What exactly will be shown at the Scream Awards? (Also; Potential spoilers for for film’s finale?)

Posted 20 Oct 2024 in New Fridays


Bloody-disgusting put up a report after attending the taping of The Scream Awards (airing Tuesday night on SpikeTV). This is what they had to say.

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures disappointed crowds by showing the same footage of Friday the 13th that was debuted at the San Diego Comic Con in July (watch it inside) – only missing the end montage. One thing that was added was the official logo, which rocked a kickin’ font, and a 3-dimensional look at Jason Voorhees’ new mask (it rotates around to reveal). You can see it for yourself when the show airs on Tuesday!

While I think we’ll all agree that it would have been nice to see something new, I must admit that it’ll be great to see this footage in better quality than a camera phone shot from a crowd. Besides, the official trailer will be hitting shortly after. Plus, it will probably be all the better if we go into it seeing as little as possible until February.

Bloody-disgusting also posted an article containing quotes from star Amanda Righetti that contains some spoilers pertaining to the films finale. If you’re interested in reading these spoilers, but sure to click HERE

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Posted by Tony Carroll
Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site http://www.benevolentstreet.com Feel free to drop me a line at tony@benevolentstreet.com


  1. J Miggidy (20 Oct 2024, 6:04)

    A little disappointing but I will still be looking forward to seeing footage that isn’t blurry with a title at the end. The 3D hockey mask sounds cool. They have sorta done that in the past but I’m sure it looks way cooler now. I’m also looking forward to this hitting the internet. It needs to be on my computer :)

  2. captain_brandon1980 (20 Oct 2024, 9:40)

    I pretty much agree with Miggidy. It’ll at least be good to see this not blury and on a nice television set, and of course, to see the 3-D 180* rotation as mentioned. And I agree, from now untill February, I probably wont be seeking out TOO much online, as I am curious about this unique Parts 2, 3 and 4 storyline redux instead of a typical boring straight remake. Ah well, only a few more months to go. We all can wait.

    Merci becacoupe mon amis.

  3. Adam (20 Oct 2024, 9:53)

    Yeah, as few spoilers as possible until I see the movie is how I prefer it. My mom got me a copy of the Freddy vs. Jason movie magazine when it came out, and I tried my hardest not to read anything from the actual movie, rather the info surrounding it. Of course I failed because I’m a man, and I’m curious. And I am like a kid at Christmas time when it comes to horror movies.

  4. Tony Carroll (20 Oct 2024, 10:31)

    lol. I too picked up the Freddy vs. Jason movie mag when it hit and spoiled the majority of the film for me. It was interesting how the story just kind of cut off at the end though to keep it under wraps. But the magazine lead to minimal surprises when I initially viewed the film.

  5. Robin (20 Oct 2024, 10:34)

    I’ll still see it, and hopefully someone will be able to share it online afterwards. :)

    I’ve already spoiled the whole thing for myself, the curiosity always gets the better of me, and I want to soak up all the info I can find like a sponge. But I’ll pass judgment on the movie when it’s officially out.

  6. Robin (20 Oct 2024, 10:42)

    Oh, and I read on ShockTillYouDrop that the rotating mask will also be in the official teaser. That’s what I’m really looking forward to at the end of the week, hopefully that’ll come online as early as Friday or shortly thereafter.

  7. J Miggidy (20 Oct 2024, 13:17)

    I believe that the comic con footage and the footage being shown on Tuesday is the official teaser trailer and I’m sure the official footage will be online by the end of the month. Look for something to happen on the official movie site soon.

  8. Pete (20 Oct 2024, 14:16)

    Wow, you see some of the comments on BD? One dude is pissed about Jason using traps, carrying weapons on his belt, and using victims as bait and he’s calling it Rambo and Wrong Turn. I understand if you don’t like something that they’re doing but you have keep in mind this is a reboot for the series and not a direct remake so it’s o.k. for changes here and there. I really don’t want to see the same movie from 1980 or any of the other sequels. It’s been done already, change is o.k. in my book as long as stay true to the important elements of the franchise and not how he kills people off. I’m not saying people are not entitled to their opinion but at least give it a chance and see it before you go and start ripping it apart.

    As for the what they’re showing on the Scream awards, that’s cool with me. I agree w/ pretty much all of the comments here w/ at least it will be clear and the official trailer is days away anyways. I also agree w/ Tony that seeing as little as possible is better because then you know too much and that ruins it. I made the mistake of reading FvsJ novel and the official magazine that Fango released for it. I still enjoyed the movie but it made it go by so fast and ruined the kills. The novel obviously did this more than the mag. Feb. 13th can’t come soon enough!

  9. morgan (20 Oct 2024, 15:18)

    I agree, it will be nice to see the non blurry version of some footage. I’m also staying away from to many spoilers from the movie. It takes the fun out of it. For me anyway.

  10. Jason (Yes Its True) Ceraglo (21 Oct 2024, 22:28)

    This interesting stuff, and I look forward to see the movie, and I’m sure we’ll get a sequel, with the producers very willing to return to make one.

  11. Robin (22 Oct 2024, 0:37)

    Well guys, I give up. It’s 3AM here, and there’s still Return Of The Jedi showing before Scream even starts. I’m sure someone will rip it though, and even if they don’t, it’s not a huge catastrophy. If the footage was brand new (and I had no work tomorrow), I might have stubbornly sat it out for another two or four hours. Enjoy the show folks!

  12. Jay (22 Oct 2024, 2:06)

    What a huge dissapointment! They only showed the first sequence in the cabin before cutting to the new 3D hockey mask shot. They really couldn’t show the whole thing?!?! I would have at least expected the full comic con version to show up on the Platinum Dunes blog, but that never happened. Not all of us could make it to comic-con. It feels like a real snub for the fans. Lets hope the supposed trailer with Saw is better than the Scream award footage!

  13. J Miggidy (22 Oct 2024, 2:25)

    I was disappointed too. They cut out the whole end montage. I wanted to finally see a non blurry Jason throwing that person on the tow truck and holding the hockey mask and all that good stuff. At least they kept the shot of Jason running. I was also disappointed in the logo. I thought they were gonna keep the original logo like they had on the teaser poster. Boooooooooooo!

  14. morgan (22 Oct 2024, 2:31)

    It was nice to see some non blurry footage, but i’m still a little disappointed we didn’t get to see more. I’m really glad they at least kept the end scene of him running. I love the way that was shot.

  15. eXile (22 Oct 2024, 2:39)

    Eh, it’s better than nothing (or blurry footage). It’s already up on YouTube if you search “Scream Awards Friday the 13th”

  16. Nosferatu (22 Oct 2024, 2:41)

    Eh, I was hoping for more. I agree with morgan about the scene of Jason running, though. It looks incredible without all the blurriness. Did anyone else notice that Jason runs kind of like he did in part 3 after getting stabbed in the knee? Kind of like running on a limp.

  17. y2kmalone (22 Oct 2024, 3:22)

    the only thing i liked was that you could see jason running at the end of the trailer and he looks like no joke and the new mask with the new friday the 13th logo but the rest was horrible to me they cut a lot out even the part when they found jason’s mom’s head

  18. DisapointedFan (22 Oct 2024, 5:59)

    What a letdown this movie is going to be after I saw that awful trailer!! I fear it`s totally Friday the 13th meets Hostel. Seems to be some cheap hardcore torture kills, the trailer has a very harsh tone to it similar to almost ALL of the horror torture flicks nowadays. Jason runs and trashes that white female with a brutal force that even supernatural Jason did not have. How`s that??? I guess its O for originality and don`t filmakers understand that LESS is MORE?? GEeezzz

  19. voorhees213 (22 Oct 2024, 8:52)

    WTF? A trailer is a trailer, guys. If you want to see more, guess what — you’ll have to go see the movie. I personally am sick of every trailer I see giving away the best moments of the movies they advertise. I am actually trying to AVOID any news, pics, & spoilers for this one, because I don’t want to know everything before I see it. This is the way it should be, just a little tease. I applaud them for having the balls to hold back. A good trailer does not a good movie make, especially when we’re talking Friday the 13th. That’s my $.02, see you 2/13/09.

  20. Adam (22 Oct 2024, 9:52)

    Eh, we saw some F13, we got to see Tim Burton, and most importantly, we saw Kevin Smith. I was quite pleased over all. I can’t shake that the new Jason reminds me of Leatherface. . .

  21. Robin (22 Oct 2024, 10:01)

    Here’s a decent quality clip if anyone is looking for it:

  22. Pete (22 Oct 2024, 13:46)

    Fuck! I completely forgot to tape it! Are they repeating it anytime soon? I know I can see what they showed for F13th on youtube but I would like to see the entire awards show just to humor myself. Sounds like I didn’t miss much but still I would like to watch it regardless and judge for myself.

  23. Pete (22 Oct 2024, 14:03)

    Is it just me or is that a different guy getting pulled down by Jason? After that dude gets stabbed in his hand from underneath, at first it’s the same guy but when they close in on his face and you see the blood coming out of his mouth it kind of looks like a different guy. Again, it’s probably just me. Nice to see this in clear format but is this the “official trailer” that is being released in theaters this Friday w/ Saw 5 or are we hopefully getting something different that will not give away too much?

  24. roy burns (22 Oct 2024, 16:38)

    the use of the old music from the first 4 sold it for me

  25. Steven Marshall (22 Oct 2024, 17:19)

    Looks seriously awesome, I want to be able to save that clip god damnit!

  26. Colin (22 Oct 2024, 17:22)

    Pete, I seriously doubt that will be the official trailer since we already saw the teaser leaked from the comic-con earlier this summer. They cut out a lot in that preview last night, obviously edited for TV so I think it’s safe to assume that the one they play with Saw V will be the same as the comic-con one.

  27. flea (22 Oct 2024, 22:13)

    using traps..he aint rambo tho,hes fukin jason..watever,tired of caring-

  28. John (22 Oct 2024, 22:46)

    Will there be an official magazine for the new movie beside it being in articles of Fangoria, Horrorhound and so forth? I\’m trying to not see as much trailers or read any news as much as possible. I want to be surprised. I liked what I saw last night on the 2024 Scream Awards. I too liked the use of the music from the first four movies, I\’m glad that they decided to use it for this film.

  29. Robin (22 Oct 2024, 23:19)

    There’s a high-res flv-file available for download on my website (with introduction): http://www.duality.se/robin/friday/index.htm
    The original source for the clip was the Spike TV website.

    I think the teaser will be something different. The Comic-Con footage was just a hastily assembled montage so they had something, anything at all, to show. The teaser ought to be different somehow. At least I hope so..

  30. Dean Of The Dead (23 Oct 2024, 6:56)

    Robin, great site!!! Downloaded the clip asap. Nice work :)

  31. BoogeyMan666 (28 Oct 2024, 23:39)

    Tease me with a trailer sell me with the show ! One date does not a relationship make. I think the trailer is hot ! No amount of previews could turn me away from my beloved Jason. ” My sweet innocent Jason !” Just can’t get enough of my hero. Now, let’s wait to see the rest. Besides, these guys did a great job on TCM and I can only expect the same thing on this reboot ! you know what I like the most about this thing, it is commin out just in time for Valentine’s Day ! Love and slasher films, how intoxicating……..

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