Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Card Set

photoSome of you have requested this and now I will deliver to you my review of the Eclipse Jason Goes To Hell trading card set. Yes, one of my favorite movies in the franchise released trading cards as a tie-in promotion. Pretty cool if you ask me. There is a good amount to cover in the review so, watch the video and let us know what you think. Watching this video could give you insight into something very cool. ;)

Remember, if you have anything you want to request for review, don’t hesitate to ask and I will see if I have what you are looking for.





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19 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Card Set ”

  1. very cool! I love part 9 too, easily one of my top favorites. Maybe my second fav. Those cards are awesome, esp the scenes that we haven’t seen. I wonder if those scenes are still out there somewhere? Like that Joey B on the floor, and the one where Josh gets taken away – how great would they be to see?

    Thanks Jay

  2. I love this video review, I never knew those cards existed. And the prices on ebay for them are outrageous! BTW, love the Final Friday poster you have next to the cards

  3. This is cool. Thanks for showing this!

  4. nice one jasonfury, i really like the trading card set, i have the topps 3 comic set from part 9 complete with trading cards, but had no idea these were printed as well. keep up the saturday video review, i look foreward to seeing your collection every week.
    its also interesting seeing how much stuff is still being churned out, some good, some cheesey.
    i have a particular likeing for the poster art, especialy the japanese posters, and the uk quads.
    once again, thanks.
    PS, just recieved my anniversary t shirt (No 108),from creepy tees, and im really pleased with, better than i expected.

  5. I’m new to the site, and certainly don’t want to sound like i’m dissing on anyone’s opinion, but I can’t see how 9 is anyone’s favorite. That is by far my least favorite Jason flick.

  6. great review
    cant wait for the contest

  7. Hazard Frog,
    Thanks for visiting the website. You are definitely entitled to your opinion as anyone else is here. I would venture to guess that I may be the only person that writes about the series, on the Web, that actually likes JGTH. I have no problem saying I do, because I like the entire franchise and can always enjoy every movie.

  8. I have a bunch of JGTH stuff too. Seems like they made more merchandise for this one than any other……except FvsJ.
    They also had Jason make an appearance In the Satans six comic.

  9. Hey guys!

    Sorry for being off-topic but I just realized that Friday the 13th was released 30 years ago TODAY (May 9th 1980)! And what a coincidence, this movie is all about a mother’s love for her child…and today is Mother’s Day!

    So when I’m done writing this, I’m going to my mom’s for a while and tonight I’m watching the original Friday the 13th!

    Happy Mother’s Day to every mom reading this!

  10. jasonfury part 9 is one of your favorite friday movies are you kidding right now.go watch the hidden better movie and like part 9 not what i would consider even being a friday film.

  11. Cheers for the info Magna13!!

    The original Friday on blu-ray tonight for sure.

  12. I hate to see a lot of people trash part 9.

    Maybe you had to be there. It was for years since our last Friday (part 8), and there was no to keep us posted like today. So basically, Friday fans had NOTHING to go on. And the producers etc. were saying things like “we can’t just go back to the camp, people don’t want that (or somthing to that effect) and I think Cunningham was quoted as saying “lets get that mask off of him.” They had no idea how many people still loved the camp and the mask! As a matter of fact, after it was test screened, they had to go back and add a scene at the camp because the viewers wanted it!

    When the first commercials hit for JGTH, they were phenomenal, probably the best of the series to that point. Then, once it finally came out, we were treated to arguably the greatest opening sequence of ANY Friday film that came before it.

    I will admit, while some of the plot points may not be anyone’s favorites, the first time you saw the movie you had no idea what to expect, it was totally new, and very cool at the time.

    To me, the worst part was the Freddy glove at the end. I hated that! I always found Freddy second rate compared to Jason. I’m not a big fan of franchise mixing.

    So, in all fairness, I think JGTH deserves more credit than it gets. The Jason costume is easily one of the best, and the movie itself is nothing if not unique for a Friday.

  13. *sorry, that should read it was “four” years, not “for” years….idiot…

  14. Friday 9 emm. Had some good kill scenes- girl in tent was pretty awesome. Some great characters liked creighton Duke. But the acting was pretty bad. I hated the beginning too- seeing Jason blown up- no way. All in all it got too much stick, still surely it cannot be in anyones top 5- surely not! btw would you say that freedy v jason is really the direct sequel to part 9?- I would.

  15. I never knew about the trading cards. But I do remember the Topps comic series. My friend had one of them so I looked through it, was pretty cool.

  16. jasonfury part 9 is one of your favorite friday movies are you kidding right now.go watch the hidden better movie and like part 9 not what i would consider even being a friday film.

    I don’t kid about the franchise. ;) I like JGTH a lot. Those who visit the website have heard my reasons before. I don’t expect anyone to agree, but respect my liking the movie. Yes, I have seen and own The Hidden and it is awesome. Fast cars and fast music. Great movie!

  17. JASONFURY: You mentioned you can always enjoy every movie? Does this mean even “Take’s Manhatten”? hee-hee…sorry I couldn’t resist…

  18. Oh yea, JTM is a fun movie to watch and has some cool scenes as well. I must say that it is the only film in the series that I actually despise the ending. I just don’t like that Jason, being a zombie, has toxic waste throw on his face and then screams like a girl. What is that all about? He’s dead. :) Then him turning back to a kid at the end. Very disappointing. :(

  19. was able to get my hands on a set(can’t remember how)! Anyways Kane Hodder came to a haunted trail/house thing near my home, and he signed one of the cards and we talked for about 1/2 hour. It was my most memorable Friday moment!!!

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