Derek Mears Talks New Friday: The Sequel!


Since it’s so early days right now, anyone associated with Platinum Dunes’ Friday The 13th talking about the inevitable sequel, is well worth listening to:

What I can officially say from the producers is the writers are writing the sequel right now. It’s still in the rumor status because it hasn’t been officially green lit. I do have a second picture option with Platinum Dunes. It could be for part two or it could be for a different film entirely. Being that the film is not yet green lit, they can’t make any offers or anything. I would like to return, but nothing is for sure.

Source: Icon Vs Icon Interview With Derek Mears

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12 Responses to “ Derek Mears Talks New Friday: The Sequel! ”

  1. oh no, i hoped for an officiall start! :-(
    they couldn’t make it! :-(
    sigh :-(

  2. I wish they’d hire some different writers for the sequel.

  3. Had this been the 80’s (and the Paramount era), a sequel would’ve been greenlit the same weekend it bankrolled to #1 - and the film would’ve been well underway to being completed in time for a Nov. 13, 2024 release date.

    Paramount may not have cared for the reputation the franchise brought, but they certainly loved it when the red [splatter] translated into the green.

    Mind you, if anyone at Platinum Dunes is listening - it’s still not too late to get a film written, shot and edited in time. If they could turn these things around in under a few weeks 20 years ago - why is it so hard to do now? Or have we become so bogged down in the crap of red-tape and the need to get a b-movie so perfectly “spit and polished”?

    On a whole other note - with respect to the Friday reboot/lost sequel (which is how I saw it) - Derek did a fine turn as Jason. For that matter, the cast wasn’t that bad either - with regard to what they had to work with. If only the film itself was as strong.

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  4. I know that guy above me! Howdy OOTD.

  5. They might be waiting to see how Blu-Ray & DVD sales go. I’m suprised a sequel hasn’t been greenlit after the box office bankroll. I’ve heard that New Line is mainly focusing on the “A Nightmare On Elm Street” remake. I’m glad that the Friday movies are finally getting the proper blu-ray & dvd releases because of the reboot! It’s about time!!

  6. I have not seen the remake of Friday the 13th. I can only imagine that Derek Mears was pretty kick ass! He’s 1 lucky man to be able to get a role in Friday the 13th. Let alone play jason! Congrats Derek!

  7. Right back at ya Dusk. It’s been a LONG time.

    However, it’s good to see that the “old girl” is still kickin’ - and kickin’ hard. :)

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  8. I wouldn’t mind a new writer or team of writers for this, nor a new director. The latest one was fun, but it could be even more than that. I do hope Derek returns though, he did fuse a lot of new life into a character we’ve long since taken for granted, and he’s got such great energy and passion for it himself.

  9. Not sure if it was the writing that made the story lackluster. I think they just edited the film in places where they didn’t need to. There are better writing teams out there but Platinum Dunes just needed to remake Friday the 13th. How much “good” writing do you need for that?

    As for Mears returning…I’m all for it. The remake Jason is almost as menacing as he was in the pre-1985 films which was a very good thing. Call me old school, but I think there is something scarier about chasing your victims instead of just methodically walking towards them. I know someone here will probably say that they need to bring Kane Hodder back but if they did it almost wouldn’t be a remake (even though Kane is great). I’m glad they aren’t getting Robert Englund back for The Nightmare on Elm Street remake too. Time for a fresh start.

  10. Holy cow! OOTD LIVES!!!

  11. Holy crap its OOTD!! It\’s like 1998 all over again! :D

  12. We should call ourselves The Wheelchair Warriors, because that name’s so uncool it’s cool.

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