The Making of Jason Takes Manhattan

I finally got a chance to watch New York Has a New Problem- The Making of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. This making of featurette on the new Deluxe Edition of the film is actually very informative. I think that I liked this featurette mainly because Jason Takes Manhattan has not received as much attention as most of the other films. Alot of the information given on the featurette is new and not heard of before.

There are some great on-screen interviews with actors that I have never seen outside of being on the big screen so it was very refreshing to see them in the current day discussing the movie and giving their thoughts from the production of the film. If you have not seen this yet, then enjoy my brief rundown. Please make sure to watch this at some point as it is a treat for the fans.

manhattan_KaneUnmaskedKane taking a breather inbetween takes with Kelly Hu


Fred describes how working on this movie was more comfortable than Part 7 as he got to score this entire movie himself and also he felt that he built a rapport with the production crew since he had worked on 30 some episodes of Friday the 13th The Series.


Rob Hedden jumps into the shower and gets naked to ease Sharlene Martin’s nerves when preparing to shoot her shower scene. Hedden explains that the dailes of this film actually made it to the Paramount execs!


Sharlene explains how Rob Hedden was great to work for and was gracious in making her feel comfortable on set. Look what he goes through by viewing the above image.


Tiffany explains how her harpoon scene on the boat was a one take situation and that she had to stay completely still as they actually shot the harpoon arrow towards her head. She exclaims that she was genuinely frightened.


V.C. Dupree talks about how he showed up for filming and that Kelly Hu was so excited to be filming a Friday the 13th film. He thought he was filming a movie called Ashes to Ashes and was completely taken back by the revelation.

Tim Mirkovich talks about his time getting the makeup applied for the young Jason character and the time he spent in water. He also describes that scene at the end that was cut from the film. To be shown in another post!

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13 Responses to “ The Making of Jason Takes Manhattan ”

  1. what is the deal with the nondescript gray background to Rob Hedden? It’s like they chromakeyed the background and then put nothing in. it’s distracting as hell. throw a picture of Jason on there goddammit!

    I bought the dvd and watched this film for the first time since it came out in the theater. i thought V.C. and Peter Mark Richman and Scott Reeves contributed a lot. I love the ‘Jason on a ship’ theme and thought it worked a lot better than the takes Manhattan theme, especially since Manhattan showed up 85 minutes into the movie (i’m not counting Vancouver)

    Of course nothing says Manhattan like a couple Mexican rapists. I do not understand how Jason can shove a heroin syringe all the way through a person’s body and the needle is still perfectly straight when it comes out. I guess because Jason is magic in this one. As in, people turn and run away from him and he’s standing in front of them.

    Part of the problem is the movie is just such a departure. the neon pink intro credits in that so ’80s font. it sort of makes me ill. and that song. if they couldn’t get robert plant to sing it, surely david coverdale was available! they could’ve hired him for the price of that deleted shot of the kid crawling out of jason’s mouth which was shockingly ill-conceived. the movie starts off boring and takes a long time to get going. the first few kills are laughable, but eventually it gets good.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. it has its flaws but they managed to do something new when the series was pretty much dead. I just don’t see how Jason could become LESS decomposed. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

  2. the cinematography was awesome

  3. Ratta tatta touille certainly raises a few valid points.I for one never thought it was one of the stronger movies.However over the years i have found it a slow burner and have become rather fond of it.

  4. Indeed, baz. I’m also not it’s strongest defedner, however, it most certainly doesn’t desurve to be on any “Worst Piece of Shit Sequels of All Time” list. I mostly enjoy the first Unholy Eight form Paramount as I call’em, that played form 1980 in the summer untill the summer of ‘89, although mostly I watch the first Exploitation-ish five. They’re like mainland European Exploitation films with a much younger, in-experieanced cast most of the time (save for some of the older folks in Parts 3, 4 and 5 of course), and of course, shot on North American rural & subburbanite county soil, with different aspects to them.

    But in all honesty, I’m somethin’ I like to call a “Canadaphile” in addition to being a large Francophile, if you all chould ever believe that given the three states I moved around in when I was younger and grew up (parents were & still are in the hotel/motel management business, and as a result, I was born in the south and moved around here a lot), I always loved the generic Canadian charms (not ment as ignorance or insults; more as straight compliments) of Vancouver & even less nice Toronto shot productions, such as this Vancouver one. (by the way, for more on my love for good ol’ Canada, a great neighbour & allie, check out my “So where do you wanna take your next holiday?” thread on over at

    I honestly prefer Part VIII over the dullard, no other interesting characters besides Tina & Dr. Crews, to tell ya the truth, although the first five enjoyable instalments beats’em all. As in the rest of the entire series run. But I apprechiated how Jason Takes Manhatten was a different location and yet was still late ’80s and Paramount old school. While Jason X And Jason Goes to Tubby Shit also tired different things, they were WAY off formula and too damn cutsey and too funny, plus just plain wrong, if ya know what I mean.

    Anyway, just watched both up-converted on my Blu-Ray home theater system (yup, I proudly went Blu finally this year, around early August, and am SO glad I did), and I especially liked the Part VIII disc. However, Mr. Ferrands desurves praise, once again, for putting all he chould into them, or else we wouldn’t even have ths in North America (region-1 territory, as well as for other Jason fanatics around the world to import, of course). C’mon now: Bring on the Blu-Rays!

    And please, I love you ladies of the series, the strong willed horror heroines who kick us brut-ish men’s asses (or ‘arses’ for you in Commonwealth countries lol j/k), but please stop appearing in waste of disc space (aka: lousy special features segments) such as “A Little Touch Up Work, My Ass” segment with the actresses were were Robin & Maddy going for new clothing & pedacures. It was so lame & boring, just like those two amateur-ish shit “Lost Tales of Camp Blood” mini movies that stunk up the early instalments. By the way, did anyone ever even like those? I mean not to hurt the film makers feelings, but dammit, what a waste of potential disc space, and after the second one, I just stopped watching.

  5. Not the best entry…but I liked Part 8.

    Did not like the intro…the song sucked.
    A lot of the kills were too long…the fight on the rooftop…how much longer could he keep hitting the mask…boring.
    And the kill that took place on the dancefloor…long and boring.
    Hated the whole ending…right from when we went into sewers…not scary and boring.
    Hated the Renee’s uncle…and his kill was ridiculous (I wanted him to die brutally).
    Thought Jason looked great and the shots of him in (actual) were fun and cool. But thought the best part of the movie took place on the boat (that claustrophobic setting).
    I like all the Paramount ones and none of the New Line ones (I did think the first hour of Jason X was good though).

    Bring on more frakin’ blu-rays!!

  6. “I like all the Paramount ones and none of the New Line ones (I did think the first hour of Jason X was good though).

    Bring on more frakin’ blu-rays!!”

    John dude, I feel the exact same way: Long live the old school Paramount instalments, and indeed: Bring on more Blu-Rays! :D Trust me, boys & ghouls: You WON’T ever wanna watch a standard defintion DVD transfered picture ever again. Fom now on I’m gonna try to get back to six movies (now Blu-Rays of course) a month via Amazon.

  7. this part is not that good ,but every extra is welcome

  8. I also wanted to see that Tiffany Paulsen still look’s delicious, and that Sharlene Martin has aged nicely! Both of them. :D

    And I didn’t know that Tiffany now has a screen writing credit now, so good on her in that industry. But seriously, out of all the Friday the 13th women I’ve seen, they’ve aged the nicest, along with Part 1 & 2’s Adrianne King (“Alice” of course) and Part 2’s Amy Steel, who look’s much more gorgeous these days then in her laid-back ‘04 boxset interview on the bonus disc.

    I REALLY wish someone knew where the obscure Norweigan-born Kirsten Baker is, though. She’s always been my petite, athletic built favorite though. And yeah, Marta Kober was a sweetie as well, too, but as we all know from past posts, she has had some trouble and is apparently missing and none of her family sadly knows where she is. :(

    More on that:

  9. great flick cant wait to see the dvd extras

  10. I wanna see the extras will buy dvd just for that but i wont watch that horrible edition again just wanna see features part 8 stunk bad. real bad.

  11. I love the whole Friday the 13th series, but Jason Takes Manhattan was always a favorite of mine. I know a lot of people can’t stand it, but I think it’s cool. :D So I look forward to this DVD, if it comes in Region 2 format as I’m European.

  12. “But in all honesty, I’m somethin’ I like to call a “Canadaphile” in addition to being a large Francophile”

    Yeah, saying you hate the French is sooo Francophilic (which perhaps is not a word, but whatever) of you! Hypocrite…

  13. Yes he is not a remote Francophile and only seems to appreciate our cinema, but we need to stop following him around, don’t we? ;) *hinting* Get on with your great life, leave him to his stinky one. :P

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