Turkish Part 2 Video Cover Rivals Part 6 DVD Debacle?

A friend sent me photos of the Friday the 13th Part 2 VHS distributed in Turkey back in the 80’s and it had be laughing hard. I immediately thought of the fans here on our blog and the recent discussions of the new DVD covers being released in June.

Everyone knows that the Part 6 DVD released a few years back had Roy from Part 5 featured on the back of the cover. A clear violation of everything sacred in Friday the 13th. Well, the Turkish Part 2 video features almost entirely Part 3 pictures on the back of the cover. Check out the pictures of the cover for yourself. If you look in the middle, the cover does have a a picture of sackhead Jason.

The question is, which is a bigger violation in your mind? I think I know how most of you are going to answer.

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13 Responses to “ Turkish Part 2 Video Cover Rivals Part 6 DVD Debacle? ”

  1. To tell you the truth I don’t care either way and don’t see it as a violation. It’s just marketing, marketed by people who had no clue what they were doing.

  2. Well, sackhead Jason appears at the start of Part 3, so you could really say it’s all part 3 stuff on the back! The back covers to the VHS tapes or DVDs have never concerned me much, though.

  3. I agree that someone in marketing dropped the ball. I am willing to give the distribution company in Turkey a pass, because at the time, all of the kids in the first couple of movies looked the same. However, Paramount re-releasing the movies on DVD in the states should have known better.

    Can you imagine if Lucas releases The Empire Strikes Back on Blu-Ray with Jar Jar Binks on the cover. He would have to move to the most desolate place on Earth to escape the rabid fanboys.

  4. Jar Jar Voorhees anyone?……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. That’s funny. All I wanna know is how does the Turkish cut compare to the US cuts? Longer kills? Shorter? Different scenes?

  6. to answer the question, the Turkish Part 2 at least has a good front cover. The DVD part 6 cover should just be burnt. All of them. Probably the most hideous excuse for a DVD cover of all time.

  7. I’m a sucker for cover correctness, so to speak. And yes, it bothers me when they screwed up the pictures on the Slumber Party Massacre/Sorority House Massacre VHS and DVD’s by putting pics from other movies on the cover. I just don’t see why marketing departments just don’t get their shit together and put the right pictures on the proper boxes.

  8. In my collecting of foreign versions of slasher flicks, I’ve discovered a few times that companies do their own renumbering based on what titles/entries they have in their stable. So I have to wonder if this company didn’t have part one, so they made part two an original title, and part three into part two. Just a theory.

  9. “because at the time, all of the kids in the first couple of movies looked the same.”


  10. From the marketing side of DVDs, it’s not their doing. I work for a DVD distribution company and it’s up to us to make all of those choices (cover pic, back pics, text on the back, etc.) So it’s the distribution that made that mistake. Marketing is more up the ally of selling the movie to stores and printing up new posters. Just giving you the heads up from a distribution point of view.

  11. what do you mean ‘all the kids look the same’ so it’s okay? fuck that! if i fucked up something this bad at my job i would get fired. why the fuck am i always held to standards that nobody else is?

    it absolutely matters.

    i admit this example is hilarious, but it’s also kind of offensive. there is such a hatred for this series that so many people who work on the products think they get it without ever seeing any of it. and we always get this half-assed shit that isn’t accurate.

    perfect examples are many of paramount’s covers, as mentioned, and an even better example is freddy vs. jason - not the cover, the movie! - ronny yu admitted he never liked the f13th series and he just forced himself to watch bits and pieces of it before making the movie. these people think they get it without giving it a fair chance…because everyone accepts that attitude towards f13th.

    these type of people should not work on anything related to these movies. we deserve as good of products as star trek nerds, bond fans, or any other fanbase. we’re spending just as much money.

    fuck you, jason-haters!!

  12. HELL FUCKIN YEAH!!!tommyblah.

  13. I don’t think it’s right, which is why I brought it up. I, however, like to look at situations from different perspectives. My guess is the distributor in Turkey was just trying to put the movie out quick and didn’t know a thing about the movie. Hence, they just grabbed images it had on file from the franchise and all of the kids looked the same to them.

    I do like the explanantion that Dusk mentioned. I have heard of that before and is a definite possibility. I guess you can make your own assumptions. That’s why we are here, to discuss.

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