New Guy on the block! Twisted Visions offer professional and affordable hocks!


If you’ve been holding back a little on buying a full painted hockey mask to add to your collection, now may be the time to make it happen. Enter “Twisted Visions: Custom Masks and Props”. Twisted Visions offer up hocks in both plastic and fiberglass, full painted at some of the most affordable prices I’ve ever seen. This doesn’t mean that these hocks lack in quality. In fact, the quality is absolutely impressive!  Fiberglass hocks run at  90 dollars and plastic hocks are  $70.  Twisted Visions also offer up Custom Hockey masks for the same prices. Twisted Vision also make many props to accompany your costume such as axes, machetes and more. Inquire about those via email by dropping a note to Shawn of Twisted Visions at These items will be added to the website in the future along with numerous other masks and props.  Check out the gallery below to see the hocks and to see much more detailed shots, as well as some of their props and other mask projects, check out the Twisted Visions  myspace at Though Shawn of Twisted Visions can often be quick to tell you that Twisted Visions is new to the game, there is no need to be humble. Having seen these hocks in person, I can back up the claim that these hocks are the real deal. Be sure to check them out at

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13 Responses to “ New Guy on the block! Twisted Visions offer professional and affordable hocks! ”

  1. Good looking masks and reasonable prices. I would have to see one in person to give a good compare, but they look good so far. I do like the custom hocks on their website. The Part 2 hock and the silver hock are my favorite.

  2. I was lucky enough to get one of their masks at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY this year. And I couldn’t be happier with it.
    Can’t recommend it enough.
    You can see HUGE pix with lots of detail here.

  3. Not that great these masks. Seen better.

  4. I was just wondering why they have an image of Micheal Myers in their poster if they only sell Jason hockey masks

  5. I ended up getting the Hood from them a couple of weeks ago at the Scarefest Convention, but I think the undermask was done the same time as the mask, the wound lines up perfectly.

  6. I think that looks great, Rob! Nice piece to have in the collection.

  7. They actually make other stuff. That’s why they have the Myers pic in their logo. The other stuff will be added in the near future. They make some excellent weapon accessories as well.

  8. And on another note…

    Twisted Visions have supplied masks and weapons for Wickedbeard who puts together the best costumes you’ll ever lay your eyes on. If you have any doubts about their work, ask him. That guys will not put anything on his body or carry anything in his hand to go along with his costume if he does not think it’s top notch. ;)

  9. 90 would be cheap for a good mask, these really aren’t worth 90 though- they are a bit overpriced. As far as I am concerned the value of a mask is within it’s artwork. It would also be nice if these were made on some type of plastic, preferably clear PTEG.

  10. Are you looking at the images on his site or just the ones in this article?

    Because the guys paint jobs are truly beautiful, he really is an artist.

    The images above don’t really show his detail work at all.

  11. $90 is too high for those hocks.

  12. There is a place online somewhere where you can get a mask made from the mold from Part 3. That’s where my hock came from. Looks just like the movie and, being from the mold, really as close as you can get to the screen used prop without getting the prop itself. The straps are not leather, though, you can get those seperate. They don’t seem to have the variety this site does, but offers the hock for about 50.00 and you get a certificate of authenticity.

  13. I’m thinking to buy one of them first…and if they’re good maybe others too XD

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