DeadPit Radio Friday the 13th Review

I love listening to these guys, so I thought I would share the link to their feature “DeadPit on the road “. They usually do a video log of their trip to the theater before they view whichever horror movie is out at the time. They then review the movie afterwards. Since a couple of weeks have gone by now, I thought it would be fun to listen to what they had to say about Friday the 13th. Check it out and see if you agree with what they had to say.

DeadPit On The Road: Friday the 13th

Also, captain_brandon1980 mentioned in a post in one of my blog entries that they are going to be conducting an interview with Steve Dash, the man many consider to be the real Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. That is always a debatable topic, so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say this Friday March 13th. Tune into their show at to listen in.

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. Steve Dash is the real Jason in part 2, Yes Mr Gillette was there too but the bulk of the work looks like it was done by Mr Dash,Amy Steel was the scene stealer in that movie anyway.

  2. If I were an alien…and i intercepted their broadcast…I would destroy earth. I would then destroy the sun for supporting life on earth.

  3. LOL! They liked ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ better! “Whatever floats your boat, or sinks your ship,” I say.

  4. Yea I though they were both morrons. They were another one that thought that was Jason’s weed. What DUMB ASSES!!

  5. Ugh. I turned those yokels off once they started reviewing the movie itself. This is probably the worst review of this movie I’ve seen, and not because they didn’t like it. That’s fine. It’s the longwinded, dopey-ass goofy delivery of it all.

    Thanks for pointing these idiots out to me so I can avoid them like a $2 steak at a strip club.

  6. You guys don’t think Jason Goes To Hell is better? :) I was surprised they didn’t like the movie that much. The weed farmer thing is very old by now. I agree. Well, now you know what those “yokels”, as Zoner referred to them, are thinking. These are real big fans of the series, too. Kind of gives you a perspective on what everyone else has been saying too.

  7. Hey Jasonfury, it was nice to hear my screen name mentioned in this blog. Why thank you. :D Just thought that was kinda cool, since I have limited online time these ays cause of my job as a massause/physical therapist, and with getting back into shape with working out with weights and an ab roller at home and running (and doin’ a damn fine job of it thanks to my determination) and with answering my good European penpals e-mail and making up plans to meet’em one day and saving up and such, I honestly don’t have much onlnie time these days.

    The first poster wrote:

    “Steve Dash is the real Jason in part 2, Yes Mr Gillette was there too but the bulk of the work looks like it was done by Mr Dash,Amy Steel was the scene stealer in that movie anyway.”

    Indeed. In fact, the film’s stunt cordinator, Cliff Cudney, confirmed that all that Warrington did was do the crash through the window payne at the end of the film two or thre times, enough that they got useable footage, though not what Steve Miner wanted in the finished film. He also apparently lied about going to Stuntman school, as they had to build a device to swing him in with a small harness (which is notecible in the finish film if you have the new really cleaned up Deluxe Edition as I do, look to your far right to see tiny black wires for a breif moment as he grabs Ginny for the first time).

    Everyone confirms it was Mr. Steve Dash, who was always kind and curteious and overly sweet, dispite constantly getting hurt. The only other person credited as Jason, Jerry Wallace as the The Prowling Camera, was a camera operator, and someone, a female production assistant at the very beginning, who stepped out in the puddle of water for the opening tracking shot.

    That is all. 90% it’s been confirmed by everyone else other then Warrington the liar, that it is Mr. Steve Dash who was pretty much Jason on that show. And for him being kind to me and others on the old message board the few times he posted here and for answering my questions with a smile, he’s forever in my cool book.

    So glad to see the rural east Prestonburg, Kentucky boys of

    I’ve listened to’em for over two 1/2 years now since early ‘07, and have listened to all of the archived shows as well. Many cut down the bad drawl, rural county accents, but don’t be too hard on’em. Actually listen their shows and more of their YouTube videos. Gotta say I don’t mind they’re accents TOO much. I’m form the mid-South (west Tennessee in the subburbs of Jackson, and also spent some years in my mother’s town invirnment of south east Missouri, in Kennett and Caruthersville), and so I have sort of a late/great Bill Hicks think goin’ on, as I’ve been told. ;)

    Hope everyone will give’em and chance and listen to they’re show once it’s posted Friday. You can also right-click and listen to the most recent, like last ten ones, in HD. The sound quality is pretty good. Again very good show. They’ve landed some big time genre celeb guests to talk in multi-part interviews over the phone, so please check out the archived shows.

    I SO can’t wait to get up on Friday morning, and to enjoy me some! Untill then, I’m off to Besy Buy where there’s a copy of the fine cult film Howard the Duck a waiting for me. Don’t laugh, as you know you all enjoy this lil’ oddball fantasy gem too …

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