New Friday: Video Round-Up

Here are 2 out of 3 out the clips Kane posted, great if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to leave the site (there are other sites!?). We’ll update this post if the 3rd pops up. Also proper quality versions of TV Spots #4-6. All vids on this page are courtesy of ‘SPNFansOnline’.

Clip: “We Just Want To Be Left Alone”

Clip: “He’s Using Him As Bait”

TV Spots 4-6

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6 Responses to “ New Friday: Video Round-Up ”

  1. At first I disliked the cinematography/filters/lenses used however now they have a nice cool hue much like F13th 1 and F13th 5.

  2. The movie does have a nice older look to it. I dig it! The old lady that just wants to be left alone, could that be a relative of Jason …….. ?

  3. im digging the clips, i like how smart they have made jason

  4. the problem with horror movies nowadays they make em look to crisp like an episode of one tree hill or some crap like that i hope it looks a lil dirty

  5. When the old woman says she wants to be left alone she means from the dozens of people who are always playing detective. A place like that where tons of people go missing would attract lots of tourists and would be heroes. The town\’s folk just want to be left alone. I\’m sure she\’s not some relative of Jason. Anyway, I can\’t wait for the 13th to come around.

  6. Can’t wait for this movie, man I’m glad they changed jason from being a retarded zombie to a smart killing machine. Makes him more human…maybe he might even talk in this film:)

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