Friday the 13th (2009) Hero Axe Up For Auction

Back in April, we mentioned that there was going to be a huge Hollywood auction through Profiles in History. Various items from the new Friday the 13th movie were auctioned off. One such item was the Hero Axe used on-screen my Derek Mears. Now that axe is up for auction once again on eBay. Originally, the axe was won at auction for $1,000 plus shipping and auction fees. The starting bid now is $1,900. I assume that most everyone who visists us here at will not be able to come close to bidding on this, but I always like to keep everyone informed.

Check out the pics below and if you do decide to bid, good luck!




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19 Responses to “ Friday the 13th (2009) Hero Axe Up For Auction ”

  1. Kinda cool but not worth it.

  2. This is a great prop and defenitely an absolutely cool piece to sweeten your Friday collection up.

    PLEASE NOTE: Overseas collectors, when this item was up during the first auction, I called my customs office to ask about possible problems when importing it to Germany. Sadly due to this item is a real axe which has a sharpened blade, and is not a stunt prop, it would make difficutlies to get it through the customs. Finally I passed the item and the actual owner got it as the only bidder for the auction starting price.

  3. Worth the money, but damn, we’re all broke…and if not, your mom and dad got some loot.

  4. That is so awesome. I wish I had enough money to buy it.

  5. I mean it’s cool and all, but just not worth what it’s being asked, how do you really honestly know it’s authentic?

  6. Wow. Someone should start making replicas of this ax and put them up for sale… lol

  7. I could understand if it was the axe from part 3, but the remake? And like Chris said, how do ya know it’s authentic and not just from some hardware store.

  8. Chris and Rob,
    This axe was part of a legit auction as mentioned above. I confirmed with Mario, who owns the Friday The 13th Props Museum, that this is indeed the axe that was sold at that action. It is legit!

  9. Rob, it actually IS from a hardware store. As this is a usual axe, bought by the Propmaster, not extra made for the film. However, this item originally comes from the official Platinum Dunes Studio auction, held by the auction house Profiles in History to promote the film, as Jason (jasonsfury) correctly mentioned. It comes with an COA issued by Platinum Dunes, the sudio that made the film.

    Of course there is always the chance that this axe is a back up, that was finally not screen used, unless you have a screen match.
    However it is defenitely original and comes directly from the production.

  10. Hey Jason, we posted in the same second :)

  11. id buy it if I hadent spent so much money on items I just bought from the Halloween 2 auction. I bought the white coroner van that michael myers’ body was placed in at the start of the movie & I also bought the black “shaggin wagon” I will be posting both on ebay. If anyone is seriously interested let me know & ill email u details.

  12. Legit or not I wouldn’t pay that much for anything like this lol….. But a darn good part of history.

  13. Not that good… The remake sucked. And Mario even admitted that the axe COULD be a back up, and actually not even used in the movie. So how do you know that the people from Platinum Dunes wouldn’t just send someone a plain ol’ axe from a hardware store, which isn’t actually connected to the movie, and send a COA with it?

  14. Yes the remake did suck big time, not impressed with it. M.B. needs to stop producing, because everything he touches turns to crap.

  15. Yeah… I haven’t really cared much for any of the Platinum Dunes remakes. New Line needs to hire somebody else.

  16. Chris,
    It’s an interesting article, but what does this have to do with the prop mentioned in this posting? ;)

  17. LOL Jasonsfury… just a side note. lol

  18. No problem. :) Michael Bay is notorious for being a pain on the set. You’re right, no big surprise.

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