NECA 7.5 Inch Jason Packaging Revealed

Ever since NECA rep Randy Faulk announced the company would be releaseing a smaller version of their 2009 19 inch Jason Voorhees figure, many were curious what the figure would look like. At SDCC 2010, we finally got a nice look at the figure. Now, NECA posted the packaging for the newer version of the figure. Check it out below!

Packaging variant so you can choose Sack Head or Hockey Mask head. Also, NECA mentioned that they added elbow articulation and re-did the face to make it like what you see on the Killer Cut DVD & Blu


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11 Responses to “ NECA 7.5 Inch Jason Packaging Revealed ”

  1. I may be late on this but is there a release date for this?? i kinda held off on the Mezco version and this one looks much better

  2. This looks sweet! I think the figure comes out in October?

  3. This was sorely needed. The Mezco one was very underwhelming. I like the remake Jason a lot so this is more than welcome.

  4. I agree, Lester. The remake look is my favorite, and it looks like this figure will do it justice.

  5. Wow! That’s looks awesome! I really liked the 19 version, but it’s so damn big. I prefer this scale. And I agree, this blows Mezco’s version away. I like that it’s different than the larger version. NECA usually just reuses the same exact sculpt. They’re out to please all the F13 fans win this one.

  6. will be buying two of these

    One to display and one to open.

    Looks amazing.

  7. Sick man. This is going in the trophy room (where I keep my F13 shit)

  8. I’d love to see the new face sculpt.

  9. Awesome! New head sculpt and elbow articulation! Can’t wait for the release.

  10. I want it.

  11. My friend just got the figures a few weeks back. He got this one and I bought the Jason from part 3, both have changeable heads. This one you can change it from the burlap bag to the hockey mask, and the one from 3 you can change from the undamaged hockey mask to the mask with the ax mark in it. Very cool stuff.

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