New Guests Added to Camp Blood: Friday the 30th Reunion

Another update has been announced for the reunion next year, Friday August 13th through Sunday August 15th. I am loving these additions. So many actors and actresses that have never been accessable to the fans are going to be there. It is truly going to be an exciting time for the fans.


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6 Responses to “ New Guests Added to Camp Blood: Friday the 30th Reunion ”

  1. its going to be great. I can’t wait! I will be getting lots of autographs!

  2. Tom Savini and Adrienne King were also added!

  3. I’ve always worshipped Tom Savini. His work anyway. Even movies like Killing Zoe were made horrifying by his genius. So what’s with the rumors that he’s not very nice at conventions? I’m sort of afraid to meet him because he’s my idol.

  4. thats great, cant wait, i met savini, at scarefest in 2024, he seems that way at first but after you talk to him for a few mins. he’s pretty cool

  5. Would love to go.

  6. cant wait to get a photo with adrienne !

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