Friday Conversation: The Ending Of The New Blood

It is well documented that John Carl Buechler holds a sour taste in his mouth when it comes to talk of how his movie was altered at many different levels. From his battles with not only the MPAA but with Associate Producers and the Paramount brass, it is a miracle that he left his name on this movie as Director. Probably the most infamous of the changes made during the shooting of The New Blood was the ending. Whereas Mr. Buechler had designed a very grotesque and rotting depiction of  Tina’s father that would burst out of his watey grave to save his daughter, Producers would intervene and force the Director’s hand to change the father’s look. The result is a confusing ending.



Was that a ghost that came back and grabbed Jason and dragged him to the bottom of Crystal Lake? If it was a corpse, then why did he look like he just had some mud thrown on him? Initially, fans cried foul at the creators of the film, namely the director and writer for creating such a cheap ending. However, we now know that Mr. Buechler had intended a more impactful ending, but we were left with a cheap immitation.

Last year we also saw that there was a cut scene at the very end of the movie that had Jason jump out of the lake and drag a fisherman out of his boat and into the lake. That scene was scrapped for other reasons. So, what do you think of this ending? Would it have been more relevant and impactful if John Buechler’s original makeup effects were left intact? Would you have liked to have seen the cut ending left in the final film?

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28 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: The Ending Of The New Blood ”

  1. With the original ending (zombie dad) and the fisherman kill, AND all the cut gore back in, New Blood would probaly be up there with Final Chapter/Jason Lives. As it is now its a half baked movie with a plot i always was skeptical about. The cut stuff was great, such a shame. And Jason looked brilliant.

  2. I did not like the idea of Tina’s Dad surfacing at all so regardless of how he (or even was supposed to) looked doesn’t matter. I don’t know anyone who appreciated that ending. Tina’s Dad pulling down Jason…lame IMO.

    It was so cool when Jason showed up on the dock all burnt, but then they ruined the final moments.

    The deleted scene of Jason pulling down a fisherman seems pretty goood. Would have liked to have seen that.

    I love this entry of F13 (I do always stop it before Tina’s Dad surfaces though).

    Jason looked so cool and there were some great kills and the whole atmosphere of the movie was great. Nicely lighted and the sets were good and I liked the score (they did use KI, MA a bit too much though).

    This one is my 5th favourite in the series.

  3. Tina should have summoned Tommy Jarvis with her powers, who shows up out of nowhere grabs Jason and pulls him into the lake (again). lol

  4. Tina should have summoned Tommy Jarvis with her powers, who shows up out of nowhere grabs Jason and pulls him into the lake (again). lol

    Ha Ha. Very Nice. Tommy would have taken care of business! ;)

    did not like the idea of Tina’s Dad surfacing at all so regardless of how he (or even was supposed to) looked doesn’t matter. I don’t know anyone who appreciated that ending. Tina’s Dad pulling down Jason…lame IMO

    I have to agree. I did not like the idea at all. It was very anticlimactic.

  5. The series has a lot of weird endings. This is the most confusing one in my opinion, because others can claim dream sequence. Even though I expect it with repeated viewings it’s still a WTF ending. Like they wrote themselves into a corner and needed the hand of god to save the characters. Deus Ex Machina I think it’s called.

    We should vote for strangest series endings.

    I would have like to see the fisherman part of the ending. That way the ending would at least have a final jump scene.

  6. New Blood has grown on me.

    I remmeber seeing the film opening night in 1988 and loving everything about it except the ending which at the time I felt brought the film down a peg.

    Learning what Carl Buechler went through on the film, through documentaries and Crystal Lake Memories, I fully realized what his true intentions for the film were and over the years have come to love a New Blood. I feel bad that his associate producer and the MPAA made him water down the film so much in regards to the violenece and ending.

    I still believe to this day that the Jason make-up in New Blood is on par with Savini’s Final Chapter make-up for the best in the series.

  7. Yeah the ending made no sense, I always hated it. The decaying father would of made more sense but not much because I doubt the father would still be in the lake. I am pretty sure after his death the police would of fished out his body from crystal lake. We could assume maybe that they were not able to find it and thats why hes still down there.

    Part 7 was a fun movie but not very realistic.
    Jason look was awesome.

    Id love to see the footage of the fisherman. Too bad they didnt include it in the movie. Anybody knows how I can see it?

  8. I agree with John Robert, I think the idea of Tina’s father coming out of the lake was bad anyway. Who says the villian has to die at the end? Jason should’ve killed both, then cut to a scene of the police zipping up body bags and stuff the following morning. One of the cops could lean in to the lake to see the body of Tina (or her boyfriend or whatever) then get pulled down by Jason, the end.

    I love all the Friday the 13th movies, but didn’t care as much for part VII. The whole telekenesis stuff just wasn’t very cool.

  9. if it was supposed to be the corpse of Tina’s father grabbing Jason and pulling him down, or whatever he is, wtf is the body still doing in the lake??? how come his body was not recovered for a funeral, the lake is not that big, and plus, he drowned from having the dock collapsing on him.

    and how come, after a serial killer kills 15+ people in part 6, and he is drowned at the bottom of a lake, the police/fbi/cia/atf/army/marines/airforce/ahmish with pitchforks didn’t bring him up from the lake? just because someone says a person is dead in a lake, and that person who is supposedly dead is a serial killer, is actually dead in a lake!!!! didn’t law enforcement want to know for sure?

    while the first 4 are the best, and part 5 was so so, and part 6 ranks right up with the first 4, the series really did go down hill with part 7 and so on. sure part 7 would have been better with all the cut scenes in it, and sure Jason looked great in it, but come on already, raised back from the dead by a chick with ESP and then killed by her father that has been dead for 20 years?????

    atleast with the resurrection of Jason in part 6, and the in-joke references throughout the whole movie, you knew it was a sort of spoof/homage of past classics. for some of the childish ideas in part 7, it took its self way too seriously….but thats my opinon.

    i could talk about part 7 all day, and the things that i love about it and things that annoy me about it, but i think that everyone gets where im coming from. good friday topic! :)

  10. I definately agree, this was a much more superior ending than the one they ended up using, I also heard that it was’nt all of Buechler’s fault, not only did the MPAA interfered a lot with the movie, but also the associate producer Barbara Sachs (I think that was her name), had to do a lot with this ending that they ended up using (apparently she did’t like the way Tina’s father looked so they had to go with just throwing mud on him). Overall it’s to bad they never went with this ending, It would have made the film a lot better.

  11. Jeez when are we going to get an unrated release of part 7? I wish they wouldve went with the original ending. When I first saw the ending in theatres, I thought it was a joke. At the time I didnt realize all the death scenes were raped by the MPAA. But once I saw all the unedited footage on the box set, I really felt robbed. The only deaths in the final cut that should stay the same are Robins death, and sleeping bag girl. The one whack against the tree I think is more effective and shows Jasons strength. He wouldnt need to bash Her 6 or 7 times. Unless Jason was going apeshit. But I constantly used to say when Id watch the ending “what the hell, after all those years Hes not rotting? All he has is dirt on His face”? Plus theres also more to the ending. At the very end theres a fisherman in a boat, and Jason lunges out of the water behind Him, and pulls Him in. Kind of a tip of the hat to part 1. But dammit its been 22 years since its release. With todays technology theres got to be a way to finalize all the unedited kills and at least get a DVD/Blu-Ray release. Maybe if we all sign a petiton or something. The kill that really pissed me off way before I saw the footage was the death of Dr. Crews. I mean Jason uses this new kick ass saw that Hes never used, and He just kind of knicks him with it. Part 7 may have been better than Part 6. But Ill say this, the kills were way more brutal. The paintballers, the sherrif, classic.

  12. I think they should a Director’s Cut of the film with all of the cut scenes returned to the film over what was released to Cinemas.

  13. I meant to say “should release a Director’s Cut”.

  14. I never liked the ending of him coming out of the lake and drowning Jason.Tina should have used her mind powers to drown him and have a big rock land on him to keep him underwater.I agree a dircectos is needed.

  15. I don’t understand what the big deal is all about with the censorship org’s. I mean “It’s okay to have a hulking rotting maggot infested vicious killer stomping around the lake and pruning unsuspecting teens doing (the dirty), but it’s not okay to have a rotting decayed father protect his daughter from the above mentioned?” -I guess this is why I say common knowledge and sensible actions would be too easy for realism today-or even in 1980’s… JUST GIVE US THE DAMN ORIGINAL ENDING MPAA!

    ***They probably felt they couldn’t pocket enough of the work put into John Carl’s original intention…

  16. On another note, if I may, the end scene of “Zombie-takedown-zombie” is kind of out there even for a “Friday”, and JASON is OUR HERO, there is just no real reason to cut out the scene regardless…?

  17. IMO it’s fine as it is. Good flick, not the best, but good.

  18. Not the best of the series(but not the worst).Definately the best Jason though.I too thought the ending was a bit left field of the events throughout the movie.I’m not too fond of the whole Tina’s dad coming back at the end thing but the cut scenes do sound like they’d have made a slight improvement.Enjoyable entry nontheless………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  19. The idea was clearly to reverse the original film’s “shock” ending: Tina’s father replacing young Jason, rising out of the lake to drag Jason (instead of Alice) under. On paper, it works well, making that final scene in the ambulance feel like a proper coda to the series.

    Unfortunately, the scene has two problems. The first has been discussed widely here already: the father’s body wouldn’t still be in the lake, and if (somehow) he still was his body would be little more than skeletal remains. This first issue is really no different than the problems with Part III’s dream sequence ending (Mrs. Voorhees in the lake? With her head attached?), but here the events are supposed to be taken literally. And that’s distressing.

    The second issue is one of pacing. In the original Friday the 13th, Jason’s jump from the lake happens after the film’s climax has come and gone. It works specifically because Alice is no longer in danger, we feel. This is supported by manfredini’s soft, post-traumatic score, the deliberately paced camerawork, Alice’s slow movements in the canoe. In The New Blood, the action is still in full swing- the house has exploded, Jason’s just taken a bullet and attacked Tina’s boyfriend, he turns towards our Final Girl and–

    See, the issue is that the thematic logic of Tina’s Dad re-enacting Jason’s emergence from the lake from the first film needs to be carefully separated from the main action, otherwise it appears simply nonsensical. The same can be said of Jason Takes Manhattan’s ending, which again introduces a fantasy idea (Jason purged of his evil, reverts to “innocent” form) without any preparation.

    With the second point in mind, it’s hard to imagine either filmed version of Dad’s appearance at the end to be much good. That said, The New Blood is a fun, worthwhile middle entry in the series, nowhere near as genuinely affecting a film as the original, The Final Chapter, or Jason Lives, but head and shoulders above A New Beginning or Takes Manhattan.

  20. I never saw the scene of Jason jumping out and grabbing a fisherman. Would it be on youtube? Anyone have a link?

    Honestly, I believe i would have loved the ending so much more if Tina’s father would have looked like a monster/zombie/dead/orginalmakeup. It would have made more sense with the story they were presenting. Tina brought Jason back at the beginning, so why couldn’t she have brought her father back?

    If they had done this, they could have made a book (or comic book sequal) and used the angle that maybe there is something wrong with the lake… people that drown don’t really die there, etc…

    Anyway, I wish the directors orginal ending was filmed. Maybe bummer…

  21. The movie in itself is good entertainment, and Jason’s look is fantastic, that being said imagine how good it could/would have been if the MPAA hadn’t of literally raped the scenes in the movie.
    If all the “Original” scenes had of been left intact with the original ending, this movie would of been a million times better.
    Yes the zombiefied version of daddy would of been a much better explanation and would have seemed more realistic considering the circumstances. Even though the father woulnd’t be in the lake anymore unless for some unknown reason the law wasn’t able to find his body in the lake, but i dought it, although it could be possible considering all the times Jason’s body was in the lake and never recovered, but i don’t know, in any case if you look past the ending, the movie is still entertaining and one of the better in the series. 8, 9, 10, JVF all sucked.

  22. I think it was great to have her ada save her!! But he needed to be a bit more dead looking, he just looks like he hasnt been in there that long.
    And i’m curiouse about the fisherman bit too, sounded like they should off put that in!!!

  23. The Next Friday Conversation should be: The Ending Of Part 3.

  24. be nice if they released a buechler cut, with the zombie dad and fisherman kill, wouldnt be that hard to reproduce it and shoot new scenes, just dont make it too corny like thwey did with the starwars stuff lol

  25. In my opinion, the New Blood will never be up to Final Chapter’s cult status, even with all its lost footage put into it… no way… and, although Jason Lives is a fine movie, it will never be up to Final Chapter too… we are comparing “classic horror movies” with “fine, just correct horror movies” (referred to Jason Lives, cause The New Blood is a very bad movie to me).

    But it’s just my opinion.

  26. The Ending of Part 3 is very cool… Jason is “dead” at the barn’s door, and that calmness is over the lake… with that haunting music by Manfredini, and then… we see one single “particle or something” falling into the lake, breaking its calmness in some way… this is a very intelligent way to end the movie (we all knew it’d be a fourth one)… it contrasts to Platinum Dunes’ “making Jason jump out of the lake and give the audience one final scare” ending… it was not elegant nor intelligent… that’s why classics are classics…

  27. Never liked this ending the fisher man ending might work with music but theres been so many popups at the end of these Part 2 being my fav part 3 being the worse I also think the remake ended bad

  28. I guess the theatrical ending makes more sense from a technical standpoint, but the cut one would make more immediate sense. The impression that was given was that it was the ghost of Tina’s father that eventually came back to save her. Sure, a rotting zombie would make sense, but they would’ve removed the body long ago. I don’t really favor any side, since they both have valid points. Though, I hope they didn’t edit it just because a zombie would be scary.

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