Special Website Announcement in SciFiNow Magazine


I was recently interviewed by UK’s SciFiNow Magazine for #32, now on sale. In it I flash my Jason geek badge, heap praise on the people that have made this site what is is throughout past and present, and generally try not to sound like too much of a jackass. Of particular interest to readers of this joint was an announcement I made about launching a Friday The 13th Message Board.

Stay tuned…


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30 Responses to “ Special Website Announcement in SciFiNow Magazine ”

  1. Yes a message board……AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was a huge fan of the old boards, a lurker, but a big fan. Can’t wait for them Dusk!

  3. First of all: Great to see the print-media aknowleding F13thfilms.com.

    Glad to hear that a message-board is in the works. The old board was not only THE BEST horror movie board in the internet, but a hell of a great community.
    Hopefully we will see some “long lost” members there who haven´t registered at Jeans´F13-community.

  4. Very cool, Dusk. Great to see this in print! Very exciting to have our hard work recognized. I love the artwork, too.

  5. what is a message board? seriously,i thought that is what this is? im lost,please explain

  6. Congrats on being put into the mag. Thats cool!

  7. Congrats on the magazine interview Dusk. Really all of you that work on this site, glad you guys got some wider recognition.
    That’s great news about the message board going up soon. I was a lurker myself and felt stupid for not signing up before it went down.

  8. Thats awesome news. I can’t wait for the message board especially with the 30 year reunion coming up next year. Many fans will have many things to say about it especially with all the actors that will be there and their experiences meeting them.

  9. Oh and I love that artwork picture at the top!

  10. jjv this is just a blog–moderators post a topic and we comment. on a message board we all have accounts with details about ourselves linked to them, and we can pick avatars. the users can create a thread for any topic of conversation they’re interested in. so it eventually becomes hundreds, even thousands, of conversations.

    i can’t wait!! i loved the old forum!!! i’ve been hooked on bloody-disgusting’s ever since it went away.

    congrats on the interview dusk!!!

  11. yes thank goodness, the other friday site is run with freakin jason natzies!

  12. I can’t believe someone had to ask what a message board is. Oh well

  13. YO SOME NEW MOVIE NEW’S WOULD BE NICE !!! MAKE SOME CALLS !! POST SOME NEW NEWS ? !!PART2 WHEN WHERE HOW WHO..?? I SAW H2 THIS SATURDAY AND i did not want to but i did and there was much more gore then friday the 13remake but sad to say it felt more real then the new jason movie ,,and i did not like it much 1 was better but i hope they make the next jason movie at least have a friday feel not a T.C.M. FEEL THANKS NISPIL…

  14. Hey guys! A bit off topic, but still Friday-centric related:

    Talented vetern stuntman Tom Morga, best known as the masked Roy Burns/pseudo-Jason in Part V was breifly for several seconds on tongiht’s Late Nite with Conon O’ Brien here in the U.S., as I don’t know how many outside of the North American continant get’s his show cause of my country’s cultural imperalism or all of that or lack there of.

    But, if any of ya’ll have a DV-R and recorded it, you can play it back to the part in the show I cought where in Conan was doin’ a stunt segment with one of the best Asian-American gentlemen in the stunt business side of show business, and you can breifly see Tom in all black, like the other assistant, helping Conan get into the special fire suite for the breif fire stunt gag. Yup, it’s him as we can see for the Deluxe Edition of Friday V and the His Name Was Jason doc.

    So I just wanted to post that, cause maybe now Jasonsfury or someone else can link up to it once the footage hits YouTube or somethin’.

  15. Thanks for the mention John! You rock

  16. Cant wait for a forum ! There are always weird and random questions i have about the movies and there just isn’t always a convenient and easy way to ask them so a forum will be of great help. I remember years ago there used to be one then i didn’t visit for a long time … came back when one of the newer releases came out and i found it was gone. So im very exited for the return, good work guys !

  17. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got in the works, Dusk.

  18. This is interesting. I was a huge fan of the old board. When it crashed, I asked if there would be a new board and was told that part of the agreement of the new site was that a new board was not to be created. I thought about making a new one, until I found out someone already did (check out the link page from the main site in detail.) Well, from what I could tell, not too many other people found it either. Also, if you click the link, the old ‘new’ board is down too. While I was loved on the old board, and I think am tolerated here, the ‘new’ board banned me and was very mean to me. I look forward to seeing this site get a REAL new board and am curious as to what changed to allow this to come to pass.

  19. Hey Dusk we got to talk sometime. (I apoligize to Dusk in advance for this). The old board is certainly missed, but Rich and Jeans’ is a great community, I have to say. Also, just because you where banned from the board, for flying off the handle, doesn’t mean people haven’t found the board. If old members want to come to the site, then they are more than welcome. 764 members isn’t bad for a young board. Lastly, we weren’t mean, we were right.
    ~Jason’s Storm

  20. Hi guys, thanks for the support. This is gonna be quite different from the old one. There is no use trying to repeat the past glory days – it’s impossible. This will be its own beast, entirely.

  21. The Community was initially designed to try and keep some of the long-term originals together. I never had any illusions about it attaining the semi-official status of Blake and Brenna’s frankly magnificent Forum. I decided to keep the same basic layout because it was safe and familiar, but at the end of the day my goal was never anything more grand than trying to keep a couple hundred regulars together, although I will admit that attaining some new members has been a lovely bonus.

    With a new film under our belt and the possibility of a sequel on the horizon, these are exciting times. Ever since the 2009 film was announced, I had a feeling that sooner or later you would add a forum to The Website (it makes sense, because traffic is bound to pick up and people are bound to request a forum on which to discuss the new film.)

    Knowing that you’re working on a new forum just feels right. What you’ve done with The Website over the last couple of years has been spectacular, but it’s never felt quite the same without a forum. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeve, Dusk. :)

  22. I think that it’s awesome that members from the F13 community and are formerly of the old forum on this website have come to give Dusk support on his new forum. It’s very classy of you gentleman and a welcome change to how the web has become of late. Thanks guys! We are after all fans of the franchise! :)

  23. I agree with Jason wholeheartedly. Good to see that there’s support coming in from all directions.

  24. Hey, Dusk! That’s great that you got interviewed and are promoting the website! We always knew you would be the right guy to take it to the next level with the new movies and beyond.

    For those of you wondering, Dusk has our full support to start a new forum for this website. Originally we knew that the old F13 community was something special and would be hard to replicate. Now that some time has past, a brand new forum can be created that will have its own style and spawn an all new community. :)

    I hope F13 fans everywhere will come to enjoy this new message board as much as the last one!

    - Brenna

  25. Brenna!?! YAY! OMGWTFLOL!!!
    Great to hear from you again. I hope you and Blake are doing fine.

  26. Pretty cool news about the upcoming board, Dusk. I’ll more than likely stop by when it’s up & running. You’ve done a great job with the site over the past few years. Not to mention the other great sites you’re involved with. Keep up the good work guys!

    Take care!

  27. Fantastic!
    this is so great!

  28. good

  29. This is aweosme

  30. cool

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