Friday The 13th: The Series – The Final Season

Gee, from the look of John D. LeMay on the bottom right hand corner, he must have buffed himself up since Season 2… oh wait, that’s Steve Monarque as the dynamically-named “Johnny Ventura”! I’ll have to pick this up as solace since the DVD set of fellow 80’s genre TV show WEREWOLF is now canned.


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10 Responses to “ Friday The 13th: The Series – The Final Season ”

  1. Already have my set pre-ordered! Can’t wait!!!

  2. it will be nice to finish the series plus only a week after the SE of VII and VIII came out.

  3. I never got into this series…I tried but just never tickled my pickle. I guess if Jason and camp crystal lake arent in the plot I dont really car about the rest

  4. I like the episodes that I saw when I was a kid and this was in syndication. Interesting stories and I like the actors. However, I have never been able to lump the series in with the movies. They have nothing to do with the movie franchise whatsoever. It was just a marketing ploy. Paramount gave the tv series the trademark name so now we get to cover news about it on websites like our own here.

  5. I liked this series for what it was. Though, it shouldn’t have been named “Friday the 13th.” We all know that and we know why it was. Still, I thought the series was pretty good for what it was. It had some good scares, and I actually believe it wouldn’t be bad if they remade the series. (maybe call it something else though. Though, the name isn’t that big of a deal.) Of course, they could also tie it into the movies…

  6. eh…crapola

  7. Saw a little bit off it on this site, but have never got into it cause it’s not Jason and at Camp Crystal Lake

  8. Hi all,

    Eric Morse (Im not really sure what his real name is at the moment, this is his pen name) who wrote the Crystal Lake novels a few years ago wrote a book and put it online that ties in the tv series with the movie series. Its really great! Maybe you all know about this already, but I just found it, so I wanted to post incase you didnt.

    Its really fun, and worth taking a look at.

  9. Where can I purchase the Final Season?


  10. Mike,
    You can buy it at pretty much any store like Target, Best Buy, Walmart. Here’s a link to Amazon.

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