Wickedbeard Part 3 Jason Pics From Horrorhound Cincinnatti

Wickedbeard posted a lot of his pics from this past weekend’s Horrorhound convention in Cincinnatti at the Benevolent Street Forum. I picked out a few that I really liked to share with everyone.

Posing with Scout Taylor-Compton from Halloween


A photo op with Richard Brooker


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32 Responses to “ Wickedbeard Part 3 Jason Pics From Horrorhound Cincinnatti ”

  1. That last one, the womans face makes the whole picture :D :D

  2. ohh yeah

  3. wickedbeard stays on havin great costumes i love the preadator the best

  4. That costume is AWESOME!!!! The last picture is the best.

  5. noooo not my food stamps!!!!!

  6. SHOTZ10,
    Dude, that’s not right. :(

  7. SHOTZ10


    maybe she’s really saying

    noooo! not another white man!

  8. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! ;)

  9. Great pics lucky lot ggrrrr!!!

  10. I was there with him on Saturday, we marched in with a troop of Jasons…was an awesome time

  11. Awesome costume and great pics! i wish i could meet scout from halloween! :) what a babe!

  12. Hey SHOTZ10…That’s so uncool to say man :( Let’s stop with the stereotypes. This is going to be 2010.

    Great costume! Always loved the 3-4 look! He would def make a great looking Jason in a future film. he always goes all out :)

  13. Extremly cool pics.

  14. Wickedbeard always has some of the best Jason costumes. Oh how I wish I has a 2nd brother!! ;)

  15. That’s the look I was hoping for in the Reboot! Fingers crossed for the sequel….Vintage Jason!!!


  17. awsome costume!

  18. That is an awesome part 3 costume, i wish i had some that look as badass as his. Only got some heads and hocks so far. Currently working on a JTM costume, doubt it will ever look as good as Wickedbeard’s. Keep rockin em dude

  19. crazralph, “That’s the look I was hoping for in the Reboot! Fingers crossed for the sequel”

    Me too. I was hoping for a nostalgic look but come on. It’s the reboot. That wasn’t gonna happen and I doubt they do it for a sequel. It was scary then and still has this creepy feel to it, but they most likely will A- keep the look intake for the sequel, or B-alter it slightly. I bet we don’t see an overhual on the costume. He is gonna need that jacket if he is in the snow.

  20. I don’t know a lot about Wickedbeard other than the posts here in the blog but judging from the pictures, I bet he would actually make a good Jason on screen… hmmmmm?

  21. i wonder when he going to finish his jason x costume because all his costumes look great. I bet he is gonna wear the x one to the friday the 30th convention.

  22. shweet costume. & damn scout tayler-compton is one smokin’ hottie.

  23. I think SHOTZ10’s comment should be deleted.

  24. Nov 24th, 2009 at 7:54 pm I was there with him on Saturday, we marched in with a troop of Jasons…was an awesome time

    Do you have pics of yourself in costume? Post a link here for us to see.

  25. Here are some pics of mine from Horrorhound, I am int some costume pics, along with Jeff (Wickedbeard), Darrin (glamourdoll13), and John (ohiogbfanfilm), as well as my wife and Jeff’s gf Angie.


  26. He looks fantastic! I gotta get me that outfit!
    Andy? Did you hear me about that beer? God, I hate when you don’t answer me.

  27. Great pics, man. That looks like it was a great time!!

  28. WBs the man, no doubt!

  29. This is the Jason’s look I love and the one I want to be back in the new Friday the 13th movie!!!!!. Wow!, that’s the real Jason!!. His look is amazing and the axe is far better than the boring, overused (and not so iconic) machete!!!

    Bring back this classic Jason to the big screen!!!!

  30. Those pictures are awesome! Too bad you couldn’t take one where you (as Jason) are killing Rob Zombie, with someone else as Michael Myers standing there giving the thumbs up.

  31. I too think this should be the look of Jason for the next Friday The 13th…

  32. lolol..Thanks so much guys, I appreciate the compliments, and as far as the Zombie comment….I love his flicks, so i would more than likely shake his hand, rather than kill him!!

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