KickPuncher: Derek Mears In Comic Form

I have been hanging onto this for a week or so now, but back in February, we told you about Derek Mears (Jason Voorhess, Friday the 13th 2009) having a small part in the NBC show, Community. Now with the DVD release of the first season looming, Mr. Voorhees himself will be immortilized in a special 12 page comic of KickPuncher. Read on for the scoop.

The hero whose cyber-punches have the power of kicks is about to save the world from boring DVD sets. has your first look at the 12-page collectible, which will accompany copies of Community: The Complete First Season, on sale Sept. 21. And before the gang from Greendale hits Comic-Con this weekend (details on their panel below), executive producer Dan Harmon gave us the scoop on the comic. Prepare to drown in a sea of awesome.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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5 Responses to “ KickPuncher: Derek Mears In Comic Form ”

  1. “Badass Collectors Edition” lol

  2. Oh, indeed it is! :)

  3. That’s pretty cool. Derek is great, so I am glad he has his likeness on a comic. :0

  4. Dude, I need to purchase this.

  5. Awesome!!!!

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