of the original. They had to cram 3 movies into 90 minutes and I think they did a damn fine job. Definetaly better than the last few movies, the film moved along nicely with no down time, kills were great, alive Jason was something refreshing for a change and there were a ton of homages to past films. Everyone would of liked to see something from the original that wasn’t there, but lets be reasonable. It was a great slasher flick that will hopefully s.pawn a sequel and more

  26. I haven’t seen it yet, but I didn’t want them to get too much in to Jason’s past that we didn’t know about. I am reminded of the Halloween remake. I was fine with not knowing so much about Michael Myers. I didn’t want to think that he came from a uber-white-trash family. I didn’t want to know someone cared about him and called him Mikey. I didn’t want to know he was the long lost Hanson brother. Now, I have a different view of him. I liked not being sympathetic with the killer.

    Hopefully the new F13 movie won’t taint my image of Jason. My school of logic is that if you haven’t told us something about the guy by now, don’t bring it up 25 years later…

    Oh wait, I know one thing new movies have ruined my vision of Jason on. Freddy vs. Jason…since when is Jason afraid of the water? The man freakin’ loves the stuff now. I can think of plenty of kills through the series that take place in the water. He even hitched a ride outside of the boat to New York! You don’t see him putting on his floaties or staying on the shallow end.

    But, I can get passed that. I consider the Paramount pictures the real Friday the 13th movies. I think New Line made him a joke (I know Manhattan was pretty bad too, but all in all they were better than New Line).

    Ok. I’m going to see the movie tonight, assuming its not sold out. Hopefully I won’t have anything bad to say about it.

  27. Seen it February 12th. Damn, the film’s so good. I totally loved it. It didn’t bring me down. What to start from? Well, the main here I think is the plot. It’s very good. It’s dynamic, pretty scary in some moments and have lots of hamges to parts 1-4. The movie never stands still or has silly moments. All the actions are understood and and all the plot moves are very logical. I liked directing and camera work because… it has some style, a distinctive imagery… The location’s fine (but I think they could pick a better place for shooting), I totally loved Camp Crystal Lake look. It seems very abandoned, but still we see a lot of life signs here, we feel Jason’s presence. I liked the cabin with a kid’s room (was that the one Jason actually lived in, I think it was)… it’s very atmospheric, all these toys and dolls and random stuff are just great.
    Jason. Oh my gosh, he’s awesome. I think he portrayed here as a tragic character. You can really feel that he’s a lonely creature. Very mentally deranged, very childish. And still a brutal killer… I can’t see resemblense to Leatherface in 2000s movies hopefully… Leatherface was just an executioner, but the new Jason is a deadly hunter. Derek mears did a great job. The way he moves…aah, it’s very creepy. Also he can translate some emotions through his gaze and it chills.
    The moment of discovering the hockey is… awesome I think. It’s so natural. I mean to me it should’ve been something that happens by the way and they did exactly as I expected. It shows that Jason isn’t really bothered by by what he wears, I think he just picked the mask because it sits better than the sack and for nothing else. Not becuse it’s cool or scary. It’s very realistic moment.
    I liked the score, but thay could add more of manfredini’s calling card)
    On the whole I think we have the most realistic friday move ever made. 9 out of 10.

  28. As a huge fan of Friday the 13th this is hard for me say but…get over it people, it’s Friday the 13th. There wasn’t going to be anything groundbreaking about it. It wasn’t going to go down in motion picture history as the greatest film ever made. I in fact loved it, it was fun to see Jason as a real live person again. Just out killing to be killing. Would I have liked more sure, was I expecting more? No. Just enjoy the fact that we now have a new chapter in the series. I am.

  29. i loved the movie. i just want a version to myself without that score so i can put the old manfredini score in myself lol. im still going through the scenes in my head and i keep thinking how replacing that little-too-machiney sounding score they used. hell, there were parts with absolutely no music where the manfredini score would have helped drastically. and they totally dropped the ball on the signature ki ki ki… part. if not for that, this movie would have been almost perfect, imo. gimmie a dvd rip in a few months without the score and i’ll have a kick-ass fan edit.

  30. when i went to the pittsburgh premier we sat with savini (we’re students at his makeup school) and his only words besides hating the ending and the lack of manfredini were “I never wanted to see a group of kids die so bad in my life!” That’s saying a lot coming from tom savini, but he loved all the homages they through in there. Derek Mears actually called him in the middle of the movie haha. by the way. derek mears f***ing owns as jason!

  31. Well I got back from the midnight showing & decided Id sleep on it before writing a review…

    Overall I really liked it, I guess I thought the killings were gonna be more vicious; for all the hype fuller & form have been alluding to for the last 2 years( they probably were but got cut down I’m sure by the MPAA). The sex was definitely there which was expected.

    I was kinda like meh overall, but as I sit here I really am starting to like it more and more every second. I tend to do that with horror movies I have been waiting for.

    I am a mega fanatic of the series(“the whole 9 yard” seen all them a billion times & grew up with them blah blah) I guess I was expecting the greatest remake ever & for it to blow me away. Basically I came in there with unrealistic expectations which was probably unfair.

    Would I have done things differently? Probably some here and there yea! But all in all I really did enjoy the movie…

    As I go through dissecting the scenes here and there in my head, like I said earlier; I like it more and more I think about it. Its growing on me more and more by the minute…..


    p.s. I officially have a new crush; Willa Ford haha!

  32. thats exactly how i felt bigtdoe, i was iffy if i even liked it at all at first but the more i thought about it and talked about it the more i liked it. im going to check it out again tonight so hopefully the 2nd time does it for me. I realyl wished they killed off travis van winkle alot more brutally. i loved the deaths in the new one they were very 80s and not extreme like new movies but i’ve been waiting for travis to die since he was a prickbag in “accepted”!!!

  33. best Friday, best acting, best kills, and best Jason (Thank you, Derek Mears).

  34. Roy Burns

    Yea, like I said for all of us myself included that were not “blown out of our seat with the greatest remake ever” we really couldnt be cuz seeing that since its our favorite horror movie ever; there is just unfair expectations put.

    Im sure the next time I see I’ll love it & Im sure everyone else who is a true Friday fan is gonna love and cherish this remake like all the others forever.

    Did I mention I love Willa Ford LOL!

  35. It wasn’t anything new but it was a great “Jason” movie. Stuck to the formula, had lots of kills and i was an overall good time. We’re not talking oscar winner or anything but I am satisfied.

  36. After I’ve slept on it I’ll give this movie another chance when it comes out on DVD. It wasn’t horrible, I guess I was just expecting more. My biggest gripe is still the score…man, what happened? The score and the “ki ma”s were what absolutely made the early movies the classics that they are. Despite having all the elements a Friday film should have it didn’t really feel like one without the great music. Thats like remaking Jaws and using different music!

  37. I’ve gotta agree with Kenny’s review. As a huge Friday the 13th fan myself, I was hoping for a good movie, but not expecting it to be great. I was satisfied. The first thought that crossed my mind as soon as it was over was that they did a better job than expected. The collaborators definitely had the old school Friday films in mind when they were making the film.

    I will agree with everyone commenting on the soundtrack. The movie could have been better if it was given some more original music and included a few more ki ki ki ma ma mas.

    Overall, it was a good time.

  38. Did I see a different movie than everybody here? I honestly think people are really trying to convince themselves they liked this piece of garbage. I mean, it’s definately a standalone film, definately NOT a remake, and it’s actually EXACTLY the movie I thought it would be. But I was really expecting to like this movie. I took 2 days off work expecting to watch it over and over and over, and as it turns out, once was enough. I just saw a Scooby Doo episode where Shaggy says, “What’s a chase without the chase music??” And that definetly applies here. I wasn’t expecting Harry Manfredini’s score, but I was expecting SOMETHING. Even if the score had been better, it wouldn’t have helped things much, because this movie was such a bore. At least get it moving with some inventive death scenes. They lingered on that circular saw in the shed getting our hopes up, and then………..lame death number 8. The audience I saw it with wasn’t even yelling at the screen, everyone was just talking amongst themselves, about what they did today, their plans for the weekend. We forgot we were at the movies. And that’s really sad.

  39. I think people are missing the point here (the ones complaining). I plan on seeing the movie after work today, so I don’t have an opinion as far as how good or bad the movie was. With that being said I think people seem to be expecting some slasher-rehash of the 80s films. You need to take into account that they want to “re-invent” the series as opposed to “replaying” it. People pointing out details left out of the this current movie from the original films have misguided expectations. They cannot go back to the old script, that is why these movies never stayed in theatres too long in the past (with some exceptions of course). They need to add something fresh and “new”, otherwise it’s just the same old film and that to me robs the fans.

    I think if you go into the movie with a general idea of Jason (I’m a huge fan) as opposed to an already scripted out plan of what you think Jason has to be, then you will come away pleased. The reason Jason worked in the first place (much like ALL horror icons) is the shock value. Movies got stale when it got to be the “same old routine”, then we saw Jason in space and Jason’s ghost on a body snatching rampage.

    I do have to say that I am VERY disappointed to hear that the score did not contain much of the original. The soft piano and the ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah are GOLD. So marketable and original. If they missed the OBVIOUS here, then I’ll be a little annoyed. They could mold the tune to be synonymous with Jason as the Halloween piano is with Micheal Myers…

    anyways, just a thought from this guineas perspective.

    Stoked to see the film tonight

  40. This movie was horrible because Kane Hodder didn\’t play Jason! Bring back Kane and make a real Friday the 13th! LOL! Just kidding. This post is 100% sarcastic! ;)

  41. I didn’t miss the point here. I totally get it. It was the filmmakers that missed the point here.

  42. After waiting 3 years to see this film. I was impressed with it, it was better then i was expecting. It could have been a little better oh well just wait for the un-rated blu-ray watch the other version. ill be very happy, cant wait for that sequel.

    gotta ask,which was your favorite death scene? mine would have to be trents.

  43. I loved the movie. So much better than the previous installments. Enough said.

    By the way, does anyone know the name of the song playing during Trent and the blonde girls sex scene?


  44. Alright, I have been waiting a year for this movie. Usually when I am so hyped up for a movie (like this one) its never as good as I thought it would be. And of course that is what happened. Dont get me wrong, it was entertaining. Maybe it was the theater that I was at, but the volume sucked…it wasnt loud enough at all…I barely jumped. I loved the cast (Aaron Yoo) just makes you laugh. But some things that were really stupid, the whole water skiing scene, retarted. Jason using a cross bow kind of pissed me off. Also, Jason throwing an axe from 30 yards away and hitting Arlen perfectly, pretty gay. I just feel like it wasnt very suspenseful, Nipsel\’s Texas Chainsaw…a lot better sorry guys. Texas Chainsaw was a lot more of a darker film, which I liked. The best part of Friday the 13th was the opening Title, and Aaron Yoo\’s hilarious lines. Friday the 13th (2009): 6-7

  45. By opening title I meant when “Friday the 13th” came across the screen, that was pretty bad ass. With all this being said I will probably buy it on DVD anyways haha. But like I said, Texas Chainsaw was better. Both movies had good casts, but Texas Chainsaw pulled out the win.

  46. I think the film makers missed the point as well. I was looking forward to a darker film like the texas chainsaw massacre remake. Plus, I don’t like the fact that it was made in modern day. Lastly, whi would Jason tamper off to the house that was a replica of part 3. The group of friends that roll together throughout the film do not mesh well together at all. The person who was playing the new Ginny was terribly done, they should of emphasized her role more(with better lines), part 2 was more believable and suspensfull. No harry manfredini music…. why? Camera shots were done wrong, not like the first 4.

    The ending really blew, hopefully the dvd will have an alternate ending.

    I guess my expectations were too high.

    But some of you are right, the film makers just didnt get it.

    Long story short, the original friday 1-4 kick the crap out of this one.

  47. best death scene- the boat kill.

  48. just got back from seeing it. i think im with the majority, i was a little underwhelmed but ONLY because i went in with high expectations. on the whole it was a fantastic jason movie with real nice homages to the previous films. if we going to compare remakes, the texas chainsaw massacre remake edges this, but add a manfredini score to the sequal and we\’ll have a real kickass film. Also Derek Mears is only bettered by Richard Brooker IMO.

  49. Why would Jason’s use of a cross bow be abnormal for him? He used Shelly’s spear gun in part 3 which functions in pretty much the exact same way. If anything, his use of crossbow would be an homage to Vera’s death scene with Shelly’s spear gun.

  50. I understand Jason is a badass, and can kill anyone in anyway he wants to. But I just wasn’t expecting that, its just my opinion, I thought it was kind of stupid, and funny. Another thing that bugged me was the cheesy line at the end of the movie “Say Hi to Mommy Jason, in Hell”. I mean come on, no one would ever say that in a real life situation. Yes its cinemax, and thats what the crowd loves. But I just wanna see a horror movie that shows what kids would really do if they were in this situation, unfortunately though, I dont think anyone will ever know, unless it actually happens to them. I think this movie resembles the 2005 House of Wax film in a way, just a movie made with a bunch of hott young actors showing off their muscles and bodies. Thank God Paris Hilton wasn’t in this though haha. Overall this movie was entertaining, just not very scary. I would like to watch it again though.

  51. Loved it, thought it was brilliant.

    My favourite part was definitely the opening just before we saw it say Friday the 13th. ***SPOILERS*** the machete to the head of that guy in the bear trap was just genius ***END SPOILERS***

    I actually loved the score thought it was cool.

    Oh and I loved Derek Mears as Jason, totally rocked.

    Only complaint would be not enough ki ki ki ma ma ma but thats nit picking, bring on the next one

    Rating 8/10 (Hopefully the unrated extended DVD cut will up this rating)

  52. One thing I forgot to add way up at the top was that I like Derek’s portrayal of Jason a lot. He said Rambo was an inspiration which I thought was weird when he said it but after seeing it, I thought he pulled it off nicely. I enjoyed that take. My big complaints with the movie are the lack of a cool music score. I would’ve liked a bit of the old music thrown in here & there. Also since when does Jason take a hostage? It made no sense. I figured it out after that boyfriend in the beginning said she looked like Jason’s mother but that was still way beyond me. That was way too hokey to keep this person alive. (I won’t say who for those who didn’t see it). Also, what’s with the weed overtones in these Platinum Dune movies? I can’t believe how much the dialogue in the beginning was devoted to it. I thought that was lame. Plus I would have liked to have seen some counselors. After all this is a camp. But maybe the sequel will have this. Plus, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m all for Tommy Jarvis being introduced. That would be cool.

  53. Yeah, & peraps Corey Feldman could play Rob this time……NOT!

  54. But…..the heir to the Rob character was already in this one, so I guess that’s out. & Corey is too old for anything else.

    Oh well.

  55. I loved it!
    I’ve already seen it twice.
    The intro and the hostage are my only complaints.
    Jason is amazing in this film, a real mean mother fucker.

  56. Sorry guys, I was VERY dissapointed. I saw it on Tuesday at a screening and I was waiting to hear what all the other Friday fans had to say about it. First major letdown, the storyline. I’m sorry, but this movie doesn’t even seem like a Friday the 13th movie. Put in Jason and set it in Crystal Lake (or a vacation house across the lake) and you can call it that I suppose. Oh, and the music… just horrible. We heard “ki ki, ma ma” what, like maybe 5 times during the whole film? All we got was a low subwoofing thump that indicates something bad is going to happen; could’ve represented anyone. The way Jason got his mask was stupid and how he looked into the mirror was lame too, like he needed to do that just to get the audience to say “yay.” Why didn’t they develope a relationship between Jason and the girl he was holding hostage that resembled his mother more?! We saw her once, then again at the end, and that was it!! They could’ve at least done something where Jason would’ve kept newspaper clippings from 1980 and she could’ve stumbled across them to understand more about him… anything!! The hicks really bothered me too and how they speak of him throughout the town; just stupid. The whole thing was just a poor attepmt at giving the franchise another jump-start. We were cheated by this movie, starting with a trailer that had me pumped to see it because that was awesome. Stupid characters, lifeless movie, Samuel Bayer had better keep a close eye on the feedback from this movie before he jumps into ruining another franchise.

  57. I haven\’t seen anyone mention the opening credits. I absolutely loved the movie. except the opening credits. i think i coulda done without Mrs Voorhees. The was nothing to it. No fight or nothing. it was just off with her head. I didn\’t like that Mrs Voorhees. Just left me with a weird start. but the rest of the movie was golden. I loved the kills, I LOVED Jason. Derek Mears was fucking awesome. He made Jason relentless. overall it could be up there in my top 3 Friday the 13ths but i just didn\’t like the opening credits with Mrs. Voorhees and I wasn\’t too happy with the end. At least when he jumps out of the lake makes up for it (a little bit) still i wanted Jared to die. or Whitney. either of the two or both would have been swell. So in my honest opinion i give it a 9/10

  58. 47 people calling it the best ever? You really think it’s better than 1-4?

  59. “47 people calling it the best ever? You really think it’s better than 1-4?”

    Hells NO!!!!

  60. Since part 6, I’ve seen all of the Fridays in the theatre and this one got the best response. The group of fans I saw it with last night at midnight just ate it up, myself included. Personally I thought it was the best since part 4, sure I have a couple gripes…the score was lacking for me and *SPOILER* the ending would have been better if Jason was unmasked as he grabbed Whitney. I mean, did he have time to grab the mask underwater and fasten it to his head before he came back up and grabbed her? After Jason Takes Manhattan, JGTH, Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason…this is cinematic Voorhees gold.

  61. The new friday the 13th was awesome. Iloved it. This movie is the best one since Part 7. It is totally better than Jason takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, and Freddy Vs. Jason.

  62. Loved it! What else is there to say, except that I’m going back for my third viewing tonight?

  63. Loved It Going To A Midnight Show Tonight Went last night and this morning cant wait for the dvd Its Great to finnaly see Jason Terrorizing Crystal Lake agains Instead of Manhattan,Space,Elm Street I was Looking forward to the Machete scen but i guess we will see it eventually

  64. It was good. The best since part 7 for me.

  65. I agree with lance. when I wake up I’ll write out a detailed review. until then I’m gonna sleep. (becuz I just wrote it up and it didn’t post)

  66. until then – please check out the Friday the 13th tribute claymation I made when I was a kid in the 80s. This brings back some good memories – cant wait to see the real jason back in action!


  67. So, where does this up the timeline? New because its somewhere between the second and third movie with a bit of retooling and booting around.

    Or is this a total reboot?

  68. Travis Van Winkle plays the same character in every movie. A cocky dickhead…haha

  69. hate to say it but i told you guys it would suck.im gonna go see it tonight but ive known that its gonna be dispointing

  70. good movie not great loved seeing Cummings was on board
    love the old horror and the new kill’s. would like to help do a part 2 got great way’s to move this to the 13th installment. old school horror at its best

  71. I loved it. Before I saw this, Part 4 was my favorite in the series. That changed after I watched the first few minutes of the new one.

  72. Wow, I was extremely disappointed. Nothing new at all! We’ve all seen this ten times before! The ending was terrible. Okay well anyway here we go.

    The Good- Derek Mears was awesome as Jason. Jason ran which was good cause he did in the first four films. They gave Jason a bit of a character not just some dude killing people, but not enough! He was human and not a zombie. They kind of did some of the same things in respect to the original films (ex. hanging him, his mom’s head, etc.) like Rob Zombie did with Halloween.

    The Bad- The score. The script. The actors. The ending. The lack of sweet kills (the sleeping bag was kinda cool). The lack of originality. I am just very sadened by this movie. I was so excited because I love this franchise and this was just soooo very disappointing man. I wish they would’ve went into more of Jason’s personality and his character. Up until the ending I was content, because I mean okay they couldn’t do much more different shit but there’s bound to be a sweet ending. NOPE! They drop Jason in the lake with his mask. Of course he comes back and grabs someone. I mean c’mon man. End it, let him die. No more zombie Jason please! It just put me in a bad mood. Nothing new, there was no reason for this movie to be made. At least with Halloween Rob Zombie explained why Michael Myers was like that. They should’ve asked him to remake this. A very pointless “re-imaging” to me. Not much re-imaging went into this, at all. If you’re a huge fan like myself, you have to see it to form your own opinion, but I was very disappointed.

  73. i loved it.the music was much to be desierd.a little confusing at the ending.all&all it was worth the wait.way better than the halloween remake.it stayed true to the original story without comming up with a stupid mythology.they have to make a another one hopefully.maybee every 2 years.all &all it could have been better &it could have been worse.i still like the texas chainsaw massacre:the beginning better than this but not by much platium dunes are really putting out extremly great movies…they have to come out with a uncut version because the kills seemed to fast and they were very cut up………the movie kicked ass enough said.

  74. SPOILER ALERT!!! I just saw the movie. And I would say if you like movies 1-4 you wont be dissapointed. Yeah there are small things in the film, but that is just nick picking. The creepiness of an abandoned Camp Crystal lake was awesome. Jason knows his way around those woods. The first 15 minutes of the film are intense, when you have a guy trapped in a bear trap and he can\’t get to the woman who is in the sleeping bag, you feel for that guy big time, he wants to help but he can\’t move, and then Jason shows up and splits his head open, only to put his foot on the guys head to pull the machetee back out, that was classic IMO. I dont know why stupid people want to complain that Jason was growing pot…..that certainly isn\’t the case. The pot was just planted in a bad area, and some kids found out about it, and wanted to get some. My only dislike about the film, is how he got the mask. It is not realistic to think that a hockey mask is just laying around in some old barn/workshop but again that is just pety stuff. I am already looking forward to the DVD with the extra\’s IMO I believe it will be better, and it will certainly be fan friendly. I believe this movie will make $$$ at the box office, and a sequel will be made. And with the sequel, I believe it will allow them to get more creative. I read some reviews about Jason in a winter setting with snow, and I think that would be really cool, and also, I think it would be neat to see Jason wreck havoc on the town of Chystal Lake.

  75. Fresh take on a new error in horror cinema. Loved the movie.
    Except the blonde that was having her moment right before her head gets wacked with the boat. Good kills, fake tits and Jason was mad as hell in this movie. Think they should have shown a scene with him smoking some weed. One of my favorite parts is how is toyed with the victims right before he killed them. Finally, the blonde should have got the machete in the ear as her head was against the door. Besides Jason just sticks her body into the deer horns and loved that he killed a Cop.

  76. Huge fan and thought the movie was pretty cool.

    but for some reason i thought this one was going to be differen’t
    from the originals by being more dark and serious like TCM remake,
    but it really was an tilted hat to the originals. The deaths were good but not brutal which i hoped they would be. What i think made this movie an 80% rather than a 100 was the score, hearing that heavy metal score really made you want harry back

  77. Once again, I think people are expecting entirely too much from a Friday the 13th film. It had most of what made the previous movies fun. And it had it’s own thing. If I wanted to see a complete rehash of the first 8 flicks…I would watch the first 8 flicks. I thought what this movie offered up where some great homages and a great new spin on things.

    I don’t get the whole “Jason is protecting his weed” crap that spilled over from Aintitcool. There just happened to be a crop in the woods. The kids were in the woods. Jason kills…in the woods. Come to Kentucky and wonder through the woods. You’re bound to find a crop here and there randomly. It’s not like Jason was harvesting weed. It’s just that his woods happen to be in a town where people will find anywhere they can to plant the stuff.

  78. I LOVED THE FILM!!!!!!!! DEREK WAS FANTASTIC!!! SOOOOO played the part beautifully!!!!! Like Kenny said, its a F13 movie, u expect to see wat u see in f13 movies! Gore, sex, jason, good kills, screaming women, fake tits!! For the first time, with me, when i saw the tunnels, it felt like it WAS jasons home, eveything looked so real and “homely” liked he had been there for ages! If u know what i mean?
    I was waiting for the sharpning of the meachete….but nothing! Hope its in the dvd!!!
    The body in the bag that he was carring was really good. He looked so “human” not JUST a killing machine, but a human killing machine! Derek, i bow too you, you did a very good job 10/10!!!
    Ohh and the reason why he kept the blokes sister alive was cause she looked like jasons mum when she was a lot younger!!!

  79. I can’t believe that there are fans who say it didn’t measure up. The only way you could say it didn’t is if you didn’t have an open mind about this one being different than the first 4. Whoever said they didn’t include any nods to the first four movies besides the barn was nuts. There were lots of borrowed ideas.

    1. the barn
    2. the shrine and head of mama
    3. the bag and mask obviously
    4. the mom lookalike copying mom and confusing jason
    5. The big finish at the lake

    and thats just off the top of my head.

    I thought it was rather suspensful, maybe suspense wasn’t the word for it but I saw it with an audience of people who were on the edge of their seats wondering where jason was next and jumping at all the scares.

    Meers played an incredible Jason who was vicious and brutal.

    I can’t believe any fan wouldn’t have enjoyed this one.

    and so you don’t think I’m a New Line Jason Fan I’ve seen them all countless times, and have the book, and I live at a camp…..big fan

  80. MINOR SPOILER???im not understanding some peoples opinions that the mask scene is not realistic or just plain lame?? i thought it was a great way to find it, he bent down to put his sack back on and found the mask lying under a pile of crap, why is that so unrealistic? old sports equipment gathering dust like in a lot of peoples garages? very happy with that scene if im honest.

  81. Loved it pure & simple, yeah it wasnt flawless, ending was a bit quick but its left open for a return of the King, if they totaly fucked him up then it wouldnt be that great as in 2 & 3 he gets 1 major blow & its nae untill final chapter when he gets his ass handed to him by Tommy which kills him properly, id love a sequel that carrys on within a short period of time like part 2,3 & 4. deaths were cool, nothing over the top just straight to the point & brutal, liked the element of how he dosent harm folk who dont bother him or invade his teretory etc, in my opinion its in the top 4 with part 4 being the best & by far the scariest, & this new 1 a close runner up with part 1 & 2. some folk are moaning about this film, but please common guys watch rob zombies halloween again before you watch the new Friday & youl realise how good it is, another thing that was mentioned was how was special about the charectors well it is explained that people have bein & disapeared in the past,\

  82. Great movie! The set up for the films title was amazing. He should have taken an axe in the head at the end, but good to see a bit of a hanging in the barn. Better than anything after part six.

  83. heheh everyone’s complaining about the music. i was unaware that there was any music in the movie at all. i guess that says something…

  84. I liked it. It didn’t blow me away, but it didn’t piss me off, either. It was good to have Jason back on the big screen and I liked most of the film. I agree, the beginning kicked ass, all before the opening title. And I also agree that the end was a “what the?” moment. Still a shock, but a bit of an odd way to get to that point.

    I would love another one, though. More Jason, always!

  85. There was something about this movie that left me wanting more. The weed part was stupid. And I personaally feel that Jason in this movie wasn’t menacing. I mean he was violent but outside of that he just looks normal. It wasn’t until the rafter fell on him at the end and that explosion where he grabs the board…that is what I was waiting for the whole movie.

    I did like the homage to the barn and how he was hung by chains. I also liked how they showed his archery trophy…which makes it a little easier to believe he can make a head shot with a bow on someone that is on a speed boat.

    Overall I feel like it lefting me wanting a better quality not quantity.

  86. Where was the killer music from 1-4? Where was the Jason\’s sounds (chi chi chi, ha ha ha)? I am totally frustrated with this movie. It was scary again but not nearly as scary as 1-4. They had so many years to get it right, and by all early indications they were on the right track. Two of the most basic elements of the old films were absent in this movie and it makes all the difference. I just don\’t get it. Please understand, I am pysched to see Jason back on the big screen, I know this movie will ton it at the box office. My point is, this is the last attempt to get it right and pay homage to the old films and they f\’d it up again.

  87. Bad! Tense!

    A great friday movie.

  88. I don’t get all the negativity on here – did you all go in expecting some sort of horror equivalent to “The Departed?”

    Platinum Dunes’ F13 is underwhelming, but it sure is better than every other F13 besides 2 & 4. (And 4 isn’t that great when you consider the teens in that movie were ridiculously bad characters.)

    I found the pacing in the 2009 version to be relentless – Jason was indeed a killing machine just powering through his victims one after another. Jason was fast, violent, and a behemoth. Derek Mears portrays a wild animal type of Jason, and is far superior to everyone’s darling Kane Hodder (who was only good in Part 7).

    The victims in this film all had some substance, even the mongloid who lost his virginity to a mannequin. And Julianna Guill has the most amazing body of any woman in F13 history – she even beats out “Teri” from Part 2.

    The ending with the disposal of Jason’s body I think was supposed to be farfetched, as most F13 films have some sort of “trick” ending.

    And finally, to continue against the norm – I found the score to be right on. Jablonsky’s pieces were hauntingly good. As for “ki ki ma ma,” it is a nice homage, but it’s not essential to every freaking scene. I’m more concerned about a polished film with decent acting and violent kills than hearing “ki ki ma ma” every 15 minutes.

    Honestly, after being subjected to such celluloid garbage as F13 Parts 5, 8, 9, and X…you’d think you all would be more appreciative of this quality film.

    My top 3:

    1. Part 2
    2. 2009
    3. Part 4

  89. i really loved this movie it had my girlfriend scared in a few parts of the movie. and i was compairing parts of this new one from other parts of the 1-4. the best part of the whole movie is how angry jason gets and the how violent jason was in the movie. i would give it a 10 out of 10. cant wait to see what part 2 will be like. is it going into more detail of the movies part 5-8 or what? cant wait to go see part 2 when it comes out to theater.

  90. I really enjoyed it. After reading some thoughts on here I thought I would be disapointed…but I loved it. :)

  91. I’m alarmed by how many are calling it the best Friday ever. I know people have a right to an opinion, but really? A lot of those people have probably only seen this one. That or Halloweeny is using a proxy to vote over and over, since he thinks any new horror film is gold.

  92. underwhelmed is a really good word to explain how this movie made me feel when i first got done seeing it.

    now that i’ve had time to think it over i say it was ok. i expected so much but it wasn’t anything like i expected or wanted it to be. this movie was too sex driven and i know thats wierd to say cuz usually i agree theres never too much sex but anytime you have more boob shots than shots of jasons face theres something wrong.

    still this movie had a few good scares, a few laughs and of course the black guy had to die (what do you expect?) i’d recommend the movie but don’t expect a masterpiece.

  93. I loved it it was awsome but it would have really kick ass if kane hodder was in it cuz he is the true jason voorhees no disrespect to derek mears he kicks ass aswell.Also i agree with pedro on the sleeping bag scene with the girl being burnt to a crisp in the bag over the fire but what would have been better was if kane was playing jason he should have done the same thing but instead of letting the girl burn he should of scared the other two people by coming to the bag and the swinging it into the tree.and also to anyone who hates kane hodder they can just suck it.By the way jonathan ferguson i agree with you on the whole part 7 is the best jason every because kane played that jason the best. KICK ASS KANE.

  94. Casey98…did Kane Hodder strike you on the head repeatedly? Your incoherent rant, coupled with your poor grasp on grammar, really left me quite confused.

    By the way: Kane Hodder can suck it for suiting up in the worst Friday the 13th’s put to film – JGTH and JX. Those films are abominations!

  95. Beautifully done. I almost felt bad for Jason at the end, and I was hoping he’d get lose just to continue the assault! Lots of tits, lots of humor, lots of just CRAZY Jason-ness. Keeping that girl chained up, stopping when he heard his mom, showing his emotions, especially when he killed that girl on the deer antlers…AWESOME job. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! (=

  96. I liked it ok. To me though it didn\’t feel like a Jason movie. I\’m not really that into the fast jerky pace, and the close up kills that you can\’t really tell what was stabbed. haha. My friend pointed out the barn but thought it was from part 5, I was like OHHHHH no its from 3. And she was also like look a wheel chair, Jason doesn\’t discriminate. haha Didn\’t register until now it was a possible throw back to part 2. And he kept the chick because he looked like dear ole mommy. And I jumped at every loud ass scare. haha

  97. SPOILER ALERTS: Read on only if u must.

    Here is my take. I felt the movie was pretty good, better than part 8, Jason goes to hell or Freddy vs. Jason. However, to claim that it was the greatest F13 of all-time is wrong. That is my opinion.

    The good:

    1. Haven’t seen Jason like this since part 3 or 4. He was awesome.
    2. Love the way that this film honored previous Friday films. I caught a glimpse of the original Camp Crystal Lake sign. The Potato sack and the old style hockey mask. Great stuff!
    3. The kills were great.
    4. Loved Trent’s death. Can’t think of anyone in the history of F13 who deserved to die more than he.
    5. The use of Jason’s mother in the film worked for me and Jason’s house was freaky.

    The bad:

    1. SPOILER–> Is Trent’s cabin, the barn and Jason’s house next door to one another. It seemed like the characters were able to move from place to place within seconds.
    2. Jasons demise was okay. I guess I have been spoiled by the long, drawn out version in previous movies like Parts 3 and 7.
    3. SPOILER–>Jason must only kill young people because the older folk in Camp Crystal Lake seem to live on.
    4. The black guys role in the film was too small. There seemed to be no point to his character.

    It is a great effort. Cannot wait for Part 2. I have to say that it beat Rob Zombies Halloween by a long shot and since Halloween is my favorite series I do have some bias. If I had to I would say that this film ranks ahead of several F13 films but does not crack my top three of all-time. But that is just my opinion. Thank you Michael Bay for returning Jason to his roots. Good film.

  98. okay, so I may be only 14 years old, but I have seen every Friday The 13th movie, when I saw the remake earlier today, I wasn’t sure how exactly I felt. I thought it was good, but I felt something was missing, I’m not sure what, maybe I expected too much, but then again how can you expect too much from the friday the 13th series, I feel the first four were probably the best. Not to complain, I know I’m over analyzing this but, the whole weed thing was kinda a major part for some unknown reason, and keeping that one girl alive for a whole month because she looked like jason’s mom when she was alot younger, didn’t fit for me. Oh, and the very begining with jason’s mom and who was suppose to be alice from the orginal movie, well kinda sucked, big time

  99. oh yeah, and if that dude Trent was going to his family’s cabin thing since he was a kid..why didn’t jason attack then? again I’m over analyzing…whatever, it didn’t make sense

  100. this is it…I still thought it was pretty good, I would watch it again

  101. It was basically a remake of part 2, I think Steve Miner would not be proud. Jason would never leave anyone alive (Whitney) and he is not good with a bow. I would have done somw things difrerent. Jason NEVER runs!!

  102. Jason NEVER runs?! Are you an idiot, or do you just play one on TV? Have you not seen Friday 2,3, or 4? Jason runs, because it is NECESSARY to catch victims who are R-U-N-N-I-N-G away from him.

    But I guess you think it’s cool that Jason just teleports or walks after his victims.

    ILee Elliot = IDIOT

  103. Ive seen two times already and I very much appreciate it. I am a big fan of all the films, part six is my favorite, however. this one is very well made, when I watch it I get this feeling like no other friday the 13th movie. It was made well the music wasnt too good, but the movie was and somehow I love the ending probably cause I am rooting for jason the whole movie. I still think the movie was well done I like how they show his \

  104. I saw it at my local theater and I was in theater 13 out of 24. How cool is that? Derek was a great Jason. Better than Kane who for some reason gets way too much man love. I wasn\’t expecting to be blown away. It\’s a Friday the 13th movie after all. It was mad fun though. My favorite Friday since Part 3. IDK. I\’m quite fond of part 6 too. NO matter what it beats the hell out of all the post part six movies. There were some cool parts to some of those later films but as a whole those movies were shit. Too bad Hodder wasn\’t in the better Fridays. Still, Derek gave him a run for his money. No matter what happens, they should never go back to zombie Jason. I think they should try and reopen the camp in the next one.

  105. Yes, I do think the new jason was the best jason. I like a running more human like jason.

  106. Well I got back from this movie and I have to say that it was so so. Sure this was the most aggressive Jason has ever been, but I have to agree with some that he didn’t go old school with the stalking until right when someone got killed.

    I totally agree that the hostage was a complete waste of a kill, and totally not Jason whatsoever. Even if she did have that necklace to protect her she should have been dead.

    As for the ending, again not Friday the 13th like, they should have ended it with him still hanging from the chain and then twitch showing he was still alive. The other thing to the ending is that they should have shown the face. Personally I would have put in original photo of Ms. Voorhees getting beheaded instead of remaking that part.

    Now for the junkies I would place this movie in the time line of events between 2 and 3 or rather this movie is 2 and 3 combined. Sadly the retelling of how he got the mask was short on taking a part from the Halloween remake.

    As for the best kills, obvious the head shot with the bow and arrow and the machete through the dock on top of the token black guy getting a axe in the back.

    Either way, Michael Bay needs to watch the old school horror movies because it lack old school Jason and slasher/suspense/horror. Way to much comedy in my opinion and the sex, I want to know how this didn’t become NC-17 because that was close to some hardcore stuff.

    Again the movie was good a lot better then 9 and 10, but I think a sequel that really digs into the evil of Jason is a must. Heck make Rob Zombie do it he since he made Michael Myers pure evil once again.

  107. I thought the rehash of the original in the prologue was horribly done and should have been dropped completely, but the rest of the movie stood pretty well on its own. I definitely feel like this is one of the better Jason movies in the series.

  108. I’ll be nice and say this:
    For a horror movie, it was wonderful.
    For a Friday the 13th movie, I hated it.
    I mean, we could have taken out all the Crystal Lake/Jason stuff and made it just a horror movie. I think the only thing that made it an F13 movie was the hockey mask.

    But like I said, it was a great movie. I’ll see it again before its gone from theaters.

  109. I just returned home from watching the movie, and here I’m now at home reading other ppl comments and I must say must of them really disappoints me, hey come on guy I thinks this is a good return from our beloved jason to the big screen after those not sucessfully Part XIX and X! This is a darker Jason, and definetly more human and wise!!! Ok maybe the problem wih some ppl was that that they were expecting so much after Paramount and New Line Cinems joining forces, I must say Im pretty satisfied with this movie.

    I definetly recommend this one to every one out there.


  110. I loved it! It simple really. As long as Jason isn’t in space, turning into a worm, fighting other horror icons, or making trips to NY…..the movie will be good.
    Part 3,4 have always been my favorites and now I’ll add this one. It seems like whenever something is reimagined, they change so much or they tell too much NEW information about the character. I don’t like that. This movie is really how they should’ve done Halloween. Basically compress a few good ones, and make something great. Not hard.
    As a fan, this movie hit right at home with me. So many things reminded me of the old F13 movies. That’s what I liked. Don’t give us some bull shit story about things we didn’t know about before. Just get right to the killing.
    On a side note….does anyone else suspect that the end was a dream sequence?

  111. No, no, no! Lacking old music, Jason sounds? This could have been a helluva a lot better and I don’t know why everyone is letting this movie off the hook. It’s like the stimulus bill, just happy to have something new to say we tried. Bullshit, did the people who made this even watched the old movies? This piece of shit lacked the soul of 1-4 and I’m not going to sugar coat it. Rent parts 1-4 and then tell me this film fits that genre. You’d be lieing if you think it is in the same ballpark as those movies.

  112. This movie was great. I loved it, and I think he’ll make improvements to make an even better 2nd film. A few thoughts…for those that thought this was a flop, let’s keep in mind what we’ve been put through as fans for the last 20 years. No more Jason in NY or in Space…he’s back at freakin’ Crystal Lake and kickin’ some serious ass!

    Another thought…I keep seeing posts from people bitching about the “kidnapping” and “hostage” take in the movie. Do you realize that he thought she reminded him of his mother? That;s why he listened to her and did what she said (just like the end of Part 2), but he felt like he had to keep her locked up because she probably kep trying to escape. Make sense? Jason isn’t going to start keeping hostages in the new movies, okay???

    Finally, Derek Mears showed great emotion. He did a fantastic job and I hope he’s back for a second film. One thing that would’ve been cool…instead of the machete, it would’ve been cool to see Jason use a pitchfork in the barn loft scene as a tribute to Fox’s death in part 3. Favorite kill…the axe by far!

    Cna’t wait for the next film! Enjoy it Friday fans…he’s back and he’s here to stay!

  113. WOW! What a letdown this movie was. Only people who will like this flick are contemporary kids who haven’t seen better. That’s all they know and they’ll tell you “this flick was great“ “best Friday ever“.. etc.. But us true fans know better, we know how just a generation ago they made horror movies truly scary, not the travesty that it is nowadays. But hey, it appeals to the new generation so what the heck? I can watch all my fav Fridays from the 80s all my life and will be satisfied. This new bullshit will never stain good memories, although tonight I felt cheated. Here’s my humble review, from a TRUE fan:

    Opening sequence (prologue) had the worst acting ever! Intercuts with credits, damn! Who had that brilliant idea? Talk about jettisoning the moment. All in all the intro just felt like a parody of the first film ending.

    Flash today and we are treated to some annoying kids camping around Crystal Lake. At this point we are asking ourselves, ok these are the main characters, let’s hear what’s their story. Bam Jason kills them in like 10 minutes and we get the title card. Wait. Is the movie really starting now? Geez. The title card says it all: bland Friday the 13th lettering, no punch. Just like the movie. Remember when we used to get the mask crashing on the screen or the shattered glass with F13 in big block letters crashing on the screen with original music? Here we get Friday the 13th in simple red font, no music, no noise, nothing. Blah!

    From then on it’s kill after kill with that damn shaky cam almost ALL the time where we can’t see anything that is going on. Great! We get the damn tunnels were Jason hides and disconnects this movie from every Friday that we know of. Since when are there tunnels in Crystal Lake. The kills are unimaginative at best and totally devoid of suspense. I remember Marcus Nispel saying we don’t want to go the torture porn kill route, well boys and girls, he does it the exact way of torture porn!!! What a liar. Dragged on scenes were all the protagonist scream loudly in horror and the camera pans on them laying on the ground hurting and hurting some more. Yeah, that’s not torture isn’t it? Damn. The kills are in no way memorable and happen in a mushy way that they are undistinguishable from each other. And what’s about Jason appearing from behind at almost every kill shot? Talk about variety.

    The ending sucked big time as we don’t have a proper confrontation but a measly 20 second fight that’s over in the blink of an eye. People, listen: I am a REAL Friday the 13th fan and would have so much wanted to like this movie. But it is uninspired, there’s no suspense at all, the storyline is just.. non-existent, and there is like only two KiKiKi-MaMaMa throughout the whole movie! Basically it just doesn’t feel like a Jason movie although it’s set in Crystal Lake. Weird thing isn’t it? This movie was basically made for the Torture Porn generation by Torture Porn generation directors. The scary, suspensful kind of horror is truely dead in 2009. The new generation likes its horror bland and on the cheap. But hey, you kids liked it! Sorry people.

  114. So I saw this movie twice today, I love everything about it…but how can you play close detail to everything and then drop the ball on the music score…AMAZING! Is Steve JABLOWME doing Michael Bay????

  115. So I go to the theater, so excited I am about to piss myself. I only minute away from seeing Jason’s return to the big screen in Friday the 13th. After the movie was over I left the theater in awe. I absolutely loved this movie! I went into the cinema with an open mind and no preconceptions and I thought the film was brilliant. I picked up on some of the subtle references to the first four Friday films (though it was slightly sad that the Mrs. Voorhees part was reduced to only a few minutes of screen time). The scares were very effective in my opinion, and I loved the death scenes. I am completley satisfied with the movie. Jason is scary again!

  116. Just got home from a packed theatre. Overall, it was good. I read up on the script and production notes prior to the release of the movie. Even though it did not say much about the storyline, it did say a that the writers did not want a remake, but instead wanted thier own take on the series. I wasn’t disappointed afterward, because I knew what to expect in terms of the nods to past films and music. Looking at the movie in its entirety, all of the location shots were great, the comic relief was decent, but the overall plot was a little weak. I agree with the others that the kidnapping scene could have been left out; that was really the only thing that I thought was out of a mass murderer\’s element. Overall, I liked it and would recommend it. It was worth my money.

  117. What would be intersting to me is to find out how old some of you are. Maybe Im far off but i feel safe in sayng younger people will like this morew that older ones, anyone who was actually alive in 1980 would probobly not like it as much as a 13-19 yr old would. Especially since F T 13th, Halloween, NOES are all parts of our childhood and now somone is commin round F ing with them. This was actually ok, I was not wild about him runing, I know he did it once ortwice b/f but they could have done allot more. Still Mike bay is allot better than that mother fucker Zombie and his porno/snuff version of Halloween and the asses are actuallly going to let him make another one. If Accad was still alive this would never have happened. O well i will get of the soap box now, hope the sequal to F the 13th will go into some mithology and do it right.

  118. I\’m 28 and grew up watching the films. I loved the new one.

  119. I think this one is an 8/10 movie definite room for improvement but thats not a bad thing, you have to leave room for improvement if you want to make a better sequel (i.e. the Dark Knight to Batman Begins). I loved this movie and am very excited about the extended/unrated DVD and the sequel (which is obviously gonna happen).

    P.S. This Jason weed thing is BS its quite obvious he stays within the confides of the woods, he doesnt kill that jick for stealing his weed, he obviously sees him in his domain and follows him back to his house to slaughter him. End of the day he isnt protecting the weed hes just protecting his environment, basically he wants people to stay away.

  120. Are you kidding me, are you trying to sell horror or cheap porn! That movie was a disgrace to the original. I have never seen a worse make over/remake ever.

  121. Yea there were so many younger kids there! I was like OMG look at them, do they not have parents with them, and why would parents let them see this. But them I realized, I was their age or younger when I seen my first Friday movie. And when you see the first set of boobies, you could hear all the lil ones gasp with excitement. haha

  122. http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/smason/2009/02/13/estimates-5/

    Check it out!! $20 mil on Fri night. Estimated to make $51 mil opening. This would far exceed FvJ’s $36 mil open.

    Can you say a $100M f13 grosser? Phenomenal considering the genre.

  123. Ok, so, I went to go see this movie last night. And, first thing\’s first, the theater was completely PACKED! So many people were sitting on the floors and in the aisles that the manager came in about 45 minutes into the movie and stopped it to get everyone into seats and then RESTARTED the movie. I\’m a HUGE horror movie fan. I love slasher films and thrillers and suspense and creepy sci-fi films. I\’ve seen all of the original Friday the Thirteenth movies, including Freddy VS. Jason and Jason X (the straight to DVD version of the famous 1980\’s killer stalking people in space after being chryogenically frozen). I figured that this \

  124. Friday the 13th Fan Review

    First and foremost, I want to thank the produces, director, and cast for not totally screwing up Crystal Lake and Friday the 13th. If you are a long time fan of the series this is a movie you need to see, so many of the old film elements are here. If you are a younger fan of horror you will enjoy this for sure.

    I am happy I went to see the movie those I went with enjoyed the film and were scared at time. I was not surprised, scared, startled at any point during the film, except once. The filming location was nice, the lake awesome! Some of the sets/locations did not feel like Crystal Lake, rather out of the south or Texas. Crystal Lake is a town in Connecticut of New Jersey.this is one thing that really bugged me early on.

    The main character, Jason, man can you tell when he is pissed off at you. Sadly, there wasn’t much more. At points his childish view came thru when he was with Whitney. But mostly the actor or the direction didn’t get anything else across. I felt like I was watching a robot Jason. Didn’t we leave all that behind on Earth 2 from JX? Prior to the film coming out I was worried about his clothing; it was fine in the film. The only issue was the machete as a sword…he kept pulling it out, annoying and not Jason.

    The young cast was terrific; each character was well played out. I was impressed with how those from the opening scenes came across so well and were enjoyable. The characters from the primary story arc were classic, no fault with them. You loved some, laughed at some, wanted some to painfully. Perfect simply perfect.

    The kills, okay how many of us go to see what they can come up with for kills? I know I do and this film was not a let down. Some were standard but many were excellent. I am very happy with this and look forward to the DVD release for the cut footage.

    The score. There was no score. Throughout the movie there was silence. I am not sure if they directors were trying to have the atmosphere scare what, or us but it didn’t work. The original score was needed. Maybe they ran out of time editing and left it out who knows, but it was blatantly missing and you felt the movie was incomplete.

    I was so looking forward to a Jason that you could feel how he felt, you know just like in part 7, 8, JGTH and JX. Yeah Jason was a zombie in those, but the last two actors to play Jason didn’t pull if off for me. I know I will get flamed but bring Kane back already.

    So, the bottom-line, good movie. It was worth seeing. It didn’t detract from the previous movies much. The timelines are off and you can’t clearly tell where this story fits in.

  125. Ok, so, I went to go see this movie last night. And, first thing’s first, the theater was completely PACKED! So many people were sitting on the floors and in the aisles that the manager came in about 45 minutes into the movie and stopped it to get everyone into seats and then RESTARTED the movie. I’m a HUGE horror movie fan. I love slasher films and thrillers and suspense and creepy sci-fi films. I’ve seen all of the original Friday the Thirteenth movies, including Freddy VS. Jason and Jason X (the straight to DVD version of the famous 1980’s killer stalking people in space after being chryogenically frozen). I figured that this “remake” would be a big joke. However, it wasn’t really a remake but more like the story coming back to life. And although it wasn’t a remake like I thought it was going to be, it was the first scary movie that actually, well, SCARED me. I was absolutely terrified. The theater was filled with screams, including mine. The movie was absolute GENIOUS! It was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. I spent most of the movie hiding in my boyfriend’s shirt, which surprised him seeing as how I’m always the one to laugh at the idiotic teens running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and by the closing credits I had somehow ended up in my boyfriend’s lap. It was the best movie I have ever seen. 10 out of 5 stars for sure! Scary movie and Jason lovers, go see this asap. It’s awesome!

  126. All of the people who are asking why Jason didn’t attack the residents who lived in the area are guilty of apparently not listening during the film.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the scene at the old woman’s house with the dog, but it was needed to explain that
    a.) the townspeople know about Jason (i.E. the “death curse” from the originals)
    b.) she says that outsiders “don’t know where to walk” meaning that the residents don’t go near to the camp.

    even a simple mind knows that time has no bearing in movies, so if it seemed like the teens could run from Trent’s cabin to the camp in seconds, it probably means they were running for a while and something else was happening at the same time.

    AND FINALLY, Jason was obviously not protecting the weed plants, he was killing people who had wandered onto his territory, thats why he killed the hic in the barn who lost his virginity to a mannequin.

    God, I gotta stay away from these boards cause I’m gonna get worked up by non-fans and people with no logic.

  127. Hey Friday fans!

    I love this site and love the feedback, I blogged a personal review of the movie…I’d appreciate the feedback from all of you guys!

    I tried looking at the film a little differently, value all of your thoughts



  128. Honestly, like I said in an earlier post, the only complaint I have is that it went too fast. It felt like a half hour movie, but it was amazing, I loved the opening titles, with Alice and Mrs Vorheese, and the quick shot of young Jason, they never lingered on anything, it was kinda like Die Hard 4, everything happened so quickly. Other then that, it was the best Friday I’ve seen since part 4. The ending was perfect, something I always wanted to see


  130. madgoalie Feb 14th, 2009 at 7:42 am

    So I saw this movie twice today, I love everything about it…but how can you play close detail to everything and then drop the ball on the music score…AMAZING! Is Steve JABLOWME doing Michael Bay????

    I’m sorta with you on this one. While I enjoyed the movie I thought that the opening Mrs Voorhees segment was week and the score was lacking. We heard Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma only twice and no nodes to Harry M. They could have used parts of his score with the new one at key moments in the movie. That would have made it more dramatic. They dropped the ball there. I still liked it though. It will be added to my movie collection when it comes out. I hope Derek comes back for the next one. I loved aggressive Jason!

  131. I loved this movie…it wasn’t the ultimate Friday like I was hoping, but it was still an awesome movie. I guess if you didn’t like it, maybe you can be excited that Jason has returned to the forefront of horror cinema. There are going to be so many more kids wearing Jason masks this Halloween.

    The theater I was in was full of mostly teenagers who probably have never seen most of the original Friday films, so to think this movie was made entirely for hardcore fans is a bit misguided. This wasn’t a big-budget fan film, it was made to make money. The fact they did try so hard to make so many nods to the fans, though, says alot. The judgment by some that this is a spit in the face of fans is a little melodramatic.

    Like Batman Begins was pretty good, but not perfect, I think we can expect something similar for the sequel. They got all the introductory stuff out of the way, and next they can really do what they want.

    Derek Mears kicked total ass. The acting was pretty good overall, I was surprised. The only letdown for me was that the kills weren’t as gory and brutal as they could have been. There were so many instances where I was thinking “Oh, damn…that guys gonna get his face put in the wood chipper,” or “Man, he’s gonna get slammed into the bug zapper,” and it just didn’t happen. I couldn’t decide whether they really wanted to establish that the machete is his thing (like Leatherface’s chainsaw or Freddy’s glove), or if they were going for more realism.

    Oh, and sackhead Jason rocked…people in the theater were cheering after that sequence when the title card came up.


    Jason wasn’t growing weed, smoking weed, selling weed, whatever. It seemed to have been planted, probably by some counselors in the past, and was in close proximity to Jason’s house. Not to mention, Jason probably got used to kids coming there to try and take some of it…so he figured it’s a good spot to hunt teens. I’d be pissed if some kids kept coming by my house all the time. Not like he went out and bought weed, knowing what it was, planted it, and was protecting it.

    Why all the confusion about the hostage? I thought they established pretty well that she looked like the picture of Pamela Voorhess, and was confusing Jason.

    My favorite kill was the axe kill, although the most unexpected was the arrow.

  132. I saw the film last night also…I was disappointed to say the least. The remake couldn’t hold a arms length candle to it. Mrs. Voorhees looked fraile compared to the orignal Mrs. Voorhess, also Jason was a small as the ladies in the movie. Don’t get wrong, I’m a huge Friday the 13th fan, but this movie just didn’t hold up to the orginal Friday the 13th standards.

  133. Thank you tim and yootsi. I keep seeing the words “amazing” and “brilliant”, and I just don’t get it. This movie was a piece of shit, plain and simple.

  134. Hey guns, Jason X wasn’t direct to DVD.

  135. It took 3 times for me to finally see the movie in it\’s entirety. The first time i went (midnight showing) the movie began to roll with no sound! I was afraid to watch the opening sequence, all i saw was Mrs. Voorhees in the rain with no sound. The film obtained sound just after the first campers took up camp, but i would not settle for it. I got a free pass to return and went the very next morning when i woke up. This time the reel was off and could not see the movie, but the sound was playing! ! ! ! ! I couldn\’t believe it! I flipped out at the place for making it happen twice! I then went to the theater way across town, during a snowstorm, finally caught the movie in its entirety, and loved every second of it. The hype didn\’t spoil it! \

  136. the entire point of him kidnapping the girl was because it reminded him of his mom. At the end, he pulled “his mom” with him because he thought it was. remember she looked like the girl in the picture

  137. Okay I already posted my review and said I didn’t like it. I keep seeing people saying “a fresh new take” or “modernized”. HOW!? I really don’t understand how you people see that it was modernized or fresh, it was the same thing we’ve seen already. To me it was pointless to make this film. It did nothing for the franchise, at all.

  138. Say what you want about this movie but I have to disagree with you. It’s crazy to say that it was pointless to make this film and that it did nothing for the franchise. This movie introduced the character to a whole new generation and laid the groundwork for future movies for us Friday fans to appreciate.

    This movie was pretty damn good compared to what we have become used to. Parts 7, 8, JGTH, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason were shit movies compared to this new one but we still watched them and enjoyed them because they were Friday movies. Get realistic. It’s Friday the 13th. What were you expecting The Dark Knight?

  139. OK. First off, I liked the movie. Quite a bit. Let’s clear a few things up:

    1. The old movies suck. Period. I love them but they suck. The acting sucks, most of the time the direction sucks, and the premise gets dumber and dumber with each movie. Stop revising history and pretending these movies were classic cinema. The also weren’t that way on purpose. Looking back on them, it adds a certain charm. To try and make a new movie, in this age, and copy that way of film making would end in disaster. This movie is suffering from the same thing as the new Star Wars movies did (and this new Friday has better acting.) Everyone goes into it with all this built up hype and revisionist slant that no movie could EVER live up to. These are popcorn movies about a guy in a mask killing people in the woods. Stop expecting the next Citizen Kane.
    2. Jason is NOT a weed farmer. At no point in this movie was there anything that should make you think the weed in the woods is his. Some sloppy filmaking may cause a little confusion when he goes after the wood chipper guy but I think he went after him for going into that part of the woods…not because he took some weed. This plot point has been overstressed by too many people on this board. He’s still killing people cause of his mother, the fact that he’s a little slow, and extremely unsociable…not because he’s a pothead who doesn’t want his stash touched.
    3. The score isn’t as bad as people say. I don’t want overbearing music every 10 seconds. The complaint about the use of “ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma” is accurate. It was used too little and very random. Doesn’t make sense at all.
    4. Finding the hockey mask was done very well. Again, people are expecting too much because they go into this new movie with built up hype and love for the series. His sack was damaged, he noticed the mask, admired it briefly, put it on, and was happy with the way it looked in the mirror. Another poster accurately points out that one of the trophies in his room was for hockey…nice touch. What did you want? The mask to decend from Heaven with a bright light and a rousing music crescendo? The hockey mask means more to you than it would to Jason…get a grip.

    Bottom line is go see it. Do yourself a favor and realize this is 2009 not 1979, go in with NO expectations, and be happy it’s not in space, on a boat that gets to NYC with 10 minutes left in the movie, and that you will actually see Jason and not worms crawling into people’s bodies. Enjoy.

  140. hevymentl13 – A-fucking-men. Anybody who didn’t like this movie can go jerk off to their copies of JGTH and JX.

    Jerry – Again, a-fucking-men. To every bitcher and moaner complaining about how he found the mask – originally, he got it from a FAT PRACTICAL JOKER. Would you have felt better if the Asian guy had brought it along on the trip to scare the girls? That would have been as retarded as how he got it back in part 8.

    And to anybody who hasn’t seen this yet – this movie kicked fucking ass. I would like to have heard a score a little more reminiscent of the first 4 films, as the trailer alluded to, but other than that: Best. Friday. Ever.

    P.S. – Derek Mears, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you for 29 years. Kane Hodder can saunter and sashay his version of Jason right over to the AARP headquarters. Derek Mears IS Jason.

  141. The dude was ruthless, just like the classics. All the gore and just the way he went through the kids was a reminescent kickback to how the thing is suppose to be. No mercy flawless, killer.

  142. Just watch it and you’ll see what im talking, here’s to the director!

  143. ******SPOILER ALERT*******

    Those of you complaining about the deaths not being inventive, is because most of them were tributes to the earlier films.

    1. machete to head in bear trap – (IV) same kill as George McFly when he took a machete to the head w/ hand stuck.

    2. Arrow to head in boat, first kill after hockey mask – (III) arrow to eye after hockey mask with harpoon.

    3. Jason being watched under dock through boards in water – (VII) Jason being watched in through boards in woodshed.

    4. Sharp tool going IN neck of the asian – (IV) sharp knife coming OUT of girl w/ bananna or (I) w/ Kevin Bacon’s kill.

    5. Axe in back of black guy and crawling – (VII) sharp tool in back w/ guy carrying wood and crawling.

    6. arrow in eye of cop hanging on door – (I) arrows in body of guy hanging on door.

    7. Jason getting hung at end (not dead) – (III) jason getting hung at end but not dead.

    8. sleeping bag death – well, figure it out yourself

    Guy looking for sister was the same guy in part IV looking for sister.

    Jason looking down from house was homage to part 3 when he was looking up at house.

  144. I just saw it. It’s another “best ever” like this poll for some reason shows, but it’s good old school style Friday the 13th. It’ll satisfy fans of the classics. I gave it a “pretty good.”

  145. Sorry, I meant it’s NOT A best ever

  146. Its not what i expected or should i say not what i wanted. Its cool that they took the way people died from the other films and put it in to this remake. I’ve been a fan since i was 10 years old. My opinion is that this remake was horrible it was a waste of $5.00 i think the guy that played jason was very bad but no body can play him like kane hodder! The sex was classic and the dope smoking,but the actors sucked it was like they were tring to make a horror comedy for half of the film if they want to make a good friday the 13th dont put evry thing from the other films into one film dont even tell the same story find a new path for jason to go down but thats hollywood for ya taking awesome movies & remaking them into pieces of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. I just saw the movie on opening night. First of all KUDOS to Michael Bay and Sean S. Cunningham for really taking the movie to heart..I love how they incorporated certain items from the previous films into this one..the school bus was a great touch..if you all remember the school bus in the original film..with kids..how about the boats..and then the archery field..and the bridge..some of the things were familiar to me..as for Jason Mears..really great job but I am a fan of Kane Hodder and it would have been nice..to see him in it..but I understand why they chose Jason..:)

  148. What the fuck makes Kane Hodder so goddamn special? Besides Part 7, his performances were not that noteworthy.

    People act like he was some sort of Oscar-caliber performer…

  149. And micheal bay needs to stay far far away from horror films and whats up with the pot plantation is jason slinging dope on the side! there was no suspence when i watch slasher films i want to jump i want to be freaked out i didnt get that with this film i really wanted to like this film i was looking forward to seeing it now after watching it im kinda bummed out. now i gotta wait for the new nightmare on elm street to come out i just hope micheal bay is not a part of it!LOL

  150. KANE HODDER IS JASON!!!!!!just like gunner hanson is leather face and robert englund is freddy kruger!!!! I’m not tring to be one sided i was just expecting more

  151. Spoiler alert..

    1. wood chipper not used correctly.
    2. what happened to the kids in the school bus.
    3. jason does not descriminate.
    4. jason does not build relationships.
    5. jason does not run or jump.
    6. not enough trent bitch screaming
    7. absolutely no defenestration what so ever
    8. MACHETE is not a freakin sword..dont make it sound like it
    9. jason is not a weedfarmer..
    10 jason is not rambo
    11.his mother had blond hair not dark and looks like bette davis
    12.jason stalks he doesnt get thug jumped by his victims
    13. should have showed end credit of jason smoking crack pipe..as joke with a farm hat and pitchfork..

  152. Old School Fan:

    How “old school” are you, exactly? Your misspelling of a simple wotd like “suspense,” your incoherent rambling, and your poor grammar (nice run-on sentences) make me think you are nothing more than a teenager.

    By the way…Kane Hodder was one 11 people to play Jason. Gunnar Hansen was only Leatherface once in 6 total TCM films. Robert Englund is the only one to play all iterations of Freddy Krueger.

  153. Spoiler alert..

    1. wood chipper not used correctly.
    2. what happened to the kids in the school bus.
    3. jason does not descriminate.
    4. jason does not build relationships.
    5. jason does not run or jump.
    6. not enough trent bitch screaming
    7. absolutely no defenestration what so ever
    8. MACHETE is not a freakin sword..dont make it sound like it
    9. jason is not a weedfarmer..
    10 jason is not rambo
    11.his mother had blond hair not dark and looks like bette davis
    12.jason stalks he doesnt get thug jumped by his victims
    13. should have showed end credit of jason smoking crack pipe..as joke with a farm hat and pitchfork..

    Your high right?

  154. I think everyone is pissed off about stupid shit!

    Sure, not all the kills were SPECIAL SPECTACULAR SNOWFLAKE murder scenes but then again I remember the original movies had their fair share of weak kills so I can’t deduct points from this movie for not going balls out on every kill.

    How he found the mask was lame, yeah. Big fuckin’ deal. At least he found it where his old one lay. It still shoulda been on a mantle encased in glass among dildos and martini glasses but as the homeless mexican hippy who eats out of my garbage always says “don’t shit the small stuff” so fuck it, I mean, the mirror look was ULTIMATE BADDASS SELF ACTUALIZATION and Jason was ready to kill some fucking noobs.

    Now I see some people wanna complain that it seemed too much like Jason was “protecting” his weed patch and I see some people wanna be all like “yeah but Jason doesn’t smoke weed it just happened to be there” well who gives a flying rat fuck up the ass about it! I like to think Jason grows weed in his spare time just as much as I like to think Jason shits in little holes he digs in the ground but these kinda things are retarded and void of merit
    so let us digress.

    I have also read that some people are compliaining that the sex scene went on for far too long…um….really? I would rather they made it longer and showed off those PERFECT tits for like, 5 minutes…just as long as they don’t show Van Winkles shlong…shlongs don’t belong in Jason movies. I am happy that Michael Bay and company understood that very important concept. Jason is no homophobe but he’s obviously a tits and machete kinda guy.

    I don’t get what all the hubbub is about with Jason taking that girl hostage…”waaaaa jason doesn’t take hostages…waaaa..” well boo hoo! It wasn’t like he fed her tea and crumpets! And besides, everyone knows Jason likes to trance out and go to his Happy Place whenever someone pretends to be his mom or corey feldman so it makes perfect logical sense and is a very clever development in his psyche that does indeed match up with past installments.


    + 30 memorable kills: sleeping bag silicone and collagen roast seems to be everyones favorite but I also liked bear trap boys demise, the bikini girl dock kill, Green Day fans axe back and forth kill, Van Winkles kill scene was very well executed, oh,
    and did anyone else think it was funny when he checked in that room and saw Bree’s dead body and he just looked at her like “we just banged and now she’s dead as fucking shit…” And also the Sheriffs Eye Poppin 3D kill sure rocked the midnight packed house I witnessed the movie with….

    + 20 Julianna Guill’s STUPENDOUS breasts:…this movie just did at least 60 mil so she just gave her girls MAXIMUM EXPOSURE…so everyone remember to credit Michael Bay for that when they are blaming him for all their other problems in life.

    - 10 itty bitty silicone titties: I blame Michael Bay.


    + 15 Reefer Madness: I smoked a joint with my friend The Canadian 8 minutes before the movie started so every time someone smoked pot or referenced Jasons Secret Weed Garden we were giggling like stoned out retarded school monkeys.

    - 5 No Corey Feldman: He should had been able to play the chracter Tommy Jarvis except in the updated version he should had been the hillbilly woodchucker pot head who liked to smooke weed and molest mannequins.

    + 5 No Corey Feldman: On second thought, naaahh.

    - 10 The score: They should had went with the classic shit but instead went with just plain shit.

    + 50 THE FIRST 20 MINUTES: nuff’ said.

    - 10 THE FACE: They didn’t show his face. Why? It’s nothing but an opportunity for something cool and they fucking blew it.

    - 15 the end: Ugh. They should had combined 3 & 4 by putting an axe into the side of his temple thus cutting off the mask thus SHOWING HIS FUCKING FACE and then set him on fire and yelled “Burn Mothafucka burn!” and then ran out of the house before it explodes and then they’re on the dock all like “wow we survived Friday the 13th” but then OH NO Jason walks out onto the dock burnt the fuck up and just when they think they’re gonna die Jason falls over dead because he is human Jason silly and not Zombie Jason so there’s no way he could continue slicing and dicing after just becoming a human bbq…yknow? because you save zombie jason for the sequel…because these days, you gotta have a sequel…unless its a prequel,in which case they can suck it hard, and suck it long.

    + 10 comic relief: Why So Serious? Have fun! These are character you’re gonna revisit for years! You might as well be able to share some laughs! And if you didn’t think they were funny…well neither did Jason and he scratched the itch you just couldn’t.

    FINAL SCORE: 87. I’m not good at math but I really liked this movie!

    I didn’t check for errors because I just don’t really give a shit right now so sorry.

    not really.

  155. THE GOAT – your analysis was both spot on and funny! Thanks!

    (Well, except for the musical score…personally, I found it serviceable – do we really need to hear “ki ki, ma ma” in every fucking scene?!)

  156. I was a bit disappointed. I am a huge Friday the 13th fan and was really looking forward to seeing this one, although I wasn’t expecting it to be great (especially after seeing the remake of Halloween). I went in with an open mind, though, and I wasn’t that impressed.


    I didn’t care for the first scene, and as for the second scene, I was actually kind of annoyed with the sleeping bag kill. Jason holding someone over a fire, torturing them? I’m sorry, but that is just not his M.O. Jason never tortured people! As for the rest of the kills, they didn’t do much for me.

    Okay, so when did Jason start taking prisoners? I know that she looked like his mother, but still…I thought it was ridiculous. I liked how she talked to him like Ginny did in Part 2, but the Jason I’ve grown up watching would never take a prisoner, even if she did look like his mother. I just found it very unbelievable.

    And as for the music (or lack thereof), there definitely should have been a classic Harry Manfredini score in there. Music is what keeps you in suspense and this movie had nothing.

    This movie was also way too focused on the weed, getting high, getting drunk, and having sex. That seems to be a pattern in horror movies these days. Yes, every other Friday the 13th has people smoking weed, drinking, and getting laid, but those elements are not the main focus like they were in this movie. I mean, topless water skiing? Who does that? And that hick who had sex with a mannequin? Was he really necessary?

    I didn’t like the ending and I was really disappointed that we didn’t get a good look at Jason’s face. And the battle with him at the end was way too short.

    There were a few aspects that I enjoyed, however, like when Jason broke through the class and grabbed Clay, just like he did to Tommy in Part 4. I also liked the hanging scene, the part when the girl fell on the car, and the fact that Jason wore the burlap and the hockey mask. There wasn’t a lot of gore in this movie, either, which I liked because most movies today go crazy with it, but the killings looked more real in this movie. Throwing in the song “Sister Christian” was also a plus for me, and there was comic relief with Aaron Yoo handing Jason the hockey stick.

    I know I’ve written way to much, but I guess I just wanted to get everything out. Sorry. Anyway, I think it was a decent horror movie, just a bad Friday the 13th. I know it’s a new generation and almost 30 years later, but this just didn’t feel like Friday the 13th to me. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by 12-year-olds who screamed every time Jason came on, a girl next to me who kept saying that she hated scary movies, and two older guys and a 7-year-old behind me who wouldn’t shut up, but all in all, I’m glad I saw it.

  157. Fuck Kane Hodder u have no right to to dis on old school fan u didnt even spell word right (wotd) i know it most likely was a type-o but if ur going to bitch about someones spelling and grammar then at least dont do the same thing ur bitching about lol and its the internet you dont really need proper grammar

  158. Well said Ashley! This was a decent horror movie but a horrible Friday the 13th movie. This felt like a TCM movie. And honestly, I’m not even complaining about the tunnels, or the hostage, or the kills, or Jason running, or the ridiculous sex scenes (“you have wonderful nipple placement”–or something like that), etc.

    This movie had no suspense and a horrible score. The original movies were all about the score…that creates atmosphere and this had zero tension. You wouldn’t remake Jaws and not use the score A LOT would you??? I can’t imagine anyone but 12 year-olds being scared by this movie as you said…or maybe people who think the Ghost Whisperer is scary!!!

    This was an action movie with some blood and nudity…plain and simple. My first reaction to when I heard about the remake years ago was “oh no!” especially when I heard it was the TCM team. I have to admit the trailer was great and I really got my hopes up which I should have never done. Mainstream Hollywood horror sucks so bad.

    If you want to see some real horror see films like Inside, Cold Prey, or Frontier(s).

  159. …and yes it was better than Manhattan and everything that followed, but is that really saying much?

  160. Ok here goes. This movie SUCKED!! A total letdown and disappointment. Here’s why…

    A totally forgettable & faceless cast. All the blonde girls looked the same & so did the brunettes. I couldn’t tell who was who. The only person I remember was the cop. I think he was in a popular tv show or soap opera in the 80s. Oh and the old woman from the TCM remake( which was a great movie IMO). I didn’t give 2 shits about any of the kids that got killed. And whats up with the whole affirmative action thing with the cast?? A black guy, an Asian guy…the only thing missing was an Indian.

    The whole “lets smoke a bowl and fuck” thing got soooo old halfway throught the movie. I’ve never seen so much unecessary nudity & drug use in my life. I felt like I was watching a cheap porno instead of a slasher flick. If Jason wasn’t on screen all I saw was tits bouncing or someone smoking a bong-just plain STUPID. This whole movie centered around weed? Even Jason grew his own weed. STUPID!

    The soundtrack absolutely sucked. They could use original music in the trailer but not the movie? WTF. And I only counted 2 or 3 “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma’s” in the whole film. And those were only when they were showing a title board…LAME.

    The camera work was terrible. The camera was either too close or too shakey and jerky
    while someone was getting killed. It looked more like a WWE backstage skit than a real movie. Couldn’t make out half the shit that was going on. Guess how much anticipation and suspense there is in this movie? Try ZERO! Mrs. Voorhees’ beheading was just plain boring. The original beheading is a masterpiece compared to what they did with this one.

    The intro of the hockey mask was just plain uninspired to say the least. Why would Jason pause and look under the sheet when nothing was sticking out anyway to catch his attention???
    Then bingo!! He’s found what he’s been looking for? Whatever. And you NEVER get to see what Jason looks like without his mask on. WTF is up with that? Everyone wants to see that at least once don’t they?

    The kills from what I could actually see on screen were good. But the ending was stupid and a total letdown. They should’ve thrown Jason an oxygen tank…they gave him everything else!

    The ONLY bright spot of this movie was Derek Mears. I thought he played a great Jason and deserves the credit for anything positive written about this film. But the rest of the film is a disaster and not even Mears can save this one. I can’t believe Sean Cunningham would put his name on this crap considering what a stellar flick the original F13th was and still is. I tried to go into this one with an open mind and just enjoy it for what it is. But I won’t even think of buying the dvd for this one. I know Zombie’s H9 takes alot of heat on this board but that is brilliant compared to this. I didn’t know you could screw up such a simple formula that all the Friday movies have but they proved me wrong on this one. Luckily I used the free coupon that came with the His Name Was Jason dvd so I didn’t have to spend $ on this. I’m through with these remakes and won’t even consider seeing the Nightmare On Elm Street remake when it comes out. After seeing this remake I cherish the original Friday movies even more so. I couldn’t wait to get home and throw on Friday parts 1 2 & 3-classic Friday flicks at their very best.

  161. Please disregard the H9 comment. I just copied and pasted my post from another board!

  162. People really came away from this movie thinking that Jason was farming weed? Seriously?

  163. As a pretty damn big fan of the franchise, I really liked this movie. I think all the haters wanted to see a shot-for-shot remake of 1-4, with updated special effects.

    Depsite what some have written, I thought the kills were great. The sleeping bag, the boat scene…all great. I mean, come on, when Jason stabbs the girl through the dock and pulls her topless body out of the water to remove the machette? Classic! Dude was vicious.

    Also, I thought Derek Mears was outstanding. He really reminded me of the Jason from 1 – 4…a heartless killer who won’t stop until he gets you or is killed himself. Great job.

    Lastly for the good, the teens were great. The characters and comedy were well updated for this day and age. Trent played that character perfectly. The part where he screamed like a girl was hilarious.

    Okay, now for my few beefs: The beginning. I think it was fine to redo the Mrs. Voorhees scene, but it was super brief. I guess I wanted to see a little more of boy Jason during the aftermath of his mothers death. Maybe show him taking her body. Also, show a few brief clips of him growing up…living off the land…festering his anger.

    Second, we only get a very brief look at Jason’s face. Perhaps it’ll show more on the DVD, but for all the time they spent doing the make-up, give us a good look.

    Finally, (and others have said this), leave the mask off when he jumps through the dock at the end. Granted, I loved the ending, but it would’ve been scarier to have him maskless. Plus, he just wouldn’t have had time to put it back on.

    Minor complaints for a great movie. I’m very satisfied!


  164. Utter trash, I feel embarrassed to be a Friday the 13th fan right now, I don’t want to be associated with this disposable wreck.

  165. I liked the movie overall…..only 3 prts they screwed up…..ms. voorhies….pleading.. in the begining and also….JASON KIDNAPPING PROFESSIONAL…..crappy….and last…the ending…I would have rather seen him dead at the end or….last one standing…..coming out of the water….we have seen that too much… in the older ones…redundant…I hope there is anther one made but by SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM….NOT platinm dunes….guys…



  167. Because I got High (Friday the 13th 2009)

    I was gonna go in the woods before I got high
    I could found a buncha weed and got rich but I got high
    I got my face cut up and now I know why..
    because I got high repeat 3x

    I was gonna get laid in a tent and then I got high
    went to check a noise in the woods and then I got high
    now my girls burnt and hung from a tree and now I know why
    because I got high repeat 3x

    I went down to Crystal Lake and then I got High
    I went out on the water in a boat then I got high
    Now an arrows stuck in my face and now I know why
    because I got high 3x

    i wasnt gonna run from jason but I was high
    I was gonna give up because it was no use but i was high
    now i got a hole in my head and now I know why..
    because I got high 3x

    I was gonna go to the shed until I got high
    I was gonna turn on the lights but then I got high
    now I got a phillips in the neck and I know why
    because I got high 3x

    I was gonna go with Trent because I got high
    I heard a noise and he went to check because I got high
    now Im hanging from a hook on the door and now I know why
    cause I got high 3x

    I was gonna save my friend but then I got high
    I was gonna beat the hell out of Jason but then I got high
    now I got an axe in the back and now I know why
    cause I got high 3x

    I was called for a disturbance because kids are high
    im drivin up to crystal camp because kids are high
    now im speared to the door and now I know why..
    cause I got high 3x

    im gonna run through the woods because I got high
    im gonna be the only one out because I got high
    now Im pinned to an old mans truck and I know why
    cause I got high 3x

    we’re running through jasons tunnels because we got high
    saved my new guys sister then we got high
    now I took a machete through the chest and I know why
    cause I got high 3x

    Im gonna kill these two kids because I’m high
    I’m chasing them through a bus and the woods because I’m high
    Now Im at the bottom of the lake and I know why..
    cause I’m high 3x..nanannannanann

  168. Wow! This one really split the fans apart.

    Wish we had a way to determine age bracket and such. I am curious if it is the older fans that dislike this one or vice versa or a mix. I can say the comments about the younger fans being the ones who like Kane as Jason is inaccurate, some folks can’t stand to hear other opinions I guess and make assumptions.

    So with that said. I will once again say the movie is worth seeing for the most part.

    I am an old school fan since the early 80’s (I’m 36). I have seen and owned each and every F13th/Jason movie. I am super happy (or if you prefer uber) that Jason is back on the big screen (and alone). I do not like this Jason though. This Jason does not resemble Jason from Parts 1-4 or Part 6-JX. You cannot change Jason to tell another story. The location was fine, the teens were fine, but Jason wasn’t.

    I hope this brings new fans to franchise. My guess is we will see a sequel with the dollars made over the weekend. I hope there is, I would like to see a better Jason movie.

    Talk to ya

  169. Hi, So I was soooo pumped to see this movie just like everyone else. I think its because the media made such a big deal about it that it had everyone hyped about it. So I didn’t mind the background of it as I have always loved the jason movies and was expecting to see the basic: some sex, violence you know the usuall. When I saw the movie I was extremely disappointed to find it was more about sex than about the Jason character which is what the movie was suppose to be about. I was expecting more blood, gore and chilling factors. I found the movie the same as anyother horror flick. When something was going to happen you knew by what the character did. I found it predictable, discusting and actually ended up laughing at some parts. It was more like a soft porn than a horror. I left extremely dissappointed, discusted and felt like it was a waste of time. I also felt very degreated with the explicit sex scenes. I expected sex but all those explicit scenes I personally don’t think were needed. All in all I think they took an amazingly great horror flick and ruined it by turning it into a soft porn.

  170. Jason kicked ass! JASON is BACK baby! With a vengence I might add. Saw it Friday at 10:00pm cause the earlier showing had sold out! Good sign for a horror film fan who wants more F13 films to be made! If I have one complaint its that the kills weren’t violent or gory enough. I mean not that thats what makes a good horro flick or that I’m a psycho who needs to have Saw type gore in all my movies but I’ve become to expect certain things from our boy Jason & violence is one of the things that attracts us to him & the F13 saga. He is strong & manhandles people! Which he only done a little. But Derek was a great Jason & the site & settings were great, classic Jason shit! So yeah should saved some of that R rating for the kills & not so much wasted on the nudity (but we did need SOME!). And I loved the beginning with the flashback and all the nods to some of the classic Jason scenes & actions. I loved how he was reaching out in a scene at the end ala pt 3. They had classic F13 teens, pot smoking (maybe to much), drinking, & some sex and nudity(again, maybe too much). But I do hope the last scene was part of a dream sequence like the old ones. I just hope nobody experienced any dumbass rednecks sitting behind them commenting on every little thing in the movie! Now hurry up & make alot of money so I can have a even better sequel!

  171. And for what its worth my wife also enjoyed this film! We are after all big F13 and Jason fans. Man, I miss the old F13 forums & the way this site used to be! But at least its still here!


    I’ve been a fan of the Friday the 13th series since I was 4 years old and I’m 23 now. I went into this movie not as a viewer but as as a JUDGE! I was worried going in that this movie wouldn’t hold the elements it should to make a good remake of Friday the 13th. First and foremost Jason doesnt take people hostage..he fucks eM up as soon as he can so that was dumb. I like Kane Hodder as Jason alot more then Derek Mears. The way Jason looked was pretty bad and the way he found his mask didnt have enough detail to it. He DEFinently should have got the axe slash in the mask…where the fuck was that scene? Thats a KEY element to Jasons past from part 3 on. This bullshit about kids searching for marijuana plants? Fuck that. I like how Jason had his trademark “bag over the face” and the first deaths with the bear trap and sleeping bag were excellent before the opening title. Another good element was the bruised thumb of Jason from part 2. The deaths were good, but I was kinda hoping for more dark, torture type deaths via The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Begginning. The opening scene with Jasons mother wasnt long enough, no fight nothing…jus off with her head and on with the show. The ending kinda pissed me off.Jaosns mask hits the bottom of the lake, then in the next scene hes leapin out the water wit his mask back on? Stupid.Over all it was a good movie but nothing compared to 1-4. 5 sucked 6 was good 7 was ok 8 9 were terrible. Jason X im not even considering because its the worst mistake made in the Friday Series…Freddy vs Jason was good…only because Freddy and Jason were in the same film but the actting was SHIT… Kelly Rowland can go fuck herself.

    Best Death- UNDER THE DOCK!

  173. Oh ya I forgot to add…Jasons mother is a blonde not a brunette and that Trent geek shoulda gone in the wood chipper!!!

  174. Very disappointed!In my opinion Meers played a horrible Jason, to me it resembled his Hills Have Eyes role WAY too much. I was watching Jason but he moved and reacted exactly the same way Meers did in his Hills character. Def. not the Kane Hodder jason that I grew to love, hell I was actually very pleased with how Ken Kirzinger played jason in F.Vs.J but Meers bombed this one. And what the hell was up with jason running everywhere?!? Jason was like a damn olympic cross country sprinter in this movie! I think jason ran once in the original part 3 or 4 but it seemed like everytime somebody ran from jason he hauled ass after em an killed em like a damn lion on a zebras ass. I almost want to say that they made him have too much human quality but at the same time I see where they were trying to go with it, but it fell flat on its face. I will say that all the kill scenes were very good about as original as you can really get with a little different twist on some old kills. Didn\’t understand the whole underground tunnels crap at all. Why the hell are there underground tunnels at a summer camp? Or did jason spend years upon years upon years digging all these out himself? If thats the case replace the burlap sack with a coal miners hat and it would make more sense. And don\’t get me started on the him kidnapping and holding the girl hostage thing. I understand the girl had the locket and jason probably saw her as his mom and heard his moms voice instead of hers but they need to elaborate more on that.. otherwise it makes jason look like a kidnapping hostage holding pervert that should be driving a van with newspaper over the windows hitting up the local playgrounds. There was so much more they could have done with this movie. This had the potential and the hype to be the best Friday yet but they swung and missed in my opinion. I mean we finally get away from Jason plays star wars and were back on earth (so lets just forget Jason X ever happened)and Freddy vs. Jason is outta the way (no complaints w/ that movie) and we actually had a clean slate to work with, put a new twist on the series and start over. Instead they came up with a pitiful excuse for a Friday movie hyped it up to be something its not and force fed it to us. They would have been alot better off just doing what Zombie did with halloween. At least he did exactly what he said he was going to do and that was look more into the life of michael myers which is what they should have done with this they hinted at it some but didnt follow it up. Overall I\’m just very disappointed, this movie seemed very stupid story wise, very weak on jason, and poorly produced. Next time lets get some producers and story writers that actually know something about the series and put together a film that makes sense, one that can be looked at as a true F13 film. Until then just leave the series alone before it gets drug through the mud too much and loses its fan base and appeal. Cause as a true F13 fan I know that other big fans of the series cannot be happy with how the series has been going as of late with Jason X now this. Only thing that saved the series from complete destruction was Freddy vs. Jason. So until we can get a new much better F13 film, lets all sit back and hope Zombie can revive the flatlining Halloween series, and maybe make a new Nightmare on Elm Street without destroying that series since its the only film series of the big 3 yet to be drug the dirt

  175. 1. The Score Is Horrible. (Where Is The Scary Music)?
    2. Where Is The “Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma”? (They Must Have Forgot)
    3. Jason Don’t Take People Hostage, He Only Knows KILL.
    4. Where Is The Suspense?
    5. Too Many Kills In The Day Time.
    6. Kills Were Not Creative At All.
    7. They Show Jason Way To Often. At Least Wait Until The Final 2 Kills.
    8. Jason Should Never Run. He Only Jogged In Part 2.
    9. How Did Jason Pay The Electric Bill At His House To Light Up His Underground Hostage Area?
    10. Why Would The Cops Only Send One Unit Out To A Call About A Masked Murderer Killing Everyone At The House?
    11. The Girl Who Was Held Hostage For Over 2 Months Long Under Jason’s House Looked Pretty Damn Good & Healthy Didn’t She?

    The Film Is Mediocre. Could Have Been Way Better. Michael Bay Sucks & Should Stick To Action Films & Transformers!

  176. I just think they rushed it for the release date..however news flashe 42.7 million dollars..over the weekend and it took top honors..way to go..I am a true Fan however I like making fun of it..because it becomes hysterical at some point all the funny little things it did. Perhaps its not what Sean or Michael was reaching for..but it did create the old school atmosphere..the weed was left there by the guy in part two who dropped on the floor when he got speared..it grew through the years..I wrote a song above its meant as a joke..

  177. Betsy Palmer should have been in the opening. And, the slasher parts went way to fast.

  178. I think I like the direction they are taking the series in. This is a good way to start over! Its weird seeing human Jason again but maybe the next one will have a little more zombie Jason (thanks to the end). And again although I would have loved to have seen Kane Hodder back in the mask,Mears was a good Jason. They had said they wanted the athletic build & not a complete power house so it would be believable that this guy had been running around growing up wild in the woods on his on hunting & shit. So heres to an even better sequel! And a killer unrated DVD!

  179. I am very divided by the new F13 movie. I am a hardcore fan of the first four installments and I watch them all the time. I have went through two VHS sets and I am on my third DVD box set. I also went and bought the blue ray for part 1 when it came out. I would rate the killings and the new Jason an A+, the script a D- and the casting, besides Jason, Jared Padalecki, and Danielle Panabaker was a F. What I love about the first four F13’s is how you care about the characters and how they are very believable. They also have some common sense. They also don’t wobble around the whole time drunk and with a bong in their hang. (Minus the hippy couple from part3) I think the new F13 is a combination between a horror film and Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The issue I have with this cast is, why would you go with a group of people camping that you really didn’t like? I also hate how the black guy or girl in a new horror films are always a gangsta, gonna cut you, and put themselves out there to be killed. Why can’t they act like the other kids and be smart. Why does the Asian guy gotta be the nerdy, fix things kid? I hated that they had the little prick, that went around saying this is mine or that is mine. I mean what sticks with you in the old ones is how you cared for the victims that died and it really had an emotional impact on you. Did you notice how the black and Asian guy were somewhat segregated from the group in the new F13remake? I like how a movie can play with your emotions and mind. I also think what makes the old ones so magical is the time period. They didn’t have cell phones or gps’s. What if the survivor in one of the older films got into there car, realized they left there keys inside and called On-Star to crank their car via satellite? LOL I mean that would totally take the magic out of it. They should have made it in the 80’s setting, which Michael Bay normally is good at doing with time lines. I was very disappointed with the script. I think they could have really dug deeper. Maybe made the creepy old lady Pamela Vorhees sister, or relative or something. I also didn’t like how they started the movie off with the killing of Alice and Mrs. Vorhees. You would think they would have come up with something different to start the movie. I have alot of respect for Adrian and Betsy and Michael really messed up when he attempted to recreate that scene. The scene lacked emotion. I will give them a A+ on the death scenes as far as the creativity of them. I thought it was so clever how Jason tied the girl above the campfire in the sleeping bag to burn while her boyfriend’s foot was caught in the trap and helpless having watch. That creeped me out the most, because you felt the helplessness of the character. I will say they could have found a better way to kill Jason. I also hate how Michael Bay never lets you feel closure to a movie, even if you know there is going to be a sequel. I mean who would go through a ordeal like the two survivors did, then drag him all the way down to the lake to dump his body? Come on! The script seemed to be scattered until after they all get to the house and by the time you do start getting into it, its over. I think that the fans deserve something way better than what we got. If the Jason has to be in the present, why not bring the survivors back from the originals and let them do a face off. I think it would make a much better movie!

  180. good friday the 13th

  181. i thought it was retarted stupid.no jason formula what so ever.i was very upset and this prooves that jason can never be redone and there for they chould quit trying and just let us enjoy the origanals or let us direct the remake or a new one.id like to see it set in the 1980s still.remake 5 and have jason in there

  182. Jason in fact can be redone, but Platinum Dunes hasn’t followed the authentic formula: the one contained in the classic movies (1 to 4).

    This 2009 Jason resembles Schwarzenegger’s Commando or Stallone’s First Blood character…. this is not my Jason… (Jason with an olympic bow??, taking prisoners?, setting warning tinkerbells?,… c’mon!!!)

    Brink back the classic Jason!!! (Parts 3 and 4)

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