Completed Screen Accurate Final Chapter Bust/Sculpt

jason4_1This is amazing and I do not think the accuracy will be beaten. This replica bust was created with the assistance of reference photos provided by Jim Kagel, who sculpted the original bust in 1983. The original bust was used to cast the makeup for Ted White before going into filming. As for possible masks or hoods produced from this bust:

I plan on casting this in translucent resin, but if I am able to salvage the sculpt, I am not counting out the possibility of other mediums, and even producing a hood version for that matter. And, I am taking every possible precaution to ensure the sculpt’s survival

So, check out the pics below and we will keep you posted on any news on when production begins. Thanks to James for letting me know about the finished product.








Comparison Shots between Jim Kagels’ sculpt and the new replica sculpt





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18 Responses to “ Completed Screen Accurate Final Chapter Bust/Sculpt ”

  1. Nice.

  2. FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amazing

  4. holy moly! i want one!

  5. When he starts selling these I am all over it, in every medium possible! Nicest part 4 I have seen, been watching the preview pics for awhile as he did this, and this came out fantastic!

  6. HOLY SH*T. THIS SH*T IS THE F*CKING SH*T!!! Forget casting it, just put this on a pedestal in the Museaum of Fine Arts

  7. Fantastic detail!!! blimy, it’s like looking at twins!!! lol

  8. That is amazing!!! I have a part 7 latex mask from Devils latex and it is sweet but this is some amazing work…. All i can say is nice work!!!

  9. wow,would he be selling these things?

  10. I believe that is his plan. I’ll let you guys know when and if this is going to happen.

  11. that’s some nice detailing it looks so close to the original,I wonder if he used WED clay to sculpt it.

  12. The attention to detail in the sculpt is impressive, to say the least.

  13. that face is the best of the all saga , and is a tom savini desing ? really cool and SCARY and Grotesque

  14. yeah just wanted to wake this thread up. i´d like to notified if those masks starts to sell

  15. James finished the mold process in the middle of November. Here are some pics of his process. Once he cleans the mold he will take it to the next step of producing masks and possibly busts. He hasn’t determined availability or price yet. However, I hope to have my interview with him completed in the near future and hopefully he can shed a little light on sell date and price.

  16. My god! this is so heavy! I would definitelly buy me a bust and a hood of this. Please let me know if he decides to produce those busts/hoods. It would be so cool to get an autograph on this from ted white this comin august. I sure hope he can produce alot of this for a reasonable price so we final chapter fans can grab a hold of this. This is the ultimate!

  17. Has anyone heard anything on this mask or do you have an e-mail address for the maker? THANK YOU :-)

  18. Hey Ken,
    Here is a link to an interview I conducted with James about this now completed bust. Check out the link below to find out his contact info and pricing.

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