Fango #279 Friday the 13th pictures!

If you haven’t picked up Fangoria #279 you should! It contains a pretty cool write up about the new Friday the 13th! If you aren’t much of a reader, and only want to stare at the pictures, fear not because we have your fix! Behold, our gallery of scans directly from Fango #279! Thanks to Wayne for hooking us up with the images!

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Tony Carroll

Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at

10 Responses to “ Fango #279 Friday the 13th pictures! ”

  1. I’m digging that close up, which is weird. I did not like many of the photos I have seen of Jason from this movie.

  2. It seems like all of the unmasked photos of him are just Derek Mears face with makeup all around the outside like for when he has the hockey mask on, and just took it off for a break in shooting or something. I sure hope he is scarier looking when he is unmasked in the movie.

  3. Haha rock! You posted ‘em!

  4. I heard he isn\’t unmasked in this one…

  5. I think this Jason looks like a pretty good mix of all previous incarnations.

    Buck where’d ya hear that he’d remain unmasked?

  6. NICE!

  7. he would look great except for that ratting hulk hogan hair coming out of the back of the mask still cant wait to see it

  8. i cant wait

  9. Is this issue still available in stores right now? I think they’re also doing another one for the movie with next months issue as well. Not sure if it’s a dedicated issue like what they did for JGTH and FvsJ but either way I’m buying it!

  10. so.. which negative is reversed? the one with the hand holding the mask, or the close-up of Jason?

    The eye scratches which go up are only on one eye. Looks vaguely like mascara, but I don’t think I’d say that to his face.

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