Fan Film: “Man In The Lake” Final Costume Pics

We mentioned a week ago that a new fan film, titled “Man In the Lake”, was going into production soon from Southlan-Films. We received the final costume pics from the production today and I think the final look of Jason looks great. Some fans have voiced displeasure with the jacket, but realistically if a guy is living in the woods, it gets cold out there, so why wouldn’t he wear a jacket? At any rate, check out the weathered hock that will be used in the film with the darkened chevrons. I like the unique look of this Jason!





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22 Responses to “ Fan Film: “Man In The Lake” Final Costume Pics ”

  1. Im making a fan film,too.It’s going to be a sequel to my other fan film about Jason titled “Friday The 13th”which i finshed in november.But my film has freddy in it ,too.Im still having problems ordering the cord for my camera,but il get it on youtbe someday.

    CAN I BUY THAT!??!?!?!!?

  2. Awesome. Jason looks great. I am looking forward to this. Don’t listen to any negative being thrown your way. They can just go and make their own Friday film. It’s YOUR baby… do what you want! Awesome!

  3. Looks great!! Love the weathered look of the mask… Also really liked the sackhead Jason I saw in the previous post!! Looking forward to seeing this!!

  4. Does anyone know how long it\’s supposed to be?? Southlan-Films did a fan film of Halloween which was really impressive that was pretty close to a full length movie!! Just wondering if anyone knows the plan on this one??

  5. I watched that Halloween movie. It was cool. I loved the look of Myers in that! Good question. I wonder also how long it will take to make this. I am sure it will be awhile… and its understandable.

  6. Perfect!

    Love the color mix of green and yellow – very jungle-like.

    Finally, a fan film concentrates on building its own specific look for Jason instead of trying to ape those of previous films.

  7. DrJohnMan, I completely agree with you about the look of Michael Myers in their Halloween Film. He looked great!! The mask reminded me of the perfect mix of the original and part 2 masks… And as for Jason, completely awesome look for him as well!! Couldn’t be better!!

  8. I like the hock and undermask, but don’t like it for a fan film. I also dislike the wood splitter used as an axe. Swinging it will never look natural because of it’s weight!

  9. I wonder what Jason looks like underneath that mask!

  10. I love that mask,you should make another one and sell it on ebay. I bet you’d get millions out of that!

  11. Love the eyes in the third picture! This is very important!

  12. One of those eyes at least has to look disfigured if they are gonna do any close-ups.

  13. this looks better then the re-imaging movie.
    its not over done.give these guys a job on the next Friday movie newline!!!!!

  14. Hi guys, I just found out about this thread. This is Ron. I am the director of this little project. The film will be about an hour long, just like Return of the Sandman. It should be complete by the end of March, and we expect to upload it online around the middle of April. We will keep you guys informed, and will be posting pictures from the set in North Georgia. Thanks for your support. We do these film for you guys…the fans. By the way. This is our take on how Jason looks. Sorry no lazy or deformed eye here. Just two very dark and menacing eyes peering out from behind that hock. And for the guy who says the splitting maul is too big…just watch the teaser. Our Jason is Uber-Jason. Not a problem tossing that at all. And it looks really creepy.
    Thanks again everyone

  15. hey Ron,
    good work on making Jason movies.1 thing i think me and the fans will agree is a good chase at the end of the film.the remake lacked it!!!all the older Jason movies have them.thats 1/2 the reason i watched please have a good chase with the last victim near the end.something we can bite our nails over.

  16. Good Luck with the shoot, Ron. It is looking real good so far!

  17. You bet there will be a grand finale chase scene. I think everyone will be very surprised at the end of this film. :)

  18. I have to say it looks pretty cool, I was not sure if the look is going to pass off but now I look at moe I think it will be well played. Good job.

  19. Well I think he looks amazing, and scary as hell. I don\’t see anything wrong with the look at all. I don\’t think some of the people realize that your Jason is supposed to be completely different from the films. I Guess some people just think every Jason should look like one of the movie Jason\’s. I applaud you for NOT doing that. Much more original looking. I actually like him better than the Jason in the remake. I thought that costume was kind of weak. Yours is much more frightening looking. Good job guys.

  20. Stop by our horror site and see more about the fan film. Join us for a great time.

  21. Cant wait to see what you do with it Ron.Im excited to see this.I loved your ROTS movie.I know it will blow us away…

  22. I’ve always preferred Jason with an axe than with the boring machete thing… I’m glad to see I’m not the only one…

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