Production Crew Challenge: The Distributor


The Distributor

Every motion picture needs a distributor to get play dates and showtimes in theaters. For distribution in the United States and most of the rest of the world, Friday the 13th has been lucky enough to have only a couple of distributors handle the release of the franchise. Many other horror franchises through theater or home video distribution have had so many distributors, it’s hard to know if the movie is actually part of the franchise it claims to be associated with.

Which of the following three companies, which have distributed Friday the 13th movies previously, would you like to see distribute the ultimate Friday the13th motion picture experience?




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45 Responses to “ Production Crew Challenge: The Distributor ”

  1. A few added points. This is a vote like the Bracket Challenge from last year. I will tally up the votes on Sunday at the end of the week. The difference here is this is not a bracket type of game. You vote for the component of production you most want to produce your ultimate Friday the 13th movie.

    When the votes are tallied, they will be added to the Call Sheet that is listed above. Each week, a new component of production will be added to the Call Sheet and then you will be able to vote for that and so on. If you have any questions, post a comment or send me an email. Thanks everyone! Have fun.

  2. I probably dont speak for everyone but….PARAMOUNT!! i mean they only distributed the original…8??? lol seriously with the exception of FvJ new line distributed the worst 2… Paramount definetly deserves the rights.

  3. I think I’ll go with Paramount on this one. Ah, the good old days of seeing that blue mountain logo appear on the TV screen followed by the latest F13 TV Trailer Spot! But all nostalgia aside, I think they did a great job marketing and distributing the 80’s F13th’s. The ads, trailers and radio spots back then really made used to fill me up with anticipation! This was way before the internet and the countless ways movie companies promote movies these days and I think Paramount did a great job back then. :)

  4. Even though Paramount has been acting extremely wierd because they refuse to release more movies unrated or on blu-ray, I’ve gotta go with Paramount. They did start the franchise and they’re the real reason that this website exists in my opinion. So I’ve gotta go with them out of respect. Even though they gave these movies no respect.

  5. Paramount

  6. Paramount

    Although FvJ was great on it’s own, they didn’t take the subjext matter very seriously. Sure, part 6 and 8 have comedy elements in them, but those are far and few in between and they work(Especially part 6!). With Jason X it didn’t. Maybe it was the only way to go in 2024 and 2024 but I like the movies to have a serious tone. So, New Line is out.
    Although Warner Bros. has some great franchises going(Batman to name one), Paramount really deserves credit for bringing out 8 of these movies in 10 years when it hadn’t been done before like that. After they did it, many followed. Also, the first 8 were the best in the franchise and Paramount did those, so… Paramount, hands down.

  7. I am going Paramount on this one. Jason was taken more seriously there.

  8. Im going with Paramount but Warner Bros. and Newline should be considered as one because Warner owns New Line

  9. Paramount, on numbers alone.

  10. I am going to outside the box here and say that although Paramount did a great job in helping churn out 8 movies in the 80’s, New Line, when it was it’s own company, was awesome at promoting movies. Although, I know most of you don’t like Jason Goes To Hell, look at all of the tie-in promotions they did for the movie. There were comics, vinl models, movie magazine, trading cards, etc.

    Also, New Line gave the production crew tons a creative freedom to make their movie. Overall, the experience was very interactive. I would vote New Line!

  11. I suppose tradition feels right…


  12. paramount. by 10,000

  13. i agree with Jason’s Fury. Although i like the staple of the Paramountain at the beginning of the movies with Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma, New Line does a better job.

  14. Paramount !

  15. Paramount they handled it better..

  16. Paramount never treated the series with any respect. They always saw the franchise as a black sheep on their roster. New Line is guilty of releasing the more “polished” and “Happy go lucky” Friday the 13ths. JGTH, JX, FvJ – all of them are too tongue and cheek. WB is the best candidate to release a F13th because the only thing they have done so far is F13th:2009. It’s too bad that PD let Shannon, Swift, and Nispel totally turn it into a bland fest but their commitment to release a movie that was geared towards being more serious gives me reason to believe that they are asking for something a little more “grown up” that all of the previous versions. When it comes to F13th I think we have seen every side of story except for a dead serious movie with a deep plot. Part 1 and parts 4-6 come the closest, but even they have their flaws when it comes to a wider audience. Only time will tell if anyone will actually take the effort to write something with a little more depth.

  17. Paramount.

  18. paramount for sure

  19. Paramount. They distributed parts 1-4. And in my opinion, those were the best installments of the series.

  20. Paramount spurned fans and treated Jason like an unwanted mongoloid child. Watch the documentaries out there, Paramount was embarrassed of the franchise and only kept it around as long is made a profit. When Jason stopped doing that for him, they dumped him on someone else. New Line was proud of Friday. I’ll agree the New Line films were among the weakest entries, but you’ll never sway my opinion that Paramount produced the biggest stinker of all. New Line’s new line of ideas were all stronger than “Let’s do the exact same thing, but make it happen on a boat!” For the peanut gallery, there is no need to follow up with accusations of “Let’s do the exact same thing, but make it happen on a space ship!” Jason could not have become the icon he is without disobeying a strict parent like Paramount, but New Line get’s my vote for always giving Jason the respect and opportunity he deserved.

  21. New Line

  22. New Line, which sucked at making their f13 films (and most of their 2024’s films for that matter), probably won’t be a distributer for any more of them anyway. When the sequel had a release date, I only seen Warner Bros. (not WB(NL)), being that they’re getting absorbed.
    I say Paramount! They might not have treated the films with respect, as some have written, but the people behind the mountain know how to make a good film. Warner Bros., on the other hand, just like to through some money out there and make a bunch of crap. Any good movies they made over the last few years were completely by accident.

  23. I go with Paramount although, the distributor don`t really mean anything to me. I look at who writes and directs the film to me that says how the film will be.
    If someone would hire a good writing team and director, I don`t think it would matter who the distributor is.
    That being said I still go with Paramount for nostalgia.

  24. All of your points are great, pertaining to your reasons for picking Paramount. I could easily see Paramount putting a lot behind marketing and distributing a Friday the 13th movie today. I just think that New Line, in the 90’s, was just much more focused on genre movies and was good at distributing them to theater chains and also fans.

  25. Paramount

  26. Paramount by a landslide.

  27. Paramount, I just loved seeing the mountain with the stars mixed in with the movie score. It just fit perfectly.

  28. I think the winners is Paramount, which seems fitting. New Line has done good at aquiring the rights to Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface, but have yet to even do them any justice. They had a chance to build on the monster vs monster genre with JvsF but it failed in the story not the box office. I doubt they can put a 2nd one out, even if they had Ash in it, unless, maybe Sam Raimi had a hand in it. I know keep dream


    They made the best one: Part 4.

  30. definetly paramount, they have been involved since the beginning so I think they deserve to keep the distribution rights.

  31. The opening with the Paramamount logo, cue the Friday music gives me cold chills….watch the beginning of “The Final Chapter” & tell me that’s not the greatest!

  32. The New Line era made Jason too “Comic bookish”

  33. paramount

  34. Paramount

  35. That is an easy one, Paramount. After all, they are responsible for Friday The 13th.

  36. Paramount, where it all began.

  37. Paramount.

  38. Paramount(ain) just for the great “intros” in the 80’s..

  39. I completely agree with jasonsfury on New Line being more superior on their marketing and merchandising for the franchise.But i gotta vote Paramount here cos it’s by no coincidence that the best movies came out of the Paramount stable in the 80’s(ahh everything was better in the 80’s).It was truly a great time to be a kid with so many great horror films being released.I watched “The Monster Squad” yesterday on T.V for the first time since i was a kid.My buddies and i loved that movie as kids.Anyone else have fond memories this movie?Isn’t it amazing how a movie can bring on such nostalgia…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  40. I like what new line did for the franchise so Im going with them

  41. i’ve got to go with paramount because they started it all. even though all the others are good to but paramount just belongs with the friday the 13th series it ain’t the same without them. it dont matter really as long as the same people that made the remake are making this one then it will be another classic, because they did a real good job with the last one and every other horror movie remake they have made together.

  42. Paramount, As long as they use the original logos.

  43. Even though New Line has some great releases under it’s belt and I’m not just talking about the Nightmare series, I still don’t see anyone other distro than Paramount releasing Friday the 13th movies.

    I mean, even when I think of the good old days of watching these movies I still remember that scratchy/fuzzy VHS image of the Paramount mountain logo and then I knew something good was about to come!

    Now for WB… well if I’m looking for a sappy happy movie about love and dogs then I’ll go WB.

    But let’s not forget that Paramount has screwed the fans MANY times in the past and they have lied about missing footage forever, but between the three.. I still go Paramount.


  44. I’ll say paramount because they went out on a limb and decided to distribute the original film while other companies turned Sean C. away.

  45. I’ll give you that, Tonyloomis, Paramount did take chance and they hit gold!

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