Friday Conversation: What Should Be In The Sequel

I know that everyone is torn over the new movie. It has it’s bright spots and it’s dull spots. The franchise is still in a great position now as the producers will have more freedom to take the movie in any direction they would like now that the whole reboot aspect is gone from the equation. I personally liked the additions of the underground mine shafts and a faster sleaker Jason. I want Derek back as Jason. What do you guys want in the new movie?

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99 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: What Should Be In The Sequel ”

  1. Simple…..

    1: The SCORE! If they leave out the theme music again I’ll be pissed.
    2: LESS Jason! Yes “Less”. Let’s go back to the old school days were we got some “P.O.V.” shots and leave the body/mask shots for mid-way through and the face for the built up finale! (Just like they used to do it!)
    3: Hold the camera “still” when you kill someone. Shaky-cam isn’t scary.. the hatchet in the face is.
    4: More skinny-dipping (sorry had to throw it in!)

    But If I could only have ONE pick it would be #1 by far. The score could have put the first remake much further up the ranks with me.


  2. i just want this movie done. i mean brad fuller said that nothing is confirmed yet, and that sucks. we probably won’t get it for august 2024 and that sucks too.
    but i would like to get more jason’s story, more mithology.

  3. 1. UMMM. seriously HARRY MANFREDINI!
    2. wishful thinking but i’d love the main characters to be adrienne king, amy steel, and lar park lincoln.

    3. a shooting location that looks like NJ and not texas.

    those are my two cents.

  4. They really need to put the Harry manfredini´s score in it, its like watching alfred hitchcocks psycho on mute, the movie just wont work! also i agree with madworlddesigns that the less jason is more exciting, like in part 1 you never knew who the killer was till the end. and i want funnier actors, god i hated so much TRAVIS VAN WINKLE (trent) he disturbed the whole movie for me and getting no score was just a deadfuck thing to do. I also like jason being retarded human not a monster. Also it would be fun to get an old actor from the previous first movies to play a small role like kane did in JGTH

  5. #1. Continuity. Make sure to show what really happened at the end. (we all know it was a hallucination)

    #2. No prequel. I do not wanna see Jason Voorhees age 17 and shit. Who cares?

    #3. No Jason in snow. I know they are talking about this. Maybe a short clip or 2, but i don’t want to see a winter Jason movie. I wanna see Jason killing counselors at a summer camp.

    #4. I loved the new score! I know everyone hates it, but i love it. It’s new and original. The old Harry Manfredini score is just a mix of Jaws and Psycho. I mean come on. Listen to it.

    #5. Keep it real. No supernatural or biblical bullshit. You know like parts 6,7,8,9,X, and VS. No zombie demon regenerating Jason.

    #6. No elaborate kills. I don’t wanna see Jason kill 9 dudes at once with an orange peal. Hes got a 36″ long machette holstered to his leg for a reason. I wanna see Machette kills out the ass. Fast and deadly.

    #7. Don’t kill or dismember Jason like they did Leatherface. I mean… a one armed chainsaw weilding maniac?

    #8. Put me in the movie. I just wanna walk by or something. I don’t have to be killed by “The Man”.

  6. #9. DEREK MEARS !!!!!!!!!!

  7. bring Harry back to do the score 1st and foremost.

  8. Give me Manfredini’s score, and finally have Jason in a wintry setting at Crystal Lake and it’ll be hard to screw that up. I can just picture Jason busting out of a frozen Crystal lake.

  9. Watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-make. Stay away from all elements excluding blood and nudity.

    I swear I felt like I was watching Leatherface in a hockey mask the whole time. I didn’t want to know Jason was stealing gas to keep his underground world running. I don’t want to think of Jason having enough time to kill and work up that elaborate system. The guy allegedly drowned as a child and quite frankly didn’t have the brains (or at least education) to rig up something like that.

    Oh, and any drugs in this movie need to be brought with the kids that are getting slaughtered. We all know the reaction that got. “Jason was just killing them because they were trying to steal his drugs.” I didn’t think it. Most people really didn’t, but it was still insane that it was growing in the first place.

    I am a fan of the re-imagining of a movie, but I just really felt like the most recent was a TCM knock off.

  10. 1) have a girl killed by machete to the crotch
    2) have jason riding around on crystal lake on the back of a dolphin (rodeo cowboy style with 1 hand holding on and the other arm twirling around in the air)

  11. Have Jason become a ‘zombie’ and unstoppable killing machine again. Revive the whole ‘Devil’s Executioner’ angle. Make him a supernaturally powered creature WITHOUT giving him any ridiculous overt powers (strength and regeneration is plenty).

    And get Bruce Campbell in the movie, one way or another.

  12. I want a much longer shot(s) with Jason unmasked. They always had a long shot with Jason unmasked in the earlier sequels and I think that they should have that now. I’m sick and tired of them trying to hide Jason’s face. That’s not how it was in the first few sequels!

  13. Easy set it in a working summer camp

  14. i would like to see jason take on wwe\’s kane when kane get posessed by freddy that would b uit up freddy vs jason 2,i would also like to see alot of violence and female nudity

  15. In agreement with MadWorldDesigns except #1, don’t totally agree

    show his face. the whole ‘it’s scarier if you don’t see it’ is f*cking bull. His makup was pretty good in the reboot, but we never saw it. if you look at the original concepts in the special features it’s actually pretty damn good.

    More facial destruction. I mean, what are the best, scariest kills? Doug in the shower, the wheelchair guy, the dude in part 7 who got his face crushed (it looks good in the slashed scenes), Marcy from part 1, Rick in 3-D, JASON from part 4, etcetreh, etcetreh

    Harry Manfredini was totally mailing it in the last few scores. It was hack synth crap and was embarrassing. The new score for the reboot was creepy and good, if not that creative. If Harry can do something great like the Part 1 or Part 4 scores, or even Part 5, sure I would love to have him back.

    Good location, like Higgins Haven

    No sepia-toned TCM crap cinematography. Bring back the bright 80s feel where the blood is super red.

    Better characters ala Barney Cohen or Martin Kitrosser, or Victor Miller. The Swift/Shannon dudes have had their turn, let’s get someone fresh.

  16. It must have the original score. I just don’t get why filmmakers thinks they can come up with a more effective score. In parts 1-4, the score was so good that even boring scenes seemed creepier. It’s fine to tinker with the score a little, but if you don’t want to use it in a Friday movie, then make a different movie.

    I would like to see the reboot re-scored.

  17. I have to agree with you ratta tatta touille, Harry\’s scores for his last couple of movies were not that impressive, which is why I am surprised that so many people are calling fo him again. I think a lot of people are living in the past on the subject of music for the new movies. Maybe Harry would go back to his older scores if called upon again, but I don\’t think that would happen. Musicians like to have progressions in their style and going back to something he did 30 years ago would not inspire him much I would think.

  18. Well MadWorldDesigns pretty much summed up all i wanted to see! Maybe some Ki Ki Ki, Ha Ha Ha’s. Also, bring back in the whole camp counselor aspect, and maybe some campers. And bring it back to its roots and shoot the film in NJ, so i can drop by on set and maybe get some face time in! LoL

  19. I don’t care enough to write a long paragraph or a list, but this remake had a good run of scenes where Jason had these kids isolated and the tension was really good. I think one dude was on the path screaming or something and Jason was near by. That part was the most real & creepy.

  20. I think that a winter-time F13 movie would be really awesome. And, you can get some new and interesting scenes from it such as:

    Jason stalking someone through one of those places where they sell Christmas Trees (very good way to build up suspense before he comes out of nowhere and decapitates his victim), and some unsuspecting person gets attacked from under the ice while ice-skating on the frozen Crystal Lake (just like that dude in the remake who went messing around in Jason’s camp cabin at the beginning of the movie).

    Those are just a few of the things I would like to see in the next movie.

  21. I agree with Jay, the origins of this franchise have to do with a camp so why not involve one ? At the end of the reboot, Jason is presumed to be dead & once again at the bottom of crystal lake … So maybe allow a number of years to pass, enough time for people to forget the murders that occurred at Trent’s house (a nice tribute right there) and set the story around a guy who opens a camp & he enlists a number of counselors to help him get it going. I would imagine it would be nice to have a variety of people like in the all the films, as in the jock, the hot girl, the mysterious chick, the prankster etc. You bring back Jason any way you want it and let him go to work. I also agree with MadWorldDesigns, i would like to see some P.O.V. style camera shooting maybe as a subtle nod to the first few Halloween films. In agreement with some of the others sharing their views in this topic, i would like to see Harry Manfredi brought back to do the score as i thought the reboot score was just a little dry … but maybe ask Harry to do something “classic” and leave it at that. I imagine he would come up with something fitting and appropriate for Part 2.

    Other than that, i don’t have alot of adjustments i would like to see done to a Part 2, i mean writers are writers for a reason they are good at what they do and they deserve to come up with the ideas that they see fit. But i would maybe just like to see less tacky acting; I felt the re-boot was not even geared towards young adults but geared to kids under 13 who want to see blood. Try to keep it real ya know ! I mean what kind of guy is getting it on with a girl and says to her “your tits are stupendous” ??? I am not looking for Academy Award winning acting, but the cast from the originals part 1-4 were great examples of what i am getting at.

  22. I totally agree with all the bring back Manfredini comments.
    Friday’s score should be orchestrated. Remember the good old days when a simple ’string’ would carry on through a scene and then climax…it was simple and brilliant.

    The later scores I found okay too (with the exception of Manhattan, which Harry had nothing to do with and Goes to Hell, which I agree he probably just called in). They followed the same formula (would Pycho change its, would Jaws change its, would Halloween change its?).

    A better score or Harry is what I need. Relying on loud mechanical bangs is cheap scoring and that’s exactly what the ‘re-boot’ had. It didn’t all suck but a lot of it did.

    Less Jason; I coming around to that – I loved the POV kills in the past and there is somehting special about the original.
    Likeable characters; I just could not stand some of these people in the re-boot – but that’s the new writers for you; they are crap and I won’t get my hopes up as long as they’re involved. Is that how they see 20 somethings?

    Fill in the frakin’ tunnels – what a cop out. So much of the reboot was TCM in many ways. Make the sequeal a Friday one and not a Leatherface in a Hockey mask one (reference to an earlier post).

    Oh, yes and many more “Ki Ki Ki’s Ma Ma Ma’s”!!

    And were the frak on the blu-rays for Parts 4-7 and then X)? Dammit.

  23. I meant where the frak are the blu-rays for Parts 4-7 and then X.

  24. C’mon, it’s called a “reimagining” for a reason. They wanted to make a movie to draw new viewers in and make them fans of the franchise. I’m a diehard fan, and love all the movies for particular reasons, but I was happy to see them bring some new flavor to the old hack’n’slash formula. And the score was excellent, really fit the tone of the new movie well. Manfredini had his turn, now let someone else do it for god’s sakes.
    Definitely need a camp setting somewhere in the new film. Maybe Jason’s body can wash ashore on another part of the lake and he awakens to hear people laughing and having fun getting the camp ready to open, which brings a flashback of his mother being decapitated. Then he’s off to deliver the goods! And throw some children in the mix, a’la part 6. That was awesome!

  25. Almost forgot: bring Mears back! He scared the shit outta me! :D

  26. Daniel, I agree with you on the music. I also wanted to say that I do not want the new movie in 3D. However, an IMAX eperience would be awesome. I, however, know that would never happen right now due to the costs involved in filming a movie in that format. But, it would be great to see!

  27. I also like the idea of a winterized friday movie,winter sets an awesome atmosphere for tension,hell….just the thought of a dark winter night with dead trees covered in snow set to some old school Manfredini music has me in shivers,..whatever happens,more Jason equals more fun either way so I’m excited :D

  28. More original kills. That was my only big problem with the reboot. There were no kills that were very memorable, they lacked something special. Every Friday had at least one kill that was truly awesome/creative/memorable. FvsJ had the same problem. Shannon & Swift shottheir ammo with the bed-folding-kill too early. They need to come up with good set-ups. Jason just apearing behind his victims is boring. HAve some jump-scare-kills that you realy do not see coming (e.g. Jimmy´s death in TFC or Mark´s in Part 2).

    The editing of the old movies. What happened to the “fade to white” scenes of the old movies?

    Some classic F13th music. They used Manfreini´s music in the Trailers but not in the movie. I loved Jablonsky´s score and it fit the movie. I also think that Jablonsky´s score fits the movie better than Manfredini, but a few scenes should have classic F13 music.

    Less Jason. Jason is on screen to much. In F13 1-5 the killer was only fully shown in the last act of the movie. (But I fear that for merketing reasons they will keep Jason onscreen as much as they can). Remember when we just saw hands taking bak branches in order to clear the view in Part 1 and 2. Remember the foot/leg shots of Jason walking upsairs (to kill Jeff/Sandra in 2 and Andy in 3)? those were creepy.

    More stalking! There were some cool stalking sequences in the remake (during the Trent/ree sex-scene) but there could have been more (just look at JAson´s slking in Part 3).

    Don´t film it in California. No more palms, orange-trees etc

    There were rainstorms in F13th 1,2,4 ad 5. In Part 3D it was very windy. Yet, in the recent movies there was perfect weather, even at nights! I want thunder, lighning an rain!

    Come up with a good ending and don´t force something on us. The ending scare of the remake made me almost roll my eyes.

    I want more nudity. Why not have Camp Crystal Lake reopened as a nudist camp or swinger-club? .. okay, I was just joking with this one.

    Continuity: Don´t let the new movie start like nothing happened. What did the authorities do? Seing as Trent as his friends were from rich families there is no way the townspeopkle could just forget about it (like those “people disapear around here, that´s nomal” comments in the reboot).

    Keep Jason´s behavior as it was in the remake. Mears was great, bring him back.

    Just try to keep the tone of the first movie. just because it´s a sequel doesn´t mean it needs to be campy (when the series gets “old” again it can get campy again, but he audience wants to see dark/reepy horror nowadays).

    Keep up the good work with the characters. Shannon & Swift presented vey good characters in FvsJ and F1309.

  29. i’m not sure what i would like to see in the next one, but one thing i would love to see is Jason a little indimidated by someone. remember Jason is human, and probably has fears aswell. i think that instead of having your typical 175lb men in the movie, throw a weight lifter in the mix. someone who is Jason’s size, if not a little bigger. of course Jason will kill him, but make him work for that kill. have this person actually hurt Jason a little. show that Jason just can’t walk up to anyone and snap their neck easily.

    picture Jason squaring off against someone, who isn’t the main star and its one of those fights where its kill or be killed. have the guy hit Jason a few time, show blood coming out from under the mask, make it believable. something like when they are fighting, and throwing punches and wrestling around, the person would get Jason on the ground and force Jason to dig into his instint to do whatever he has to do to survive. and then when he kills this guy, don’t have him just jump up and run after another soon to be victim, have him struggle to his feet and stumble away a winner, but obviously hurt and a little shaken.

    now tell me that wouldn’t offer a bit of realism to the next installment?

  30. 1. Continuity with the last. (the police arives the cabin, and search Jason for the place, they found the sub-cave, but Jason escapes.
    2. Counselors and Childrens
    3. Runing Jason (is scary as hell)and maybe, Runing and strange-screaming Jason. “He never talks, but is a kind of scary sound”
    4. Cool and Gore deaths.
    5. Less stupid conversations between teenagers
    6. A family in R.V or something.
    7. After a death, put a white hard flash.
    8. A character like “crazy ralf”
    9. Jason kills childrens.
    10. More Flashbacks explain the childhood.
    11. a Handicap in wheel chair dude.
    12. The joker one.
    13. A good finale for Jason, make more damage in the hokey.
    14. New damages for Jason “Burned, Axe in his head”
    15. Someone, with the capacity to stop Jason for a moment, like the boxer from 8, some kind, of judo, karate whareva character.
    16. New weapons, a shovel, hokey rod, baseball bat, guadanas, and a rock.
    17. keep it real, and disque-inteligent.

  31. sorry point 14 yet exists.

  32. deffinately keep Derek, he is way too good to not use him aqgain!
    And would def say that jason has too keep his bit off grey cell he uses to put up lights and other stuff…keep him with a bit off intelgents! hes been NOT very intelegent far too long concidering that hes been at CCL for soooo many years!!

  33. Just make it as awesome as the reboot. That’s all I ask.

  34. For one Harry Manfredini must return to do the music. Possibly We could get Greg Nicotero to do the FX. A bigger body count…even though the count from the remake was 13 which was cool, but c’mon Jason could kill a little more. A new story and direction but yet dont change the formula like in Jason Goes To Hell. Possible cameos from previous Jasons like Ted White, Kane Hodder, or Richard Brooker. And maybe some tribute scenes that make you think of the original series. If they stick with all that the sequal should rock…oh yeah and keep Derek Mears I believe He did a kick ass job.

  35. More blood and creative deaths.
    Camp counselors, no children.
    Derek Mears.
    A good script.

  36. gore gore gore gore and sick crazy kills i want a lurking in the woods run after you pig face ala part3 jason !!!!i want to feel the hurt when he kills and i want people to be like wow thats sick or even scream cause its spooky like 3,4,and 5 and Harry Manfredini

    4- bring back tomy jarvis , trish , tina , rennie , for a last stab
    5-and 3 endings

  38. Have Jason doing the killing while wearing a thong.

  39. For it’s simple..

    Keep Rob Zombie away from the set.

  40. 1. Gore. Gore up the ass, gruesome, morbid, and bloody

    2. Hooters gotta have massive lactating milky hooters

    3. A good sense of tension and helplessness throughout most of the movie.

    I take all of those equally serious

  41. I actually enjoyed the reboot , and yes It could have been much better with a few changes. I feel like the goal was too bring in a younger audience and expose it to people that weren’t as familiar with the Series. I have been a fan since the original. I’ve seen all the movies at the theatre including Pt. 3 in 3D. I think the Franchise is far from dead and I’m hoping they make some changes on the next one. I always remember what my wife tells me everytime I mention my love for these movies. She always says that there all the same, you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. I of course disagree with her. It would be hard even today to duplicate the 1st 4 Fridays. Horror movies then were more like events and hopefully the next movie can be a little more satisfying for all us Friday fans.

  42. Keep Derek Mears. Keep jason fast moving as he was in parts 2-4. Make it a little more intense. The first 25 mins of the new one were excellent. Now 90 mins of that? Best movie ever!!

  43. I want the costume to stay the same. Consistency would be nice.

    Derek is welcomed back in my book.

    I want, no no no, need to have the chi chi ha ha s in the movie.

  44. I would really like it if Jason was in the snow but not totally snowing I mean a little snow,one other thing I realized was that If the end of the movie in remake was an hallucination then maybe Jason’s body wasn’t dumped in the lake maybe it was left near the wood chipper,maybe the sequel will start almost the same as part 4 in the morgue and maybe we will see him escape the hospital, but maybe people wont like that because it is kind of the same as Halloween 2

  45. Well, first off Derek Mears played a hell of a jason. The more realistic he looks and act, the more terrifying. Bring him back. I would like to see more of from the time of when his mother died and when he made his first kill. Oh yea, how did Jason survive his potential DROWNING?? Let’s see that. Let that 30 year old mystery finally reveal itself. Someone said something about Jason in the snow..possible..But don’t put too much into it. Just maybe a 10 min winter camping trip gone wrong. Then Back to Summer. Maybe Bring some old Character names back. Just changing their background. Tommy Jarvis and Steve Christy are old college buddies. Steve’s loaded and wants to reopen the camp. Asks Tommy for help, being that he is a local contracter. And tommy was an old camper there, Something happened there and tommy Hesitates about going back. And Please..Give Kevin Bacon a Role SOMEWHERE!!!

  46. Maybe throw in the Tommy Jarvis plotline somehow. Bring back Feldman for a kick ass double-way sequel. I sequel to the reboot and a sequel to the original series.

    Or maybe have some more back story on Jason and his mother.

  47. have it like part 4. escapes morgue and he trys to make it back to his shack. it could take him 2 movies to get back. one a house with kids renting, the other about hikers camping. lets see how he does without his tunnels.

  48. Heres what i want, an actual sequel to the franchise. Ok so the did the big reboot and got jasons name out there for many non fans to buy a movie ticket. now its time to pick up where part 8 left off and have jasons body wash up at crystal lake. I just dont understand what is wrong with zombie jason. I love the brutal and meaness of jason and would love to see that again. I read about someone wanting a back story about how he survived his drowning but its a bit late for that for that should have been in the remake. I thought the remake was good and did like the whole weed field idea for i saw it not as jason only killed them cuz they were trying to steal his weed, but as a hunter holding bait out for his prey. Jason has been after pot smokers for the past 3 decades. so if they go after the field of weed they must smoke it and therefore jason did not approve. I also would like to see the return of some characters and a story to the movie. I love all the films in the franchise and hope that it never dies.

    PS who has been keeping up with freddy vs Jason vs ash 2 nightmare warriors, the story has been phenominal so far and cant wait for the new issue to release

  49. keep away from Shannon & Swift

  50. ok first bring bad the classic score with manfredini, second get rid of the mone shafts there dumb, third do not have nispell direct it, hes an idiot, bring back mears and keep jason alive dont make him a zombie untill at least part 4-6 in there somewhere, do not do a prequel, maybee put him in the snow, or do something 3-d , they can go wherever they want a nice classic friday at crystal lake works for me kill kill kill

  51. “keep away from Shannon & Swift”


    “ok first bring bad the classic score with manfredini, second get rid of the mone shafts there dumb, third do not have nispell direct it, hes an idiot, bring back mears and keep jason alive dont make him a zombie untill at least part 4-6 in there somewhere, do not do a prequel, maybee put him in the snow, or do something 3-d , they can go wherever they want a nice classic friday at crystal lake works for me kill kill kill”

    And another good post, once again.

  52. BRING BACK,,JOSEPH ZITO FROM PART 4,,OR DANNY STEINMANN FROM PART 5 ,,part 5 was a very good story and was directed well its just that jason was not realy jason.. I want someone who can make it feel like a friday the 13th movie not a remake reboot mtv PG13 that the say is rated R THANKS but no thanks put some heart into it for us and add some more gore make us happy read this new line..

    thanks shotz10!!

  53. A GREAT CHASE SCENE! no movie has it! not sorority row which i was hopping not even halloween II well slow mo bull this is ridiculous no horror movie is complete without one. this is pissing me off!

  54. i ment to say no modern movie has one


  56. just do something new and fresh
    a fresh storyline would be nice.
    not just copycat kills from previous friday movies.
    and derek mears as jason.

  57. hopefully they get crackin soon on it tho so we can get it by august 13th 2024.

  58. the same jason,derek.introduction of tommy,and last but not least,the score done by harry.nice one jasonsfury keep it up,creative people like you make this site cool.

  59. I thought the kills could’ve been a little bit better in the reboot so for a sequel I want better kills.

    Also, Jason is killing in 2024. Lots has changed since the 80’s and the cookie-cutter/generic characters found throughout the series (INCLUDING THE REBOOT) need to go. I’m tired of seeing nothing but jocks and wannabes in these films. I say throw a couple of white-collar pill poppers into the mix, an emo kid or two, a flamboyantly gay/lesbian character, a gang member, and your usual set of jocks and wannabes and we will have a truly modern cast fit for a reboot sequel. Then Jason can kill them all.

  60. For the sequel I want to see the survivors from the first part get killed off at the beginning quick! I want to see more interesting characters. I agree with everyone else having Jason being in the snow is just dumb. They did that for the Jason vs Freddy VS Ash and I thought that was plain stupid. I want to see the reboot version of Jason and the reboot Version of freddy in a movie. I don\’t want it to be similiar to texas chainsaw massacre. The first remake of the movie was ok. I don\’t want to see a repeat. I really don\’t care if the plot doesn\’t match up to the original movies. I just want to continue to see the new Jason in future movies.

  61. put down the fucking machete and give us some shocking, creative kills we’ve never seen before.

    also, lesbians.

  62. I’d Like A Few Things
    -Keep It At Crystal Lake Again
    -Give Jason More Weapons Aside From The Machete
    -Keep It Realistic
    -Tommy Jarvis
    -Derek Mears As Jason Again
    -If Possible, Do A Follow Up To Clay And Whitney In The Opening Scene.

  63. Oh And Get A Director That Won’t Try To Replicate What He Had Already Done, I Loved The New Friday But…Too Much Of The Same Ol.

    Get A Guy Like Pascal Laugier, And We Would Have The Bloodiest Friday The 13th Ever.

  64. This may be out in left field, but i would like to see Camp Crystal Lake re opened with actual campers like on jason lives, and i wouldn’t mind seeing what happened to the surviving girl that killed jason’s mother during the opening credits. That would be kind of cool

  65. Things I would like to see in the next FRIDAY THE 13TH movie:

    1. Keep Derek Mears as Jason (or bring Kane Hodder back).

    2. Cast Danielle Harris as the surviving heroine.

    3. Use the classic “ki-ki-ma-ma” theme music and use it more than they did in the remake.

    4. Don’t show fully show Jason until the last 30 mins of the movie. (Up until that point, use stalking shots of him from behind, or just his hands, or feet).

    5. More nudity.

    6. More old school/new school rock songs in the soundtrack.

    7. Throw in some eerie shots of Jason having visions of his mom.

    8. More gore and creative kill sequences.

    9. Cast Robert Englund as a police officer or other authority figure.

    That’s all I can think of at the present time.

  66. They also should have a really gory death for jason, a realy fucked up way for jason to die not just a stab at his heart they should do a death like part 4.

  67. They also should have a really gory death for Jason, a really fucked up way for Jason to die not just a stab at his heart they should do a death like part 4.

  68. wow I messed up and double posted sorry

  69. 1) Original theme/music back in the movie -It felt a lot less like the Friday The 13th movies without it in the remake. It’s part of what made the originals good.
    2) Less annoying characters -In the remake it seemed like you were rooting for Jason and not the characters, some of you may like that but I sure don’t.
    3) Less marketing tools- If you’ve seen most of Platinum Dunes movies, you’ll know that a lot of actors are from the CW(was WB) or are just well known. They’re cast based on their fame instead of whether they fit the role or not. Yes, that includes Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger.
    4) Less Jason/More character development- Jason shouldn’t be the main character, the less we see/know about Jason, the better. There were a lot of characters that you just flat out didn’t care about when they died.
    5) Chase scenes- What was the point of having Jason run if there weren’t any chase scenes.
    6) Better kills- The producers lied about how intense the kills were, most of the kills were about the same. In fact why did they choose to slit Donnie’s throat instead of having him decapitated with the mask on. That scene was way better then what we saw in the final cut.
    7) EXPERIENCED horror director- All Platinum Dunes does is hire a cheap music video director for flashy cinematography and little knowledge of what makes a good horror movie.

    That’s my two cents.

  70. The next movie should have…
    * some clasic music and sound effects
    * I would love to see more flashbacks of his mother (Hell,…a remake of the origional would be cool)
    * More of the camp

  71. A Remake of the part 1 with Pamela Voorhees ( =

  72. I WANT the movie set in the winter. Imagine the possibilities of that!

    I work for a camp, and lots of camps are open for the winter. Weekend retreats and things happen all the time. Imagine a group of people who have an actual reason for being in the woods at camp. (Like group bonding, teambuilding, recreation) but also find the time and solitude to do all the stuff they are not supposed to do. (drugs, drink, sex) It would be so much better than teenagers going out to the woods JUST to do those things. It’s so much better when your doing what your not supposed to and getting away with it.

    Then there is the winter aspect of it all. Blood red against white snow. The creepy look of bare snow covered trees at night. The picturesque look of the shining snow during the day. Instead of pouring rain you could have a violent snowstorm and block off aid. Just imagine the creeps you’d get seeing the stalking aspect with Jason’s breathe from around a corner but no Jason, or the shadow cast on the snow.

    The big finale could take place on a frozen over Crystal Lake!

    How could you not want this movie made?

  73. 1. Slower, more creepy Jason

    2. The Score

    3. Actually take place at Camp Crystal Lake

  74. THE MUSIC from parts 1-4. The new movie sucked because it lacked the score which made the scenes dull. Whoever makes the next one, do us a favor and watch parts 1-4 and use them as your blue print. Jason needs to be in shadows more and not always so visible.

  75. 1. Make it good this time.

  76. Aside from having jason riding around on a dolphin’s back in crystal lake, i’d like to see him do several kills while wearing an under-armour shirt, a pair of capri’s and flip-flops.

    other than that i think it should be awesome again.

  77. It needs to have:

    Harry’s score or at least a better score.

    A climatic Jason Unmasking at the end. That was always the biggest moment in the old films.

    No stupid underground lair.

    No stupid post-SAW capive girl in a rusty room.

  78. Whatever you do DO NOT LET ROB ZOMBIE TOUCH ANYTHING he will ruin it just like he did Halloween!

  79. Whatever is done. DO NOT LET ROB ZOMBIE TOUCH ANYTHING!! He will ruin the franchise just like he did for Halloween!

  80. 1)Give Crystal Lake the snow setting that tons of us are desperate to see.(How cool would it be to see a frozen over lake with Jason walking through the mist across it).

    2)More traditional machete kills.(They are the bread and butter of the franchise.However keep the clever kills involving whatever is at hand.Just don’t let them overshadow the machete kills).

    3)More blood and gore.(Go nuts.Think Hostel).

    4)Maintain the nudity level set by the current reboot.BUT NO FAKE BOOBS.(Think Debi Sue Voorhees).

    5)How about a modern take on Tommy Jarvis.(A possible Corey Feldman return).

    6)KEEP DEREK MEARS AT ALL COSTS.He is Jason now.(Sorry Kane).

    7)In accordance to the winter setting.How about Students(cheap labour)could be renovating the camp during the winter so it is ready to be reopened the following summer.(See what i did there,already i’ve thought of a sequel to the sequel).


    If i think of anything else i’ll be sure to post it…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  81. 0h yeah.

    9)3-D.I agree with Jasonsfury on the IMAX experience.But that’s never gonna happen.So a 3-D sequel would be a wothwhile experience…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  82. 1) keep jason in camp crystal lake
    2) make CCL in NJ and not texas
    3) keep no name actors because its makes it more believable and real
    4) Derek Mears or Kane Hodder
    5) dont kill off jason and leave door open for another movie!

  83. i always thought they should have Jason chasing some dude in handicap crutches (like Jimmy on South Park). I’m f**ked in the head, so I would think that is funny.

    Jason in the snow would be cool and would be great to have some kids out on the lake playing Hockey and they think Jason wants to play.

    I didnt like the whole “captive” girl thing in the reboot. I mean, did ol Jason actually think enough to throw her some food and set up some sort of toilet area? Lets never return to that idea and dissolve that character in the sequel.

  84. i think the the consensus is that Manfredini needs to come back, I agree !!!

    i woulsd also love to see the new film, ( i dont say part 2 because f13 2024 was more of a sequel that a reboot/remake) ..anyways,, i think we should bring a previous character back preferably tommy jarvis or ginny. i love adrienne king but unfortunately she was killed off in 2

    and please i really hate the over exposure of drugs and drug jokes in the new film, they just overkilled in the weed thing, and no rap music.

  85. If there is a sequel, please create likeable characters instead of annoying ones and include more character development this time. We should care about them so when they meet their demise, it packs an emotional punch. Also, no comedians! Keep it strictly a scary movie, not a comedy. Lay off the sex, nudity and drugs. People go to scary movies to be scared! Most of us could care less about the abundance of sex. We can get that elsewhere. Film it somewhere other than Texas. Don’t let all the characters know Jason’s presence and start running around like idiots. Make it like the original where they are picked off one by one until there is a lone survivor. Keep Jason in the shadows and only show him more near the end like Part 4. Go back to the ‘final girl’ angle and make her a likeable heroine, someone we can root for and set-up a really great chase scene with a lot of suspense. Perhaps make it about camp counselors again trying to reopen a camp.

  86. 1- No Shannon and Swift!
    2- Harry Manfredini! (And none of that Jason Goes to hell/ Jason X music) I’m talking about the quality of the first 4 orchestral scores. Stringy! Bassy! With lots of that classic ‘Zinging’ sound!
    3- Jason in the shadows until near the end!
    4- No ridiculously annoying characters and dialogue!
    5- No Comedy! No unfunny wannabe witty one-liners!
    6- Atmosphere! Rainstorm! Thunder! Lightning!
    7- No Marcus Nispel!
    8- No shakey, hand held, lazy, jagged, sloppy camera work! We’d like to see what is actually happening in a movie!
    9- Lots of Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma!
    10- Not every character being obnoxious carbon copies of eachother! Can most of the characters be likeable!
    11- No quick sloppy flash editing on par with the shakey camera moves! Ugh!
    12- Suspense!
    13- One final survivor! Female! With a wicked Chase scened as in Part 3! No male hero! Boring! Women add to the terror and suspense!
    14- No scooby doo moments! ‘Oooh Jason’s out there what should the 5 of us do?!’ Not scary when you have a house full of people trying to figure stuff out!
    15- Stalking please!
    16- Can some of the female victims scream please!
    17- Lots of Jump scares!
    18- A Body needs to come crashing through a window! I miss those things that make you jump!
    19- Can someone discover the dead bodies the way they used to!
    20- Jason needs to act like a deranged killer! Not a breathe heavy super hero!
    21- Get rid of that underground mine crap!
    22- We need a ‘you’re doomed’ type character who warns the victims!
    23- Stop trying to get all fancy with story sub plots and get to the point! Stop trying to explain too much! We want to feel the terror again!
    24- ONE funny character! ONLY ONE!!!!!!!! And that one should not be too annoying, desperate and obnoxious.
    25- Sex and weed and fine when it’s NOT OVER THE TOP! Girl massaging her boobs for attention…Too much. Guy masturbating to a woman in a magazine…LAME.
    26- No heroic one liners like, “Go to Hell!”, “Die Bitch!” (not sure when they said those but those are examples of lame one liners lol)
    27- Use the characters traits from the first 4 as examples of characterizations. AND DON’T Exxagerate them for a ‘modern audience’. Gimme a break.
    28- Most important!!! AGAIN…STEADY THAT DAMN CAMERA YOU LAZY BUNCH OF FILMMAKERS TRYING TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY NOT USE DOLLIES! LOL! The following is to be read sarcastically: Here is what horror directors say to the director of photography these days: “Hey you, hold the camera over your shoulder and film ALL of the action on one swoop! Move it to the right, get her arm in the shot, quick, move it up, quick move it left to get jason’s face, move it down fast, try to get the blood splatter on the wall, quick move it back to the floor for nothing, move it up, down, sideways, great, just like a music video! This is gonna be awesome! No one is going to know what the hell is going on in this scene! It’s gonna be great!” NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The above are things that have been lacking Friday movies for years!

  87. Wow, Stephanie! You covered all of the basis. Awesome.

  88. Stephanie i’m with you all the way,especially point 28.HELL YEAH!!!!YOU RULE………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA,MA.

  89. Oops i added an exta MA at the end there.LOL.KI,KI,KI,ah you know the rest.

  90. Thanks jasonfury and baz! Glad you agree!

    Oh and I meant:
    25- Sex and weed ARE fine when it’s NOT OVER THE TOP!

    and I meant:

    13- One final survivor! Female! With a wicked Chase SCENE as in Part 3!

    Typos :)

  91. How about a boner? Haven’t seen one of those on screen before! Boner on Machete?

  92. I would like nothing that seriously conflicts with this ‘new series’ being viewed as a continuation of the old. Continuity itself fell into the eye of the beholder from Part 8 onwards in my opinion. As such, I worked very hard on a logical proof that allows the new movie to be seen as a sequel. It’s important to me that there is one Jason Voorhees and one Friday the 13Th Franchise and Series. I always despised with comic book, film series, etc decide to ’start all over.’ It’s like saying there was something wrong with the originals. I remember what a big fuss it was when the new movie was being talked about before it came out about whether it should be a sequel or a reboot. The creators did a good job at fashioning the film in such a way it can work as both. Don’t mess with that, please.

    For instance:

    No having Alice come back from the beginning.

    No having Tommy come back as a kid again. (Though he never died, so there is no reason he couldn’t come back as an adult.)

    No having Ginny back in a reboot form. (Though, again, no reason to not have her back as a continuation.)

    You get the picture.

    Actually, we have some great characters here with Derek Meers as Jason (Should ABSOLUTELY come back again. Meers kicked ass and really put life back into Jason.) I wouldn’t mind seeing Clay and Whitney come back. They made me smile and I think the idea of a brother sister power duo is something fresh to the series that could, if done right, drive a new installment.

    Keep Jason at the camp. More nudity! I know I’m likely not to see guy nudity (sighs) but there is no reason we can’t have more skinny dipping like already mentioned. It doesn’t take long and it’s traditional in Friday the 13Th. At least one shot the moon, it does represent Pamela after all.

    The power of Part 12 was rightly appreciated. And I want to see that intensity continue.

    I would like to see them touch on the fact that Jason is a demon, spawned from a serpent (Annunaki) bloodline. But I want them to be careful with it. Jason Goes to Hell did it and made it very obvious. Perhaps we could have a more subtle approach to the origin of Jason’s power?

  93. Derek has to come back as Jason- he was AWESOME! And I agree with other posters that Shannon & Swift have had a shot and its someone elses turn to write a decent movie.

    I’ll probably get jumped on for this but did there seriously need to be THAT much sex in it?? The sex scene seemed to go on forver.. especially in the extended version. I know its a staple of the series to have premiscuous (sp?) teens but its still a horror film not a Porno lol!

    Maybe show a litte less of Jason so early in the film, but other than that, keep the tone of the sequal(s) serious like the remake was and please… NO ZOMBIE JASON!!!

  94. I like the fact that a lot of you want to see less Jason in the beginning of the movie ala the older movies in the beginning of the franchise. I agree that this lends to the creepy atmosphere and build up of suspense. However, those movie are at or approaching 30 years old. And as such many of the original fans of the series are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

    Studios target demographics in preparing these movies for release. That is it, bottom line. The studios demographic is going to be 16-25 on average. That’s not us, the older fans. That’s the newer generation of fans.

    The new crop of fans are in their teens and have been brought up in the digital age of filmmaking. Every movie that has been released in this generation is fast, flash and move on to the next big scare or action scene. So, I think it will be hard for us fans to get that movie with the old feel we so desire. Younger fans want Jason all of the time. That’s one big reason why Jason Goes To Hell was so heavily panned as you did not get Jason in the whole movie.

    I think in order to truly enjoy the impending newer movies that are going to be released, we the fans are going to have to adjust the way we approach these movies and have a more open mind to how Jason is portrayed and his mythos is told. If you can’t get on board with the new generation Jason and Friday the 13th, then I guess it’s time to leave the franchise behind and keep your fond memories at hand.

    I am excited for the newer movies to come. I hope Jason lives on forever. What an awesome franchise!

  95. Wow,thanks a bunch Jasonsfury i’m officially “old”lol.Well you know what they say,there’s no school like old school…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  96. Sorry to break the news to you, baz! ;)

  97. I am old school die hard jason fan. I dont remember jason running around like a superhero, the original score was left out. and the teenagers were garbage. If you are going to try to rebirth a super killer they should have taken the advice of the people that brought back michael myers over and over. they could have learned something that would have made this a super and successful movie.

  98. I think we need another Ralph Character;!
    No, ZOMBIE Jason.
    No, stupid things such as Jason killing because someone was stealing his weed!
    No Snowy Camp Crystal Lake!
    Bring back Mrs. Voorhees!

  99. I’d just like to see realistic characters. The one’s from the remake were like a MTV, politically correct stereotype group, that made you wonder how on earth the film-makers could be so out of touch with normal people… lol.

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