“The Final Chapter” Jason Sculpt Looks Awesome

Even though it is not finished, MMFX work on “The Final Chapter” Jason Mask looks so incredibly close to the mask in the movie that I am definitely going to be purchasing this when it is available for sale.

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7 Responses to “ “The Final Chapter” Jason Sculpt Looks Awesome ”

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing piece of sculpting; look at that detail. Beautiful!

  2. Without the flesh color it kinda looks like a combination of the human Jason and a more zombie version. Awesome sculpt anyway though.

  3. Talk about scaring the kiddies at Halloween!

  4. Bob gets better with each sculpt.

  5. Not a bad mask! Always did like that Jason face Tom Savini made for Part 4!

  6. Vert good!!! perfect detail, wish i could skulpt full stop!!! lol

  7. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from friends who have done business with Bob at MMFX. A couple guys paid out big bucks and never received the product. We are talking going on two years. And attempts to contact have gone unanswered. Another friend received a product that was sculpted really well, but painted poorly. These may be isolated incidents…things happen…and I don’t know the WHOLE story. But I can’t afford to do risky business.

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