Legends: A Friday the 13th Tale

legendsposterDirector Gerald J Godbout III first brought us Legends back in August 2004. Since then it has become one of the best received Friday the 13th fan films ever. Now, 5 years later, he has returned with his definitive cut of the film remastered in high resolution video. If you have not seen this film before, it is completely awesome! Watch the trailer and an 8 minute clip below and if you want to download the whole movie, please visit the official website











8 minute clip

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14 Responses to “ Legends: A Friday the 13th Tale ”

  1. that was cool

  2. holy crap that was cool as hell, glad they used the buechlar jason, nice movie and it was actually kinda scary.

  3. That what awesome!

  4. i remember this one…it was okay, but in my opinion the ending is pitiful. it’s like the ending you write when you’re 10 years old writing your first horror story…total cop-out. sorry, i know i’m a dick.

  5. Well here is my little review. *Spoilers*

    It’s good not great. I know what I’m watching it’s a fan film and it has its limitations. The concept of the story is good because it’s kinda fresh and yeah it does take a few cues from Freddy vs. Jason. The characters do remind me of those in the 2009 reboot, remake, whatever. They are bit humorous as they should be right before you can’t wait to have them killed off. I was enjoying it and it only got more interesting during the night scenes.

    The film was a bit of a treat like I said the night scenes were more fun because although they are missing that Hollywood color correction they got kind of a spooky night vibe that is not over exaggerated. While there were not a whole lot of on screen kills I gotta admit the baseball bat kill brought a huge grin to my face.

    Now on to my little queefs and I say queefs because they’re aren’t huge strikes against this fan film like full blown farts. Ok first off the costume, cool I like that they went with the whole part 7 look, but why is it so dry and clean? They got the tattered look down but couldn’t it have been a little dirty maybe wet. Then there is Jason’s super human strength. The guy is supposed to be strong, but pick up a truck strong? Nah. Now another thing, where are the tits and the weed Jason loves to hack people over that, where are they? Last the ending hmm. . . a little too JGTH and FVJ and I’ll leave it at that.

    Overall the film is fun and worth sitting down the 40 min. if your a diehard fan like most on this blog.

    I give it 7 machetes outta 10

  6. Not bad… I’m sure it was one of the better fan films back 5 years ago or whatever but it kinda looks like a home movie compared to that Storm thing from the other day. Maybe they should make a Legends 2 now on HD and shit.

    I shouldn’t knock it, Hell, I can’t do it..lol. Plus those Storm guys work on real movies, so its not really fair to compare the two. But Tommy blah is right, the ending sucks.

  7. tommy,
    I think your more partial to another fan film posted on here recently. ;)

  8. That was pretty awesome! :o

  9. Kinda reminded me of THE FRIDAY AFTER NEXT if it married SCREAM and was directed by Ronnie Yu. Man I hate Ronnie Yu. I didn’t care for the ending much either, but the campfire reprise of the scariest movie villians was the pits.

    But it was a hell of an effort. Seems like somebody put a lot of time and work in on it. The main character and his sister were good, but the rest of the cast was a bit loud for my tastes.

    I think we need to get together and make a fan film.

  10. I always fine negitive comments about the film interesting a way to improve. When they include personal or some what personal jabs I fine them funny. Here’s a few fun facts about Legends, it was written back in 1988′ 89′ before Scream, A New Nightmare, FVJ & Friday The 13th Part 8. When it was shot in 2003′,04′ the weather was between 30 to 50 degress so gettng the actor wet was a no go. I do agree with Jasonsfury some people are partial to another fan film.

  11. Tim from “The Storm” here…

    I think you guys need to give them a break. It was 5 years ago and a fan film… not like they have millions to make it. Legends is a good effort and certainly is on the level of Cold Heart of Crystal Lake which we made 5-6 years ago as well.

    I played Jason in the Storm (and Cold Heart) and Storm is more than just a fan film, its a ‘demo’ reel for JP to get his first HD feature film funded. He pulled out all the stops. He used Jason simply because he loves horror and Friday The 13th and knows it so well.

    But we had HD, rain rigs, scores of lights and pro equipment etc etc. So its a different animal.

    However, my only negitive comment about “Legends” is this… it was Feb and a cold 40 degrees (maybe less) when we shot “The Storm” and I as Jason was soaking wet from our rain rigs the whole night, as were our unpaid actors and actresses. I even pushed poor Crystal’s face into a freezing puddle at 2am. If your actors are serious about their craft and your project, they should get wet to make the film better. Just something to consider come casting time for Legends 2

  12. very good!!! acting wasn`t half bad!!

  13. Hey Tim, actually I push all my actors, however the guy playing Jason was sick, very sick and I pushed him for 12 days in the cold. So I really wasen’t going to get him wet, and that was my choice. Beside 5 years later I still get comments and reviews from fans all over that Legends still stands. So thats cool…

    By the way I do love the way the STORM looks… I LOVE HD… :o )

  14. that looks like part 7 jason costume.But cool.

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