His Name Was Jason Signing Appearance

On February 3rd at 7 p.m. at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, signing session for His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th. It’s released the same day, but many places online you pre-order tend to ship DVDs out a few days early. You can also pre-order it from Dark Del for $19.95 fully auto’d! Check the site for more.

Who’s Showing Up:

Kane Hodder (“Jason” in Fridays 7, 8, 9 and 10)
Ted White (“Jason” in Friday 4)
Tom Morga (“Jason” in Friday 5)
Dick Weiand (“Jason” in Friday 5)
Russell Todd (“Scott” in Friday 2)
Peter Bracke (Author of “Crystal Lake Memories”)
Mark Swift & Damian Shannon (Screenwriters of “Freddy vs. Jason” and the forthcoming “Friday the 13th” re-make)
John Carl Buechler (Director of Friday 7)
Diane Almedia (“Kate” in Friday 7)
Peter Mark Richman (“Charles” in Friday 8)
Barney Cohen (Screenwriter of Friday 4)
Larry Zerner (“Shelly” in Friday 3)
Anthony Masi (Producer/Writer of “His Name Was Jason”)
Thommy Hutson (Producer/Writer of “His Name Was Jason”)
Derek Mears (Jason – Friday the 13th remake)
Scott Stoddard (Special effects – Friday the 13th remake);
Arlen Escarpeta (Lawrence – Friday the 13th remake)
Richard Brooker (Jason – Friday the 13th 3)
Monica Daniel – (editor)
Blake Reigle – (co-producer)
Travis Van Winkle – (Trent – remake)
Daniel Farrands (Director of “His Name Was Jason”)

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11 Responses to “ His Name Was Jason Signing Appearance ”

  1. Damn I’d love to be able to go to that.

  2. Me too Tony, me too. *sigh*

  3. If you pre-order on line and plan on attending you will be given a number for your place in line. The earlier you order the lower your # in line. All you do is put in the comments section that you will be attending and to give you a number. You will, in that case, not be charged the shipping amount that pops up automatically on the shopping cart


  4. WOW! That ia quite a list of people!! I wish I was in CA not TX…

  5. Off topic: A preview was shown today on TV during the Eagles Giants game. Quite a few scenes were shown that are not in the theatrical trailer. Nice to see the the publicity machine gearing up so far in advance, and it looks like it has received its R rating.

  6. That place is about 5 mins down the street from me… maybe I’ll drop by.

  7. here’s what the website darkdel.com says today
    Due to the extremely high amount of orders for His Name Was Jason we cannot take any more orders for people not attending the event. If you are planning on attending, please order your DVD and put in the comment section that you will be attending and shipping will not be charged. I will also issue you a number for your place in line. For people who cannot attend the signing, please contact us after the event so see if we were able to get extra DVDs signed

  8. Man, that would be awsome to be able to attend this event!
    I saw on the tv show, Entertainment Tonight” where they had a brief segment about this event and will be there.
    Hope to see what ET has on their show.

  9. As much as a “Die Hard” I am, I’ll just simply pick a copy up @ wal-mart. I look forward to seeing this though!

  10. I can’t seem to find the dvd on that site. Anyone order one yet?

  11. Anyone here planning on attending? I would like to ask someone who will attend to pick up an extra one for me. I will pay for it and some. Email me at ken_borre@sbcglobal.net. Thanks.

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