Watch Every Kill In The Franchise

Alright, I lied. Watch every kill except for the new Friday the 13th. I also noticed that there are a few kills missing from Jason Goes To Hell. And even though I know most of you guys and girls share a certain type of dislike for Jason Goes To Hell, I know you all have seen it enough times to know where the kills are missing.  ;)

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11 Responses to “ Watch Every Kill In The Franchise ”

  1. Very nice. However, there are a few errors in there. For example, some of the earlier “kills” were actually just dream-sequences (e.g. Chris being dragged into the lake at the end of Part III — technically this shouldn’t count as a kill, because it didn’t happen).

    Also, near the end of the clip, they counted Sgt. Brodski being “poked in the ribs” as a kill. But he didn’t actually die at this point. In fact, we don’t see Brodski die at all (though it is assumed that he dies while burning through the atmosphere). I guess the two would probably cancel out.

    It’s nice to see that the 100th kill corresponds to the final kill in Part VII (though, as previously stated, they’ve included Chris’ “dream” death in their tally… perhaps this cancels-out with Paul’s rumoured off-screen death in Part II?).

  2. Nice…there are errors….the leader of the motorcycle gang did not die in the scene shown from Part III…he pops up alive later in the flick.

  3. The ending with the groundskeeper was sweet. I just watched 6 lastnight. Even though it might not be perfect it was still cool. The audio alone, brought the 5 and 7 year olds into my office to check out the ultra violence! I’d have to say my favorite kill is when the girl’s lifeless body hits the light up dance floor in 8.

  4. Ok there was alot of errors, but that was entertaining. Maybe change the title to Jasons Greatest Kills.

  5. It was cool…and it got me thinking. When will we see a new box set release for the original eight films? And is Paramount seriously only going to release the first three films on Blu-ray only? wtf?

  6. They added Azrael from Jason X to the death list twice. First when he gets his arm cut off at the beginning (he`s not dying) and later when Jason breaks his neck. – His actual death.


  7. they missed some kills from “jason goes to hell” and every kills from “friday the 13th- 2024″

  8. This is mentioned by JasonsFury in the article, Diz.


  9. technically,,,
    what is the “REAL” amount of kills Jason has done all up???
    dose any1 know?

  10. c_s_a78,

    That’s the thing, nobody knows how many murders Jason has committed. Joseph Zito said that not all of his kills have been documentated because it is dangerous to get close to Kane Hodder when he is in his Jason costume. There is still much to learn about Jason. Nobody has ever even seen where he sleeps at night or what his rituals are when he is not killing. It’s all just a mystery to documentary film makers. I was hoping that His Name Was Jason would’ve tried to answer those questions but it didn’t…it was just a rehash of what most fans already knew.

  11. Nice wrap up with Martin! Very cool. MOST of Jason Lives is missing. Seems out of character for you. What happened?

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