Warhawk Hock Perfect For New Movies

I know that all of the Friday fans were happy that the reboot utilized the original hockey mask look from the original franchise. I, however, think that if the movie was going to be a true reboot, they should have changed up the look of the mask. I think this “Warhawk” mask would be the perfect mask to have in the newer movies. It holds some of the traditional designs of the original look but adds some attitude. I am not sure how this would look on-screen in action, but I would like to see some test shots of it. Check out www.fiberglassmasks.com if you are interested in buying this design of hockey mask.




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35 Responses to “ Warhawk Hock Perfect For New Movies ”

  1. The remake mask was the best of all!! I love it. Can’t wait for the sequel. http://www.fiberglassmasks.com are the best. I think they should stick to “Jason” masks. The “war hock” is gay. No way would i like them to use this or any other mask.

  2. No thanks

  3. Look’s cool for uh, Comic version. Like Iron Man vs Jason. But i like it. But not in er… another Jason movie I like plus the old style.

  4. For an original concept I like it. For a movie, not at all. It’s great for a novelty look. It just looks all spacey and futuristic

  5. I wouldn’t like this in the movie personally, but as an original concept, I think it is a very cool take on the mask. Be cool to see someone done up in weathered riot gear wearing this thing, like a maniacal SWAT member back from the dead, be a cool costume concept.

  6. Looks more like something out of a Mad Max sequel than F13. Just not feeling this.

  7. I know I am way outside the box on this one guys. And as you can tell, this whole week I am thinking outside the box. :) Like I said, I would have to see this in a screen test. It might look like the silliest think ever and then I would say hell no.

  8. No thanks. The whole idea of Jason wearing a hockey mask is in fact that it is a HOCKEY mask. I never saw Bernie Parent wearing a “warhawk”. It does look cool though, very anime.

  9. Dunno realy, it takes the whole blank faced marsk look less scary by giving it a faceull expresion. i think you should leave it as it is, its worked so far! Why change it now?

  10. cool mask but no for a movie

  11. splatterhouse , cooming soon

  12. Ezequial said exactly what I was thinking. I like the mask, but it looks more like the terrormask out of The Splatterhouse games. I’m too used to the old one to see this one used in as new mask for Jason.

  13. Everytime they change the Friday films (Jason goes to New york, Jason goes to Hell, Jason in space or jason goes to six flags) the films tank. I think friday the 13th can be a movie series that will always be money makers as long as they stick to the usual sex violence and deep back story. Simple changes in the mask could a hurt the movie.

  14. I can appreciate what your trying to do jasonsfury but you just can’t fuck with a classic.If it aint broken then don’t try to fix it.Had that been the original mask though we could be having a totally different debate…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  15. Hate it. Too alienish. Too superheroish. Not scary.

  16. To Tim Gotti. Using ‘gay’ as a ‘negative’ is not appropriate and very homophobic and prejudiced.

  17. I meant “Tom Gotti”

  18. I have to disagree with you jasonfury in this one, it looks to cartoonish in my opinion

  19. Cool mask but not a Friday the 13th mask.

    Would look better in something like “Mad Max” or maybe even the “Manhunt” video game series but not F13.



  20. That would look so awesome in one of the movies.

  21. Like others said here: pass. Maybe that what Uber-Jason’s mask should look like in Jason X than that rip-off Lord Zedd look. ;)

  22. That looks more like an IronMan mask, not feelin it for the for these types of movies, it’s to robotic and mechanical looking for me.

  23. Nope…No Way.
    Jason Wouldn’t Rock That Not Once Not Ever.

  24. Jason X should’ve worn it…..

  25. Sorry, but I’m for the classic look. Round eye holes just feel more ominous for me.

  26. Also cause the original mask, felt almost like a face. A blank emotionless face. This seems… like a mask and nothing else.

  27. That’s awful. Jason needs to look like Jason, and that….I don’t know what that is.

  28. That is amazing to be honest. I think it is better suited for comics like someone said before but still its pretty sweet.

  29. ya i dont like this at all i would so rather like a original mask anything but that spacey futurrific crap…

  30. To say this mask would be good to use in the movies, makes me question whether you actually pay attention to the movies at all.

    It looks way too much like Iron Man. Friday the 13th is a HORROR FILM not a COMIC BOOK. The only thing about this mask that resembles the mask from the film is the red mark and the color of the mask. And it doesn’t add attitude at all.

    I just lost a little respect for this site. This would be good to use in the sequel? Give me a break.

  31. OMG You’re A Joke,
    I think that you took this a little too seriously. I found a mask and made an observation. I knew that most would not agree with me, but I thought I would put the idea out there and see what people thought. That being said, I think that your comment, wondering if I pay attention to the movies at all, frankly makes me question if you visit this website very often. Because, if you did, you would know that I know this series very well.

    I write about this series every day. And if you want to make a comment on this and are a normal visitor to the website, I wish you would have used your normal screen name instead of hiding behind a ridiculous name like “OMG You’re A Joke”. Also, I hate to rain on your parade, a mask does not make a Friday the 13th movie good. Writing, directing and special effects are essential ingredients in what can make any movie worthwhile to see.

  32. To be honest OMG, it is a comic. Go look at all the comics that are made. If anyone lost respect here it’s you. Spouting off like that gets you no where. If you disagree then fine, say so in a decent manor and not like a babbling idiot.

    The mask is good, for a comic. I don’t think it would transition well to the big screen. I respect the opinion of people who think it would be a good mask for a movie, but I disagree. It’s too cartoony for an actual movie. I still think it’s pretty sweet, but just not for a movie.


  34. This is cool, but I dig the classics. This should’ve been used for Uber-Jason than the skull mask.

  35. I don’t know why but it reminds my “Timeshift” the videogame XD

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